August 9th, 2012 | 249 Entries

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249 Entries for “manners”

  1. Manners are qualities which make us a good or a bad person. If a person possesses good qualities, it makes him a respectful figure, if the person doesn’t have good qualities, it makes him the opposite. So it’s very important to have right manners taught at an early age. Manners are highly dependent on the surrounding environment. We are affected by the environment around us.

    By karishmah on 08.10.2012

  2. Manners are something much of society lacks…some people don’t know the meaning of this too often forgotten word. For some, manners is belching loudly no matter where they are, disreguarding who is around. And to them, this is manners because they are “complimenting the chef”. There should be a law requiring people to go to some sort of class on manners. They should then be required to express their learnings in society. They should be written up if not following appropriate etiquitate in public and not expressing good manners.

    By Camille on 08.10.2012

  3. you are your manners
    you have manners if you know how to behave
    you have manners if you are admired by people
    you have manners if you behave properly
    you show your ancestors

    By aglae verni URL on 08.10.2012

  4. “it’s a pleasure to meet you.”
    (your lips were a painted rembrandt on mine)

    an extended hand.
    (from your skin, i tasted moonlight on my tongue)

    a kiss upon your silken glove.
    (your pulse trembled like a bird losing song)

    a curtsy and a glimpse of petticoat.
    (i lifted your skirts to lap at a sour heaven, lemons)

    a bow, one palm behind myself.
    (laces gave way to fingers, winged almost)

    “the pleasure is all mine.”
    (your eyes drowned sailors, and a careless poseidon)

    By isa on 08.10.2012

  5. many people are lacking manners. Some people are rude to people with manners. I’ve held the door open many times and most of the time people don’t even say thank you! I wish more people would just be kind to others.

    By Emily on 08.10.2012

  6. I don’t really have them . neither does my brother but you know, we deal we deal. Manners are important in life but I like living without them. this is really hard to write but maybe it’ll make me a better writer. I wonder how many words other people can type for these. Clap clap. Lexie can probably write a lot. But where are my manners?

    By Aradia on 08.10.2012

  7. “There are many different manners you must pay attention to”, explained the Headmaster. “If you don’t, you are subject to humiliating punishment.” Now, that did not sound like something Vivienne wanted to get herself into.

    By alice on 08.10.2012

  8. Behaving , be well mannered like how to act proper at dinner & just in normal life . Bieng respectful .

    By Aerionna on 08.10.2012

  9. The idea that people should act a certain way when presented in a society-correct situation. Manners are what show people that you have respect for who yourself and shows that you have been raised well by your guardian.

    By Jacob Hupfer on 08.10.2012