August 8th, 2012 | 281 Entries

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281 Entries for “substances”

  1. oh. afflict.
    those contradict;
    throw a fit.

    as we toke,
    enjoy the scent :).

    By Dinah B =] URL on 08.08.2012

  2. Was it a substance that killed my father? That turned a gun to his head? It made him angry, did it kill him? Was it substance that filled my eyes and stung the cuts on my face when I saw him dead? Was it substance that went missing when the muzzle flashed? Was it substance that made me miss the bastard who broke my jaw? No, substance doesnt leave you empty

    By .AA on 08.08.2012

  3. Certain substances can and will cause harm to you, sending waves of toxins throughout your body.

    By Taffeh.A.Llama URL on 08.08.2012

  4. what substances will it take for me to become sane? I want to feel safe within the walls of my own body, and i want just a little peace of mind.

    By t URL on 08.08.2012

  5. “Foreign Substances.”
    She looked askance at him and quirked an eyebrow.
    “Foreign Substances?”
    He frowned and glared at her.
    “Yes, Foreign Substances.” He said it as if speaking to a child or an idiot. “What else would you call it, Ms. Feiner?”
    She grinned.
    “Well, I’d call it dog shit, Earl. But that’s just me.”

    By Eileen Maki URL on 08.08.2012

  6. substances come in many different colors and forms, such as corn syrup opposed to water. some can be dangerous like acid, while others can be good for you, such as milk. Which is primarily consumed to maintain healthy bones and teeth

    By john URL on 08.08.2012

  7. I hadn’t expected the get my teeth pulled out for braces to hurt so much. I also hadn’t forseen that for the next week I would be on a soft food diet… What is this strange blended liquid I am drinking?!

    By Mackenzie Lowther on 08.08.2012

  8. Many substances look like their taste. Coffee, however smells better than it tastes and looks like dirt. I like to compare the look of a substance with its texture to touch and, whenever suitable, its taste. I wish I could taste shampoo, thick and creamy white – it looks as if it would be sweet and slippery.

    By Betty Barker on 08.08.2012

  9. I broke up with my boyfriend recently because I found out he was taking illegal substances. Is it a legitimate reasons to break someone’s heart? How will I ever know.

    By Meg URL on 08.08.2012

  10. Sometimes, are the best way out.
    of life
    of pain
    of stress
    of shame.

    of hurt.

    By cait on 08.08.2012

  11. My pee is a chemical substance that can be drank by ogres. It is also known as the magical drink, when one drinks it, they will never die. wtf.

    By Izzy on 08.08.2012

  12. any thing that can be feel by touch or any type of sensation
    they are combined of molecules

    By zootbaba on 08.08.2012

  13. I’ve never been one for substances. Not the illicit ones anyway. The normal sort – water is a substance, isn’t it? – is perfectly fine. I don’t know whether it’s the little princess in me or whether it’s just something that never appealed to me, but substances. Yeah. They’re sure for some people, I guess. Just not me.

    By Dai on 08.08.2012

  14. Of all the substances in the world, he loved the illegal ones best. Delicious, delicious deviance. It didn’t matter what they did per se, it was the act alone that thrilled him to his fingertips. It rattled his core, forcing him out of his everyday CEO persona.

    By naturemummy URL on 08.08.2012

  15. I Think Of Drugs. Illegal Drugs. Chemistry. Failing Chemistry. People Getting Arrested. :l

    By Janell on 08.08.2012

  16. The only substances people think of really are drugs. But I like substances. Or perhaps it’s more understandable to say I like substance. There’s substance to that argument. You are quite a substantial person. Substance. Not all about drugs, hey?

    By Dailenna URL on 08.08.2012

  17. what does one write about substances? It doesn’t have a particular definition in the sense that it can be lots of things. I wonder how much I’ll write in a minute. I want a different word. Do I get a new word after this? Huh. SUCK IT TREBEK!!!

    By Lex on 08.08.2012

  18. Substances.
    What makes up you
    What makes up me
    That is substance you see

    By Tiarah on 08.08.2012

  19. Makes me think of drugs. Illegal drugs. Chemistry. Failing Chemistry. :l

    By Janell URL on 08.08.2012

  20. Makes me think of drugs. Illegal drugs. Chemistry. Failing Chemistry. People Getting Arrested :l

    By Janell URL on 08.08.2012

  21. joy division ian curtis there are so many substances drugs things have no substance anymore why is that? where did all the substance go? things are empty words are empty thoughts are empty we are all empty there’s no meaning in our society it’s dead all dead no substance

    By ruth on 08.09.2012

  22. a weight or measurement of the true grit that crumbles together to make your soul, the weight of your heart the substance that breaks down within the lining of evanescence that makes one whole.

    By Luchador Lavender URL on 08.09.2012

  23. i think substances are so cool. They completely free your mind. Make your brain chemicals actually change. It puts you in a totally different mind set, view the world in a different prespective. I think substances have been a very large part of my life. I feel they define who I am and who I have become, for better or for worse.

    By Chelsea on 08.09.2012

  24. Gosh, substances, OK.

    well there’s the LSD story. which is that when I was in like 10th grade or so, my friends Alison and Paul decided to drop acid.

    I panicked… talked to doctors, and eventually babysat them as they tripped their balls off.

    I ran experiments on them to test their hearing, their thing, their memory… quadratic formula. paintings. huxley.

    By incandescentman URL on 08.09.2012

  25. Abuse? substances in the air? What are substances about? Is this about substance in a man? Or a woman for that matter? A person of substance is a person to look out for !

    By Varsha URL on 08.09.2012

  26. The substance of a human being is something we’ll never know for sure. But the substance of the things a human creates, why, that’s quantifiable. That’s something. It’s real. It’s substantial, to be ironic. It’s powerful, to be honest.

    The substances we create with our lives are the only things the world will remember of us. Our bodies will rot, and even our bones will disappear.

    By James Enji URL on 08.09.2012

  27. There are many substances in the world. They range from liquid to gasses. The most valuable substance is gold which is now extremely expensive. Only a few people can afford it.

    By Reny on 08.09.2012

  28. Its something that surrounds us all. Its there lurking in reality. It stays there waiting to be played with, experimented with, lived with. We accept it as it is, we conform to it all. It changes us, not us it.

    By Paul Chucks on 08.09.2012

  29. each and every person has a soul, a heart, a characteristic. We are unique, unlike an other. But not all are great. Not all are special. Some have no uniqueness.

    By deb on 08.09.2012

  30. Eat me! It looks so tempting. Down the rabbit hole, to the otherside. But I am removed enough from reality as it is. More substance is what I need.

    By Geejay URL on 08.09.2012

  31. Pray, what are these substances here?
    Which ones?
    The ones about the rim of the plate.
    Ah, those are dipping areas.
    The brownish one is hummus, for the carrot spears.
    I see.
    And the white one is a mix of caviar and Greek yogurt.
    Divine. And this one?
    That is Ketchup, sir.
    Jolly good.

    By Amanda URL on 08.09.2012

  32. The word is substances. Sniff it, smoke it, shoot it. Take your choice. Substance to me is a drug. You hear it in the news referred to as “substances”. It makes it sound dirtier than it should be. 60 seconds are up.

    By Lily URL on 08.09.2012

  33. Abuse drugs crackheads. I think of how people abuse their lives alcohol, designer drugs rehab. Theraby no cure. Lost lives death. Children. Doctors

    By cassandra on 08.09.2012

  34. They ooze and sink inside the mind, revealing and undulating a hidden sexuality. Substances, such a sterile word that evokes such response. Grimaces, and snickers, like a school boy, we answer the word with shy curiosity.

    By spiderman on 08.09.2012

  35. “Substance!” She shouted at him. “That is what I need. A man with substance.” She glared at him over her half moon glasses.

    “And what the hell is that supposed to mean?” He did that thing… that thing that she absolutely hated. Crossing his arms over his chest and and ‘magnifying’ his appearance. He thought she never noticed but she saw it. The minute and subtle way in which he puffs out the muscles in his body the way a puffer fish balloons out. It was disconcerting to see him do it. “What do you mean by ‘a man with substance’?” He still held his form.

    She had to wonder how it was that he was able to do it for so long. She always imagined him as a used balloon. You know the one. From a perfect, out-of-the-bag balloon to a worn out and useless piece of rubber. These were the kind of thoughts she had about him now. She missed the early days of the relationship, but she was starting to see him for who he really was.

    By Avi URL on 08.09.2012

  36. things that are inside a human body, Platoon find them out too. Maybe if you lose substances from your body, you lose even a little bit of Platoon inside you. Platoon is a bit of everyone.

    By Frendo on 08.09.2012

  37. there are many kinds of substances,..liquid, solid gas….there is a substance abuse…substance also means the matter not in scientific sense but also in the asthetic sense…it also referes to the person of honour and mettel…a man of substance

    By Bhumika on 08.09.2012

  38. everybody I meet ask about the substances I used to paint the gravel house down the lane, no one realized the substance was me!

    By filza URL on 08.09.2012

  39. there are vaious substances we generally use in our lives … every sphere of life subtances are necce

    By sujata URL on 08.09.2012

  40. Arthur continued siring the batter with his sickly sweet smile as a strange, clear substance was added to the mixture. He knew the perfect person these sweets would go to, and he knew it would be the last. If only they could appreciate it more, they might never know what the end would taste like. but alas, they had to insult him, and so, they had to find out.

    By Elizabeth URL on 08.09.2012