April 18th, 2012 | 217 Entries

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217 Entries for “sunglasses”

  1. I always liked the word “can” for butt. She had a really nice can. I sat on my can. There was mustard all over his can.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 04.18.2012

  2. She grabbed her sunglasses as she rushed out the front door then slamming it behind her, looked up at the rain coming down. This was normal for her, getting things wrong then only realising when it was too late.

    By rhyme79 URL on 04.18.2012

  3. I just wrote on my to do list minutes ago that I need to buy new sunglasses. What a coincidence that that is today’s magic word. I don’t like the pair I’m wearing now, and I have two pairs of them. The pair I liked has a broken lens. I dropped them in a parking garage. It must have fallen perfectly.

    By deadponies URL on 04.18.2012

  4. she once saw the world though rose colored glasses. Now she sees it through the tint of smudged darken sunglasses.

    By Trista URL on 04.18.2012

  5. “He wears his sunglasses at night.”

    “Why?” I asked with a small grin. “Because of that song?”

    “What song?”

    “I can’t remember who sang it, but it’s called ‘I Wear My Sunglasses At Night.'”

    “Oh.” Peter pursed his lips. “Oh, dear.”


    “See, Charlie is full-blown hipster,” chuckled Peter. “He believes he thought of it first.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.18.2012

  6. you give me protection, you are always with me, I think on you all the time, no matter the day of the year, you are one of my best friends, I will never let you back, promised

    By M. Du on 04.18.2012

  7. So cool she wanted to smack right, hard and fast in one of those crisp cool no-foul move sorta hits that would leave his ear ringing, her hand smarting, and his pants pitched like a motherfucking tent.

    By Ursamare URL on 04.18.2012

  8. The dark sunglasses shaded his eyes so no one could recognize him. He was a spy, a good one, and his number was 008. He was 007’s younger brother.

    By Dino Dragonrider on 04.18.2012

  9. I put my new shades on. I looked good. Really good. Like, ‘damn, I wish I was her’ good. I looked at my reflection on the tinted car window and smiled seductively. The window rolled down and a man gave me a weird look. I choked on an intake of breath and apologized as my face flushed. This will make a great story later; I could feel it in my bones.

    By Gullsy_ URL on 04.18.2012

  10. If the lenses fall out of your sunglasses, you can give them to a little kid to wear so that they can pretend to wear glasses. Some little kids get a charge out of that, even though it looks stupid. Don’t ask me how I know. I saw a kid the other day who had the ends of his sweatshirt ties in his ears to look like he was wearing earbuds. Dumb.

    By Kathleen Gabriel on 04.18.2012

  11. I wear sunglasses all day. they are awesome. hahahahahahahahahahaha. even when it’s raining. meep. wow. that’s a lot of haha’s. yay.

    By Dino Dragonrider URL on 04.18.2012

  12. through the amber glass I spy on you
    you can’t tell where my gaze wanders
    it lingers on those lips
    those eyes
    scans your features for any sign that you see me
    as I see you

    By Domiknitrix URL on 04.18.2012

  13. “Why are you wearing them? Seriously!”
    “What? They me look ‘cool.'”
    “Well, not in December they don’t. Take them off.”

    By Billy URL on 04.18.2012

  14. the glasses atop her head shined blindingly, defeating the purpose of effortless perfection, as she could not be looked out without an involuntary face scrunch from onlookers.

    By Mariana on 04.18.2012

  15. my sister doesn’t like to wear sunglasses because she says that eyes are the windows to the soul. blocking out the sun also blocks out that connection.

    i always wear sunglasses.

    By sarah marie URL on 04.18.2012

  16. i stare out at a lot filled with green and another with metals of all sizes and colors asking myself what it is to see what it is to be beautiful i look in the mirror but i don’t see the eyes of a girl i see the eyes of God of beauty created in an image more perfect than i may ever know i see what i can’t see what none of us can see i see the effort the love the strength behind my eyes behind the eyes He created for me so that I may see His world and the one we have created within it but it is through sunglasses that i see for i know not yet what it is to fully understand and see His world

    By C. Ritchie URL on 04.18.2012

  17. I have a good pair of sunglasses, they’re prescription Ray-Bans and have served me well. Even if almost everyone in Toronto owns a pair of black Ray-Bans or knock-offs. I’ve got some suave tortoise-shells. The fact is, I need sunglasses, I worked outside for years and it’s important that I cover my eyes when I’m out all day.

    By bryan URL on 04.18.2012

  18. Sunglasses

    I have a lot of difficulty with these. Most sunglasses distort my view too much so I’m not comfortable wearing them. There was one brand I loved. I could see great out of them. Better than without! They cost $50-$80 each, but they were worth it to me. I don’t lose my sunglasses. Mine often last 3-5 years before they break. Eventually that company changed hands and their glasses dropped in quality. They’re like all the others now.

    Oh to be able to get by with a cheapo $4 pair from a drug store!

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 04.18.2012

  19. Driving on a spring day. Window open with BB King’s throaty voice playing on the radio. Sunglasses shading my eyes. I left my earrings on the night stand. I left my coat outside in the rain. But I hadn’t forgotten to take both hearts with me.

    By Seansj URL on 04.18.2012

  20. i have had the same pair of sunglasses for over 2 years. as soon as they break i will immediately replace them. my eyes can no longer handle the sunlight, truly. i literally can not see anything in the bright sunlight because my eyes are so weak and used to sunglasses. first world problems you say? bullshit, i live in a second world country now.

    By jamesbitticks URL on 04.18.2012

  21. how appropriate for the weather these days. It’s summer here in the Philippines. and now that I think about it, I don’t have a pair of sunglasses. Maybe I should buy one before the Samar tour.

    By najjems on 04.18.2012

  22. pair

    By Nichole on 04.18.2012

  23. I tipped my sunglasses down on my nose to see past the dark veneer. I don’t know why I decided to wear them anyway on an overcast day. Made me look old. Or suspicious. Like a detective. All I needed now was a bench and a newspaper and the look would be complete. I could always take them off, but no, I didn’t bring my ordinary glasses so I’d be squinting to see a yard in front of me. Great. It’s time like these I imagine what it would be like to live in 20-20 vision world..Oh the bliss.

    By siobhan347 URL on 04.18.2012

  24. The sun hitting on the beach, blinding everyone with it’s rays. Sunglasses help with that, right? I never knew because I always thought I was poor as to buy them. Are they expensive? I don’t know, HELP MEEE!!!

    By Chris on 04.18.2012

  25. I wished I had been wearing sunglasses when I left work this evening. Then no one, neither stranger nor acquaintance would have been able to see the shell-shocked look in my eyes. All the rest of your body can be strong. You can straighten your back, lift up your shoulders, breathe deeply and force a spring in your step but the eyes, your eyes will always give you away. I never knew that it would be the end of everything I knew today. The course of my life, changed forever. It is like something has died within me, beside me and beyond me – out of my control. But I was resolutley calm and professional. And I didn’t shed any tears until I was home, alone.

    By Laura N URL on 04.18.2012

  26. aouch!!!! too bright it but it hurts

    By lena on 04.18.2012

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    By d on 04.18.2012

  28. i bought some sunglasses and then a second pair as back up before I went on vacation in Costa Rica. And dont you know the ones i really liked ended up dissapearing.

    By Michael Boetler on 04.18.2012

  29. Flip my hair, put on a grin. Hiding my reactions while attracting all the eyes around. Feel so good so confident, so pretty.

    By care URL on 04.18.2012

  30. bright blue blockers, my roommate used to call his. Oh, but I loved to hate them. They were full of mystery and bad-assery and it was all I could do to keep myself from jumping him when he put them on with his floor length black trench coat and vest and tie looking like he stepped out of the matrix and into my fantasy realm.

    By Gloria on 04.18.2012

  31. She grabbed her sunglasses on her way out the door, like always. They were aviators, “classy,” she thought, pleased with them. Off she went for another oh so boring day of stupid classes she hated.

    By mackedee on 04.18.2012

  32. are for bright hot hot sun that is depressing depressing me into the ground. the sunglasses go on and i become cool and chill. a barrier between me and a hostile world.

    By Lin on 04.18.2012

  33. The president grabbed his sunglasses, flipped them open and put them on. ‘Time to take back the true American freedom,’ he said and jumped into his mech. ‘I’m coming for you, Richard!’

    By Krospgnasker URL on 04.18.2012

  34. Great. $200 sunglasses that were gifted to me by my rich uncle, and now there was a deep-cut scratch right across the front of the left lens. “It doesn’t seem to be THAT noticeable,” said Archie. The Hell it wasn’t! It sat directly in front of my pupil and blurred my vision. The next thing I knew, I’d need some REAL $200 glasses for the focus to my eye it would wrought.

    By Kyle URL on 04.18.2012

  35. Sitting on the porch while looking up at the sky as the sun hits my sunglasses on a wonderful new day of Spring. The desire to look up at the bird in the sky while a beautiful young lady walks by with a blue flowy sundress. I take off my sunglasses to her.

    By TheAmoretto URL on 04.18.2012

  36. The sunglasses slipped down the bridge of his nose as he looked at me with a pained a expression. We were outside on my deck studying, actually, it was like he was tutoring me. But, hey! It’s not my fault I’m bad at math!

    By kc URL on 04.18.2012

  37. Warm.

    By Krisi URL on 04.18.2012

  38. beach
    big frames

    By Shudson on 04.18.2012

  39. I once had a pair of sunglasses. They were really nice for blocking out the sun but they were really creepy. Every time I put them on I saw how people died.

    By Susan on 04.18.2012

  40. She handed me the sunglasses and said “Put these on, you will need them”, I wasn’t sure but I said okay. Then we walked outside and there were people naked on the beach.. boy she was right and I needed them for hiding the embarrassment I felt!

    By Shudson on 04.18.2012