July 17th, 2012 | 277 Entries

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277 Entries for “sonar”

  1. The other day I was on a boat and the sonar started to beep. There was an enemy vessel approaching fast from under the water. I began to speed up my boat, but it just kept coming and coming, faster and faster.

    By Tam on 07.18.2012

  2. It was a wave
    He was my wave
    He overcame with frequencies that only twist their ways through dreams
    I couldn’t block him out
    On paper, he was everything
    In person, he was only a smile and a sound
    That refused to shift through the rest of the atmosphere

    By Erika Johnson on 07.18.2012

  3. A beep. Whenever the tag got too close she would hear a beep, like one of those sonar submarine things. It was getting louder and closer and she knew she was in trouble.

    By hpmons on 07.18.2012

  4. His words overcame like a century of lost sound
    They fell down like droplets, each melting once they made contact with my thickened skin
    Dissipating into the air
    But his words refused to shift through the atmosphere

    By Erika on 07.18.2012

  5. at the sea. it was where everything started. he fell in love there. he found himself there. he died there. but every single time she made her way through the narrow strait, she found herself waiting for him. even though she knew that he was lost among the watery depths forever.

    By arshee on 07.18.2012

  6. Sonar reminds me of space. Space is really awesome because it is infinite. That reminds me of the book the perks of being a wallflower, because “and in that moment i swear we were infinite.” one of my favorite quotes,

    By ashley on 07.18.2012

  7. It would seem that one thing we haven’t quite managed yet is the ability to communicate through sonar or waves, not unlike the morse code we’ve established. Sonar is still a rather foreign concept to us, although we have grasped the idea of pulse and echo, using these theories, we’ve not yet found a way to allow us to communicate just using small waves. The next step up from harnessing sonar abilities for ourselves could be telepathy, and, if the dolphins get there before we do, it’s no wonder why they’ll survive the end of the earth.

    By Beth on 07.18.2012

  8. Sonar is used to pick up sounds typically underwater. This can be very useful for some things but I would never see it being anything useful for me. It is probably a pretty neat device though to be able to pick up sounds and echoes of fish and underwater sounds.

    By Sam on 07.18.2012

  9. The beeps from the sonar were the only sounds as the crewmen stared motionless at the screen in front of them. Intelligence reports warned of the enemy’s presence in the area, but so far all the high tech gadgetry they rely on to keep them one step ahead of the game had been unable to locate the rogue submarine.

    By Steve on 07.18.2012

  10. battleship. i don’t know what is it actually. under water. and..exploring. you can see fish and sharks and other sea creatures. and nemo was a sonar. i think. shit

    By du on 07.18.2012

  11. It wasn’t like this was the first time. Hopelessness,crippling anxiety and fear were regular all comers in daily life. These had all become so accepted and even expected by body and mind, that it was hard to tell where each ended and the next began; from now to then, from one emotion or thought to the next. Today was just a blip on the sonar. An insignificant sigh amongst a million others, gaping and yawning for fresh air. But this was different, like crawling under the fog and finding a new road that wasn’t there before. A new path for low flying, a way through.

    By rhyme79 on 07.18.2012

  12. The sun? Very hot. No, that’s not right. Not solar. Sonar. Waves? Microwaves? I want some food. Pizza? Yessss. No. Wait for lunch; you’re going out. But…pizza! You can’t go wrong with pizza. Can I get an Amen?!

    By Amarie URL on 07.18.2012

  13. The sooner the better the sonar gets in the water
    as soon as we got intil the sea
    big fish are swimming up and down trying to see me
    the sonar leads and drags me into big caves
    and it picks up a large fish making waves
    It beeps and bops sounding like a baby’s wail
    and leads me on to a coral reef trail
    Bubbles and lil shrimps are on the track
    The sonar starts beeping out of control
    On the big screen was a big blob
    My eyes were wide to uphold
    An Underwater cave full of canycanes
    that had an opening of a bowl
    it was clear to see
    to se a whale sleeping peacfully.

    By Natalie Smith on 07.18.2012

  14. Bouncing off the hull
    It tracks you
    Even when you believe you’ve prevailed
    It waits for you in the darkness
    Confirming your darkest fears
    And your biggest nightmares

    By Lauren on 07.18.2012

  15. sound. solar. the sound of sunlight, i imagine is like small girls’ anklets.

    By d URL on 07.18.2012

  16. Sonar – sound waves, hit through your soul rather than your brain. Words have the power, tongues have the hate. Sonar is thankfully not emitted by humans.

    By Wickedeyd on 07.18.2012

  17. The sonar showed five enemy ships in the area. Kate and Will were sure they were doomed, but they decided to outrun the ships or die.

    By Megan on 07.18.2012

  18. It would be incredibly helpful to have sonar. Like bats and whales and that blind Alpha. From that perspective, you can sense things all around you – much more useful than eyes – but the world isn’t as pretty, colour-wise.

    By rushtail on 07.18.2012

  19. something to do with heat. a signal? intuition perhaps. my sonar went off when i found a text on my husbands phone from a female co-worker. the

    By michelle on 07.18.2012

  20. i lost my ring Saturday night at the pool party, i used my sonar to find my ring that was in the pool. What would i do if i didn’t have the sonar, going home ring-less not a good idea. My mom bought me that ring and she would be mad if i lost it. All i heard was a soft sound from the ring when it hit the water; it sound like rain hitting the water. It didn’t take know time to find with the sonar.

    By Dorian Lewis on 07.18.2012

  21. Sonar is the means by which sound can be used to map physical locations. It involves emitting and receiving sound-waves – in nature sonar is used by bats and, er, maybe whales? In human applications, sonar is used in the navy and other marine-based industries for navigation.

    By James on 07.18.2012

  22. Blip. Blip. Blip. Blip. Blip.

    They weren’t going to find anything. His ship was gone. Maria choked back a sob and left the bridge. No one followed her. Everyone know what happened between her and the missing captain. No one said anything, though. Personal relationships were forbidden for a reason after all. This was one of them.

    By Meghan Burke URL on 07.18.2012

  23. I can hear you, misuse me, abuse my common judgement. I don’t lack it, but you underestimate what I know. Hold me, to my word. Bury them in my grave of dirt. Because I’ve heard, what you said about me, to counter all of the shameless deeds. You get what you deserve. You know how hard it’s to observe, from the inside looking in

    By micheline on 07.18.2012

  24. Waves traveling through space. What kind? sound waves chirped from dolphins as they travel through the water help them find their way.

    By Cindee Bobbitt on 07.18.2012

  25. I’ve already had this word. It’s annoying that I have the same word again. I know that sonar uses sound waves. The sound waves are sent out, and then bounce off of an object and back to the original position. The time it takes for the wave to come back tells distance.

    By Jill Puma on 07.18.2012

  26. i clearly just dont know what this word means so i am just going to say that this word is weird and confuses me in every possible way. why would someone make a word that makes me confused? seriously who the hell uses this word in a general statement . NOT Me !!!!!!!
    ahahahhahahahah i hate this so much but i love the website

    By Sarah Chapdelaine on 07.18.2012

  27. your sonar waves displace the spaces
    in between sound and place
    Echo location deciding destinations
    like bats or dolphins finding mates…

    By Aniron on 07.18.2012

  28. The sonar pinged in my ears. Bats. I could hear them, and it was strange. I knew something was wrong then, when the TV noise overwhelmed me, the dog’s whining, and still the bats squeaked outside in the dusk, flitting between tree branches.

    By Maria on 07.18.2012

  29. Taken from the depth’s of a an unknown place the beep was heard everywhere, another beep was heard yet again. This time the crew listened deeper, it wasn’t unusual just weird they looked and it’s origin could only be that dead ship.

    By Mark Cerney on 07.18.2012

  30. Sonar is the use of sound waves in the location of objects. Related is radar. I have literally no opinions on this topic. This is all I have to write about it. In addition, this will in no way resemble stream-of consciousness style, being that I can think much faster than I can type or write, and always have may trains of though going at once, and I can thus not write the “first word” that comes to min, being that about five do so at once. In addition, upon sensing a given stimulus, entire sentences occur to me, rather than fragments.

    By Caleb Stern on 07.18.2012

  31. The dolphin’s sonar voice whatever. I dont know what a sonar is! What is a sonar? And why did chose a word I dont know? Now I cant write anything interesting…

    By Iam Me on 07.18.2012

  32. The sounds dont stop surrounding my brain.
    “All men are the fucking same,” is what my mama says. “Women were made and born to be delicate, so what the fuck are men good for? We just keep getting put down again.”

    By Sloane K. on 07.18.2012

  33. that makes me think of bats and how my mom wants them in our yard. but i thought it was solar and that made me thing of tanning oil. the orange kind with the metal tube and the drop symbol. bats have HUGE ears and they gross me out because they’re layered.

    By maggo on 07.18.2012

  34. Way back in the early nineties, I remember being one of the first kids in my town who got their hands on a sega genisis. IT was my father’s of course, but I remember stealing that console for so many games of Ecco the Dolphin.

    By Ben on 07.18.2012

  35. sound, music, beautiful. My film. It needs to be made to express something deeper than so many of us see or even dare to see or imagine. Sound can transport us to depths of emotion unaccomplished in it’s absence.

    By Kirsty Mather on 07.18.2012

  36. And wouldn’t it be glorious if he could be a bat? But no, he sits in his room, and all he has to know where the door is, where his dresser is, and where the pictures of his family are is memory.

    By False on 07.18.2012

  37. the sound that submarines ping off the surface of objects that have become obstacles. We use sonar to ping off of our friends and figure out what mood they are in.

    By 1derlys URL on 07.18.2012