May 8th, 2012 | 180 Entries

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180 Entries for “shorthand”

  1. she was such a short little stuff, her hand was short, her short was hand and her hand wanted strawberry shortcake.

    By Lin on 05.09.2012

  2. I was shorthanded when the war came upon us. We did not have enough men and we had to retreat.

    By Steven URL on 05.09.2012

  3. Im not exactly sure what that means.

    By Darius URL on 05.09.2012

  4. Shorthand is a disease. It’s an incurable, horrific disease instilled into the minds of hopeless romantics. Report on this, report on that. Use shorthand to kill the writer, to mush the minds of innocents.

    By ashbran53 URL on 05.09.2012

  5. I’m not sure what to write.

    By Earthly URL on 05.09.2012

  6. I think it’s when one of your hands is smaller than the other one. I’m not sure though…

    By Laurie URL on 05.09.2012

  7. shorthandsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssdsssssssssssssssssssssssssssnnnnnnnnmnnnnnnnnnnnnmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnmmmmmmnmmmm.

    By Daymon URL on 05.09.2012

  8. People use shorthand all the time on the internet, but really it’s kind of annoying. I’ve seen people make acronyms for the most ridiculous things! Like, I think “IMHO” means “In my honest opinion”. Really? You need an acronym for that?

    By Lauren URL on 05.09.2012

  9. I don’t really know what shorthand means, i do have an idea but i don’t want to give the wrong information.

    By aiyana URL on 05.09.2012

  10. There is a person at the bar that has a shorthand.I feel bad for that person because people must make fun of him so much.

    By umberto URL on 05.09.2012

  11. Whenever i see a shorthand,
    i think of the butler from Scary Movie.
    His creepy, crusty hand
    always trying to help others with it.
    However, who would want to touch something horrid like that?
    Whenever i see a shorthand, i’ll always think about that butler.

    By Jeffrey Paneto on 05.09.2012

  12. I have no idea what this word even means! I mean seriously… What is it? Someone with short hands? Someone who is short-handed? Can you be short-handed? Some kind of Indian name? The one with short hands as opposed to Who Dances With The Wolf?

    By Sara on 05.09.2012

  13. Shorthand is for stenos and emoticon afficianados. : ) LMAO WTF?

    By marylee on 05.09.2012

  14. Before Sherlock died, the two flatmates rarely touched. John was withdrawn and still used to the homophobic atmosphere of the military. Sherlock was just as withdrawn, more concerned with clues and details than with people, even those most prominent in his life. Why put forth the effort?

    After Sherlock died, that all changed. Small touches were exchanged between the two, a shorthand system of communication which they learned instinctively as they went along. A punch to the cheek was easy; “You’re an ass.” A gentle palm on the knee; “I’m sorry, forgive me, I need you.”

    Time progressed, and the language between them grew as more vocabulary was added. A tug on the elbow; “Don’t leave me.” A quick squeeze of the thumb; “I’ll be back.” A chin on the shoulder; “Keep watch over me.” An arm around the waist; “I will, now and forever.” A gentle grip at a tense shoulder; “Ignore him, he means you harm, I’m with you.” A subtle lean into a flank; “Thank you for your company.” A rub copied after a self-inflicted one; “Are you in pain?” A thumb across the ribs; “You need to eat more.”

    Time marched on, and while old phrases rarely went out of usage, the overall nature of the language began to change. An inhale against a neck; “You’re mine and no one else’s.” A kiss behind the ear; “I missed you.” Even simpler phrases gained their own codes- a nuzzle under a jawbone became “Good morning,” and a hug around a thigh turned into “I love you.” If the time-tested couple seemed unusually silent to onlookers, it would only be because they were not privy to the unspoken language shared between them.

    By floppybelly URL on 05.09.2012

  15. If you are shorthand I think it means you aren’t getting or you didn’t get the full package. You didn’t get all of it. Like if everyone else got 5 jelly beans and you only got three then you would get shorthanded.

    By kayla URL on 05.09.2012

  16. I dont know what short hand is or means.

    By Ewa147 URL on 05.09.2012

  17. I have a shorthand because i am small.

    By connor URL on 05.09.2012

  18. short hand means you don’t have enough things to do something..

    By las13 URL on 05.09.2012

  19. shorthand? All i know is that i have long fingers their so skinny too. just plain bones.

    By minecraftplayer101 URL on 05.09.2012

  20. shorthands are very sadly what i have

    By diamondsss URL on 05.09.2012

  21. connor went to the shortland on the short bus with a shorthand.

    By drl URL on 05.09.2012

  22. Ray has a shorthand so he has a disadvantage. D:

    By shadow61 URL on 05.09.2012

  23. i have a short hand jk i wish i did but i know allie does and so does tianna and taryn

    By Esmy URL on 05.09.2012

  24. shorthand. a type of writing that allows you to write faster in a shorter time but with code word stuff:)

    By llamachick URL on 05.09.2012

  25. a short hand is for little people who live in a big world but really i have no clue what short hand means

    By elk slayer URL on 05.09.2012

  26. I don’t know what a shorthand is. I think it is a miget hand.

    P.S. Shorthands are cool even though I don’t know what that is.

    By snowboard addict URL on 05.09.2012

  27. A short hand can be funn to have i guess i really dont know!!!:)

    By vb4life URL on 05.09.2012

  28. shorthand means you have a shorter hand than the other one.

    By jdogg URL on 05.09.2012

  29. shorthanded is for dumb ppl, tori says.

    By sbindley URL on 05.09.2012

  30. one of apples hands is shorter than the other. She doesnt know what to do because she cant really grip her really expensive bigmac from McDonalds. It makes her really sad because she sees all of her other friends with big macs smiling very happily.

    By ddawg7 URL on 05.09.2012

  31. you left me shorthanded. I didn’t know what to do or what to say. i couldn’t figure out how i felt or what i wanted. Why was everything so unclear? so undefined and so wishy washy

    By heather URL on 05.09.2012

  32. I very seldomly use shorthands, especially in circumstances where most of my peers would have used words like ‘u’ for ‘you’ or suchlike. I just like to spell the words out in its complete and nice entirety. Of course one is allowed certain leeway when one is taking notes in class, for example, but my writing is so much more legible than most.

    By andyprue URL on 05.09.2012

  33. I have a shorthand. Also the side of my ding-a-ling

    By Lex Luthor URL on 05.09.2012

  34. He loved to write shorthand. And I never could understand it. Between trying to decipher that, and my mounds of paperwork, my days flew by; one after the other until they blended together in my mind. What was it he use to say those days past?

    By Grace on 05.09.2012

  35. shorthand |ˈ sh ôrtˌhand|
    a method of rapid writing by means of abbreviations and symbols, used esp. for taking dictation.The major systems of shorthand are those devised in 1837 by Sir Isaac Pitman and in 1888 by John R. Gregg (1867–1948).
    • [in sing. ] a short and simple way of expressing or referring to something : poetry for him is simply a shorthand for literature that has aesthetic value.

    By Cody URL on 05.09.2012

  36. Shorthand………..I don’t know what this word means!

    By kamator12 URL on 05.09.2012

  37. For when I’m on the go, got places to go.
    My own language that no one else knows.
    decipher and unravel, the writing babble.

    By Jess URL on 05.09.2012

  38. my hand is not short and i have detention again

    By cayle URL on 05.09.2012

  39. Shorthand means i don’t know.

    By kelley URL on 05.09.2012

  40. FAAAAAAAAA I shall slap you with my tiny little hands.m Trolololololololololo. *the man then slaps a random stranger reapeatedly without pause*

    By Tree URL on 05.09.2012