March 6th, 2012 | 535 Entries

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535 Entries for “swing”

  1. The swings are the coolest thing about a playground. They let you leave the surface even if just for a moment to be in your own world.

    By Chris URL on 03.07.2012

  2. I like the swings at the playground. I try to get the swing to go over the bar. It never works.

    By AJ URL on 03.07.2012

  3. When I was little, I loved playgrounds. I loved the monkey bars, the slide, everything. Everything except the swings. I was scared of heights and I hated the feeling of my stomach dropping. I wouldn’t let anyone push me because then I would swing too high.

    By ape224 URL on 03.07.2012

  4. I used to swing on swings as a child. We would have a contest of who could go the highest the fastest then jump. Swinging on the playground…such a nice memory of my childhood. There reallll fun

    By Morgan Feldman on 03.07.2012

  5. Tarzan came barreling through the forest on some kind of vine. I was confused because cartoon characters shouldn’t do that kind of crap. They should probably stay on TV.

    By David URL on 03.07.2012

  6. Bottom of the ninth inning. The yanks are down one. With two outs their last hope comes to the plate in the form of second basemen Derek Jeter. He steps up, strike one! Got him looking. Here comes the next pitch, and the swing. “it’s a high fly ball down the left field line!” It stays fair, and then every fan goes apeshit and the yanks win the series.

    By Matt Kuczmarski URL on 03.07.2012

  7. Ethan and I used to pretend the swing set was our pirate ship, because it was right next to the water. When we got bored, we would swing to see you could swing fast enough to land in the water, which was about 30 feet –> that way. We weren’t exactly the brightest bulbs in the box, but then again, we were only 10.

    By Jackie URL on 03.07.2012

  8. That song whose artist I can’t remember but I can definitely hear the piano and guitar beat in my head. Oh now I no: swing life away by rise against… ” we live on front porches and swing life away….. “

    By Sarah on 03.07.2012

  9. Swinging back and forth on the swing set I held my breath. There’s something about swinging between the trees that makes me feel so free and alive. It’s something that I do when I’m sad. Or happy. I just like to swing on this little swing that’s been here since I was born. My father built it for me so I would have it to play with when I grew up.

    By Casey on 03.07.2012

  10. swinging is fun for every one even if you are blind. Swinging is fun for every one even if you cant do it you cant to it it is so much fun

    By HALEY2107 URL on 03.07.2012

  11. swingging is fun for every one even thougfh you cant do it when you are 2 or 3 sunce now that 17 18 19 or even 20 you can swing your life away even if you are older like maybe72 95 100 you might not be able to do it so it doesnt really madder

    By HALEY2107 URL on 03.07.2012

  12. Hugh Ricardo in his leather jacket decked the first guard in the face out cold and wrassled with the other for control of the tank which crept out steadily across the desert sands towards the cliff. Once Ricardo had control of the beast, he safely hurled the little girl off to the ground and turned around to fight his fate.

    The little girl watched, waiting, standing on the very edge of the cliff looking out as the black smoke rose. Nothing was swinging at all.

    By Barrot Hall on 03.07.2012

  13. From the tree tops, the orangutan swings like a pendulum to maneuver from place to place. It is not its only form of transporting itself, but it is surely the safest, for there are many hungry predators that would love to make a meal of this creature. It requires timing and precision, for one slip or mistake could result in a nasty fall, more than likely causing serious injury. But for now it is completely safe.

    By deideiblueeyez URL on 03.07.2012

  14. Swinging along the branches, I looked beneath me into the calm river. Should I fall? I wouldn’t die, at least, I don’t think I will. He beckoned me once more and I fell. The wind whizzed through my hair, tearing out strands from my pony-tail; little water droplets flew onto my face and stung where they landed.

    By Jessie on 03.07.2012

  15. Swings are fun they go in many ways we fun going swing swing swing swing I.D.K what to say #ROFJEF{OVJK

    By Gabby on 03.07.2012

  16. I swing across the river flinging my feet through the air, laughing and laughing. Then, I land and have to face the fact that life is like a swing, if you go up, you have to come down.

    By Hunter on 03.07.2012

  17. standing on swings
    moving back and forth
    time stops
    wind running through my hair
    stepping off, time continues
    despair consumes.

    By Snow URL on 03.07.2012

  18. I love to swing. Swinging on a swing set reminds me of when I was really young. And boy was I young. I also like turtles!;)

    By Steven URL on 03.07.2012

  19. böyle sallanıp eğlenmemize yarayan bi şey. Aslında çocuklar için ideal bi şey gibi. ama popülerliğini yitirmiyor hiç.

    By Emin on 03.07.2012

  20. It’s really fun to swings on the swings at the park i always like to go the highest i can.

    By Earthly URL on 03.07.2012

  21. i hate swings they are dumb. i think that they are also stupid.

    By Christopher on 03.07.2012

  22. it is in a playground and has chains bars and rubber swings i like swings.

    By talon j wilhelm on 03.07.2012

  23. My little sister likes to swing on the swing set, she swing high sometime and then she doesn’t like swing to swing that high cause sometimes she is scared.

    By Tyla URL on 03.07.2012

  24. once i was swinging on a swing.i was swing really high.i went to jump off,and instead i fell off.

    By Daymon on 03.07.2012

  25. The swing at the park is getting shipped out to get repaired. When they bring it back it will be good as new.

    By umberto URL on 03.07.2012

  26. Most kids I know like to swing. It lets you feel like you’re flying, just in one place.

    By aiyana URL on 03.07.2012

  27. to me the the word swing mean to swing on a swing.f

    By frankie URL on 03.07.2012

  28. my boyfriend and i wand to start a swing training class this summer. i am so happy about it. i have never danced before in my life. and i cant decribe how happy ill be when i will dance with my future husband. i love him so much. i hope i will be able to dance.. i never ever did it before in my life

    By cloudy URL on 03.07.2012

  29. I love to swing high in the air! Pump my legs and get going. It makes me feel like a kid again!

    By Michelle on 03.07.2012

  30. him embracing my hips as he lets go, his fingertips burning on my sides as brightly as my blushing cheeks, the innocence and the rotting wooden seat, my barefeet just ahead of me among the soft love of the clouded sky, my eyes closed with fresh poppies in my nose and heart

    By Ruby URL on 03.07.2012

  31. swings are in gardern..
    children love swinging
    i too love swinging high
    makes me feel so good
    life is like a swing goes up and down
    even moods can swing..
    swing go high and low

    By debo URL on 03.07.2012

  32. When I was in third grade I loved to swing at recess. It was one of my favorite activities. I would challenge myself to go as high as I could. I think my goal was to make a complete circle over the very high bar of the swing set. It made me feel as if I could fly.

    By Mary URL on 03.07.2012

  33. I was a really big fan of swing sets as a child. I would always swing as high as I possibly could and then jump off. It felt like I was flying. I haven’t done this in a long time, but I should. It’s good to feel like a kid sometimes.

    By Vena Carr on 03.07.2012

  34. Samantha’s hair whipped out behind her as she swung up and down. She pumped her little legs as hard as she possibly could. Faster and faster, higher and higher. All of a sudden she slipped. The swing twisted out of control and she crashed on the ground with a huge splash.

    By Maria on 03.07.2012

  35. I swing from a tree like a monkey. I hoot an holler. I eat lots of fruit. Swinging is fun and freeing. It is the best thing in the world. When I was a child, my favorite thing was the swing set at the park. I could swing for hours, staring up at the sky.

    By Liz on 03.07.2012

  36. I swing through my life, a never-ending pendulum. I go from happy to sad to happy to sad to happy to sad and so on. The pendulum will end one day though. I will no longer be swinging. I’ll be still… frozen… forever…

    By Katherine on 03.07.2012

  37. the day you swing on a swing set is the day the dog goes out the door and when the swing falls so does the boy with the blond hair even though he knows what he is doing when he went out to play in a bright blue sky’s with the wheat grass blowing in the wind in the mid west indiana

    By sharon on 03.07.2012

  38. i used to have a swing in my backyard. It was the funnest item i had ever owned because my cousin and i would take turns playing on it all day long. It broke a couple times but there was always my dad who could fix it. i loved that swing. it holds so many memories of my childhood. From talking about boy to giggling after i flipped off of it, it filled our summer days with joy.

    By Maureen McCormack on 03.07.2012

  39. how can I write anything in sixty seconds what with all the typos I make and the complete lack of imagination I have, especially when you consider that I never really do anything; nothing ever happens and I have no opinions on anything whatsoever.

    By deanus on 03.07.2012

  40. Swing on the wind in a rubber strap on chains. Breeze through your hair as you go further and higher in an effort to touch the sky. Lick the clouds, taste the rainbow.

    By Jennifer Sweet URL on 03.07.2012