December 2nd, 2011 | 204 Entries

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204 Entries for “stable”

  1. This past week has been one wrought with the most stability I’ve had all semester. Which was strange, because I didn’t have any plans for this week. It just happened.

    I woke up every day.

    I skipped all my classes except for German.
    I ate lunch, breakfast, and snack (can’t call fries dinner)…

    And then, I slept.
    But I still feel unstable. My adrenaline’s skyrocketed in my veins.

    By Alice URL on 12.02.2011

  2. Stable. All my life I’ve been looking for stability. I’ve been looking for it in so many different things. In my family, in my friends, in a boy who makes me feel beautiful and loved. But I have never looked for it in myself. I’ve always seen myself as independent. It’s true I like to be independent, but I’m dependent on so many things to make me happy. I’m not stable at the moment. I’m a loose canon dying to be a solid rock.

    By Emily on 12.02.2011

  3. you are my foundation.

    By stapedius URL on 12.02.2011

  4. Stable boy cleans the stable. Rich wife of a baron who hailed from a stuffy family in London trots over on her black horse. She has been hunting foxes. Stable boy mops his brow from the flies. He smells like shit and sweat and sweaty shit and shitty sweat. But the wife can’t get enough of him. She wants to tear off that bodice of hers and tackle him into the dung. How typical.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.02.2011

  5. Something no one truly is. Everyone is unbalanced in someway. Everyone has some glaring gap, and everyone is fucked up. No one can be perfect. And it’s those imperfections that we can find to love in one another, that make us who we are and drive us to be the people we want to be. They’re our motivations. Our instabilities.

    By SiriuslyRemus34 URL on 12.02.2011

  6. I’m feeling worse now. It’s cold out and you’re gone and I can’t think, can barely breathe.

    Am I pathetic? No, just unstable. I can’t find my balance, and the world looks gray.

    Maybe this is what dying feels like.

    I close my eyes, hoping for light when again they open.

    By Laurel on 12.02.2011

  7. I’ve always loved horses. Cherry is my favorite. I went to her stable last night and she was gone. The wood was splintered and broken and I think…I think she ran away. Sometimes when she would look at me, I’d see so much intelligence in those eyes it scared me. She was too good for me. I always knew that, deep down. Still, I didn’t think I would lose her so quickly.

    By Buttxheeks URL on 12.02.2011

  8. so i went to a stable and saw a horse there. it was a black one like the one zorro had, i think his name was tornado. so i jumped on and rode to my house, and now he’s there waiting for me to take him on campus.

    By Niles on 12.02.2011

  9. I wanna ride horse and be free. Let the wind flow through my hair like ocean breeze. I wanna run like a horse free as the birds in the sky.

    By Sherrie on 12.02.2011

  10. Stability is stupid. I want action.
    I don’t want everything to be about “security”. I want to be able to live.
    Who gives a fuck about my future?
    I want to live in the present.
    Consequences? Bring it on.
    Anything but stability.

    By Bronte Ford URL on 12.02.2011

  11. the world feels so stable right now
    no quakes, or aches
    maybe its all fake but its beautiful
    red and green, feeling pretty in this city
    lights glowing, hearts knowing that something is right
    for once in my life
    happiness, no rejection anymore
    but is he alright? is he ok? i’m not so sure

    By Mackenzie URL on 12.02.2011

  12. Horses.
    Fun times riding in the mountains.
    Stable relationships. Loving, kind, and of course honest and true.
    Dance. Stable food work. Simple and beautiful movements.

    By M riding horses :D on 12.02.2011

  13. Stable. Oh man, I just want to be able! Stable? I can’t even afford the time to fantasize about routine and I am unseen in this ocean of entropic-al thunder, this blunder, out-of-context references just pile it on and I’ll be undone in thirty seconds or less than I could fathom diving in and just surviving. Is it good enough to stay afloat? Or should I jump from higher places to see if I’ll resurface and endure the hurt to keep pushing for depth and resisting the feeling of refilling these lungs. Long live breath holding, because without the scare of never again inhaling, God knows there’d be no fight.

    By Kiera URL on 12.02.2011

  14. My life is finally falling all back into place. I feel stable once again. I’ve never been one to be able to hold on to that feeling of stability, but I guess there’s always hope?

    By prettykickass URL on 12.02.2011

  15. You’ve got this fire- more of an ember, really, at this point- that burns inside you. Instead of warm yourself by it- you haven’t figured that out quite yet, I think- you burn everything good and stable in your life up, a forest being ravaged without a second thought until all that’s left is smoke and ashes.

    By Chelseyann URL on 12.02.2011

  16. I walked around the empty stable and watched as the snow fell from the sky. Everything seemed slower tonight, like the world was moving in slow motion. But my mind was running far too fast for me to keep up with. Inside, i was thinking about him. His smile. His laugh. Everything about him. I couldn’t get him out of my head, but this was really nothing new.

    By kasey on 12.02.2011

  17. She was mentally stable, or so everyone thought. In reality there was no real definition for stability. To be stable seemed overrated; instead she lived in the chaos of extremes. Sometimes things were stressful, sometimes they were depressing, and sometimes she was overwhelmed with joy. Sure, it got messy, but it was better than flatlining.

    By Haley URL on 12.02.2011

  18. He breathed in, and out slightly. Sometimes you couldnt even be sure if he was breathing, it was that slight. She sighed. The doctors kept saying he was stable. But she wasnt sure what that word meant anymore.

    By Akhila Vijaykumar URL on 12.02.2011

  19. Stable is something I’ve never really been. The most insignificant things always seem to affect me. At first it just bothers me a little, then I can’t stop thinking about it and in the end it takes over my mind and drowns my thoughts in darkness.

    By M URL on 12.02.2011

  20. I should have known. I should have realised the situation I was in. I should have…

    My sentences no longer strung together properly. I felt horrifically unstable. That is, I was no longer entirely stable.

    Which makes no sense regardless.

    I didn’t feel right.


    don’t feel right.

    By Kat on 12.02.2011

  21. Stable, a place of safety for those who are valued. Those who are taken care of and groomed. Pushed into excellence. Kept in a box with hope that outside dangers will not harm the valuable. Kept warm and safe and fed. Not in the cold searching for food with a gnawing hunger…… Pain soothed quickly and tenderly with a caring hand. Clean, all sweat and dirt brushed away until the coat shines and shimmers in the hot sun. A tender pat on the head, an apple a day. No scouring the trash like tramps in the street or wolves in the night. Not like those who toddle back and forth. Un- stable……

    By SnowflakeMSU URL on 12.02.2011

  22. a tightrope to balance you precarious life on. adrenaline rush. a judgement of the sane or insane (or both?). practice it again and again until you can put on a good show and fool them. the magazine cut outs and the car with only a half full tank of gas must be hidden deep in the crevices of your mind now. a dare devil, a thrill seeker. but don’t jump yet, you missed a step, practice it again. remember his face his scent his freckles. step, forward- four, five, six- back. back, don’t look back. don’t look forward. look at your feet on the rope. look how far you have to fall. do you want to fall? get in the car and drive as far away as that half a tank of gas will take you.

    By Taylor K URL on 12.02.2011

  23. Two feet on the ground.
    Swaying back and forth.
    leaning into you.

    By Izzy on 12.03.2011

  24. He taught them quite a few things in the short amount of time we had with him. It was not his choice; I’m sure if he had it his way, we would be together forever. The kids love to balance. One if their favorites and mine too. Seeing the three of them walk a perfect line in order to avoid from falling was precious. It will remain in my heart for a very long time. Unfortunately, us as a pair did not suite us well. Maybe it was all about timing. Maybe my heart was made of steel because I was not ready to let him in. It had been broken too many times and even still breaking his heart left a noticeable dent in my heart made of steel. His words were strong and even if spoken out of anger and saddness, his words were true. I can only hope we can stay in each others life one way or another. I wish him nothing but the very best and I shall always have love for him…….

    By Kari Norene on 12.03.2011

  25. Finding a stable job does not mean finding your dream job. One can not be completely happy with if one finds contentment in doing something ordinary. “Stability” is just another word to describe “unimaginative.”

    By The_Centurion URL on 12.03.2011

  26. A home for horses.
    Two feet planted firmly on the ground. Not dizzy, not falling. Safe.

    By Jenevieve on 12.03.2011

  27. He was a fine horse, from his proud stance, to his steady gait, to the way he tossed his head in the air, pawing the ground with all the certainty in his eyes. Yes, he was a fine horse.
    His master took hold of his reign. The horse neighed, almost as if he to say he was ready. Determination and adrenaline coursed through his veins as he stepped forward. His eyes never left the enemy.
    But all this while, he thought only of his warm, comfortable stable. Back at home.
    The horse charged forward.

    By Wraif URL on 12.03.2011

  28. She always did tell me, that she wanted someone stable. Conscientious, passionate, kind, loving, gentle… masculine. And I ball my fists and scream at the inside of my lungs, causing them to vibrate with a violent intensity. Because, she doesn’t know want she wants. Women want the world, and they are without the capability to appreciate the things they have now. I can’t change, but I am most of those things. She’d better be happy with just that.

    By AfterMath on 12.03.2011

  29. As a child, I went horse riding. On Friday afternoons, it was a great way to end the week, after school. Added to that there was a girl I fancied who also went. Sometimes our parents would share lifts, so I got to spend the whole afternoon with her.

    By Bartok URL on 12.03.2011

  30. He ran. As fast as he could – though that wasn’t all that fast -, pushing his way through everyone that stood in his path. People muttered and shouted in dismay, but Alec could hardly hear it. He had to get to the stables. He had to, before they did.

    By mephet URL on 12.03.2011

  31. stable. an animal house. or something secure. safe. reliable. a lot of things in life aren’t stable. even the things you think will be there in the morning sometimes disappear. which is strange. nothing is constant but change. ironic.

    By R. Geronimo URL on 12.03.2011

  32. The world is taunting me today, I thought. I kicked angrily at the hay scattered over the stable, disturbing a plume of dust along with it. The empty stable. I looked around, feeling glum. It was one thing to own a horse but not the land – having to keep your horse lodged at somebody else’s stables – but a whole other thing to have been able to afford the land itself, but now…not the horse to complete it.

    By Madi URL on 12.03.2011

  33. Sometimes, I wish I had stable grades. I try extra hard in school but I can never seem to keep grades as good as those who don’t even seem to try. This coming from a stressed college student during finals week…

    By anonymous on 12.03.2011

  34. Stable — more like unstable. I’ve been very unstable lately. Mostly because I’ve been tasked to tutor my little brother. I love him, but he just brings out the worst in me in these situations. I’d be pissed off when he doesn’t pay attention then, I’d try to win him over because I’d feel guilty for getting angry for something so petty.

    By Michelle URL on 12.03.2011

  35. It is not the balance we seek, or the ability to navigate the shaky landscape we traverse. No, all we want is a moment where we can be stable, and in doing so see the horizon more clearly, more fully — watch the sun rise at the lip of the ocean without fear of falling in.

    By John URL on 12.03.2011

  36. Horses live in stables. A stable is like a barn, but houses animals, like horses instead. I don not know what else lives in a stable, but I do know horses live in them.

    By KennethM12 URL on 12.03.2011

  37. She was the antithesis of stable with finals bearing down upon her, their weight a firm reminder of all she had failed to do. Only two more weeks.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 12.03.2011

  38. if you are stable you are not unstable. horses might fuck you too if you are in a stable…. making you and established horse entertainer. the end.

    By imnot tellingya on 12.03.2011

  39. i don’t know what a stable is so i’ll write about the page
    they give you one word and you write about it
    but when you don’t know what it means like me
    you yust explain what this page is all about :P
    that simple ^^
    uhm k
    i i should be learning for school.

    By e.h. on 12.03.2011

  40. Doctors say she will be stable in a week’s time… Then we can concentrate on more impending matters…. The state of her mind for instance….

    By aubrey URL on 12.03.2011