October 5th, 2010 | 185 Entries

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185 Entries for “walk”

  1. Walking heightens my inner dialog while suppressing my normal awareness of things. I think of it as a walking trance. I love it. Alone especially.

    By Dale Barnard on 10.06.2010

  2. I remember when I could wander down the streets, alone, without a care to who was walking behind me, or who was in the bushes. Maybe I was naive. But it was a nice feeling.

    By Soft URL on 10.06.2010

  3. My last walk in the park was very unmemorable, if not depressing. The park was a thousand miles away from where i am now. The memory i have of that day is very doleful. Remembering the people I was with hurts.

    By Jan Louis URL on 10.06.2010

  4. Talk the talk and walk the walk is what we are told to do where I work. Apart from not knowing what this means it is a little hard for someone like me to do.

    By E A M Harris on 10.06.2010

  5. I go for a 45-minute power walk nearly every day. I look pretty silly as I have a motivational playlist on my iPod that practically gets me dancing down the loop. The people walking toward me smile, but I don’t care. I love it!

    By Andie on 10.06.2010

  6. its about time i went for a walk. i’d been sitting in a vegetative state for days, on my bed, surfing the internet and wasting away time, convincing myself that i really was looking for a job. but in truth i could have done better, i could have stepped out and gone for a walk.

    By lazybum on 10.06.2010

  7. today i took my dog for a walk we walked around the block and to the store and on the way back through the school yard to our house, I noticed someone had lit the dumpster on fire.

    By jt on 10.06.2010

  8. Misery walks with those who hold out their hand. So, I wave mine freely; nude.

    By TJ Bokovoy on 10.06.2010

  9. I walked hesitantly past the old farm house, its frame misconstruing the dim rays.

    By Edward on 10.06.2010

  10. Just gonna stand there and watch me burn?
    Just gonna stand there and hear me cry?

    They walked away and left her to her fate. They didn’t know what she was going to do. So she did it. She jumped.

    By Zainab Saigol URL on 10.06.2010

  11. Sunny days out in the sunshine
    Walking along golden roads
    and fields of green velvet
    dreams feel like they could become real
    We wander and we wonder while we walk
    walks of shame and dancing walks
    Funny steps

    By Trish da Fish on 10.06.2010

  12. We go walking with a “Walking for Health” group at our local stately home. Some Fridays’ there can be forty people walking in the estate parklands. The best bit has to be the coffee and chat afterwards, while we rest our aching feet and get our breath back.

    Waking is good for you!

    By mauveone URL on 10.06.2010

  13. fast, slow, pacing myself as I pace, trot, pirouette, glide all the ways of moving two feet forward, dancing at times, but usually walking

    By telute URL on 10.06.2010

  14. Walk again? This was the same word from yesterday. Oneword needs to walk to their closest dictionary and select a new word…

    By Kizarvexius URL on 10.06.2010

  15. Unthankful. Ungrateful. Not knowing that they have what I desire. They walk upon their two legs without a single thought; they don’t think that we deserve our own lives. After all, we walk upon four, or crawl on our bellies. We leap through the trees. If we do not walk on two legs then we do not mean a thing. ~ Gunju, The Wild Cat

    By Megan Hickman URL on 10.06.2010

  16. i love a walking when i am happy. walking alone i mean. Under the moon, in the rain, with the wind! alone or with someone i care for and who cares for me

    By Ankur on 10.06.2010

  17. i like to walk through the mountains and see the beautiful flowers. i enjoy hearing the cracking of the leaves in autumn. in winter i like to see theshapes of the snowflakes that fall.

    By jackie swan on 10.06.2010

  18. To clear my head, I often go for walks… But lately I’ve had nothing to clear.. I think I’m getting fat.

    By Mandikat URL on 10.06.2010

  19. I walk through the forest, over the hill and down to the beach. Cool sand squishes through my toes. Waves lap onto my feet, washing away my thoughts. I am in the moment, standing on the shore, tasting the salty air. Life is good.

    By Peaceable on 10.06.2010

  20. will

    By sunil bawa URL on 10.06.2010

  21. There was too much walking involved in hunting. Cose walked quickly, his Pikmin following close behind, their little legs having to move faster to keep up with him. He had to remind himself to stop and wait for the little leaf ones to catch up. So much walking; his legs ached. Why didn’t he realize how far they would have to go?

    By Bahiti URL on 10.06.2010

  22. kay: i just keep walking, just keep swimming til i am finally happy once again. whatever it takes.

    By kaymeg14 URL on 10.06.2010

  23. I heard the steps behind me and I kept going, I looked in the reflection of the windows on the side of the street beside me. There was no one, but the steps continued.

    I turned around and the footsteps ended.

    By ben URL on 10.06.2010

  24. Walking is a great way to think, I believe. Whenever I get angry, upset, or just need time to myself, I go for a walk. It’s nice to go outside, smell fresh air and just be with you and only you. That’s where, I believe, your best thoughts come from.

    By Lisa on 10.06.2010

  25. I walked to the store and saw him there. I don’t know if I was ready or not, but all the same, I guess it doesn’t matter. Confronted with this issue I continued on by, saying a brief if meaningful “Hey”. He said the same in return, and I smirked knowing I was over him.

    By Nistera URL on 10.06.2010