December 2nd, 2011 | 204 Entries

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204 Entries for “stable”

  1. Nobody likes a stable person when they’re young. Instability is the most fascinating characteristic one can have. The true mark of maturity is when one sits down and thinks, “Self, it’s time to be stable.” I haven’t hit that quite yet.

    By Robin URL on 12.02.2011

  2. As I ride my white steed through the meadows and fields, I wonder if I shall ever return to the stable. Will I hitch myself to a post, hold myself back, or run free, freer then a bird with wings. Or will I be the bird forced not to sing, the horse not to trot, or the man left to die alone without hope. Ride on.

    By Jared S. URL on 12.02.2011

  3. a brown horse lay asleep in a stable. my mind is bloody blank. this is rubbish.O.o gahh. new word? haha im just writing for the sake of writing. i wish i had imagination. i think i just worry too much of if it is any good, you know? i shouldnt do that. i should just write
    gahh. i will learn.

    By bob. on 12.02.2011

  4. its a stable sit. as I live here in this sit and the stable with that hourse haha what? the doors and no caps are flaps of gas. like grass and back to spaces of

    By DaraLyn C. URL on 12.02.2011

  5. I don’t think anybody is really stable. You look at people in the street, they all look stable, unless you come across somebody keeled over, screaming at themselves and throwing things. but generally, people look stable. i beg to differ.i think no body is stable, truly. everybody has something in their life that they are unhappy with. thousands of people in England alone are taking anti-depressants every day. but, I’m sure, if you see them in the street you would not know any different. so, as a summary, I disagree with the word “stable” being used to describe a persons mental state.

    By Lunnaa. URL on 12.02.2011

  6. people have a big problem with instability in relationships. Those on again off again ones, that everyone either wishes they would break up or be together? They’re all over my school.

    By Kat on 12.02.2011

  7. Estable como un roble. Viejo, enraizado en el suelo, en la sucia y humeda tierra bajos mis pies. Tengo miedo, estoy sofocado y espero atento tras la puerta, al escuchar pasos corro y me escondo. Tu rostro suave, algo arrugado, tu pelo negro, tu
    Just you

    By Tohe URL on 12.02.2011

  8. A red barn sits on the side of a not quite so steep hill. it is peaceful. that is all.

    By Andrew on 12.02.2011

  9. I lost myself trying to stay balanced, to lead a stable lifestyle… I lost myself, I lost myself, I lost myself… why is it that the world moves so fast? so fast? i lost myself, i lost myself, i lost myself..

    By Rmk on 12.02.2011

  10. a stable life, stability is what many want. it is nice to lead such life, income steadily flowing in. but it doesn’t guarantee happiness, i know, and many know or don’t believe.

    By kaorita on 12.02.2011

  11. it has never been stable, and it never will be. talking to each other one minute, laying on the ground and giggling. the next is us becoming angry and hostile. and then when we get back home, we ignore each other and look the other way when we see each other. we’re falling apart, but i miss you.

    By Katie URL on 12.02.2011

  12. Stables are where horses tend to spend most of their time. I tend to think of the old West, out with the cowboys in places like Colorado, Montana, and other such states. I think of cowboy boots, saddles, and other such things that are associated with a horse and its stable. I also think of stability, in the mental sense.

    By Sunny URL on 12.02.2011

  13. stable. i think its my life is pretty unstable. but thats how we all feel, right? i dunno. i just keep on feeling stable, so anyone ist seeing me like the way i am. in the end, im gonna cry near afternoon, but thats okay. better days comin right?

    By ddddddddddddd URL on 12.02.2011

  14. Stability is the dream of all slackers and the torment of the formidable.

    By HumanKryptonite URL on 12.02.2011

  15. Nothing is stable, everything change. Stop in the end, can’t happen. So, you have to run. Can’t be? Yes.

    By Monster on 12.02.2011

  16. The girl screamed in fustration as she looked at the screen. STABLE!??! STABLE AGAIN!!?!? I bet im gonna get it next time to, arent I Yes I am…no give me a different word!! Am I going to have to sign up? Enter this writting piece? What will it take?!?! Your frustrating me >.<

    By Rosie on 12.02.2011

  17. the stable deisquilibre is a statue from the 60es exposed outdoor at the “technopôle” of Rennes, Brittany, France.

    By Gagah on 12.02.2011

  18. It’s not that I have a disdain for those who find themselves capable of being stable, it is just that I myself find solace in my own web of lies.

    By Jose Romero on 12.02.2011

  19. That’s where they found her. That famous poet. I can’t remember her name. She was Canadian I think. In one of her famous poems she used a horse as the central analogy. Remember that one that Mr Williamson made us recite in junior high. I know you know it. And it was actually all about her daughter. When he told us that, it turned from this really wise, sweet poem to something sinister. I still liked it.
    Anyway, yeah I read about her death on the net last night. She asphyxiated in a horse stable not far away from her house. She was only 43. Troubled was the word they used in the article. Ironic isn’t it? Do you want to come over to my house?

    By Dave URL on 12.02.2011

  20. I stable person is someone who has a sense of calm in his or her life. Having a stable mind is important for success. A stable faith will get you anywhere safely. A stable feeling is good for the heart.

    By Hannah on 12.02.2011

  21. All I know is ponies go in it.
    I like ponies. Especially my little pony. My favorites are Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash. They are amazing. Pinkie Pie is silly and reminds me of myself. Nothing is better than my little pony. They make me smile. Stables are sexy. Meh.

    By Madalyn Parrish URL on 12.02.2011

  22. She wasn’t stable in any way, but he had to do his best to calm her down. Otherwise the result would be disastrous.

    By Ashley on 12.02.2011

  23. Incapable of speech, a freeze of the brain- she was not stable enough to comprehend the simplest of questions after the car wreck.

    By Lydia URL on 12.02.2011

  24. I don’t think I’m stable enough to do this. I might not be able to help this girls with their gymnastics. I’m too anxious, i’m a perfectionist, I just need the money, I just needed to distract myself.

    By Allison URL on 12.02.2011

  25. Everything i’m not. When everything Is stable around me i’m actually quite nervous. My nerves are wrecked. My emotions are rocking. Just totally unstable.

    By Jenessia on 12.02.2011

  26. Walking on thin ice,
    trying to avoid cracks.
    Everything so delicate,
    so fragile.

    One wrong move,
    and the footing beneath me,
    falls to pieces.

    My world that once was stable,
    Quickly crumbles,
    And I sink down
    into the fridge waters.

    By zoe URL on 12.02.2011

  27. I used to ride horses (which live in a stable). I really like horses but riding is an expensive hobby so I don’t take lessons anymore. I usually miss going to lessons after school but right now it’s winter and I don’t think riding in this weather would be fun at all.

    By Zoe URL on 12.02.2011

  28. He shouted and closed the lid over out heads. There was a large banging above us and the shouts of a foreign tongue, then feet pounding hurriedly away.

    “We need to get out. Now.” Brent whispered.
    Maddy pushed on the lid with both hands, but only succeeded in sliding farther into the oat pellets. “It. Won’t. Budge,” she panted pushing with all her might.
    Brent tried too. Zach looked in confusion at them all, crouched in the dark oat bin. Maddy and Brent looked at each other hopelessly. Laney’s head was buried in her arms. They all tried not to look at him, but he knew. It was his fault.

    By MoeMasterMighty URL on 12.02.2011

  29. The rock in the rainstorm
    The wind in the kite
    Food in the belly
    And the man there all night

    A place for feet
    A place for hands
    And place for feelings
    And a place for land

    The place to stand
    The thing to try
    What keeps things from breaking
    And stops when you cry

    By MoeMasterMighty URL on 12.02.2011

  30. The stables were in the creek. Horses stood in them. Chestnut and white and black and a sort of yellowy colour, with hooves and smelling of hay. Their coats were thick. Steam rose in the cold air from their wide noses. The chuffed and stamped. I dodged their backsides, not wanting to get crushed between these massive creatures.

    By an octopus URL on 12.02.2011

  31. It didn’t feel like the floor was there. It was as if all the tiles had begin to slowly fall away. Was she in an elevator? Was she at the mall, standing on the escalator?

    Maybe it was the whiskey. Maybe it was the beer. Maybe the heartbreak.

    By Alicia Rice URL on 12.02.2011

  32. Are any of us really stable?
    I mean, doesn’t everybody have
    that tipping point
    no matter how easy to reach
    or if it’s very far off
    we all have
    (we are all human)
    our limits.
    Chemistry comes to mind.
    Ionic bonding and such.

    By Elio Hawkins URL on 12.02.2011

  33. i dont want this word anymore i got it last time why are you giving me this word again, dont you ever post new words? huh? or is it the same boring things all the time. GET MORE INTERESTING. IN WITH THE NEW OUT WITH THE OLD RETARD.

    By Taylor URL on 12.02.2011

  34. i am stable in the duck land i landed in on the ship of noahs ark where the unicorns missed it and cried out poop for the ugly ducklings to eat and then he was lik omg becky look at that its a flying unicorn and becky was all nooo its a pegasus yu retard!!!!! i hate poop and when i smell it i want to cry and then my mom slamed the door and yelled harry harry and mooned me ohhh this is how it starts fire beats the sun blah blah blah yada yada ydadahsedjgdfghkjd mooo unicorns ciara is a tuna taco tuesday in the hot sun hahahhaha bitch.

    By amanda on 12.02.2011

  35. im not feeling very stable these days. im like a bomb with a short fuse. no. thats not accurate. but maybe it is. the smallest things can set me off. and i dont go on an anger rampage. once i am set off, everything comes crashing down on me at once and i feel trapped under the weight of all i have to worry about in my life. this is not a healthy way to live.

    By Rupert URL on 12.02.2011

  36. I’ve never been stable. I desire stability, like a table. But I guess that not even tables are stable after awhile. I don’t know if stability or chaos is better, but I suppose that doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. Life… it never really makes sense in the end, does it? Or maybe I’m just not close enough to know.

    By Ashley Reyn URL on 12.02.2011

  37. i already wrote about this yu smell like tune on a hot summers day while i take something outta the oven that looks like yur mom kinds… moo

    By amanda URL on 12.02.2011

  38. I hate it when people say emotionally stable or unstable. The reality is, we’re all unstable because if a gust of awfulness comes our way, we’re all going to fall apart. The real term should be based on if you’re capable of building yourself up from the wreckage.

    By Azure URL on 12.02.2011

  39. The small savior, was found in a stable, amongst the dirt, and filth. Born to save the world of sin.

    By Natalie URL on 12.02.2011

  40. where the well-adjusted horses stay

    By Bill G URL on 12.02.2011