May 26th, 2012 | 308 Entries

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308 Entries for “stunt”

  1. So stunts are just things that you see in movies like with stunt performers and stuff because actors can’t really do massive fight scenes cause they might hurt themselves but there are actors that like to do their own stunts like Jim Carrey in Yes Man!

    By Lois on 05.27.2012

  2. is something that i dont have to do for a living. i wanna make money doing it but how can i ?
    with what kind of degree? oh well i really have no idea what i can talk or write about this.

    By Leonardo on 05.27.2012

  3. stunts like these, come and go. i can never do such a thing, unless im in a care free mood. or if im getting alot of money.

    By leonituzz44 URL on 05.27.2012

  4. don’t ever pull a daredevil stunt unless you are a perfeshinal. On tv, i know how some of those shows like Myth busters etc. have intristing things they do,but i assure you,it’s all apart of their job. In conclusion, don’t pull dangerous stunts at home.

    By Nim Island on 05.27.2012

  5. “Jack! How could you scare me like that?!” I scream as tears roll down my face. Jack had performed an extremely dangerous stunt just to catch my attention. I run over to him and pick him up from the floor, gently placing his head on my head. Blood spurted out from the wounds on his head and arms and his eyelids fluttered.

    “Jack..? Can you hear me? Don’t leave me…” I managed to sputter as I choke on my tears.

    Jack’s eyelids finally closed, and agony and pain built up inside me as I rested my head on his chest, not knowing how to move on.

    Jack’s eyes suddenly flitted open. He turned to me and just managed to say, “I guess it paid off afterall… You’re finally smiling.”

    By Ollile on 05.27.2012

  6. it wasnt even about the money any more sarah thought, it was simply about the thrill- the price of health insurance these days made sure of it that there should be no other reason anyway. she felt the asphalt underneath her twist and squirm as if she heated it us to a million degrees with the force of burning rubber tires and a passion to run.

    By char on 05.27.2012

  7. She jumped over the fence and ran to him. They both knew that it was over. He rolled on the floor with her hands in his hair. They held each other. She wanted to stop running, but she had to leave him.

    By Chloe on 05.27.2012

  8. stunts are cool and look awesome like the ones where people drive through fires but that is only in movies real stunts are even better once a plane crashed in my back yard it was like a stunt but not really because it was an acident but it was still cooll no one was hurt or anything but it made my day interesting

    By jerry on 05.27.2012

  9. A depression-era traveling salesman, sent back in time, could mesmerize whole tribes of cavemen. Imagine prehistory: someone opening a can of tuna fish with a no-nonsense can opener would be a miracle of miracles, and mayonnaise would be as terrifying and wonderful as a lunar eclipse.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 05.27.2012

  10. stunts are physical acts. they are performed by actors on movies or by professional stuntsmen stunt can be very dangerous as a lot of injuries have been reported by performing stunts. stunts need special training to be performed to prevent injuries

    By mahrukh on 05.27.2012

  11. “How dare you?!” He hissed, ramming her into the nearest wall. “What were you thinking, pulling a stunt like that.” She twisted her head to avoid eye contact as his breath hit her skin.

    By RedQueen on 05.27.2012

  12. It was never intended to be anything serious, Kale told himself as he watched Tali brace herself at the beginning of the tree branch that spanned over the raging river. No one had thought that Tali, who was only eight years old for Adiyon’s sake, would take the challenge seriously.

    By terradi on 05.27.2012

  13. tricks circus acrobatics trapeze funambulist love thrills dangerous don’t try this at home kids professional

    By koalasox URL on 05.27.2012

  14. They said my growth was stunted due to my thyroid disorder. Nobody really likes to talk about my height a lot, even though it isn’t that unusual; sure, at seventeen I should have grown past 5’2″, especially since that was my height when I was thirteen. But I don’t mind. Hugs are so much more comforting when you’re almost always the smaller person; it’s like being completely enveloped in warmth.

    By Maya URL on 05.27.2012

  15. “What made you pull a stunt like that?” The headmistress shouted at me.
    I didn’t know, i was bored. I doubt she’d like that answer though. “I’m sorry miss.”
    Again, i wasn’t, i did what i wanted to do and she wasn’t going to change that.

    By mee123 on 05.27.2012

  16. something someone does for fun, or to show off, sometimes dangerous. usually used to say something about a circus or show.

    By molliee on 05.27.2012

  17. You’re pulling your stunts again.
    Remember the people came to pick up the furniture.
    Turns out they were from the Russian circus and asked me for apples and oranges which they proceeded to wildly juggle right there in front of our house as thanks for giving them furniture for their new home.

    By Robin on 05.27.2012

  18. stunt it’s a thing where you can die. i think people who do stunts are so stupid. i mean you can kill yourself, why would you even try and attempt that!!especally people who do it in movies, like what the hell, do you even get paid that much? you’re risking your life.
    I know someone who pulled a stunt.
    they died.
    it’s over for them

    By Victoria URL on 05.27.2012

  19. That was quite a stunt you pulled, huh? Not like it surprises me. It’s simply the kind of person that you are. You can’t help it. Your whole life has been full of these so called stunts. All they do is hurt people, you know? Hurt YOU. When will you stop pulling these stunts?

    By Surabhi Menon URL on 05.27.2012

  20. That was quite a stunt you pulled, huh? Not like it surprises me. It’s simply the kind of person that you are. You can’t help it. Your whole life has been full of these so called stunts. All they do is hurt people, you know? Hurt YOU. When will you stop? They won’t make you a better person.

    By surbss URL on 05.27.2012

  21. Stunted growth. Not physically. The mind. The mind is stunted by teachers and doctors, professionals, the ones whop say they know what they’re doing. Stand up, be free. Let your mind grow.

    By Laura URL on 05.27.2012

  22. The stunt was a dangerous one, but he knew that if he didn’t perform it expertly, his career would never progress past the simple falls he had been performing thus far. So, he strapped on the gear with trembling hands, and stepped over to his position near the end of the rocky cliff. The actors started saying their lines, and he prepared himself to charge at the ‘protagonist’ when his cue came.

    By Briaka on 05.27.2012

  23. I watched her atop the ladder, smiling despite the wobbling beneath her. She was scared, terrified, I knew, but the roars of the audience egged her on. When I though she would turn to climb back down to the safety of the ground, she jumped. I stood as she fell, bewildered any praying she would live.

    By Hayley J on 05.27.2012

  24. i dont know what is it and what i must to wrote. i am stupid.

    By ciko on 05.27.2012

  25. An act that someone does for someone else, it is not true, for someone is afraid to do so himself. For the stunt itself in dangerous, the fearful man will make others do it so he wont have to get hurt himself. Living dangerously is below others, while for the ones that are not above the rush of a good time, live for the power of danger and wildness.

    By Evie on 05.27.2012

  26. My little brother would love to be a stunt man, he loves to admire their courage and what they get to do in their daily jobs, i.e. represent stars in movies. This is his primary aim in life, he would love to reach this by attending a specific stunt school in California later on.

    By tas on 05.27.2012

  27. What a marvelous stunt that was! He pulled it off with such ease, and flawlessly at that. No wonder he’s such a master of his trade, his skill and charisma are quite unmatched.

    By The Hulk on 05.27.2012

  28. The stunt double raised the prop gun, aimed at the green screen and pulled the trigger. BRAP! The gun barked and kicked back against his shoulder. The stunt woman cried out and stumbled into the wall, tearing through the flimsy construction.

    By O'Brian URL on 05.27.2012

  29. i should do more stunts. I need to be in better shape to do those. This will help me live life not just exist. what is the point of existing
    what is the point of living
    we live
    we do stupid shit
    then we die

    By Ramiro on 05.27.2012

  30. Stunt. To be stunted in height, that is a dream. I wonder what it would feel like. If it becomes a defining feature of who you are.

    By that bloke on 05.27.2012

  31. I once had to do a stunt. The stunt was insane. My friends begged and pleaded for me to get enough guts to try and accomplish this. It was my biggest fears, no one understood. BUT IT WAS LOVE.

    By Brandon on 05.27.2012

  32. Stunt….one man’s idea of a prank became another man’s nightmare. He thought he was being funny by coming up behind him and wrapping his hand around his friends neck. But the friend was caught so off gaurd that he spun around and shoved the pencil he was holding into the man’s eye.

    By Melissa Wright on 05.27.2012

  33. i had done it. i had landed the stunt. my career seemed to have been leading up too this moment… and now i had done it. but what now? i found myself asking. it was weird, i didn’t feel like i thought i would, i didn’t feel inexplicably happy i felt, somehow anxious.

    By mikaela m URL on 05.27.2012

  34. i like seeing stunts. i would actually love perfoming them. but the problem is i am not much of an athletic person. i am all weak and skinny. but to watch them simply amuses me.,my brother does a lot of them. with bikes…snakes….and other stuffs which mostly he and his frnds know. stunts show it like you r the dare devil guy.

    By Sadiya on 05.27.2012

  35. All of a sudden a guy runs and jumps off a four story building… He happens to land in a trash can full of cardboard boxes. He’s safe. The guy chasing him didn’t end up so lucky.

    By Denyse on 05.27.2012

  36. The man walked closer to the platform. He was ready to perform his feat. Sixty feet above the ground, he intook a breath and prepared to jump.

    By Kalie Knecht on 05.27.2012

  37. stunts, like cunning stunts? and stunning cunts? spoonerism is a very cool literary device, one that can make the most drab of expressions funny. but thing is, you can’t really use it in lucid writing, as a reader would generally tend to skip it.

    By ajinkya on 05.27.2012

  38. The mountain biker pulse was quickening. With every rotation of his mud caked wheels the tempo of his heart increased. It was the biggest stunt he’d ever attempted; a bead of sweat trickled down his forehead as he approached the jump, it’s now or never he thought.

    By Anna Lee Jones on 05.27.2012

  39. stunt doubles are everyday people who defy the impossible in the guise of other people. Though stunt doubles get credited for their work. There are people in this world who do amazing impossible things and don’t even get a thank you.So, next time try to think of the unspoken “stunt doubles” when you watch Hugh Jackman “jump off a roof” or Angelina Jolie “shoot up a mall”.

    By Morgan on 05.27.2012

  40. Stunt. Jumping. Gravity defying. Dare devil. Risk. Danger. Adrenaline. Quickening heart beat. Excitement. Defiance. Stunt.

    By Anna Lee Jones on 05.27.2012