May 8th, 2012 | 180 Entries

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180 Entries for “shorthand”

  1. whatever that means!!!!!!!!!! i think it means that you have a short hand… no dip

    By S-man URL on 05.09.2012

  2. My brother was born with a short hand.

    By Zachary Williams on 05.09.2012

  3. I wish people stil wrote i shorthand today, but it is not really necessary. We have too much technology. Still, it seems kind of a waste now for the people that took the time to learn, maybe they are all dead now. Well, c’est depriment.

    By elleow URL on 05.09.2012

  4. Melody Amelia quickly wrote a note in shorthand.
    Going to go to the library. I feel like swimming.

    Mels dashed off down the hallway towards the library-with-the-swimming-pool. She immediately jumped into the cold water. She floated around for a while before drying off and returning to her room.

    By Damaris on 05.09.2012

  5. I would love to be able to write in shorthand. If I choose to carry on with my Journalism course next year, I might be learning how to do shorthand, which is great, but I’m not sure what option to drop at the moment.

    By Billy on 05.09.2012

  6. Harold felt his notes lacked character. The letters wobbled to the left and the right and drifted off when his head nodded. It was a toin coss whether his next “g” would curl, or not curl. He thought, maybe he should develop some kind of shorthand to take down Ms. Drinfeld’s lightning-fast lectures, or be like girl in front of him, who didn’t take notes, and just listened, with black hair that undulated when she gave exaggerated nods, for the teacher’s benefit, maybe. He didn’t like this half-state he was in, too chicken to skip class and too unversed in study skills to actually do well. It was like, someone had injected some weak but permanent inhibatory drug when he first came to MIST, or maybe it was too much ever-present leftover pizza, but he just wanted to go back to his dorm in the noontime Indian-summer sun and sleep until dinner.

    By Holden URL on 05.09.2012

  7. One word. Holocaust. Awful, hurtful, sad. A time in history when everything was going wrong. Pain. Slavery. Death. Children, parents, babies, families destroyed.

    By April Williams on 05.09.2012

  8. Holocaust it was a awful many people died during the time. It was very saaad :(

    By Fernando duque on 05.09.2012

  9. I needed help getting rid of the belly fat keeping me from loving myself. Unfortunately, the world seems rather short handed when looking for inexpensive inspiration. I had to learn to build the body I could love, out of the swollen pieces I loathed.

    By Ruben URL on 05.09.2012

  10. It Was cool and good
    And it was not bad and I like that Holocaust thing

    By Kyumin hwang on 05.09.2012

  11. It is sad and not cool because they traded people bad and I felt

    By Antonio Sanchez URL on 05.09.2012

  12. I don’t know what to do…ahahaha ubm..holocaust is Bad thing thing to be. Well what in the world is shorthand and I think there was very bad…Im not good at this. :( I’m

    By Karla Ramirez on 05.09.2012

  13. Method of writing fast using strokes and symbols.

    By Roberto Navarro URL on 05.09.2012

  14. It Was cool and good
    And it was not bad and I like that Holocaust thing and people die 600000peoples die because nazie

    By Kyumin hwang on 05.09.2012

  15. Oopooooohhh hai :3

    By Fernando duque on 05.09.2012

  16. The holocaust was about our stories, that we wrote About the stories that we read and saw,about number the stars and the devils arithmetic

    By Alexis Cabello on 05.09.2012

  17. Sad
    Boot camp

    By Jose garza on 05.09.2012

  18. A small hand that’s short or a shrunk hand.No money or small amount of things. Poor no money in the holocaust the. the natzis left the Jews shorthanded

    By Melanie Garcia on 05.09.2012

  19. The holocaust is about WWII Germin taking the Jews and killing them and taking them to concentration camps not so many things wrere imprted like no butter , suger, cream, and also trying to save as much jews the can also so many Jews in hiding praying and hoping to live and wishing all of the things that was going on back in 1941

    By Brianna Flores on 05.09.2012

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    By Jackqueline Collons URL on 05.10.2012