May 26th, 2012 | 308 Entries

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308 Entries for “stunt”

  1. My mom likes to ask what we think about the stunt we just pulled. All I can ever think is that it seemed like a good idea at the time and if something seems like a good idea, we should act on it. So I think it would be accurate to say I could be a stunt man. Because I pulled lots of stunts in my youth, so why not now?

    By Brea on 05.26.2012

  2. I pull these stunts all the time, stunts for attention, so people will look at me and listen. I cut my skin, drink, smoke, I do crazy things to make people worry, to make them pay attentions. Stunts are the only things I know that can keep it all together, they are the only things that make people really look at me.

    By Casey on 05.26.2012

  3. I never liked roughhousing. The other toddlers would be playing in the sand, but not I. I didn’t like the feeling of sand in my sandals.

    By Ned William on 05.26.2012

  4. stunts are really awesome, especially when you’re jumping over things, but maybe stunt takes on a different meaning to everyone. like a gymnast, a stunt may be something you have to work up to and to someone who does parkour, a stunt is something that you figure out and put into perspective of someone who can’t do that. Either way, to both it would seem kind of amazing, right?

    By Julia URL on 05.26.2012

  5. It was a great day at the top of a five story buliding, i had prepared a big scene for my new tv show. but i had no idea that this was what i was signing in for. Let me see the day of light again, not now but let it be great. please.

    By Ellak' on 05.26.2012

  6. I guess I could pull one.. I could just grab him, two days until lift off, grip him by the wrist and push him up against the wall and kiss him like I meant it.

    But that would be inappropriate. I cannot smash through walls like that. Yet.

    By Lily Sche on 05.26.2012

  7. He pulled a stunt one day. That was the first and last stunt he ever did. That was the last thing he ever did. Don’t reenact Joan of Arc.

    By Maddie on 05.26.2012

  8. Flame blazed everywhere and thick plumes of black smoke clogged every breath I attempted to take. The building that had once stood before me fell to pieces in less than a second. I wasn’t sure what exactly had happened, or what kind of stunt the Wizard had pulled to make this catastrophe happen, but I was pretty sure I didn’t want to be here when the cops showed up.

    By Emily URL on 05.26.2012

  9. Stunt… Something I will never do. Someone I will never be. Ive never thought to use this word in any thing ive written. I’m young this word should be me, my life, my friends. This word is something so small and means so much. I need more of this if I’m ever going to write or even live. I will not live a boring life.

    By Lucy W URL on 05.26.2012

  10. The stunt double jumped into the air and through the ring of fire as he fell through the tank he was being circled by sharks. Well plastic shark fins. And the director yelled cut.

    By Melanie on 05.26.2012

  11. i performed a stunt once, it wasn’t very good but i tried my hardest. you see i was running as fast as i could and i had to jump over a car. i was a stunt double so of course i was a bad ass. i sprinted and jumped over the car and cut a double front flip. i am known as one of the best stunt performers now.

    By Megan on 05.26.2012

  12. i played a trick on my cat to run into the window and she fell off the shelf. she was very catty that i played this trick and she felt too cheated by her owner. The cat wishes she could run through the window but instead it was closed. It was a stupid

    By Danielle on 05.26.2012

  13. “If you think you are going to get away with this little stunt, you are dead wrong,” I was breathing hard, anger and rage fueling my emotions, spilling into my muscles and running up and down my nerves.

    I hated her. And she knew it. She wanted me to strike out, to attack. Then she would have an excuse to fight me and it would be no one’s fault but my own.

    By river URL on 05.26.2012

  14. falling from the sky without a rope with a champagne filled flute in one hand, flipping without it emptying into the night sky. Landing flawlessly onto the ground sipping from the cup. Without hesitation you drop the glass and head into a full sprint doing a double backhand spring onto a trampoline bouncing in the air.

    By Sterlee on 05.26.2012

  15. A stunt person, is someone who obviously feeds off of danger. They do crazy stunts to impress people, maybe even that one special girl or boy. They don’t think, they just act in their crazy rush of adrenaline, and do whatever comes in their way.

    By Erin321 URL on 05.26.2012

  16. Broken tables splintered the the smooth surface of the marble floor. We tried to get on with our drinking, but after the magician’s stunt it was very difficult. We couldn’t wiggle our noses, tails, ears and drink at the same time. Besides have you ever tried to hold a glass in a paw?

    By Flyderkov URL on 05.26.2012

  17. It was quite the plan. Staging my death in order to leave this life of monotony I convinced myself I wanted. My friends would help me. I’d never called them that. That is until they noticed how unhappy I was, living like “the dream” while never fully awake. I’d just thought them faithful companions. Like dogs I’d fed once, just waiting for their next treat. Guess I underestimated how similar we were.

    By Ruben URL on 05.26.2012

  18. I didn’t know what to think after she left. One minute she was there, the next; gone. It was as if she was part of a magician’s stunt, except it was not to entertain or please. It was not a feat to leave me laughing in surprise.

    By Lily on 05.26.2012

  19. we all do stunts in life. some are crazy, some are really crazy, while some are just plain stupid. whatever these stunts maybe, one things is for sure. we do them because they are absolutely necessary and we do them because we have something we should live for.

    By Erlan Patrick T. mendoza on 05.26.2012

  20. The moment when you realize that falling down the stairs or even driving a car through a window pane is all done by someone to impress us as an audience. The word stunt fills one with disbelief and awe. It is the ability to take the impossible and bring it to life on the silver screen. Captivating.

    By Zach on 05.26.2012

  21. to perform a heroic act

    By anki on 05.26.2012

  22. I couldn’t walk for weeks after I laid down the bike the first time. That never stopped me from pushing the limits. I would try anything… Stand on the seat? DONE… Pull wheelies? done… Then one night we tried to play chicken with the back of a truck, and lost. The amount of pain was nothing compared to the terror, the sheer panic I felt as the bike slid in. seventy miles per hour isn’t a good speed at which to meet a tailgate.

    By Herb on 05.26.2012

  23. Her growth was stunted. She drank enough coffee every morning to realize that coffee was never the way to go. She realized it as her head barely reached th mirror. She realized it as her arms just nearly reached the coffee mugs and stirrers she so greatly desired. It was unfotunate for her.

    By Ariel on 05.26.2012

  24. That little bitch pulled another one of her stunts. She thinks that we don’t know. She isn’t very bright. They all love her though. Mom will forgive her. Even I will. That’s what she does. What we do.

    By Dan on 05.26.2012

  25. Stunt doubles never really look like the actors have you noticed that? They’re always different, slightly different than the actual actor. Why cant the actors just do their own stunts? Weak. They should be in an action movie if they cant do action. Common sense people. Common sense.

    By Noah URL on 05.26.2012

  26. It was a stunt to get her attention. He knew it was stupid, beyond ridiculous and beyond dangerous, but he just didn’t care. He stuck on his helmet and made for the jump. He patted his motorcycle for good luck. “Here it goes”.

    By Ariel URL on 05.26.2012

  27. Nothing can compare to the horrifyingly beautiful stunt which is taking the next step to finding your love. Or saying that you hate someone. The real stunt is honesty.

    By Lexi on 05.26.2012

  28. people do stunts everyday, big and small. whether it be for tv or just for fun, everyone likes the adrenaline rush of doing something crazy. it releases energies in people that one would call a natural high.

    By brittany nicole URL on 05.26.2012

  29. When I was 12 I told my mother I wanted to be stunt double for the Circus that had just come in to town. It was the greatest act in the world, and had traveled the whole world. In the backyard I tried balancing on a small rope that I had found in the stream next door and put both my feet on the small rope, which was tied between two trees and over a little creek which was beginning to dry out. It felt like I was flying, so high that I felt like I couldn’t breath–and that’s how I became the stunt double at William Rudo’s Amazing Fantastic Circus Show in the World!

    By Kaity on 05.26.2012

  30. a stunt is something stupid that you do just for the sake of proving that you can do it. It’s “Jackass the Movie” without the paycheck. It’s knowing that you can do the impossible, and survive to tell about it. Stunts should always be video taped, for evidence in 20 years when someone looks at you and says “I can’t believe you did that”

    By Jenni on 05.26.2012

  31. What a stunt!
    to my surprise it was just you.
    Oh! You achieved that stunt again!
    Stop doing that to me because you know how much adrenaline rushes
    throughout my body every time you use
    that tool of yours….
    Whatever you do
    don’t touch me there.

    By TheAmoretto URL on 05.26.2012

  32. He ran with out a care, this stunt would be one for the record books, but how sane could it be? The distance between the two building was frightening. But he could feel it, and he knew he could make it.

    By Rob on 05.26.2012

  33. The word ‘stunt’ immediately brings to mind the tale of one Tony Hawk. During a turbulent time in his life, both on wheels and off, he worked tirelessly, constantly injuring himself and alienating his family and friends, to pull off the stunt of the decade: The 720 degree turn. He succeeded.

    By Rob URL on 05.26.2012

  34. We could’ve grown forever. Touching the sky with our poisonous intent. But he wanted me to be his and everyone knows the only way to submit to another is to stunt your growth. So now I watch the sky grow away from me, turn away and laugh. It wasn’t worth it. But what made me think it would be??

    By Trey URL on 05.26.2012

  35. If he pulls that stupid stunt one more time, I have every right to take his face off, turn it inside out, and stick it back on so that when he walks into bars looking for some young fucking pussy, they’ll see what sort of person he really is: one ugly mother fucker with a scary ass wife.

    By Astrid URL on 05.26.2012

  36. it was the stunt i had been waiting for my entire life, and now here standing on the edge of the tallest building in new york, for some obsure reason, it didn’t feel as real or meaningful as i thought it would. who would have thought the last stunt of my meaningless career in the business would feel so.. fake. i have planned it over thousands of times in my head, all it came down too was taking the leap. they all were waiting for it, whether they knew it was coming or not, they were waiting. and the funniest part of it all was the morsal of a paycheck i would recieve at the end. i mean i have been paid shit. if anyone could know the pennys iv’e scwandered up from breaking arms, and bruises it would be god alone; and the asain landlord that ruled the kingdom that was the 25th street glendale apartments where i spent my nights and weekends of course. he knew. but this, this job was one i wasn’t hired for. it was a stunt i’d planned myself. the only script i read was the one written to a carmel haired slut in some two piece swimsuit who at this time was most likely in the back of a limozeen getting her next paycheck in the form of cocain, but at least it was top dollar. thats really all that mattered these days right? top dollar? and if i’d say so myself this letter or script i guess was very poorly written. i mean the grammatical errors steamed for miles, and the prose and flow of the whole thing well it was more like something you’d find in a four year old syfi magizine in some third party hospital waiting room while you waited for your prozac and xanex to be filled, thats what they’d say i guess but who am i to judge. i’m the one buying my time talking to myself again procrastinating something i’d planned for months. this stunt, This Stunt that will be my last. all i can hope is for good reviews from the nypd and their correneers office. time of death 1:34 am, just another jumper.

    By mach URL on 05.26.2012

  37. Stunting has never been healthy for anyone., let alone Jackie Chan and his backflips from top of the roof to the other building, but its fun to watch knowing even if things go wrong its not you it

    By Kalpesh Rajdeo on 05.27.2012

  38. His abnormal growth had become apparent. He was a stunt of a man now, all because of one bad wish. You should never trust the words of a magic man. They always backfire.

    By LimeGrenade URL on 05.27.2012

  39. He was a tall and clumsy boy. His belt held up pants that were too big, always missing at least one loop hole. He dreamed of being a stunt man.

    By Lisa on 05.27.2012

  40. Without knowing where to go, she went the only possible way she could. Down. It was a long way, but only by pulling this stunt could she make it home alive. She heard their steps getting closer, and without thinking, she jumped.

    By Meia Lua URL on 05.27.2012