October 6th, 2010 | 168 Entries

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168 Entries for “tallest”

  1. The tallest trea of them all is the Redwood. It stands above all overs with its giant trunk and branches blocking out all sunlight from lesser trees, weaker trees. Only the strongest trees survive in the Redwood forest. Few live to become the tallest.

    By Jessica Dorsey on 10.07.2010

  2. This is the tallest tale that I’ve ever written, It’s hard to even think but who knows, maybe I’m making all this up too? Or maybe it’s simply on piece of paper taller than me. God! It’s very tall, and maybe I’m even lying, still, how will you tell? I have no idea myself!

    By Kerry-Ann on 10.07.2010

  3. does the word ever change?

    By Brantly URL on 10.07.2010

  4. I think I just want to eat cookies all day. Is that all right with you? If I eat enough, I’ll be the tallest in my class. And probably the widest, too.

    By Allison on 10.07.2010

  5. Wait a minute, I already had this one. How does that work, anyway? I already wrote about Tallest, the Almighty Tallest, and it’s saying that I get it as my word again? That’s INSANE! You would think they would give me a new word! or is it because I already wrote something on this and THEN got a username?

    By Amanda URL on 10.07.2010

  6. She was the tallest girl in her grade. Everyone picked on her. Today would be her day though. She was going to try out for the basketball team. She would show them that being tall was a good thing.

    By jenn- on 10.07.2010

  7. She looked up at him and then looked back down. Her eyes focused on the threads of his coat. His hand slid down and clasped hers.

    “I could get used to this,” she said, craning her neck to look at him again. She smiled.

    By abi on 10.07.2010

  8. the tallest building in the world is or are the petronas towers in malaysia. that doesn’t really impact my life in any way whatsoever. but to not know that bit of trivia would suck. so lest i be thought of as ignorant. i’ll just try to keep that little insignificant factoid filed away at the back of my head.

    By nats on 10.07.2010