April 16th, 2012 | 346 Entries

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346 Entries for “earring”

  1. i know people who have earrings.
    including my sister.

    By cougars8 URL on 04.18.2012

  2. A lot of girls like to wear earrings. Some guys wear earrings as well, but earrings on guys is icky. Some earrings are really ugly, others are cute.

    By alliekaley URL on 04.18.2012

  3. This is what girls put in there ears for fachion but i think it”s domb.

    By butter URL on 04.18.2012

  4. mom can I have a pair of earrings?earringsare a substance that go on your ears and hang.

    By loulou88888 URL on 04.18.2012

  5. Earring
    Earring is for the ears
    Earring is for girls and sometime for boys :D
    P.s This is a poem :D

    By poseidon619 URL on 04.18.2012

  6. an earring is a type of jewerly piece that goes on your ear… they come in lots of different shape and size

    By mak!:) URL on 04.18.2012

  7. Some people call them belly button rings i call them belly button earrings!!!!!!! You can also where earrings in your ear. Girls should be the only ones that should be aloud to where earrings. Guys should never where diamond stud earrings it does not look attractive!:D

    By heaf13 URL on 04.18.2012

  8. earring is jewlery when i think of an earring i think of dimonds.

    By baseball12 URL on 04.18.2012

  9. Earrings are a type of jewelry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

    By Ivy URL on 04.18.2012

  10. As I reached up to push my hair out of my eyes my hand brushed against my ear “oh no” I thought “I lost Mom’s earring !”

    By Amaryllis URL on 04.18.2012

  11. The earrings were priceless and just having one of them would set Tate for life. This was his plan, to get set for life. He just had to make it around the world’s best security and the world’s most guarded building. The man had told him it was impossible, they would shoot first and ask later. You had to be insane to ever even attempt something that stupid. That was Tate’s specialty though, being insane and stupid was easy enough for him. He just needed to find fifteen people as insane and stupid as him, this was going to be a challenge Tate was looking forward to.

    By Angel At Dawn URL on 04.18.2012

  12. Earring is a type of jewelry that girls/boys may wear.

    By shayna URL on 04.18.2012

  13. a earring is a fashionable thing girls wear

    By zach URL on 04.18.2012

  14. Cette petite pièce qui roule, roule sous les doigts telle une alliance qui démange.

    By Jaenya on 04.18.2012

  15. An earring dangled from her petite ears, catching the lights from the chandelier every now and then. She turned her head quickly, almost as though she knew what attention this gave to her neck. Oh, her neck. The swan-like, milky grace of her neck made his heart ache. He should have never given her up.

    By Stella on 04.18.2012

  16. Wearing only one earring, in your left ear, is supposedly a kind of hankie code for your face. Of course, it probably isn’t. Or isn’t anymore. Damn gentrification ruins everything great, like flophouses and anonyomous sex is bathrooms. Ultimately, though, if it counts as a “statement piece” it probably was no good for signalling buttxsex.

    By Fi on 04.18.2012

  17. O she doth teach the torchers to burn bright
    It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night
    like a rich jewel in an ethiope’s ear
    Beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear!
    so shows a snowy dove trooping with crows

    Did my heart love till now? forswear it, sight!
    For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night.

    By meliora URL on 04.18.2012

  18. It falls from your ears, and sometimes hurts because it is too heavy. I remember when Amelia accidentally ripped her’s out and it hurt her a lot. I got a star earring stuck through my ear one time at the YMCA afterschool when I fell in the gym, and Whitney was really freaked out about it. It didn’t really hurt that bad, but she was scared because of the blood and my parents would get mad.

    By Emily on 04.18.2012

  19. what are my earnings…………….is it the money that i saved up from all these years of working…………….mmmm. its just been 3 years or is it the love and trust i have earned from the people around?

    By neema on 04.18.2012

  20. The earring in her ear glistened and shone in the sunlight. The brightness of it caused her to put on her sunglasses. she walked slowly through the glass pondering the wonderous meaning of it all. Why did the earring shine? Why did it cause her feel shocked and afraid? What does it all mean? Really? does anyone know? Does anyone really care. She suspected no did and so she didn’t either.

    By Magnolia URL on 04.18.2012

  21. She sat there staring of into space, waiting for what had seemed a lifetime. A man approaches and observes here sitting taking a sip of coffee, her hair flowing giving part to a sheen from a gorgeous earring.

    By A on 04.18.2012

  22. Now is the time to place the earring in your ear. Today, right now. You must. You absolutely must. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t shine. You will shine. You will glow. It will be an ornament to the universe that you are as beautiful as the earring. doesn’t make sense? Just go with it. really. Don’t stop. Just go with it. Now and forever.

    By Magnolia URL on 04.18.2012

  23. She found the earring the the drawer
    It sliced her finger cross-wise
    and she bled into beauty.

    By Kim on 04.18.2012

  24. She had on shiny earrings. They were given to her by her grandmother before she died. They are her one and only treasure.

    By Mel on 04.18.2012

  25. All he remembered from that one encounter was the earring. Golden hoop with a jade trinket hanging in the middle, slowly rotating like a pendulum whenever she turned her head. Her face was foggy in his memory, but that one glimmering piece of jewllery stood out among the drinks and the hazy smoke of cigars and other narcotics. If only he could see it once more. The next time, he would cut off that ear.

    By deideiblueeyez URL on 04.18.2012

  26. Her earring caught the light as she turned her head to look out the window. The lamp in the room spewed a telling light that cradled the small features of her face beautifully, removing the shadows usually present under her chin and nose. She was quiet, but I didn’t mind and smiled at her as her eyes came back to meet mine. Those delicate eyes gave little away, but the gentle smile that leaked from her lips to the outward corners of her eyes gave me clues as to what she was thinking.

    By rhyme79 URL on 04.18.2012