February 28th, 2013 | 204 Entries

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204 Entries for “sentenced”

  1. prison, trouble, history, Army, misery.

    By nickreach on 03.01.2013

  2. this is sooo not a word. sentence is not a verb, its a noun, write a sentence. not sentence this phrase. you cant put ed at the and of a noun. no. just dont do it. that’s the stupidest thingi’ve ever heard and i live in fort knox. no no no no no.

    By crissy on 03.01.2013

  3. It was of those many times when he felt like he was sentenced for all of the wrong things that he did. He felt guilty, and he felt regret and remorse for the man and the only person he truly loved the most; but now that he’s dead, all that he could do was watch him with his new lover in the shadows as they make love to each other.

    By Aimee URL on 03.01.2013

  4. the criminal justice system sentences people to crimes that they commit. they go to jail or prison depending on their sentence. their time they have to serve is dependent on the crime they committed.

    By Brittany on 03.01.2013

  5. I was sentenced to 10 years
    10 years of waiting and hoping
    You never noticed me, but I noticed you
    10 years of seeing you
    Not being noticed by you
    Finally – 10 years later
    I am finally freed by this sentence

    By Ursula on 03.01.2013

  6. I would like to fly when im on drugs, listening music and thinking like a bird, the airplane is crashing on thousands of colors, beautiful… strange… colors, red… black… blue…

    By diego on 03.01.2013

  7. “Then asked for the worst, old Lucious, Buckbeak’s been sentenced to death.”

    By Elise URL on 03.01.2013

  8. amor
    tengo ganas de escribir

    By Dinorah on 03.01.2013

  9. I walk through the hallways, glancing at the animals, roaring in their cages alongside me. I am above them, clearly–otherwise I wouldn’t be here, walking to my throne. My electric throne which will bring me peace, prosperity. I have been sentenced to… What? Is it death? Or is it royalty?

    By Rosie Moore URL on 03.01.2013

  10. those who are sentenced to thinking they cannot do everything in this world, those who are sentenced to thinking they can do anything in this world
    those who are thinking that they are sentenced
    those who are sentenced to write sentences
    those who know the value of a minute

    By Flimmy Sentence on 03.01.2013

  11. When I hear the word sentenced I think of being sentenced to death. There are many ways to be sentenced to death. For example, lethal injection, firing squads, or sentenced for life in prison. Not many people get sentenced to death.

    By Cassidy Conley URL on 03.01.2013

  12. Sentenced to me is sentenced to death. Murder. Rape. A court room full of people. A jury and a judge. Suspense. Hate. Tears. Sadness. Joy. Convicts. Innocents.

    By Lauren Coates URL on 03.01.2013

  13. A guy committed a murder and he was sentenced to death immediately.

    By Mollie URL on 03.01.2013

  14. I was then sentenced to a long lonely life i would forever be left , no one to love no one to care for i was on my own just me and my thoughts nobody would know of the things i had done or the things i had learned nobody would think or care about the oncoming storm that was close at hand

    By Cld13 URL on 03.01.2013

  15. Hallie put her pen to the paper and crossed out the word again. Sentenced. Was that even a word? It didn’t sound like one, and she had no idea how it would even be used. The assignment was just flying over her head, and she didn’t know how she would concentrate. The stress of the rest of the days events were weighing on her already, and this darned English assignment was just dragging her down with it.

    By Mtwalker URL on 03.01.2013

  16. I couldnt believe what i had just heard. My best friend had been sentenced to death.. How could this be happening?! It wasnt even true. She didnt really do what they thought she did. This is all a mistake.

    By Cheyenne URL on 03.01.2013

  17. How could he be sentenced to death? The movie was only rated R. Surely there were other punishments that fit the crime. “Oh well,” he thought. His lackadaisical attitude was detrimental to a fault.

    By Yui_Uzuki URL on 03.01.2013

  18. He was sentenced for what?? That doesn’t sound like Zane at all.. Who was he with? Was he running around with the Jesse boy again.?? He needs to clean his act up! What is his momma and daddy say? If I was their parents they’d be in big trouble! Grounded for LIFE

    By amberlynn URL on 03.01.2013

  19. Prison, english, dungon, dragon, fire, princess, shrek, jail, murder, crime, police,

    By Sarahgriffie27 URL on 03.01.2013

  20. I was sentenced to life in prison. There was time enough to think of what I’d done. Hell, there was too much time for me to not think about it. It’s a funny thing: when you’re on the outside, you feel trapped by the things that take up all of your time. But in here…in here you wish to all hell that there was more to distract you from the haunting hatred of what’s inside of you.

    By Alaine on 03.01.2013

  21. Being sentenced to life in jail was not the scariest part of the courtroom. Instead, what frightened her was being in her own head. The outside world was filled with distractions. She was now going to be alone no matter what.

    By maria on 03.01.2013

  22. This is a sentence.

    By Jason URL on 03.01.2013

  23. Hallo ich komme aus deutschland und weiss nicht was das wort bedeutet. Sntence ist der satz, und sentenced? satzweise?

    By Tony Leung on 03.01.2013

  24. When it came down to it, no matter how much he begged, how much he pleaded, there was nothing he could really do anymore. Today was the day they would officially decide his sentence, whether it be for good or for bad, but really it had been decided weeks ago, when they had first lay eyes on him across the makeshift courtroom that he was sat in today, shivering as he mourned his future.

    By lightthisfuse URL on 03.01.2013

  25. He was sentenced to death. But no ordinary death could punish this man, the court had made a new form of death just for him. It would take days, maybe weeks for him to die

    By Alex URL on 03.01.2013

  26. he was sentenced the maximum time in prison; life. It was only his first offense too. It’s amazing how fast someone could destroy the rest of their life making a 2 second desiosion.

    By Lehla Owens on 03.01.2013

  27. The greatest punishment I can imagine would be to be sentenced to a hundred more years of life on this earth. Never has something ruined me, ground me down, tortured me and put me through such pain as life on this planet has.

    By Suzanne Ciechalski on 03.01.2013

  28. The morning dawned bright on the morning of his trial. He had been sentenced to 8 years in prison, but was released on good behavior. However, he had committed another infraction and was attending a retrial.

    By Miranda on 03.01.2013

  29. I was sentenced to spending the rest of my life searching for happiness. It was the best sentence I could have been given. Leaving him gave me the freedom to be be. No more of him sentencing me to what he wanted me to be. I felt free. I was sentenced to merely find out who I wanted to be. I was sentenced and I expect to fulfill that sentence to the fullest.

    By Vixy Stewart on 03.01.2013

  30. Innocent
    She swears it
    The twelve look unconvinced
    Words fall muffled around her
    They concur:

    By Chelsea on 03.01.2013

  31. depression is a possesive friend
    who steals you away from your other friends
    and makes sure that you’re never alone
    and always lonely

    depression is a stern warden
    who punishes you for every bad deed
    but still provides you with food, clothing,
    and sunlight, if you’re good

    depression is a husband of ten years
    who throws things at you and screams
    “aren’t i enough?” when you ask yourself
    if this is all you’ll ever get

    (resigned, you tell all of them,
    “it’s not so bad, i guess,”
    and throw in a smile
    because you don’t want to seem ungrateful.)

    By h. b. URL on 03.01.2013

  32. I once sentenced a marshal to death. I was lonely and wanted him to feel pain too.I miss him now.I like to think he misses me too. Regret…..

    By Merlyn J on 03.01.2013

  33. We are sentenced to the chains that bind us and the things that hold them in place.

    What’s worse- we created those very chains and we know exactly what they’re bound too…

    Why must we be masochists and condemn ourselves to inevitable death?

    What idiosyncratic tendencies, say the sculptors of breath when they analyze us from up above time and logic.

    By JP URL on 03.01.2013

  34. for life. for a crime he didn’t commit. Sometimes justice isn’t so just. Sometimes we are dissapointed with society and drag others with us to our cynical hole.

    By Audrey Clark URL on 03.01.2013

  35. We are sentenced to the chains that bind us and the things that hold them in place.

    What’s worse- we created those very chains and we know exactly what they’re bound too…

    Why must we be masochists and condemn ourselves to inevitable death?

    What lunatic tendencies, say the sculptors of breath when they analyze us from up above time and logic.

    By JP URL on 03.01.2013

  36. Love! What can I say about love if it is not the only thing that makes a man be closer to GOD.

    By Alex URL on 03.01.2013

  37. The look on John’s face could not betray his feelings while he was being sentenced. His eyes were cold, hard, and soulless.

    By Iron Chariot URL on 03.01.2013

  38. You are sentencing the potential of language to certain doom when you feel moderation is necessary over non-offensive words.

    Oneword- stop gutting the beauty of linguistics. Embrace the infinite possibilities.

    By JP URL on 03.01.2013

  39. Death.
    The death sentence.
    My father is a federal prosecutor
    the bad guy in movies
    bullet-proof vest in the attic
    so that those guys who dangle teens out of windows
    wouldn’t get us
    his precious baby girls

    By Meghan Rose on 03.01.2013

  40. Death.
    So harsh, for such distraction.
    Who are they to judge us? Just because they’ve deemed themselves superior?
    Though you cannot rebel
    a sentence like this.
    it’s something we have to face, nothing we can disobey.

    By Jordan Barker URL on 03.01.2013