August 7th, 2012 | 258 Entries

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258 Entries for “assaults”

  1. Numerous assaults triggered an uproar in the neighbourhood. At first people were shocked and frightened, but then the airplanes kept coming, and they sort of got used to it. Humans will get used to anything. Alice thought that one day all of this will end, maybe when she grows

    By M on 08.08.2012

  2. assaults can be taken in many different ways. They’re most commonly seen as one violently attacking another for whatever reason they may have, but what about the friendly assaults? The kind where you are come onto by one who wishes to pour into you what they may see fit?

    By Cybill URL on 08.08.2012

  3. crime

    By James on 08.08.2012

  4. I got assaulted in a bar by a drunken fool. And I defended myself by whipping a beer bottle across her face.

    By bitch on 08.08.2012

  5. Ha! He thought by his unplanned assaults on the circle of women, he’d be a step ahead, but boy was he past mistaken as he crashed into the old brick wall. He could hear each of the women call forth an element, pulling energy from the Earth. What he’d seen as easy prey had turned the tables on him. He was now to be their sacrifice.

    By Tina Glasneck URL on 08.08.2012

  6. Assulat is attacking a person in an abusive way. Assaulting is bad and is usually illegal. Assault is usually used in an offensive and harsh way, to describe an abusive sort of attack. Assault is a funny word to pronounce though. It’s almost like a-salts. Hahah I make myself laugh. Assaults should be illegal.

    By Ruby on 08.08.2012

  7. Assault is the Art of Defensive.

    By Jennifer Li on 08.08.2012

  8. She could feel a tight grip on her arm; feel the touch snaking over her shoulders and down the length of her back. Tirelessly he preyed on her, his assaults falling fruitlessly with each new bout. She batted him away scornfully, but he continued with his assaults until she finally decided it was due time to leave.

    By Heather URL on 08.08.2012

  9. it happens everywhere you go. assaults can be physical, sexual, mental. people who treat me wrong, make me feel low, stomp on my emotions (well i’m very sensitive) are the ones who mentally assault me. i would like to call them the ‘heartless assaulters of my sentiments’.

    By mitali topkar on 08.08.2012

  10. Now that the rural urban pirate wannbe has set sail we will not have to endure his verbal assaults any longer, though the winds of change may bring some character assaults in his direction because he can’t escape karma.

    By Chezrobin URL on 08.08.2012

  11. The assault of the heart uses invisible weapons. Weapons that sting all the same. The assault of the heart stings like salt in a wound whose scars always fall apart. The assault of the heart stings more than most, the assault of the heart is where….{time ran out} :)

    By Karina URL on 08.08.2012

  12. Assaults are what happens when someone attacks another person. The attacks are most of the attacks are brutal.

    By Orion URL on 08.08.2012

  13. Her lips assault his neck – she plants quick, dry kisses until her lips are directly above his. He smiles and she whispers, “home” against his chapped lips

    By stephaniewrites URL on 08.08.2012

  14. The morning was dim and the time was right as the young man planned his assaults for that day. He was being paid to kill off some people in order to save his wife and children from poverty. Maybe he’ll get out someday.

    By Dee on 08.08.2012

  15. no idea what this means really confused and just wirting bc it said to and to not think about it so i keep going on until my times up than ill have to stop cuz it wount let me do it any

    By philip on 08.08.2012

  16. His arm crashed down on Eric’s head. “Ouch! What was that for?” “You have what I need! Give it to me….NOW!” Another flash and bam and Eric was out. A glittering jewel rested in his palm.

    By Kaet99 on 08.08.2012

  17. The smell of death assaults his nose. The smell of the nursing home. As he pushed open the heavy glass doors, he wonders if his mother is still alive. Maybe she’s dead today? Maybe she died a long time ago – before she ever got to this place. Regardless, he steps in, past the living corpses and heads down the hall to her room.

    By VTMike URL on 08.08.2012

  18. Assaults are scary. No one wants to be assaulted. It is one of my biggest fears that I will be assaulted while walking across a dark parking lot late at night. I hope it never happens to me.

    By desiree on 08.08.2012