August 8th, 2012 | 281 Entries

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281 Entries for “substances”

  1. What is in my cup? I don’t even remember getting here. Who gave me this, and why does it make me feel this way. Where I am I. Where is my dress? How is the man lying next to me?

    By Ana on 08.08.2012

  2. Substances abused.
    Used and discarded. Strewn across the bathroom floor.
    They’ve left me smiling. Smiling through the sickness.
    Smiling though the fumes are rising.

    By Adriana Pulley URL on 08.08.2012

  3. We couldn’t understand what it was. Cleary, foreign to this plant. It took on 12 different shapes in a matter of moments. Solid, liquid, gas… It could do it all. Then the most surprising thing happened; it turned into me.

    By M.J. Hutchison on 08.08.2012

  4. The substances combine in the vial of my blood, the beaker of my brain, the palpable pulses in my fingertips. Why, why, because you chose, you chose, chose this, chose when, chose who. So decide. Decide to enjoy the strangeness, decide whether or not this means something, whether or not it means anything, that these substances drove your decision, that derision can or cannot be something they inspire.

    By Sam Fomon on 08.08.2012

  5. Substances ! Solid liquid gases are substances . But what matter are emotional substances . There are emotions attached to the substances . If you observe , no is willing to let off his or her first bicycle , first car . And so on . So substances though being non – living things , add lives to your life .

    By Virendra - words on 08.08.2012

  6. The substances in this universe that we live in are infinite. We live with substances everyday and continue to find more of them and to understand them. Humans essentially are made out of substances. We are all substances in the world. Thus we ought to pursue harmony among each other.

    By Jo on 08.08.2012

  7. i abuse them. sometimes they abuse me. things we use, we lose, and never retrieve. is this the cure to my broken heart? I don’t suppose we have a cure. i stick a smile on my face and let the liquid drip through my veins, i don’t rely on anything. or anyone.

    By veronika dash on 08.08.2012

  8. It was look a green putrid sticky solid. its remnants danced about the countertop glittering and grinning back at me, supposing it was me who would clean them up. well no, not today you weird looking goo, today you will sit, and tomorrow you will be frowning

    By jackaria on 08.08.2012

  9. They tried to tempt me with those substances. The strange drinks and powders and leaves. But it never worked. My parents feared peer pressure and teenaged taunting I’m sure, but it was much more subtle just a brush of the rising smoke.

    By Katie on 08.08.2012

  10. substances creep inside oneself taking over your body, mind and soul creating an alter-ego that no one likes to face. Your little devil comes out and the truth of your thoughts are told seeking no filter…

    By Katrina on 08.08.2012

  11. substances are liquids and are amazing. They are what make us who we are. Without them we would be nothing. Substances are made from two elements or items. They are used in sciences, especially chemistry. Without them, we would not have cures or treatments for many diseases or viruses. mohammed

    By jesus URL on 08.08.2012

  12. Could be nearly everything.
    A drug.
    Something to work with.
    A short form for something ?
    A name of a hidden organisation ?
    Imagine. It’s up to you.
    I’ve got an idea, but I won’t tell.

    By Alaraja on 08.08.2012

  13. Sitting in the large hollow hallway Fred waited on a hard wooden bench. Wearing his father’s black suite he shifted nervously waiting for his turn in front of the judge. He studied the gray tile in front of him trying to solidify his story. “The drugs wasn’t… no weren’t mine. One of my friends had given me this bag to hold while he went to his house to change. I was just waiting for him next to the 711. Yeah, that’s it. Just waiting. And then some guy comes up to me asking if I had anything to sell. How was I to know it was ‘controlled substances’?”

    By Adam on 08.08.2012

  14. I think about science obviously. THings that make up the world. Atoms and cells chemistry. For some reason love. Idk music. Little things details!! Music LIFW|E

    By Daniela Aguilar on 08.08.2012

  15. drugs are substances
    so are feelings
    you can have own and eat substances
    people are substances
    I am a substance
    not much of one
    but I am one
    Some are more than others
    have more substance that is
    I don’t have much
    but thats ok

    By Marie on 08.08.2012

  16. This word doesn’t inspire me to say much. I am very much looking forward to an alcoholic substance after work. Thank you.

    By whit on 08.08.2012

  17. Substances. We took a few with us. Well, just one. We bought wine on the island and rolled joints as we went. Hitch-hiking. Thumbing our way through hot days and cool nights, but not so cool that a thick sweatshirt wouldn’t cut it. Our favourite ride was the guy with the flower garden painted on the side of his car.

    By Tegan on 08.08.2012

  18. once i got home and saw a bottle so i drank it. I dont know hwat it was but it got him off my mind it burned my throat and umbed my tongue. i liked it so i took more and the rest consisted of a cracked bowl and a knee scrape. i cant do this anymore

    By ash URL on 08.08.2012

  19. Illegal substances are terrible. Okay, that’s a bit harsh. Not all substances that are illegal are terrible. And not all terrible substances are illegal. I remember once when I was in Chemistry in like 8th grade I heard that it wasn’t actual substances that killed people but the amount that killed them.

    By Chelsea on 08.08.2012

  20. chemistry
    and reality.
    what they have in common
    is substance.
    substances that build them,
    atoms and character alike.

    By Rachel on 08.08.2012

  21. dear you, you, i dreamed of you, in a dream; in a dream of a dream of a deeper, deeper, dream; in the deepest, deepest dream, until even the seams of the dreams seemed to dream, or awaken…i can’t tell, and i never want to be able to.

    By drew URL on 08.08.2012

  22. They eat away at you until you have no will left. You become the substance, it fills you to your brim. When does your glass become too full? When do you spill?

    By Kimberly on 08.08.2012

  23. I mean, the use of illegal substances is definitely illegal but what if they become legal? Would everyone die? That’s not very likely. But still;I mean, would things really be worse off if all substances were illegal? Maybe people would just stop using them because all the fun is in being a rebel or a “badass”.

    By Zach Clay URL on 08.08.2012

  24. I don’t know much about this word. To be honest with you, I do not know anything about this word. I shall just wait for another word to pop up. Still waiting…

    By Luke Willis on 08.08.2012

  25. minerals, makeup, alcohol abuse…material and earthly things, people that obsess over how they look. substances can be either good or bad

    By Dagny on 08.08.2012

  26. Substances bring back the good old memories of biology in my freshman year of high school… But it also reminds me of all the kids caught in my school who used illegal substances. It wasn’t the best year, but I had fun. Hopefully, next year is just as fun. :)

    By Leo Angulo on 08.08.2012

  27. drugs, things, abuse,
    Substances are nouns a plural noun. I don’t really know this is hard
    You can abuse substances, you can create things from substances. It’s such a vague word to

    By Ashley on 08.08.2012

  28. I don’t know what the word substances means, but that is the word that appeared for me. Substantial means in small or not important. Maybe they’re related? I don’t know. Substances….When a sub takes a stance.

    By Sean on 08.08.2012

  29. a woman of substance the magazine proclaims
    and what are these “substances” may I ask?

    Its her grit and determination
    her will to succeed
    to overcome and defend her rights
    if need be
    loving and nurturing are not her only duties
    she can also break your heart or break your bones
    messing with her is not a risk you need
    she creates her own space
    she finds her own niche

    She may be a social butterfly, a business woman,
    a sports star, a housewife or a maid indeed
    but a woman of substance is one of a kind indeed

    By Vijayalakshmi URL on 08.08.2012

  30. substances are everywhere. We drink them, use them , leak them, and mix them. Three S’s makes it the only letter there more than once.

    By Jessica on 08.08.2012

  31. there were all these weirds substances around me, full of color and texture. I didn’t knew what to think, i was just so amazed by them. Is this a laboratory? I thought. Maybe this is where he likes to spend his free time…

    By cinthya on 08.08.2012

  32. I erased it, each time I would look at the word it turned into something else, and finally I took a breathe stopped after the bell and re-re-read the word, and my mind is blank. Sending…

    By one shoe on 08.08.2012

  33. The substance of this writing would be meaningless, none the less. It has to be put in such a way that it makes sense. Substances is what i feel is something that responds to our sense of touch. Anything that responds to our sense of touch can be called as a substance. No matter how big or small the scale of the substance is. I’ve tried to put a lot of substance in these 60seconds to make substances having substance.

    By najju on 08.08.2012

  34. When i think of substances, call me insane, but i think of drugs. Not just any old drug, but the paraphenilia cops take from criminals. Sometimes i wonder if they themselves use those substances.

    By Charlene on 08.08.2012

  35. There’s so many substances that I could mix together to try and create you. A loving heart from her, those beautiful blue eyes from him. A head of brown hair and a smile that could light up the whole world. But after mixing, I would realise that I forgot the most important thing. Your flaws. The way you were so stubborn, how you could be so insensitive. That was half of you, and the you I made only scratched the surface of it.

    By emlex on 08.08.2012

  36. Substances? It means object? What is object? Object can means disagree or mean something. Object can also lead to objectives which means it is either a goal or something you want to achieve. But objectives is different from goal in some way. Objectives can be something you expected to be the outcome.

    By Andy on 08.08.2012

  37. white, green, purple. pick your poison.
    uppers, downers.
    through the nose,
    in the lungs.
    we live for the substances that cloud our judgement.
    and the nights that never seem to end.

    By Tessa on 08.08.2012

  38. This one? No. That can’t be right. How about the one in this beaker? No. Not exactly what I’m looking for. None of these are the right ones. I can’t just use sugar and spice and everything nice plus some chemical X to produce the perfect love story. No, these substances have to be real. They have to be concrete. They have to exude life.

    By Kayci on 08.08.2012

  39. A book can be filled with knowledge and fact, and can give substance to your already existing thoughts and feelings on a subject.

    By MidnightCastle on 08.08.2012

  40. i do not know substances, though i learned about them in school. Is a soul a substance? I know water is but a soul? Is a tear a substance or is it a soul, are we made up of substances? I know we are made up of tears, and a soul.

    By Mikeyfromouterspace on 08.08.2012