October 1st, 2012 | 282 Entries

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282 Entries for “signs”

  1. sIGNS CAN BE ANYTHING FROM SOMTHING SYMBOLIC TO SOMETHING BORING. sTOP SIGNS ARE PRETTY BORING. sIGNS THAT ARE SYMBOLS CAN BE MORE INTERESTING. bATMAN IS PRETTY BAD ASS HES A SYMBOL. i WOULDN’T SAY HES A A SIGN THOUGH SO i GUESS i;M OFF TOPIC a SIGN OF CHANGE CAN BE INTERESTING. tell tale signs can be interesting, Oh crap! caps lock has been on almost this whole time. How much time do I have? Back to signs. . . . A tell tle sign of calamitity or tragedy is the color black. Crows are black, crows are associated with death because of their mean and ride nature, as well as the fact they surrounded battlefields back in the day. People wear black to funerals, funerals are usually a bad thing, unless your attending Hitlers. A sign that is a important is the signs of today. What is today leading towards? Where are we going? Are things as bad as they look? Everyone has always thought that the world was the worst when they lived, but now it seems like more realistic doomsdays are possible.

    By TJ URL on 10.01.2012

  2. When crossing the path of others, you will see signs. You will be told to read those signs, and if you don’t, you will be persecuted for your reasons not to. Trust me, this world is full of signs. Negative, and well… neutral. All depends on your perspective, I suppose.

    By Logan B URL on 10.01.2012

  3. popciles. I was thinking about them before this came on and I’m taking this as a SIGN that I should eat them. Which means I must procure them! Ah, the genius. This is really nerve wracking I feel like i’m in a timed exam and I’m not pleased. I’m really nervous I’m gonna trip and break my teeth tonight. AHHH

    By Eva on 10.01.2012

  4. We all look for signs, but unfortunately they are sometimes not there. We want things to make sense and to fall into place because “signs” pointed to them happening, but the truth is, we never know what is going to happen and signs can be a bunch of bullshit in the long run. So roll with the punches, don’t look for some double meaning to everything you come across—just be content with what is staring you right in the face.

    By Theresa on 10.01.2012

  5. She was misreading the signs as she always does. Letting a fictional idea bury its way into her mind, and slowly grow into a full blown delusion. A delusion in which reality could no longer be found amid the mess of her obsessions and countless fairy tales.

    By Kathleen URL on 10.01.2012

  6. I see signs everywhere. I can see anything, an inside joke, and all she does is haunt me. I see signs everywhere that she really is gone.

    By Lynne Barcenas URL on 10.01.2012

  7. Although they can tell you a lot of things, if misinterpreted they may actually lead you down a path that you would have been better off not taking. However, no experience is a bad experience, and therefore all signs are there because you need to experience them at the present moment. Do not write them off. Do not doubt yourself when you see one. Read the sign, gain your own understanding from it, and then follow what you believe to be the right path, whether it is what the sign intended for you to do or not.

    By Roderick on 10.01.2012

  8. all the signs are pointing me to the right choices… signs that im wrong. signs that i will be okay are there too. i know there is hope, i just can’t see it yet.

    By Britty URL on 10.01.2012

  9. The road stretched on and on, without any sign of civilization or life. The warriors stomped on in round rubber boots, grumbling and choking on harsh black liquid. They sun beat down heavily and reflected off their metal plates. And then there, a small road hexagon, recognizable as nothing but a sign of hope.

    By Carol on 10.01.2012

  10. Signs stood outside the home I once loved
    Telling everyone who came by that my childhood was up for sale
    Come one, come all
    Buy a piece of one man’s history and use it as you nook

    By Peter Robinson URL on 10.01.2012

  11. I was given signs from the start, but how could I have KNOWN? I was told how you’d stop breathing, but how could you leave me alone? I was already informed you’d be away, but how could I accept it, and try and force you to STAY?

    By AnikaStewart URL on 10.01.2012

  12. The twisted sign blurred by her as she throttled down. The dust on the horizon wasn’t caused by the wind; something was moving. There had been no one on the long road to the bunker so whoever it was was coming fast. She revved the engine and whipped the cycle around and punched it. She had to get back before whatever was creating the dust reached her.

    By Súil Na Soilsiú URL on 10.01.2012

  13. why isn’t life marked with more signs? i don’t know what to stop for. i don’t know what to yield to. i don’t know where to turn right, where to turn left. where am i supposed to go from here? why aren’t there signs to show me where i need to go?

    By cassandramorrow URL on 10.01.2012

  14. I saw the sign, and it opened up my eyes. I was on a desolate street. I didn’t know where I had come from, or where I was going. That sign, though, spoke to me. I saw something that I had never seen before. A simple sign. It changed my life. I took a different path from a one-worded sign: happiness.

    By Joni Barlow on 10.01.2012

  15. I see nothing. No sign, signal, or direction. Just a pitch black hallway with no end. Where is the candle light to light up my pathway? I’m lost.

    By abigail rae on 10.01.2012

  16. Signs are used for so many different things like communication. Wow o.o it’s used a lot for communication like telling us what to do like stop signs and then there’s sign language and then there’s like those “signs” from other people that supposedly mean something ….That’s very interesting…i never realized how often “signs” are used.

    By Audrey on 10.01.2012

  17. The signs were all there, she just didn’t read them right. How could she have missed them? She should have known. In fact, she did. She had felt it in her bones, in her heart, and in her head. She just hadn’t wanted to believe it. Not him. He wouldn’t do that to her, but here they were. If only she had accepted it before it was too late!

    By Corina URL on 10.01.2012

  18. There were a million of them when I looked into your eyes… all the signs… and the truths I couldn’t ignore when you were there and I was there and I couldn’t stop looking. So, I ran away. I ran far away, because it’s what I was used to doing… I wish you knew me when it wasn’t just this I was comfortable with, but much worse.

    By Leslie URL on 10.01.2012

  19. If you come by and say the word, I would. I’d hop into your car and we could just drive. Passed everything. All the road signs wooshing past, with not a care of what they say. If you come, I would.

    By esky1118 URL on 10.01.2012

  20. signs, signs were everywhere. All I have to do is look around and see them. The victim scratching in the name with her left hand, the dirty ring on her marriage finger, the dirt on the back of her leg.

    Yes, all the signs were there. It just took a genius mind to link them together.

    By Hailey on 10.01.2012

  21. I missed them completely, the signs. The signs that it’s over, its coming to a close. I was completely blindsided by it. And fuck did that hurt. Now I’m happy and I think everything is a sign. I think everything is the beginning of the end, that this will be the last moment I’ll be happy because the next time I blink, it will all be over. He’s being patient and good but I’m pushing him away. I’m just so afraid of the fall, the drop, the impact of the cold ground against my warm, delicate heart.

    By lilldeh URL on 10.01.2012

  22. sometimes it’s hard to see the signs. sometimes, things would be better if there were statements instead of signs. if there were outright stand alone statements based on their own meaning and merits to show you the way instead of the easy to misinterpret signs that everyone seems to think are so easy to read.

    By BrownSugarBritches URL on 10.01.2012

  23. There was a time I thought Mel Gibson was driving next to me on the 110 freeway. I swerved and sped and tried to keep up with his Mercedes to sneak a peak. All I ended up doing was scaring an old Chinese guy. Oh well.

    By Shalom URL on 10.01.2012

  24. signs, whether they be physical, or a series of events leading you in the right direction, follow the sign, they are usually placed in places where what they say has been an issue with people locating that information, or in the case of events, intrapersonal instructions can be seen with such clarity, they cannot be ignored

    By kyle on 10.01.2012

  25. your eyes are like neon signs and i am an epileptic.
    this is not love.
    this is sadism.

    By Gaara Regvart on 10.01.2012

  26. Signs sings every where there are signs. Music signs, video signs, haircut signs, clothes signs. What we wear is the outward expression of how we feel about inner selves. It’s another sign that we lug around.

    By pimplomat URL on 10.01.2012

  27. There were signs. I saw them but put them on ignore. So it was my fault. It was my fault.

    By Kiss My Freckle URL on 10.01.2012

  28. road blocks peoples feelings boundaries set in place directions emotion notning but signs everywhere death life eternity

    By Crystal on 10.01.2012

  29. Signs are often misinterpreted. I know I’ve made a lot of mistakes when it comes to interpreting signs. In fact, you might say that a lot of my current mental anguish is a result of my failure to accurately interpret what turned out to be nothing.

    By Andrew on 10.01.2012

  30. signs are everywhere but i pay no attention. signs show me where to go but i ignore. i have no regrets for signs dont show me the way

    By Crystal Unicorn URL on 10.01.2012

  31. Signs. my topic today about sigb, what is sighn for me sign is about answer to your question. fo ex have a question about something tha i ask from God and then God gave me His answer by his sign.
    other people may dont know but i know what is exacly.

    By Sahara on 10.01.2012

  32. Why do you give me signs if they aren’t real? What is the point? Oh, well. I regret nothing and hope you don’t either.

    By Andrew URL on 10.01.2012

  33. there were signs everywhere, folks had been walking all over them. They were strewn about like newspapers on a windy street. Most had lettering but you couldn’t see it through the dirty footprints. Many had large black lines running through

    By jessica on 10.01.2012

  34. whatever they are,i don’t want to know. it’s not somerthing to understand
    it’s more than ever what i wanted to see
    to feel
    to Achieve
    swore they won’t touch me
    but still they do
    and always will
    they are mine.

    By Catalina on 10.02.2012

  35. People dont readnsigns. They tell us a lot of things. However, we simply ignore them and fall to our doom. Okay, that is a bit harsh, I ment to say, we ignore signs and make ourselves look like fools; and sometimes fall to our doom. So, lesson of the day? Read the damn signs.

    By nisarg on 10.02.2012

  36. I like signs. They’re really cool. Sometimes, they’re redundant, other times they’re funny, and even other times they’re there to show you where to go. I remember the first sign I received from God. It was like all the stories ever told… except not. It was much more subtle than that.

    By Nunya on 10.02.2012

  37. The signs are pointing nowhere, were not in my favor, and want to see me writhe.

    By Pip URL on 10.02.2012

  38. You want to see signs everywhere, that’s why you see them. Nothing in the universe exists or happens just to be a sign to you, don’t be so damn egotistical. You are little more than a speck of dust on a pebble drifting in an endless ocean, don’t be so damn foolish…At least that’s what I would say in my head when people say that some event was a sign. I’m not sure why but it always bugged me how people had to invent this idea of the universe or some higher being sending them signs for them to act on their own beliefs and desires. Why do you need some stupid sign to tell you to do something or that this isn’t for you. You already know it, just because you don’t want to believe it, doesn’t mean you don’t know better or don’t want it.
    Why do people have this innate sense to deny the truth of their own existence or the rest of the world when the two don’t fit well with their ideas of the world. Shouldn’t it be obvious that if two things that weren’t suppose to coexist, but do, or if something wasn’t suppose to happen, does, then the obvious thing to do would be to change your idea of how things work, not to despise the event or things for existing at all. Humans are such odd things, maybe we just aren’t meant to understand ourselves, just forever strive to till we cease to exist.

    By Vara Santiago on 10.02.2012

  39. There’s a sign upon my door that says to stay away. I don’t think my brother listens, or even bothers to read it. He knocks upon my door and asks me where the tissues are. I growl and look up at him from my book. It’s Shakespeare and I’m reading it for class. I know, I could probably be doing better things but I need an A in English. He asks me, “Hey is there an

    By Zen on 10.02.2012

  40. I fucking hate signs. Especially stop signs. What’s the deal with them anyway. You see one. You stop. You go again. It’s this endless cycle of stopping.

    By Lily White on 10.02.2012