February 27th, 2013 | 253 Entries

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253 Entries for “knock”

  1. you can knock on a door.
    you can knock over something.
    Knock and the door will be opened.
    Bible parables.
    These are the things that come to my head when I see the word: knock.

    By Raina on 02.28.2013

  2. you may think i’m ignoring you
    (i am)

    you may think i lost the will to live
    (i did)

    you may think i’m not capable of it
    (i can)

    you may think i’m too afraid to continue
    (i am

    but only a little,
    and not enough to stop
    the pills.

    you may think i’m too lazy to get up,
    i’m not,
    really i think they’re working now

    guess you’ll have to hear me breathe
    one last time
    from outside the door.)

    By isa on 02.28.2013

  3. Knock knock. Neil got up and rubbed his eyes. The clock told him it was 3:00, whoo the hell was at his door ?

    By Alex on 02.28.2013

  4. i heard a knock. no one was supposed to be here for another hour! the house is a mess! how can i decorate the house and put out the food if guests are already arriving! my anxiety is through the roof. i answer the door. ups.

    By l on 02.28.2013

  5. There was a knock at the door. The clock stared back at him as he stood there hesitating to open. Hesitating to peep to see who was there. There were several options but none were people whom he wished to encounter. His friendships were in short order lately. His enemies, on the other hand…

    Slowly he crept towards the door, trying not to make a noise. His breathing was loud in his ears and every creak of the hardwood floor seems to resonate with unnerving clarity.

    By Isaac Perez on 02.28.2013

  6. “It’s open!” She called, wondering who was at the door. A shining face appeared from behind the oak wood finish.
    “I brought carry out. Bourbon chicken, egg rolls, red sauce, crab meat ragoons-”
    “Listen, you didn’t have to come, really. I’m fine.” She smiled to prove her point.
    “Oh, Anne, that’s the most pathetic attempt at a smile I’ve ever seen. We don’t even have to talk, okay? We can just eat and watch Wipeout and worry about everything else later. Sound good?”
    Anne smiled, which felt weird, she hadn’t honestly smiled for a while.
    “You’re a great friend, Felic.”

    By Sarah on 02.28.2013

  7. Always knocking. Never any reply. Keep going. Somebody is listening. Eventually it will happen. In the end you will find the rignt door.

    By Selfpoise on 02.28.2013

  8. knock knock
    -whos there?
    its me, you told me to come because you said you needed me
    – thats right come in
    are things ok?
    -life has been a bit difficult and i wanted you to make it better by being with me and go on a journey , just you and I.

    By richie on 02.28.2013

  9. I heard a knock coming from my engine today on the way to school. I am hoping it does not mean that there is something really bad wrong with my car. I wonder if I need to call the mechanic about it or if it will just go away? I hope my car runs OK after school

    By Mrs. Broege on 02.28.2013

  10. knock. Sometimes rhyming words have connections besides spelling.
    knock (on a)
    door (a door has a)
    lock (lock rhymes with knock)
    See? They are connected. You KNOCK on a door, and doors have LOCKS.
    (you) knocked (expecting no one to be home, then the door)
    opens (and you are)
    shocked (knocked rhymes with shocked)

    this is a clock.
    I am obsessed with the Hunger Games.

    By Raina on 02.28.2013

  11. Knock and it shall be opened unto you. Don’t knock whatever it is. It might be the most valuable whatever it is that you have ever encountered. Knock on my door anytime. Actually, knock is a strange word. Not pretty.

    By Sheila on 02.28.2013

  12. I am startled. I am nervous. I am scared. Until this point i have imagined myself very aware of my surroundings. One noise interrupted my piece of mind and it is unsettling. A knock, just one. A small one. That is all it takes to make me rethink me entire plan, as i creep towards the open door. I feel the nerves in my stomach dance around and overflow up to the back of my throat. I change my gaze to the black ocean floor below me. My eyes adjust finally. It is a bullet. I dropped a damn bullet. At the beginning of all this i wasn’t all to sure that i was going to follow through. Its always the same. I say goodbye to her, she waves and kisses my cold and unenthusiastic cheek and she leaves. Then i wait in the same spot thinking until i get my gun, put it in my pocket and put the bullets in my other pocket. I watch the streetlights blur until i arrive at the house she isn’t suppost to be at. The house she says she hasn’t gone back to since the first time. The house she says she has forgotten. Well i haven’t. As i park in the alley down a ways, i find her car hidden as well. She has learned. I have too. This time i have made past the front door which is always unlocked. I guess someone still has trust around here. This time i have made it all the way upstairs; close enough to hear their rustling under the covers. Will they be surprised to see me? Did they hear the knock of the dropping of my bullet? Are they laughing at me in the shadows? I put my had on the gun in my pocket, i pull it out. I load my revolver with two bullets. I aim it at the lumps on the bed and i flex my hand a bit. It will all me over soon. I look with disgust as she wraps her arms around him in her sleep. As i am about to pul the trigger i start to sweat. I begin to sweat so much that the trigger becomes slippery. My eyes are blurred with the salty liquid fear i cant get rid will to stop. It’s too much, they heard the kock i know it. I creep back out of the house and into my car, speed home in time for the sunrise, and sit in the same spot on the couch. I wait. I fall asleep and wake up to the sound of the front door opening. “Hi baby!” she exclaimed. I replied, “How was your mothers house?.”
    “Oh it wasn’t too much fun, we just talked. I miss you”

    “I missed you too” I said as i gave her a big kiss on her forehead. “Sometimes I think i go crazy when your away.”

    By Erika Akire on 02.28.2013

  13. I walked up to the door and slowly knocked. once twice. no one replied. I sat down and waited, for I knew they were in the house. Finally, the door creaked, ooooopppeeenn.

    By olivia carkulis on 02.28.2013