July 18th, 2012 | 329 Entries

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329 Entries for “stretcher”

  1. A large object and it is used to take people into an ambulance. It is also used in hospitals. Max russo from wizards of waverly place had a “pet gourney, which is the same as a stretcher. i have never been on one. i never want to be on one. this is a 9 letter word. it has 2 syllables. stretcher is a word i knew in preschool. a kid from my school was on one once. he broke a leg at recess, chasing me. i dont wanna ever ever ever ever go on one.they are cool to look at though.They are usually white, or black and yellow. they have straps and sometimes wheels.

    By Emma on 07.18.2012

  2. In my unique line of work I’ve seen the time go by through the increment of wrinkles on peoples skin, through the disappearance of regulars, and sometimes by watching body’s on stretchers carried pass me.

    By Simone URL on 07.18.2012

  3. stretcher. hospitals. injury. DEATH, even. Sorry, I’m writing this after just having watched the end of Death Note. There’s a lot of death, as the title implies, but it’s super entertaining. anyway, I’ve never been on a stretcher before. I was in a wheel chair once when I was at a hospital after having broken my ankle.

    By Scott D on 07.18.2012

  4. The stretcher was filled with an ominous looking collection of arms, legs, blood, blood and more blood. Where were they taking him? Was it her? What on earth had reduced a person to such a shredded state? Was it possible to reassemble such a mess?

    By Chuck Bertram on 07.18.2012

  5. FEAR, failure, death, heartbrake, sadness. These are all words that describe the emotional connotation of stretcher. Rarely does one think of a stretcher and go, “hey, I love those things! They are always associated with happy thoughts.” Stretchers are the source of life restoration for those who are fortunate enough, but not for those who have had the worst day they’ve experienced in a while.

    By Bracken on 07.18.2012

  6. my sister has really bad epilepsy and she used to had to go to the hospital every time she had a seizure. but a couple years a ago she had brain surgery and now we have to inject her with this fluid to make it stop. and when it doesnt, she goes out on a stretcher….

    By Libby URL on 07.18.2012

  7. A stretcher. An ambulance. There is an ambulance, a person on the stretcher. Being pulled out of a building. A buildling. Flames. There are flames, consuming the building. It’s dark, but the flames illuminate the night. Screams. People screaming all around me. Around me, around you.
    But one person. One person is not screaming. Because, they are on a stretcher. The pale stretcher moving towards the ambulance. A white cloth draped over them.

    By Nata on 07.18.2012

  8. She was hit by the car. It came out of now where. What had happened? She was lifted onto the stretcher and taken to the hospital. Even though it was in front of his house he would never know. She planned to keep it that way.

    By Maddie on 07.18.2012

  9. I’ve never seen anyone carried out on a stretcher, though I’ve come close. I remember, once, a while ago, probably two years ago, my mom had a seizure. I heard her hit the floor, and it had sounded like she was laughing, but when I called her name she didn’t reply. I went in the room and there she was, on the floor. I was too afraid to do much of anything but yell for my dad.

    By Anne URL on 07.18.2012

  10. I saw one earlier. A camper. It wasn’t the fault of anyone at the camp, of course… But it was still disconcerting. I had just made Jello with Abby. We were walking back to where we were supposed to be. If we had been nearby, would it have changed? Truth is, I don’t know. I didn’t know her. I don’t know her name. In art, we’ll be making her a card tomorrow. I hope she’s alright. Silly of me, since both her wrists are broken. She fell off a jungle gym. It will be a fun story when she’s old.

    By Helena on 07.18.2012

  11. The paramedics put the poor mangled cat onto the small stretcher as the little boy struggled to cope with the loss of his best pal. The one and only soul who understood him. Why his cat? Why?

    By Zoe on 07.18.2012

  12. He looked into her eyes. Those were the only things that showed any part of life. As she lay on the stretcher, he couldn’t recognize her as his sister. What had he done? This was not the time for pity, it was the time for help.

    By Bob on 07.18.2012

  13. stretcher and his kinn, hob-nob at the grill. Ferill.

    By Emit Time on 07.18.2012

  14. I’d like to have a stretcher, a big ole stretcher to get my muscles all pliable and loosy-goosy.

    By marylee on 07.18.2012

  15. Stretcher up the stairs. Stretcher through the front door. Stretcher on the floor. Stretcher white. Stretcher in the kitchen. Stretcher heavy.

    By Kristina on 07.18.2012

  16. The stretcher comes, now I’m scared, they’re going to take him aren’t they? What if he’s not okay? what If I never see him alive again? What if it’s all ends now, what do I do? Who will take care of me? How will I live? Some needs to help me. Someone please. Help me. I don’t think I can do this for much longer if he isn’t around. Maybe I’ll swallow some pills and it’ll all be over, I’ll be with him again, maybe it’ll all be better again.

    By Ariya URL on 07.18.2012

  17. Stretcher. Ah, this word again. This must be the word I need to write about before I make an acount err something. And of course, I mean account. with 2 “c”s! Anyways, I’ll be making one once this time is up! I think this site is so cool! damnit. I have to wait another 60 seconds. i went forward without filling anything out. SHOOOOOOT!!!!! SHOOOOTTT!!!!!! SHOOT! SHOOT! SHOOT! Whoa. What a story! Birds high in hte sky and look at my thighs!

    By leif on 07.18.2012

  18. She sat on the stretcher, legs swinging idly in the air. She was tall for her age, but short for everyone else’s and it showed. Everything about her was in miniature from her bright orange pigtails to her bright pink boots. Everything about her was bright as well, she thrived in the land of neon while others preferred drab purples, blacks, or browns. Life is short, was her motto, so why live colorless? It worked for her.

    By Mairead URL on 07.18.2012

  19. I never want to see someone carried away on a stretcher, a white sheet over their face erasing their identity. If death was that close to me, I don’t know how I could fully grasp the concept that I am alive but in mere seconds I could be the next person carried away on the stretcher.

    By Emma on 07.18.2012

  20. The ambulance had been taking too long to arrive and people were starting to worry. Sam, who had recently overcome his habit of biting his nails, picked back up right away, chewing his nails to the quick. Renee, who was always sensitive, tried not to cry in front of the others. When the ambulance did arrive, and the stretcher was pulled out of it, Julia, the quietest of them all, who kept far in the back, had already determined that it was too late.

    By Sarah URL on 07.18.2012

  21. Stretcher? I don’t know anything about stretchers nor do I have any intention of getting to know more about them… I don’t like blood-work or medication or anything related to being sick really… hospitals are unpleasant. Even the word. HOSPITAL, it just kind of yells out at you like ooooh look at me I’m an ugly word. It’s like it’s set out to being hated. Rainbow, on the other hand is a beautiful word. So is laugh and cat and tap and spark. Oh…. Also, hi mum! I love you :) xox
    –The End–

    By Satvika Iyer on 07.18.2012

  22. Stretcher. this word again. I’ve had to write about this three times! If the next word I have to write about is stretcher, I’m leaving. If not….YES! I’M STOKED TO USE THIS ONEWORD THING! Whoa, times up.

    By leif URL on 07.18.2012

  23. A long movable table/bed that docters and nurses rest injured bodies on to be comfortably transported to the local hospital. Usually carried on to the ambulance first and minerly treated.

    By Eros Kannis on 07.18.2012

  24. I watched as the man was carried off in the stretcher. He had just won the big game. However, he was tackled so hard in the end zone that he was knocked unconcious. Will he ever know of his great victory for his team? Or will he be forever lost, never knowing what a hero he was to all of us?

    By Robyn Kretzschmer on 07.18.2012

  25. She didn’t know exactly what a stretcher bar was for…until he touched her clit. She realized quickly that she couldn’t close her legs or move away. She was at his mercy. His fingers stroked mercilessly while she mewled and cried. Tears gave way to screams as she felt her orgasm build. She decided she liked the stretcher bar.

    By Kayla Lords URL on 07.18.2012

  26. We didn’t have anything to use for a stretcher. Bill vaguely remembered something from his Boy scouts days about making a stretcher out of 2 sticks and 2 coats, but it was not of much use here, as it was summer, and none of us had coats, and no one had anything to cut down the proper-sized sticks with, anyway.

    By Annie on 07.18.2012

  27. 1 a framework of two poles with a long piece of canvas slung between them, used for carrying sick, injured, or dead people.
    that’s the definition of a stretcher. i didn’t write anything because i dindn’t know what it was.

    By pao on 07.18.2012

  28. He was conscious on the stretcher but couldn’t feel anything. His sunglass contacts still tinted the white hallway around him with shadows and darkened the blue nurses’ gowns, so he felt like he was shooting down an underwater tunnel in a glass capsule. At least his contacts hadn’t shatter, he thought, in a brain that seemed severed from his body. He had nightmares about that, about the soccer ball hitting his face and blood engulfing his vision like an eye of Sauron.

    By Holden URL on 07.18.2012

  29. I see a hospital hallway. The stretcher is empty but the family doesn’t know why. They were expecting their family member to be there. Panic begins to fill the air.

    By Belinda on 07.18.2012

  30. My sister was in a movie. In it, she died of an alcohol related accident. They carried my sister away on a stretcher. She died in the hospital. The driver died in his heart. My mom and father got to say goodbye. But none of my sister’s siblings did. I like to pretend I was that stretcher. That I got to hold and comfort my sister during her last hour. But, my sister’s just an actress.

    By andy on 07.18.2012

  31. The stretcher came close as she watched in awe. How could he die so easily.. so simply. She stared until she realized the ambulance already took her sweet prince. What was she to do now that he was gone? Surely she could not continue a life without him. But wait! could she

    By kamy on 07.18.2012

  32. I saw the stretcher first the body second.
    I remember the blank look on his face. I remember the blood on the ground. The EMT’s struggling to revive him.

    By Blair Schwartz on 07.18.2012

  33. I don’t know about you, but death follows me.
    he’s not such a bad soul.
    you don’t have a soul,
    you are a soul.
    what you have is a body-
    i beg you,
    don’t be scared of death.
    he’s just like us.
    he’s just like everyone the human population-
    doing his job,
    doing his rounds,
    trying to earn his keep.
    and feed others.
    and nurture others.
    sometimes even trying to put some out of their misery.
    nothing to be worried about, little one.
    just sit back.
    and let it take it course.
    i promise, little one-
    fear not.
    because i will soon be by your side-
    and we can run together once again,
    without a care in the world.
    my word is my bond.

    By Mi Chiamano Alex URL on 07.18.2012

  34. they carried him out of the door
    and as she watched him go her heart sank…
    she always knew it would end
    but she never imagined it like this.

    By Delilah URL on 07.18.2012

  35. the thing was brought in front of me even though I wanted nothing to do with it. I had seen the body of the man in front of me in my dreams as of late. He had haunted my inner most thoughts for the past two weeks and I was relieved to see him gone from this world. Or so I thought.

    By Justin Damiano on 07.18.2012

  36. the hospital injuries the injured a possible career i want to \help the injured and nurse them back to life i want to help people i want to be a life saver i want to be someones superhero even if its for sixty seconds

    By kasey on 07.18.2012

  37. I poop. I like poop. There is poop in my bathtub because that’s the place I last pooped. If I could poop in one place, just one place, it would be on a mountain with thornberries and many trumpets heralding my return from stretcherland. yay.

    By Rio on 07.18.2012

  38. I went to the hospital on a stretcher and I was blooding every where from the car accident and going thru the wind shield and landing on the wet pavement.

    By Emily on 07.18.2012

  39. I reached for the edge at my feet. Where I realized I was above the ground moving swiftly by the hand of some woman in white. An angel, i thought. And she screamed at me to wake up.

    By Amber on 07.18.2012

  40. As she laid out on the stretcher, I couldn’t help but shake as I gripped her cold hand. Tonight was such a mistake. Staring into her fading eyes, her accusation burns to my core.


    That’s when they took her away. It was the last time we ever spoke.

    By Lisa on 07.18.2012