May 26th, 2012 | 308 Entries

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308 Entries for “stunt”

  1. ‘[What kind of stunt do you call that?” shrieked my mother. Standing on the top step, arms akimbo, a lurid picture of canary yellow, purple and orange, she was livid. I slunk backwards until I could feel the rough bark of the pine tree in the corner of the backyard. I wished the spaceship of my dreams would spirit me away into infinity so that I wouldn’t have to deal with this. She was really scary the first coffee of the day and I had started early. I couldn’t see a way out of this dilemma.

    By songbird.liz URL on 05.27.2012

  2. stunts are cool. i used to want to be a stunt artist but in the end I realised Im’ actally too much of a chicken to be even a little bit good at stunts. Once at a funeral I tried to jump of a tree to immitate a film but ended up wripping my stomach open

    By jonzo bonzo on 05.27.2012

  3. stunts are cool. I wish I could actually do them……

    By jonzo bonzo on 05.27.2012

  4. sometimes this is all it really feels like–you are masquerading as some poor invisible version of yourself and its only an appearance that fosters this stunt of confusion. it is all an incredible but purposeful act that somehow sustains the universe inside of you

    By Jess on 05.27.2012

  5. Everybody does stunts even when people don’t notice it. The exaggerated ones are publicized in movies while the simplest ones happen at houses. We do stunts everyday, we just ignore it.

    By Josef de Mesa on 05.27.2012

  6. Many live for them. Many die for them. Take a step back and remember why you are here. Appreciate don’t abuse.

    By Kate on 05.27.2012

  7. That must have been the stupidest thing you’ve ever done. How dare you? Honestly – I have stopped wondering what the hell is wrong with you a long time ago. But how could you?
    It hurts, you know. You hurt me. Happy now? Are you proud of what you accomplished?

    By gadifere on 05.27.2012

  8. I tried a stunt once. Turns out that I ended up in the hospital. I hate skateboarding and punitive stuff like that. That’s my opinion.

    By Cory on 05.27.2012

  9. I hate stunts. I tried one, andvit turns out I ended up in the hospital. I like those basketball stunts on youtube. Those are pretty cool.

    By Cory URL on 05.27.2012

  10. I took a deep breath, bracing myself for what I was about to do. My mind had no intention of actually doing it but oh well, my body seemed to think differently.
    “You ready?” the instructor asked, I just nodded stiffly
    “Okay then three, two, one” I turned off my mind and let my body take control as I leapt from the edge.

    By Lucy URL on 05.27.2012

  11. well, i like to try and pull stunts, not bad ones good ones, like skinny dipping or motor biking or bmxing they are really quite fun and exhilarating! do you know what i mean i mean everyone loves an adrenaline rush every now and again ! :P

    By Cleo URL on 05.27.2012

  12. Well i got the same word as before :( you would expect it to be different right? well that is just disappointing, i wonder if i try again i will get a different word to write about. i like letting my fingers do the thinking not my brain. the words flow better :)

    By Cleo URL on 05.27.2012

  13. for people who really just think – i am seriously cool because i can double back 360 flip over ten thousand cars in a onesie suit and not even get a scratch. one word that everyone wishes they could be capable of doing.

    By Zara on 05.27.2012

  14. I pulled a few in my time, cunning ones, less cunning ones. They are good to watch unfold. That is all

    By damian on 05.27.2012

  15. The stunt I pulled this week was fantastic. I told him I liked him and got what I wanted. It couldn’t have been a more perfect night. I even kicked his but at magic. It was wonderful!

    By Nathan Bellamy URL on 05.27.2012

  16. It was with ease and grace. The more a scholar or even student sought, and defined, and understood, the more they realized the intricacies of the stunt they’d seen.

    By natty URL on 05.27.2012

  17. Stunts seem stupid to me. Maybe I’m just too scared, but it’s too risky. Besides, I don’t think a dozen broken bones are worth it. Well, on the bright side, it’ll be a great story someday.

    By angbeen on 05.27.2012

  18. “What were you thinking?”
    He said nothing, just looked down and examined his shoelaces.
    “You could have been killed!”
    He still didn’t reply, now gazing intently at the dust patterns surrounding his feet.

    By Sarah URL on 05.27.2012

  19. Beautiful place far from civilisation, fresh, colorful, peaceful and perfect as well. You can breath pure air and take long bathing with your friends.

    By Ranya on 05.27.2012

  20. Jumping off bridges, jumping off cars, jumping off explosions. Be a daredevil, be a risk taker. Jackie Chan doesn’t have a stunt double cause he’s the man. yeah!

    By woah URL on 05.27.2012

  21. It was a sunny afternoon and Dave and his friends were bored. Suddenly they had an idea. Truth or Dare. Dave was dared to jump off a waterfall. He did. He died.

    By Kimberley on 05.27.2012

  22. I can’t belive she pulled a stunt like that again. I forgave her the first time, and then she did it all again. I guess it’s true what they say, I have to be more selective about the people I surrond myself with, she’s an energy stealer and I don’t have the energy to give.

    By acl URL on 05.27.2012

  23. The stunt man is a fearless beast; constantly risking his life and libs for the pursue of art and maybe science. he, or she is an amazing animal, dedicated to making others happy with their art.

    By Dru URL on 05.27.2012

  24. stunt

    By Ellie on 05.27.2012

  25. Stunts are a display of awesomeness. I mean, people get paid to do flips, dive of cliffs whilst looking really cool. It shows flexibility and strength. Stunts look awesome and it would be cool if I could do them.

    By Ellie on 05.27.2012

  26. something that only very trained people can do, although it can also be something people try to pull. wise guy kinds of people i might add, WHAT A STUNT, they say, the kinds of pricks you left high school to get away from. stunt could also mean what happens when you don’t really grow that much, you know, stunted growth. I never was stunted I grew quite quickly so I didn’t really have that problem. :)

    By Zoe on 05.27.2012

  27. Leap off a burning building, catapulting into a deep pool, swimming, pulling hard, swimming deeper and deeper, it gets dark and you pull yourself down. Something brushes your leg. You recoil in horror, flinching from that invisible touch that always unnerves you when you stand in the surf. But there it’s only seaweed. Here it’s something much worse.

    By William URL on 05.27.2012

  28. I’ve already done this one. Don’t pull this stunt on me mister.

    By Zoe on 05.27.2012

  29. there was a stunt so complex that the man had no choice but to pull out. It was like nothing anyone had ever dared to do.

    By Whole on 05.27.2012

  30. It wasn’t okay to pull that stunt. Not so soon after Mrs McAnna returned from her ‘holiday’ blinking just a bit too quickly. But the kids still waited eagerly with that busting-for-the-toilet excitement to see her face when the icing sugar covered her her new Channel bag, crystal pink glasses and picture-perfect hair.

    By isobel on 05.27.2012

  31. What a twisted messed up little game. What a stunt Jon is pulling. He’s smart when he wants to be, smarter than Ryan gives him credit for and more evil than he probably wants to believe. But he knows how to worm his way down into Ryan’s soul. And he’s sitting on top of Ryan, pressing him down into the mattress. Jon smirks and shifts and Ryan thinks ‘What a crock of bullshit this is.’

    By Cassie URL on 05.27.2012

  32. the greatest stunt of all was done by alexander the fantastic i love him and so does the world some people think he is to dangerous.

    By selina on 05.27.2012

  33. I wish I had a stunt double to perform the mundane tasks of daily life. There are many things that I have to do every day that I wish I didn’t have to do. If I had a stunt double, he or she could live the boring side of my life while I seek out adventure, fun, and excitement.

    By allison URL on 05.27.2012

  34. Some people say stunts are dangerous epescially the stunt done by mysterio i love him and so does my family he did this stunt called the fire work i love it.

    By selina on 05.27.2012

  35. As he lay there, seemingly oblivious, he remembered something peculiar. How strange that it came to his mind that moment it was as if this stunt had reminded him of what’s really important. No, it defintiely important, that was clear but why now?

    By Mieneke on 05.27.2012

  36. something that is performed by somebody. it could be dangerous or even just a regular move of such. great stunts for great people. go and do a stunt of your own it can be fun or funny. your mother would say dont pull that stunt again!

    By Lisa-Marie on 05.27.2012

  37. I think the song, stunting like my daddy, came to mind as soon as I read this. But it also has to do with bravery and taking the risk to do something unexpected. I think it also shows one’s ability to do something exciting and brave.

    By bb13 URL on 05.27.2012

  38. When I was little I wanted to be a stunt person. They get to star in the film but without all the boring talking parts! They may not get recognition as much, but they get to say things like “Hey, have you ever jumped out a flaming car as it flew over 50ft canyon?”

    By Katie on 05.27.2012

  39. it wasn’t like her to do something this dangerous, but this stunt had been calling her name since the moment it crossed Andrew’s lips. As she picked up kit and prepared to set off she looked up at the building in her wake.

    By Sara URL on 05.27.2012

  40. a thing that you do to impress people or something crazy. like to pull of a stunt is so cool. it could be anything, passing a test, doing a crazy trick on your bike, anything. something that people want to do. stunt doubles are people who do crazy tricks for actors to avoid danger.

    By Shannon Sartain on 05.27.2012