July 19th, 2012 | 236 Entries

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236 Entries for “patrol”

  1. “Make sure to stop and get some petrol, love”, he reminded me as we got going. A road-trip across the island we’d been planning since the day we met five months ago. I loved the idea of being out of the open road together, windows down so we can be cooled by the warm summer air, singing along to the music, holding hands, being in love.

    By Melanie on 07.20.2012

  2. around the corner you can see them watching. I don’t know about anger, but what I’m feeling is hate. You can’t even point to me and single me out from a crowd. Who gave you the right to blow the back of my head off

    By micheline on 07.20.2012

  3. the policeman patrols the street at night. he doesn’t know what he is looking for, he just knows he has to walk around. Aimlessly? No. But definitely not destinated. He just has his own time limit.

    By Stephanie on 07.20.2012

  4. I use to have safety patrols in school. I remember that it was the best job to have. You wanted to have the job that was on the cross walk. Only fifth grade could be patrols and not everyone got to be one. That is what made it so excitingd

    By Heather on 07.20.2012

  5. They are on a streak out. These four policemen are all on patrol. Looking for this killer-he’s on the loose. No one knows what to do. The whole city is freaking out. Everyone is crying and not knowing what to do. They are having their steak out at this one particular house. The house where one of the policemen killed my best friend in. She was so sad and lonely. The policeman doesn’t know what to do, and he; himself, is going crazy. He doesn’t want the others to find out but the evidence is everywhere. What will he do?

    By Jacqulin on 07.20.2012

  6. Security Protection Duty Protecting Searching Lurking Investigating Interrogating Safety Job

    By Bessie on 07.20.2012

  7. Walking on foot. Looking left and Looking right. Seeing the things that capture my sight. Protecting my community one step at a time. If someone gets out of order its my job to put them in line. My life may be a jeopardy but it is for a good cause. My community can sleep at night without an harmful cause. I am the protector. This is my duty not a job but my duty. I love what I do and I wouldnt change. Patrol is my life and I dont plan on changing.

    By Bessie Mullins on 07.20.2012

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    By fahd on 07.20.2012

  9. I had this word yesterday but I will write about it again today. Writing for the paper causes me to need to be on patrol for stories often. My stories come in from all sources. Once I receive a good tidbit, I go out and research to see if it is newsworthy.

    By Tam on 07.20.2012

  10. Police are patrolling the roads. Oh god, that’s so obvious. I can’t think of anything with the word patrol. I suck. Thank you.

    By Not Orange URL on 07.20.2012

  11. They rode the ridges of the mountainsides, encircled the basin below, peered in shifts their sullen eyes toward the outside lands of never no.

    By mattlock URL on 07.20.2012

  12. TV Patrol was now flashing at my tv screen. A flash news was stated by one of the amazing reporters namely Jessica. It was about the death of the most famous actor, Dolphy. I was so shocked that I bend my knees with frustration.

    By Serenity Kelsey on 07.20.2012

  13. the police patrol the streets like they got something to see. wanting to bust her just for being somebody. they approach her all cool, mam can i see your id? she asks to be left alone,she kinda busy. but they hassle her; they the lapd. and now she’s on the ground, they beating her bloody. toss her over the bank, the body won’t be found. put duct tape on her mouth no one will hear a sound.

    By Elena on 07.20.2012

  14. It is my turn now to roam the dark halls. Looking into the rooms of each of the sleeping children making sure they are safe. Its my turn to partol im the security guard this time, and when my time comes again there will once again be safe sleeping children.

    By Jasper on 07.20.2012

  15. The men were on patrol, searching for the culprit of the haenous crime. They paced the streets, on foot, in car, even a helicopter flew overhead. The streets were dark and quiet, reminding them of the dead. They continued the patrol.

    By olivia on 07.20.2012

  16. The patrol swept the block. There were men on foot, yelling. Men in police cars, sirens blaring. There was even a helicopter, flying low, propellers spinning and stirring up dirt on the dark, cold, empty street below. They were determined to find him before daylight.

    By Olivia on 07.20.2012

  17. He patrol my heart like a slick cat. His sweet smell lingers over my head. His gaze lock on to me. My heart encase with glass is now cracked open.

    By Bluecab on 07.20.2012

  18. controlling surveillance. restriction of freedom to express, restriction in identity. a judging monitoring. a threat. a fear. authority. power. domination.

    By sindhura on 07.20.2012

  19. my dad told me about this time he was in Kenya and had this Nissan Patrol for his stay there. I just remember the appreciation he had for that car. Said “It lives up to it’s size”.

    By Atta on 07.20.2012

  20. The police patrol the streets looking for the suspect. Wandering aimlessly as their hearts pound loudly in their chests. Each thinking a different, but equally horrific thought as to what may be behind each turn. They hear a scream from behind a locked door.

    By chelsea on 07.20.2012

  21. Park Rangers at the lake go on patrol. Patrolling is something that involves watching out for others, and making sure rules are followed. If I was someone that was to patrol, I feel I would do a poor job, because I am not great at enforcing rules. However, some people have personalities that are well suited to patrolling and making sure others follow the rules; it’s just the way some people are made.

    By Bethany on 07.20.2012

  22. police fight authority courage proud heavy boots tough ridged firm justice

    By L on 07.20.2012

  23. I had walked this path for patrol a million and one times. However, it was never quite like it was tonight. I had seen the girl I loved in my youth. I hadn’t seen her for 25 years. Nothing had changed but my feelings got stronger. I’m now walking with a spring in my step and a lightness to my heart.

    By Jess on 07.20.2012

  24. run run flashes of light pushing forward to the scene of a crime. All for justice all for what is right. For the people we stand and fight. So you can have peace and security.

    By L on 07.20.2012

  25. the automobile that polices use to go everywhere and make more security possible, thing that happens in developed countries, because in venezuela we are in progress of making that possible, please may Henrique win this elections so the insecurity would decrease. Thank you.

    By Juan on 07.20.2012

  26. Police patrol. Flashlights looming in the dark crevices of the world, searching for meaning. Searching for the answer. All of the helpless, depending on the flashlights of the patrol, unable to take a stand on their own.

    By Krissy URL on 07.20.2012

  27. They didn’t know what to do; the noise was earsplitting, bloodcurdling. One peered around the corner to patrol the corridor. Nothing but darkness met his eyes.

    By Jam Pope on 07.20.2012

  28. The night watch had begun. I had volunteered to take first patrol. Trying to buy myself at least a little sleep before the troubles that were sure to lie ahead the next day.

    By Jen on 07.20.2012

  29. To patrol is to prowl. Patrol the perimeter, patrol the streets. It involves a ton of walking I can guess, and watching. So walking and watching is the essence of this particular action.

    By Mer on 07.20.2012

  30. I was on patrol at the Wall when the raid started. I had never seen so many men. There were thousands of them, dropping out of the trees, creeping out of the woods, running over the guards at the wall until I was the last one standing…

    By Iam Me on 07.20.2012

  31. car police reeeurrr reeeurrr (sirens) people watch creepy old dogs blue red

    By Taylor Freeman on 07.20.2012

  32. police, cars, sirens (errrre errrrrre), blue, red, flashing, watch, never been on patrol in my life. Just coming up with words that make me think of patrol.

    By Taylor Freeman on 07.20.2012

  33. The officers hesitantly stepped forward in the Stockholm streets.
    “Do you think there is any chance we’ll make it through this?” asked the American one.
    “no” Said the officer of Swedish origin. “Definitely not”. A ghoulish howl echoed through the allleyway.

    By Hannnah on 07.20.2012

  34. Snow patrolers over the ski hill–looking for injuries and rule breakers. Such an important job for someone. Allowing you to ski or board to your heart’s content.

    By Robin on 07.20.2012

  35. patrol means to look after so that everything is kept under controll. Policemen patrol at night to keep situations under controll, to maintain law and order. Sometimes , millitary patroling is also done, so as to keep the situations like emergencies under control

    By Tom Jude Ammanthrurutil on 07.20.2012

  36. Patrol. That reminds me of when I was a patrol in the 5th grade. They made us wear these obnoxiously neon orange belts. All we did was stand around outside while pretending to possess something that resembled authority. What a waste.

    By b on 07.20.2012