April 18th, 2012 | 217 Entries

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217 Entries for “sunglasses”

  1. The sunglasses are way to cool for this place.
    We need to tone it down.
    Sunglasses in a place like this would never be allowed.
    The are heart shaped with unicorns. WOW!

    By teeda URL on 04.18.2012

  2. The sun was blinding. Even behind heart-shaped lenses, it burned my irises, scalded my brain. I’ll never forget that day last summer.

    By tori URL on 04.18.2012

  3. He shaded his emotions from the world, placing sunglasses over his soul. No light could enter or escape, casting shadows across his existence.

    By Kel URL on 04.18.2012

  4. With the days becoming more and more sunny and long, I’ve had to being wearing my sunglasses more and more. The problem with this, is that I have to wear contacts in order to use sunglasses. Truly, I enjoy wearing them, as they make me feel more mysterious and badass, but the contact part is a really pain in the ass. Almost enough for me to consider lasix, but in all honesty lasers + my eyes = a massive lawsuit waiting to happen.

    By Molly URL on 04.18.2012

  5. Sunglasses.
    Black frames sit atop the bridge of your nose,
    hiding your eyes, hiding your gaze,
    as you watch the passersby.

    You make up little stories for them,
    put yourself in their shoes.
    What is their life like?
    What did they leave for this vacation?

    Don’t you wish you could have one too?
    This is the curse of the writer-
    Constant company.
    The muse doesn’t ever shut up.

    By Aleshia Harris on 04.18.2012

  6. Little birds glint at the sun, and whether it is the ridges of feathered wings, or the sharp lines of decaying leaves – the shadow is still big enough to engulf him.

    For a brief moment, he thinks he is being swallowed.

    By Anna Meursault on 04.18.2012

  7. Today is such a nice day that the sun is shining and my sunglasses keep the sun out of my eyes. As I got older I realized that sunglasses really protect my eyes from being damaged by the sunshine. What a great thing to know! It is written and done so be it.

    By Jackie Paulson URL on 04.18.2012

  8. My sunglasses can only the shield the harshness of the sun, but I wish they could block out the way these peoples’, these people I hardly know, stares.

    By Jordan URL on 04.18.2012

  9. Felix shifted his sunglasses up to his head, smirking to himself as he checked the last box on his course card.
    “You know that thing was due in May,” Steven commented, not opening his eyes from his relaxed position on the chair.
    “I know,” answered Felix. “But thanks for the advice, Stevey.”

    By Elsie Shu URL on 04.18.2012

  10. are beautiful. I love RayBan sunglasses and their form. But now i’m using Carrera, a new form of sunglasses. but i’ ve lost it and so i will buy another model of it.

    By giuseppe URL on 04.18.2012

  11. She flung the gaudy sunglasses into the back of the decrepit Volvo, and flashed her Firetruck Red No. 4 lips at me. Well, actually, there was no “No. 4” at the end of the name, it was really just “Firetruck Red” from some shi**y drug store on Fourth and Main. But she had always told me to put a “No. something” at the end of every beauty product. It made it sound “classier”. It did, I suppose. Within seconds of me clamping the sticky door shut, we were rocketing forward, straight through the crooked glowing stoplight. The cars honked but Sloan hardly even blinked, she hardly cared. Sloan had always made the rules, not followed them. She pushed the silky tangle of blonde hair from her eyes, and began to braid it, while she continued to steer with her bruised elbows.
    “So, champ,” she grinned between mouthfuls of hair, and through her forearms, “you like adventures?”

    By Taylor K URL on 04.18.2012

  12. It gives you swag this pair of shades. No longer self conscious as eyes you’ll evade. What a way to conceal the insecurities of a hangover.

    By Ruben URL on 04.18.2012

  13. I grab the sunglasses from his shirt and slide them onto my face. “You know it’s nighttime, right?” He looks at me confusedly, and I laugh. “Yes, I know that the dark sky means it’s not day.” He nods uncertainly, and I push him lightly. The sidewalk glitters below the streetlights, and the air is perfectly warm. “I was just checking because some people can’t see what’s right in front of their faces,” he says. My smile fades into a frown because underneath his obvious statement, his words are a biting truth that’s hard to swallow.

    By Marissa URL on 04.18.2012

  14. It takes a hard look to see beyond his sunglasses, but I know I got to him. He can’t hide his fury. This break up is hitting him and I like it. I like that I finally broke free. I like that I found the self respect he helped me forget about. But above all, I like that I finally hurt him.

    By Ruben URL on 04.18.2012

  15. sunglasses. they block out the sun. most people wear them to look cool ( like i do ) haha they shade the sun from us. and yeup that’s pretty much it. my mom’s bothering me right now so i don’t exactly feel like writing about this

    By Roooonnniie URL on 04.18.2012

  16. Rays of sunlight glinted off of the round sunglasses.
    Black as a bat, they were.
    round as a cloud, they were.
    Protecting the eyes, covering the tears, sunglasses can be a wall.

    By Grace Baker URL on 04.18.2012

  17. Her sunglasses sat perched on the bridge of her nose,
    Dark lenses shielding her eyes.
    “I’m happy,” she says, but the truth, no one knows.
    She stays hidden from the world as she cries.

    By Carly URL on 04.18.2012

  18. “How can you be out here?”
    “What do you mean?”
    “Don’t you need to be inside?”
    “Under an umbrella?”
    “Sunglasses and a hat?”
    “Why would I need those?”
    “You don’t need them? Aren’t you a vampire?”
    “Yeah… but not all of us are bothered by the sun…”
    “Do you drink blood?”
    “Not often, no.”
    “You stay up all night then sleep all morning, shovel the weirdest crap into your mouth when it’s time to eat, and sometimes speak in a primitive language of grunts and mumbles, but can still call yourself human.”
    “Shut up, Star.”

    By Chabo URL on 04.18.2012

  19. My regular prescription glasses turn into sunglasses. But that doesn’t make them cool because sunglasses have a certain feeling or attitude to them. I don’t look cool, I look like I’m trying to protect my eyes from UV rays whereas sunglasses look cool. They just are.

    By villy on 04.18.2012

  20. meant to protect eyes from the powerful and quite easily harmful rays of the sun.
    but what if they were used as masks instead? What if it was just a way to hide from the world. In hiding from the harms of the sun, you hide yourself from the pleasures as well. What if you disappear behind a pair of dark lenses?

    By Grace U on 04.18.2012

  21. I don’t have any sunglasses tinting what I see, and I see the world for what it is. And you know what I see in front of me? Someone whose gone through life only thinking about themselves. Never did they realize that the boy that they had been talking to for hours on end for months was mentally broken and on the verge of taking his own life. You’ve never had someone that you’ve known for over a decade, for as long as you can remember, die suddenly and tragically. It’s not like losing some boyfriend whose an ass to you, because at least he’s still alive and breathing and still has a future. It’s not like having a grandparent die, because at least they got to experience life. And as this boy is writing his amends and notes to a past life that he’s about to leave, having an egonarcisstic one-time friend one-time possible romance tell him that he should be sad for her instead is not the time. Wherever you go, I hope the next dying soul blows their brains out all over you. Wherever you go, I hope you never find the peace that you rip out from others gleefully . I hope you choke.

    By agloe on 04.18.2012

  22. I slipped the sunglasses onto my face. I turned the keys and started the engine. It was going to be a long drive. I rolled the windows down and the fresh air floated into my car. How I loved summer time!

    By Mary Ellen on 04.18.2012

  23. la última vez que compré lentes oscuros de calidad me encontré con el chocho. sí, con el chocho. debía de haber sabido que el chocho es síntoma de desgracia. estaba el tipo trabajando como dependiente-demostrador. no había avanzado.

    By Grrudabo on 04.18.2012

  24. They shield your eyes from the glaring rays of the afternoon sun. Without them you risk yourself having an accident driving during the afternoon. You’d be able to see better with them.

    By Odie on 04.18.2012

  25. Retro glasses are all the rage at present I have such an awesome pair of sunglasses, which reminds me, why do we say pair – is it because there are two actual pieces of glass? But there’s only one eye sun shade that we actually put on the face.

    By Jane URL on 04.18.2012

  26. There were a pair of pink sunglasses. No one knew where it came from. It was delicately placed on the top of a chair at one of the most busiest cafes in Seoul. People stared at it with confused or concerned faces. Some thought it might break by somebody not noticing its presence and sitting on it by accident. Some thought of giving it to the cafe employee so that the owner may be found. But most of all, they were all confused and asked themselve, ‘How did that get there?’

    By Sue Lee URL on 04.18.2012

  27. As the camera person came up, running towards the fashionable woman as if he was the junkie and she was his dealer. She took her sunglasses off quickly, and smirked at the man. “Like what you see, honey?” She said, and he could smell the faint scent of whiskey and cigarettes on her breath. “Yes, yes I do.” He says, snapping her picture slowly and winking.

    By Maggie on 04.18.2012

  28. summertime. the sun is blasting through the windshield as we cruise down the road. the temperature is perfect, the wind is making my hair blow in a disarray, but i wouldn’t close the windows or sun roof for anything. my sunglasses are on, and my bare feet are resting on the dashboard. summertime.

    By Kate on 04.18.2012

  29. Today I wore my sunglasses, the ones I found at work. My sunglasses are Louis Vuitton, I don’t like driving my girlfriends Audi and wearing my LV sunglasses, because I feel like a pretentious asshole.

    By JV. URL on 04.18.2012

  30. She wore sunglasses like her eyes couldn’t see. But she saw everything. She was brighter than the sun. People basked in her presence.

    By Dar Estrella URL on 04.18.2012

  31. i don’t know why i’m trying so hard. i’m not benefiting anyone else, and i’m not hurting anyone else by not trying, either.
    summer is coming soon. i used to love summer.
    this one will be spent in long sleeves.

    By paper URL on 04.18.2012

  32. The big ones,
    Balanced delicately on her thin, pointed nose,
    She smiles,
    One of those smiles that doesn’t quite expose her dimples,
    The sun shines,
    Brightly reflecting off her dark shaded glasses,
    Loud waves,
    Tilting her head slightly… in thought

    By SheActsLikeSummer URL on 04.18.2012

  33. Ruined forever by those ridiculous sharp, pointed monsters that what’s his shiny name wore in that stupid vampire movie. Surprising and impossible that one moronic face could so utterly destroy what was once a fabulous accessory and facial protector. Will Smith made sunglasses cool in MIB, and Squarefaceman just fucking ruined them. Why are there no sun monocles?

    By PaisleyPlatypus URL on 04.18.2012

  34. “You look like an insect.”

    “I look amazing.”

    “You look ridiculous.”

    “Tobias, you’re just jealous that I found these gigantic beautiful gleaming white sunglasses at Goodwill and you didn’t.”

    “Astor, that’s not even – you know what, fine. Yes. Jealous. Green with envy. Especially of the raccoon eyes you’ll be sporting later.”


    By Julia A. URL on 04.18.2012

  35. I’ve not worn sunglasses. Have never spent much time in the sun. Now I need sunglasses. It’s hard to get used to … and then sometimes I sit at my desk … still wearing my sunglasses. I must look ridiculous.

    By eagle on 04.18.2012

  36. it was eighty-four the other day. damn hot. reminded me that summer is coming soon.
    i used to love summer. i used to love a lot of things.
    sigh; well, boohoo, time to move on. no use crying over spilled blood. i’ve gotta go, i have to go stock up on long sleeves. what? i live in the same reality as you now, i know how to be practical, don’t look at me like that. i’m just like you. we’re the same- human beings.
    does that scare you?

    By paper URL on 04.18.2012

  37. To hide behind the world in my sunglasses, I wish I could. All I can think of, achingly, unceasingly, is that summer trip. We drove up to see her together. Your sunglasses reflected light back onto the dashboard along with that famous red hair of yours. We scaled the mountains in that Dodge Charger rental and we laughed and loved together and you taught me about life. I waved goodbye that next morning as I crawled back into my garage and my mundane life. If I had known it would have been the last time I would see you, I would have said something more profound, something more meaningful then just my inadequate wave.

    By Blayne URL on 04.18.2012

  38. They keep you hidden. The let you see. The eyes behind the eye of the glass that you are. So fragile and agile that your love is beaming, through the eyes of sun.

    Sun glasses make you clear your mind — sunglasses help you see yourself and others.

    By antwanfisha URL on 04.18.2012

  39. I was on the beach, lying on a towel with the sand strewn awkwardly beneath it. My sunglasses were propped on the tip of my nose as I surveyed the scene unfolding before me: a young girl’s older brother, I presumed, had just knocked over the largest tower of her sandcastle. ‘Poor thing,’ I thought, but didn’t rise to separate the now-bickering siblings. It wasn’t my place to meddle in others’ business, so I simply pushed my dark lenses over my eyes and settled back against the towel beneath my head.

    By McKenna on 04.18.2012

  40. She chucked her hair over one shoulder, carelessly and swiftly. So sure of where her body moved and the positive result. Once satisfied with her hair she lifted the seat and withdrew a two dollar pair of sunglasses, looked into my eyes and spoke the most seductive words I had ever heard; “Let’s have an adventure, Zach.”

    By AV on 04.18.2012