August 8th, 2012 | 281 Entries

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281 Entries for “substances”

  1. substances that are made with edible stuff can be eaten. Such as, mashed potatoes are made of potatoes. potatoes are that very substance that mashed potatoes are made of. But what substance is a potato made of? I don’t know that, either. :D

    By Ninja URL on 08.08.2012

  2. one day i woke up and saw a bottle of substances on my desk. so i went ahead and drank all the damn thing.. i died.

    By Andra on 08.08.2012

  3. substances. marijuana. coke. heroine. destruction. addiction. salvation? do they give you substance, or take it away?

    By mesh13 on 08.08.2012

  4. I think of drugs, like abusing substances. Alcohol, whatever. A few people who are really important to me have struggled with addiction. But then, you can be addicted to even things that are good and whole. That’s my story.

    By Lilly on 08.08.2012

  5. there are many kinds of substances! liquid solid gas and blah. well i guess if you count f–wait no that was a dumb idea hold on…

    uh fuck

    my favorite kind of substance is food because im practically always hungry and yeah??? idk. this is dumb everything is dumb why do i suck at writing AUGH. to sum up substances can go far if you think really hard???

    By kassi URL on 08.08.2012

  6. They take up space and are our resources. We use them to attach things to other things – like hearts and minds. We eat them. Drink them. We pull them out of dark places and use them to create other substances. They are building blocks. They occupy space and make us whole.

    By MG URL on 08.08.2012

  7. The woman took the substance as she was writhing in pain, her whole body screaming against it, telling her to stop. She continued. Her husband came in, furious, knowing what had happened. The substances had gotten to her, and he knew that she would never recover again.

    By Emily on 08.08.2012

  8. The muck that he felt under his skin didn’t feel like a heart or blood pumping in and through his veins. The substances he felt were emotions, and he didn’t much care for it one bit. This would not stand as it were.

    By JPHuber URL on 08.08.2012

  9. things that you mix around and stir together and you put them together and they are both gone and something new , combined, in their place. things that change and milk and eggs and oxygen

    By alice on 08.08.2012

  10. Substances of something, oh I don’t know what to write about substances. please help ””’

    By rj on 08.08.2012

  11. Oooh! They can be so freaking treacherous! Sometimes have to hate them =( but it’s still possible to love them, yes… I do, do love them! ADORE! some of them, sure, not, like, every substance ever, no, for sure…

    By Alexander on 08.08.2012

  12. These substances, they control me, they draw me in even though i know they shouldn’t. I hate it i do, but i will do anything for a little more. anything.

    By Haydn Walters on 08.08.2012

  13. can really fuck you up
    in the best ways
    in the worst ways

    By wrylymae on 08.08.2012

  14. oh the substances. i do not feel i should talk about them. I am embarrassed, somehow, for they are my vice. I only wish for comfort and solace.

    By DisForDangerous URL on 08.08.2012

  15. There were many substances in the container. I looked inside and i asked him “What is this?” He answered “I’m not sure.” Then he looked at me and yelled “DUCK!” and when i did the poisonous substances were thrown across the room. The walls started smoking and it lit on fire. I ran out of the house, but then i realized he was still in there. I ran through all the smoke. The room was on fire. He was on the ground coughing. “Go!” he said. “save yourself!” “I’m not leaving without you!” I yelled. Suddenly behind up part of the ceiling came tumbling down. “We have to go NOW!” i grabbed his arm and dragged him out of the room. He tried to get up, but he pulled me down with him. We both managed to stand up and we ran out of the house. “What was in there!?” i yelled at him.

    By maythewriter URL on 08.08.2012

  16. The withered old man tapped a number of unidentifiable substances from jars into his hand then threw them into the small round pot swaying above the fire; a mix of course white powders, a fine black dust, and a couple of round things which looked like dried seedpods which he proceeded to crunch between his palms before dropping the remnants in.
    Finally, and quite unexpectedly, he took a fresh green lime from a pocket deep in his rags, cut it in half, then quartered it, juicing three of the quarters into the pot, and, saving the last for himself, biting into it with black and gappy teeth he turned and gave us a cheeky grin, the green lime skin between his lips giving him a comical “lime smile”.
    This was some witch doctor….

    By matty URL on 08.08.2012

  17. Substances. We have them everywhere. We perceive them differently. I think we just need a reality check. Then we’d finally agree on SOMETHING.

    By Aurora on 08.08.2012

  18. what are the substances in life that really matter. the drugs that make us high as the clouds and make everything below us look so small. or is the things that keep us grounded. the family and friends who remind that we are part of this fucked up world and as chaotic as it is, we should be pretty damned happy to be a part of it.

    By fanny on 08.08.2012

  19. There are many different kinds of substances in the world. I don’t know how I happened to stumble across this one, but somehow it became my responsibility. I know this substance – whatever it may be called- in the right hands, has the power to change the world.

    By Alexis Haley J. on 08.08.2012

  20. fluids are substances, mixes of something you don’t really know anything about
    it feels quite awkward and unsincere to deal

    By ML on 08.08.2012

  21. I only know one thing for sure: this substance is dangerous. I don;t know what it does, or how it came to be in my possession. I do believe that it was meant for me, and only me. I cannot let this fall into somebody else’s hands. I can trust no one. There was a note; it was left by this surreptitious jar of black powder. The note read: “Charles, I had to notify you as quickly as possible! I have not much time to spare! Please, take my last of Draught of Death, this is all I have left. I have sent it to you for you are the only man I can trust. They King’s guards are coming soon, surely to execute me. You must protect this Charles! – A.R.B” I haven’t the slightest clue who A.R.B. is. My grandfather was Charles. Was, in the past tense. He died just this morning as he handed me this jar. His last words, “You know what to do…” And to be honest, I do not. I do not want to dishonor my grandfather. I have this sensation, this premonition, this sense, that I have to go to the castle. What I do from there, I haven’t any idea! What this “Draught of Death” does, I do not know. What is my mission? We will soon find out. Hopefully.

    By Alexis Haley J. URL on 08.08.2012

  22. Never have I seen so many. There seemed to be thousands, all in one small room. I feel the heat and smell the fumes. I pray to find an opening, space. The only positive thought I have is that it’s all a dream. For 2 days I’ve been waiting and can’t seem to get out. I cant seem to wake up.

    By Raychel bahnick on 08.08.2012

  23. substances. when i think of the word substances i think of bad subtsnaces. like drugs or alcohol. i hate drugs and alcohol. i think they are such a pointless, stupid, ignorant use of time, money and horrible excuse for something to do or an excuse for doing something stupid. everything in life is a choice and if you choose to do that, then i have no sympathy for the consequences following it.

    By TaylorLondagin URL on 08.08.2012

  24. i smoke wired substances

    By brigitte on 08.08.2012

  25. The substances dripped from the ceiling. She didn’t dare ask herself what they actually were, only turned her gaze to the floor where they splashed against the dark tiles. Everything here was dark, roof, floor, walls….she didn’t want to think about why that was either. You could hide a lot in black. She smooth her skirt down against her thighs, for a moment distracted by the soft velvet against her skin.

    By Mairead URL on 08.08.2012

  26. substances, i use substances all of the time. like, on the daily. everybody has to. theres so many different kinds. its remarkable. like, theirs illegal kinds, legal kinds, chemical kinds. so many kinds.

    By via on 08.08.2012

  27. She described the kiss as like the neighboring effect of oil and water, while I imagined it to be like the elevating mercury levels within a fragile thermometer.

    By Jessica Bang URL on 08.08.2012

  28. after all i had been through in my life, this was the crutch that finally sent it spiraling out of control. And the biggest joke of it all, it wasn’t me that was suffering from it; abusing it for all its worth. No; it was my own daughter – now being lowered into the ground, lost to me forever

    By Adam Cassar on 08.08.2012

  29. Used and abused. Illegal or legal, both are more like than not to be used nowadays, sadly. People have become so irresponsible.

    By Imaan on 08.08.2012

  30. substance abuse is a terrible thing. I watched some of my closest friends use, and become addicted to illegal, as well as legal substances. Prescription drugs, although legal, is killing people at a rate comparable to illegal substances, such as cocaine and heroin. Love is also a deadly substance.

    By elle on 08.08.2012

  31. substances everywhere
    they make up the bone and flesh of what we call life
    of course i am a substance
    of whatever my memories make me.
    but are you a substance, oh mr. word?
    mr substances, are you really there?
    a word is a substance, isn’t it?
    i’m not so sure.

    By Brian URL on 08.08.2012

  32. chemical. the make up of a person. be a person of substance. integrity, wholeness, truth, light.

    By mrs. f URL on 08.08.2012

  33. Substance abuse is sad. It ruins peoples lives, and the people who care about them. Its horrible people have to go through that. Dependent on something that ruins them.

    By mm on 08.08.2012

  34. The emptiness wraps and spirals around her. It sucks her down. Sure, there are people present, words spoken and strewn into the mainstream. But their thoughts are meaningless. Marit looks for substance that she can hold, grasp, hug tight against the numbing isolation of depression.

    Finding none, she turns to substances of another sort.

    By Ms. O URL on 08.08.2012

  35. I remember it. I remember it so well. We were stumbling up the stairs, trying to stay quiet while laughing at our failing sneakiness. He was in the bathroom, and we were going to embarrass and scare him. I remember how effortless it felt. That was before she vanished from my side. I tripped up the last two stairs and burst through the door, knowing he would be there for me. But everything was gone, and no one was left standing.

    By Marissa URL on 08.08.2012

  36. substances like alcohol are bad for you. These you should not get addicted to. Be careful when using substances like things you can get addicted to it is really easy to do this but don’t.

    By Destiny on 08.08.2012

  37. Substances are so often thought of as anything illegal and/or bad for you. Personally, when I think of the word “substances,” I’m hit with thoughts of what things are made of, and then, what we are made of. What are each of us made of really?

    By Nick on 08.08.2012

  38. our bodies are made up of different substances. the water we drink is, the air we breathe. everything is a combination of everything else in some tiny capacity. but the true substances that make up a (wo)man are respect, honesty, bravery, and the ability to love.

    By Christina on 08.08.2012

  39. He walked through the hoards of stuff, face crunched in a grimace. He could hardly believe he’d grown up in this place. It was so full now. It looked so different.
    He looked at the staircase longingly, wishing to see his old bedroom but knowing he couldn’t go up there. Not knowing what she’d did when they left her. Not knowing how she died.

    By emma on 08.08.2012

  40. I wake up on the floor once again. I need to stop doing this. It’s been one month since I checked out of rehab. I see the certificate of achievement across the room. It reads “Congratulations Noah” I can make out the second line even more clearly, “For Prevail Over Substances” in gold lettering. Substances echoes through my head, becoming ever more realistic as if someone were gently whispering into my ear about the mistakes I’d made over the past 2 years.

    By NJimmy URL on 08.08.2012