December 2nd, 2011 | 204 Entries

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204 Entries for “stable”

  1. i took the horse out to the stable, crying as I walked along. All I had asked for was the understanding that when I NEEDED to go out riding, I really NEEDED that time. Even though I had said this many times before, my cell phone still rang with an “emergency.” Quite honestly, there was going to be an emergency once I got Sadies harness off and returned the call.

    By sAm on 12.03.2011

  2. Stables are the homes of horses, possibly the most evil of all barn yard animals. They are most similar to giant meat bags on stilts. How evil you ask? Look into their eyes and tell me they don’t look like goat eyes, which are associated with Satan.

    By Zocura on 12.03.2011

  3. horse cows farm barn red farmer crops corn tomatoes potatoes food market pigs hay straw bridle saddle stirrup brown black white neigh loud grain

    By DaniCara on 12.03.2011

  4. They are anything but stable! For heaven’s sake, he likes his alcohol a bit too much, and she likes to push his buttons! How on earth can you call that stable!

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 12.03.2011

  5. stop
    not going
    not moving
    not increasing
    not decreasing

    By gunes URL on 12.03.2011

  6. it is so stable why is it so stable oh my god it is very stable it is as stable as a a a aaaaaa a stable … it is so stable it is still stable .. it has been stable for hours .. why so stable ?

    By Gunes Deren URL on 12.03.2011

  7. Being settled in the world. Peacful in a place where you know who you are and where are you going. To be in the state where everything just comes into place.

    By Matea Fadiga on 12.03.2011

  8. Nothing is ever completely solid. I feel as if I’m standing on a slippery ledge, and at the same time, one foot is dangling off the edge as I try not to fall. This is my life. This is my torture.

    By Serryphae URL on 12.03.2011

  9. Still and steady .

    By Xin Hui on 12.03.2011

  10. It was cold in the stable, snow on the ground, wind in the air, a normal Christmas for this part of the country. The horses were her first love and she coo’d to them as she brushed them and cleaned them and feed them. They were like children when they were around her.

    By spartica URL on 12.03.2011

  11. stable. I was but not right now.. i walked to the doors of the funeral for my dead brother. He is dead because a drunk driver hit him a couple nights ago while he was coming home from a party. I lost my best friend that night and i can’t believe that i’m standing here in this funeral home for my last goodbyes to him. Right now i am not stable. i walked to my brothers coffin as tears spilled out of my eyes. Life is never going to be the same.

    By Alyssa on 12.03.2011

  12. There was stable over to the side, dark and cool inside. Horses snorted and stirred at the unfamiliar scents of the intruder. But he seemed friendly enough,k and with an apple or sugar cube their loyalties were easily swayed.

    By jasmith URL on 12.03.2011

  13. I am the opposite of stable.
    My mind’s a seesaw.
    One moment I’m drunk on life.
    The next I exist, but am not alive.

    By Zoe URL on 12.03.2011

  14. The stable mares whinnied in the moonlight showing through the open door. I crept inside, figuring I would sneak my friend a carrot and then go, but my Lord had different plans.

    By Muddypawprints on 12.03.2011

  15. I have my routine every morning; it makes me comfortable. This routine provides a certain stability to my day. I can live without the stability that this routine affords.

    By Ed URL on 12.03.2011

  16. The stable where trixie was cept always creeped me out. It wasn’t just because it was haunted. The smell was strange too. I learned later that it wasn’t just the excrement, but a nast ectoplasm that caused the unignorable funk.

    By Zack on 12.03.2011

  17. stable, i like stables. i dont know what to wright, this is my first time on this site. i dont know whats gonna happen after this. this site isnt stable to new users….? ok i think its almost done

    By nick on 12.03.2011

  18. I wish things in my life could be stable. Everything always seems to be like if it’s precariously balancing on a tight rope in mid-air, able to fall at any moment. It causes me to worry over and over, every day.

    By Emilia URL on 12.03.2011

  19. Stable.
    I can’t be, no matter how much i try.
    I can’t balance, always losing my footing.
    Never good enough, worthless efforts, just worthless.
    Just as I am. Worthless, never stable.

    By bela on 12.03.2011

  20. i’ve been feeling a little un- lately, but
    the horses are out of the barn, and
    not much more than -ability
    is left for me to with which to set this

    s table

    By Schligdog URL on 12.03.2011

  21. i like to eat ponies that are stable. mentally stable, i mean. if they aren’t mentally stable, they could try to kick me in the face with their hooves. i enjoy being mentally stable, too, but sometimes i act like i am not.

    By ~Nathan on 12.03.2011

  22. i have an idea. it’s not suppose to be that cold out tonight, we could sneak out and fall asleep next to eachother in the stable, under the stars, just you and i. sneak away from this mad world, and try to make some sense of it while we’re with eachother.

    By Abra URL on 12.03.2011

  23. its not stable. not anymore. we used to be like twins, at least thats what people said. that we were the BEST best friends. we’d talk every minute of every day about anything and everything. and now? im lucky to get a few sincere words out of you, unless its to your convince. who are you now? who are we? do i still have a best friend, or have i been left behind?

    By lucinda URL on 12.03.2011

  24. The table they were sitting at wasn’t very stable. It was frustrating because they were juggling coffee cups, small laptops, notebooks, and one of them even had a snack. They needed the table to stay in one place, and not wobble back and forth, so the girls decided to fold up one of those little cardboard things people put around their coffee cups to keep their hand from burning and slip it under one of the legs of the table to see if that solved the problem. It did.

    By Live, Love, Laugh, Write! URL on 12.03.2011

  25. She was wrapped up in his embrace, the embrace of the linen sheets, caught there, after their most recent bought of lovemaking.

    “I like us like this,” she commented.

    “Like what?” he answered.

    She thought back on their tumultuous love affair. “Stable,” she replied.

    By GloriousClio URL on 12.03.2011

  26. Stable suggest that you’re comfortable with where your at. You don’t want to change, but if it were to happen, you would be okay with it. You are who you are; consistent. You’ve a job, money, and a family (if that’s your time to have one.)

    By Gary Beall on 12.03.2011

  27. i love its so fun :)

    By Frances Wu on 12.03.2011

  28. When you step on the table, that’s a stable!

    By Courtney on 12.03.2011

  29. stable is an interesting word, where horses go to sit for hours on end. It’s also what most women aren’t, and what most relationships cannot be. To me, though, stables are places where one would take a women and fuck her uncontrollably. Where a man can go and have endless pleasures with any girl willing to endure the smell of horse feces. Perhaps if the woman is uneasy, the man could enjoy himself amongst the horses.

    By Zachary W URL on 12.03.2011

  30. There are so many different ways to write with stable, including horses, or steadiness. I’m choosing steadiness. Today, so many people have eating disorders and things like that because people are making fun of them for their weight. Can’t they see the destruction that they’re causing? People are committing suicide, just to leave the taunts behind and go to a better place.

    By asdfjkl on 12.03.2011

  31. hi

    By asdfjkl on 12.03.2011

  32. She never had a stable relationship. With anyone. Her parents passed away when she was little and then she got shipped from foster family to foster family. With her constant moving, she never really got the chance to meet and really get to know any of the people her age. But this time, this time she was here for good. And nothing was going to stop her.

    By STAR.FREEDOM URL on 12.03.2011

  33. Okay the stable is where Thor and Loki sent Balder when they wanted to go adventuring in one of the other Nine Realms (REALM>???!!!) and they didn’t want Balder the Little Shit tagging along with them.


    No but seriously um.

    Ha who am I kidding I can’t write seriously right now you can’t come back from that first paragraph.

    Oh well my other ones are all really pretty decent I think I should be allowed this one silly one.

    By Julia A. URL on 12.03.2011

  34. I feel unstable every time your near me. I can’t control myself, ragged breathing every time we are together. I hate to make myself vulnerable it scares me, but i know the challenge can not wait.

    By Journee URL on 12.03.2011

  35. Stable. That’s the word they keep using. Sometimes I see them but only as blurred shapes. They say that’s good, a positive sign, that I will recover. I wonder how I feel about that and mostly feel nothing. A stable condition. Physically that is. They couldn’t say that about my mental health. They’ve assigned a cheerful woman to delve into my mind and figure out what made me do what I did.

    By Laura URL on 12.03.2011

  36. Now that it’s nearly Christmas time, all the images are of donkeys and dark kings and bright lights in the sky, and a teenager holding a child with her much-older husband, and coldness and fear and love and despair at being alone. It’s that time of year again and it is as stressful as always.

    By laura on 12.03.2011

  37. she walked into the stable to see him smiling in his sleep, settled in a cushy patch of hay. turning back, she wiped a single tear from off her face, not knowing whether to be happy for him or to dwell in her sadness. she knew in her heart that smile was not because of her.

    By slivershivers URL on 12.03.2011

  38. The party was late and although the guests were quiet, they expected the neighbor Mr. Assburg, to call th epollie by 10pm. He had never been accused of having a stable psyche. Yesterday he’d written an angry letter to the neighborhood newsletter and beaten up a small child. Tomorrow he planned to put a lantern on his head and drink a pint of Sterno.

    By richpee URL on 12.03.2011

  39. I want to be able to have a stable atmosphere just peace and quiet nothing distracting me. I also want to have this because it will make me feel more calm.

    By Anthony Tran URL on 12.03.2011

  40. I stood, balancing my body along the curb
    one foot steady, the other waving, bobbing
    a triangle with the earth – skin, bone and gravity

    By gsk URL on 12.03.2011