July 11th, 2011 | 469 Entries

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469 Entries for “straw”

  1. This is the LAST straw. I have had enough of myself – laying around, watching crappy reality tv. I need to kick my own ass. Get up off the sofa and work out. So last night I went to circuit training and yoga and boy did I feel better. Thank God for last straws.

    By Mh URL on 07.12.2011

  2. food for cattle on some farm lands. It is also used as fuel. It is the most basic os fuel agents since time immemorial as it is so combustive.

    By Nivita URL on 07.12.2011

  3. A big black crow perched upon a tattered scarecrow as the sun was swallowed by the glowing fields of wheat. The crow was thankful for the raggedy man; without his kindly given straw her nest could not be built.

    By Alex Ander URL on 07.12.2011

  4. Drive-in then a roll in the hay. Oh baby that’s what you called it but wasn’t it so much more? And wow, I can’t believe that I am the one that you picked or that the cosmos picked for you. And then there’s all those visits to Al’s and burgers and shakes and that’s what you give me.

    By Bryan URL on 07.12.2011

  5. She wandered around the halls aimlessly, concentrating on putting one foot forward, one after the other. She staggered as she walked until she crumpled on the floor.

    “Poor girl.”

    By J URL on 07.12.2011

  6. Straw reminds me of my childhood. My fondest memory was chilling in a farmers field on a light summers day.

    By Will on 07.12.2011

  7. sometime’s you get the short one. nesting, jumping, pumpkin patches and the sound of horses biting into apples. games of luck and timing.

    By mickey URL on 07.12.2011

  8. Se oli viimeinen pisara. Hänen kätensä tärisivät, hengitys katkeili, kylmät hikipisarat valuivat selkää pitkin. Raivo valtasi hänen jokaisen solunsa, kietoi sisälleen kuin pienen lapsen. Hän ei kestänyt enää. Tämä oli viimeinen kerta.

    By Emilie URL on 07.12.2011

  9. I like straw hats.

    By Caitlin on 07.12.2011

  10. I put two straws in the milkshake and we both drank out of it. It was just like in the movies, and I couldn’t believe it was happening.

    By sami on 07.12.2011

  11. a piece of utensil used to sip beverages. it helps people digest things better. there are also other things made out of straw like hats… straw hats, etc. you can’t share a straw.. that’s just unhygienic. but maybe if you don’t mind sharing saliva with another person as you would when you make out with them, then do share a straw.

    By alexis on 07.12.2011

  12. it’s a sucky thing that you suck with or sometimes it’s stuff like hay that cows and horses eat. Actually maybe not cows. I’m not sure. It begins with an S and ends with a W. That’s pretty much all I know about Straw. It’s not my favorite food.

    By Small on 07.12.2011

  13. Nice ice cold glass of lemonade. The straw sticks out of it sideways, and the little girl struggles to sip on it. The glass comes crashing down on her, inciting a response from her worried mother. The ice cubes scatter all over the floor, and the cat walks over to sniff them.

    By Christin on 07.12.2011

  14. “This is the last straw.” But it never really is the last straw, because we’ll always have something else to do — something that’s probably not worth doing, but its something to do. and when there’s something to do, it will be done.

    By delia URL on 07.12.2011

  15. something to suck a baby out of a blender with hmmm what else perhaps u can stick it up ur pee hole if its big enough or if the straw is small enough???? what else? um….. oh yeh it gn ur glass 2 i guess wow long 60 seconds here

    By michael on 07.12.2011

  16. dont be the pig who built his house out of straw, only to have the big bad wolf huff and puff and blow it down. be the pig who was smart and bought bricks.

    By Rachel on 07.12.2011

  17. I sipped from my straw and looked up; there, I saw him. The cutest boy in school and I had the biggest crush on him, except he didn’t know who I was. But he walked over and sat down right next to me!

    “Hey,” he said

    Hey? I thought. He may know me after all.

    By Christy URL on 07.12.2011

  18. i was just sitting there, slurping the icee out of my straw when he jumped right in from of me. I screamed, “what the heck, man?!”
    “I don’t know, i just always wanted to do that!”
    “what? scare the crap outta me?!”

    By natalie.(: URL on 07.12.2011

  19. something you drink with. can be bendy or straight. used to be made of paper now with plastic but you can also get glass. different drinks may need different diaeters you can’t use them after getting your wisdom teeth out

    By Danielle on 07.12.2011

  20. Vapid innocuous action, withdrawing from the stew with anti gravitational magic. Convenience.

    By BMC on 07.12.2011

  21. I got up quickly and rushed through the door. Ran through the house and out of the front door in what seemed like half a second. What the heck did they think they were doing leaving me like that? And where was she? This really was the last straw…

    By Anton URL on 07.12.2011

  22. A straw in the cup. Straw. s t r a w. It is interesting how a bunch of letters combined into one word could mean something. But when you look at it for a long time, it looks so weird. Like a foreign word.

    By Kristina URL on 07.12.2011

  23. It really was the last straw. The way he looks at her, the way her talks about her; it’s too much. He says that he loves me but his actions were saying something different.

    By Keijah URL on 07.12.2011

  24. It was the last straw. The turning point. She couldn’t handle it anymore. She just needed to let it all out in one horrible, blood curdling scream. It was heard miles and miles away, and nobody cam close to her for hours on end. They hadn’t seen the last straw fall out of place, only he had. And he was the only one who came back.

    By Smarty URL on 07.12.2011

  25. I can drink with or without a straw. i like my vodka with a straw. it tastes different. especially with two bar straws- the tinier the better, but i must have two. this makes the drink taste so much different than having a big straw, or no straw. Why in the world does the way I drink something change its taste?

    By Ashland on 07.12.2011

  26. I like to chew on straws. They come in many colors. They have bendy straws. They have crazy straws. If you go get fast food they give them to you in straw wrappers. You can build things with them. You can shoot the paper off of the fast food ones.

    By Bre on 07.12.2011

  27. The straw wasn’t always straw. It started out as a seed. A tiny seed that came from the hands of a young boy. Once the seed was planted, it grew into a tall piece of grass. There was no rain for many days and the grass dried out into straw. That is how a seed became straw.

    By Bianca on 07.12.2011

  28. I’d had it with him. Lounging around all day, thumping on the bass. He wasn’t even a good bass player. The straw that broke the camels back, though – now this is ironic – was when I came home and there was no bass. Everything was gone. He sat in the corner of the room shooting up, pawned his passion for the shit. I kicked him out the next day.

    By Special Kae URL on 07.12.2011

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    By Natasha on 07.12.2011

  30. I sip from the
    same straw every
    day and

    my drink never
    tastes familiar.

    By dinamspice URL on 07.12.2011

  31. The farmers eyes soared over the field, hard and steely, a hawk’s eyes, ran and leapt and shimmied through forests of corn and ocre, tumbled through watermelons and tomatos, tripped and tugged and hunted until his eyes snagged like yellowed-barb on his black-berry prey. Giving a hard suck to the straw hanging from his sun-cracked lips- the dullness of aged teeth peeking through the gap- he let out a low grumble, one that started deep in his belly and reverberated around his body until his sunken skin shook with it. Tired, weary, he climbed on his horse… and rode in the opposite direction.

    Little boy blue go blow your horn, the cows in the meadow, the sheep in the corn…

    By The Once and Future URL on 07.12.2011

  32. The last straw—but it didn’t break my back. It did however leave me bent over and in terrible pain. What’s the cure? I’ve tried removing the straw, one by one, to lighten the load and see if I can ever stand up straight again, but with no real success.

    By Andie on 07.12.2011

  33. My father wears a straw hat and he walks bare-foot. His hat isn’t that new, in fact it’s old and tattered- but it’s perfect, perfect for him. Sometimes I wear his straw hat, and I feel like my old father- old but perfect.

    By leah on 07.12.2011

  34. You look all around you from the highest part of the city, the view is breathtaking…
    Though parts of you say not to jump, the other part says otherwise,
    so you jump and you feel like you can fly going downwords, believing in the faith you truly have inside you.

    and the next thing you know it….a mound of straw saves you down below

    By Patrick URL on 07.12.2011

  35. The time when Chris said, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to date your sister, break up with you, treat you like crap, lie to you and break up with you.” That was the last straw. He’ll never steal my heart again.

    By Paige Noel URL on 07.12.2011

  36. It’s the final thing I can take. You didn’t want to hurt me? I don’t believe you. You knew *exactly* what you were doing.

    Please don’t disappear, I like having you in my life? Why shouldn’t I disappear?

    All well, I knew you were doing it.

    Guess this is just the final straw.

    By Katelin on 07.12.2011

  37. Mmm, straw. Drinks. I love bendy straws and twirly straws. They’re so much fun to drink out of. Straws can really jazz up a drink. Make it look prettier. Straws are the drink’s accessories, like purses, and earrings, and shoes.

    By Kelsey on 07.12.2011

  38. i suck through a straw it helps me suck up juice faster and it dosent dribble down my tshirt i usually have 2 straws to try out the experiment of having one in the cup and one out and you dont suck up any juice.

    By Andrew on 07.12.2011

  39. Dry, crackly, golden yellow. Horses, donkeys, pigs, farm life. Dry, scent, prosperous. Farmers, crop, tractors, water. Dry.

    By Taylor URL on 07.12.2011

  40. We sit safe in the straw, in the barn. Outside a thunderstorm weaves through the farmland but we are safe in the barn. Out in the fields the long grass, re-grown, is dripping. The horses hide beneath the ash tree and bolt at the lightening. The air is warm and feels magnetic, alive almost. And we are safe here.

    By Llekki on 07.12.2011