February 28th, 2013 | 204 Entries

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204 Entries for “sentenced”

  1. Jotting down words,
    The passing of words is a sentence
    The writing of notes that compile a feeling
    The telling of phrases, swoonworthy in mind
    This is a sentence.
    And a sentence.
    (That’s all.)

    By Saudade on 02.28.2013

  2. I have been sentenced.
    The words encase me, hold me, threaten me with minatory haste.
    I have been sentenced to forever behold the written word as one who desires nothing else.

    By Jason on 02.28.2013

  3. Ajmal Kasab was sentenced to death last year for his heinous crimes against Mumbai during the 26/11 attacks. Personally, I think he deserved a much harsher sentence like permanent solitary confinement to pay for his crimes.

    By Venkat on 02.28.2013

  4. The man, unshaven, walked down the row to the last room he would ever enter. He could not help but think that his ideas might be a little bit grim to be lit up for an audience to see– his eyes aglow with fire for a split second before going out completely.

    By alex mccoy on 02.28.2013

  5. Rather than making school a thing that feels needed for life, it feels as though society has sentenced everyone in The United States to twelve years of pure pain and irrelevance. They don’t teach us how to live, but they teach us to close our minds and do exactly as we’re told, whether what we’re told is morally (or psychologically) correct or not. I just desperately wish that they would make school less about the pointless academics, and more on the people skills needed to excel in the future.

    By Julie Morgan on 02.28.2013

  6. i’m stuck here, sentenced to a life of pain and misery and angst. but i’ve only done it to myself. i can’t help it. sometimes i try and change but i never can. i always stay the same. i just what things to be different. i want to be different. i want to be able to be the person i want to be, but i keep reverting back to the person i was before, and it is so frustrating. one day i’ll change. one day i’ll be different.

    By mopheadmess on 02.28.2013

  7. It was the day, the day he was sentenced. He could remember it like it was yesterday even though it was just a memory now. A memory that seemed to plague his dreams. He missed his family, his friends his life. No one believed that he was being blamed for something he didnt do, they just wanted someone to put away, some one to make themselves feel better about what they did.

    By Catherine on 02.28.2013

  8. the man was sentenced to jail because he killed his wife. if hi wife hadnt have been a dirty nasty cheater married to a man with anger issues non if this would have happened but because of her hes sentenced to life in jail without parole. those poor children. wheres grandma wheres grandpa?

    By Larissa on 02.28.2013

  9. sentenced words must have a meaning!

    By lesedi on 02.28.2013

  10. Throughout the trail, the accused man hadn’t lifted his head once. The pounding of the gavel brought him back to reality. The trial was over. He looked around wildly – “Not life imprisonment, please, not life imprisonment”. He heard the whispers around him and facts registered – death sentence.

    He could have cried with relief. This was not punishment. He would soon be joining his son in the other world. His tiny innocent son who was killed for that thin thread of gold around his neck. The tiny thread that he had worked to hard to buy.

    He sighed in satisfaction. He had blinded his son’s murderer. And there was no gold in the other world.

    By RashmiSasi on 02.28.2013

  11. In the wooden stalls behind me are filled with displeased children in suits and briefcases. The judges seat risen high. His face covered in white chalk and cheeks dabbed with red rose cream. Lips blackened with paint and wig filled with the fake white curls. The jury’s faces masked as rabbits and phillies. With a room filled with only silence, their strictened eyes carried upon me, scream.
    Gavel pounded and glances towards the judge ” The defendant, found guilty on all charges and is sentenced to a painful eternity filled with lies and heartbreak.” No applause, the children rip off their suits and drop their suitcases and carry on outside the metal door. The jury walk orderly through the hidden door, and the judge just sits to admire me.
    And soon my heart will be caged and drowned with everything I’ve deserved.

    By JaneDoe on 02.28.2013

  12. Sentenced for a something he didn’t do. Sentenced to a life she never wanted. Sentenced before he’s even born.

    Sentenced with two short words.

    “I do.”

    By Rory on 02.28.2013

  13. We marched on; the whole long line of us. Our feet dragged and our heads bobbed, as if to one, unheard beat. This was it, the end, the last companionship we would ever know.

    By KT on 02.28.2013

  14. You’ve been sentenced to sentences, and that is all. You are stuck in words, and reality is closed from you. Its operations, its strange movements, the tangled muddle of thoughts that people usually experience – that is all gone. You shall be stuck forever in sentences, in ordered rational thoughts, unable to say what you mean, unable even to think it.

    By Katie Lumsden on 02.28.2013

  15. sentenced to jail for the rest of ones life could be one of the most upsetting things to ever happen to a human. why would you ever want to be sentenced to penalty or jail? it would be a life of loneliness and filled with regret. it would be a sad sentenced life.

    By kai on 03.01.2013

  16. putting thoughts definitions or words in a sentence that makes sense. furnishing up work to make it look fancier. or sentenced like sentenced to death

    By Heidy on 03.01.2013

  17. He was sentenced on a droll, humid day in late August. No one cried. The reporters all went about their business sullenly; they’d been here before, and they’d do this again. It was remarkably simple. He had done it, and now he would pay for it.

    By Laura on 03.01.2013

  18. Thinking about what to write. Just one simple sentece that you would look at and smile. I am no shakespear. I did not know that the fault isn’t in our stars but in ourselves. I have no great stenght of knowledge to know this. I am noone. I am me

    By Vikki on 03.01.2013

  19. Found not guilty. Sentenced to life. I almost wish it had been the other way. He was going to have to live with this the rest of his life. They were letting him go. Now he’d have to live with his guilt- and I’d have to live with him.

    By Andrea on 03.01.2013

  20. It makes me think of being sentanced to jail
    just like ned kelly
    i wonder if he had feelings
    or morals
    or if he had an emotional connections
    i wonder about that a lot
    are all criminals heartless beasts
    or are they still human

    By jessica on 03.01.2013

  21. He was sentenced to a life of drama for all his inappropriate acting.

    By CherylChilds on 03.01.2013

  22. She was thirteen when they sentenced her to the cage. At fourteen, she decided that she would not speak. At fifteen, she began living inside her head. When she was a child she saw the world as a blank canvas, each tiny step painted a road. At thirteen, those around her began painted her canvas and spilled black paint. The young girl was never the same.

    By Tani on 03.01.2013

  23. El chico se sentaba incómodo sobre aquel banco de piedra, condenado por las miradas de todos los que llenaban el lugar. Solo.

    By Messer on 03.01.2013

  24. She had been sentenced for her actions. It was true that she deserved it, but it seems that the truth was unclear. She headed off to her final ten minutes on earth, wondering what waited for her on the other side.

    By ET URL on 03.01.2013

  25. The whale made majestic whale noises and the room spun in his head. Disorientated, he fell back in his cushioned carrot seat. Jack Rabbit was to serve a lifetime sentence, for the love of his life was dead, and he was the only witness and the only suspect.

    By bluebooks on 03.01.2013

  26. He was sentenced to death.

    It was too sudden. Mary couldn’t believe what she had just heard. He was innocent. He couldn’t even hurt a fly. Why would a cruel thing happen to him? Was God playing tricks? If so, it’s not a funny one.

    By Erin on 03.01.2013

  27. I was not impressed with the verdict that was handed down to the prisoner, after he had took the life of my best friend. We all thought that the sentenced was too lenient and was not a strong enough deterrent against the fight to stop violence and to protect the life of the innocence.

    By victor URL on 03.01.2013

  28. sentence punsihment evil i don’t know, send an email, or a letter or something apples 1st of march

    By aa on 03.01.2013

  29. “For your crimes the sentence is…death,” The crowd dissolved into murmurs interspersed with horrified gasps and the occasional cry for mercy. “She’s just a child!” one woman shouted, her voice breaking with the force of her plea.
    The judge pounded his staff against the stone, the echo ringing in the early morning air. “Silence!” he bellowed, puffing out his chest imperiously. “This is the will of God,”
    The girl in question raised her head, a small and terrifying smile balanced on her lips. “Not my god,” she spat.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 03.01.2013

  30. This marks one year of my lifetime sentence. Time had been passing by slow, but I am getting used to this monotonous life. Wake up. Exercise. Work. Eat. Sleep. I can only hope routine can keep me going.

    By Lantern on 03.01.2013

  31. i have been sentenced to a life of doing. whatever it is that must be done in order to ensure that i get a “well done” in the end. this sentencing isnt a result of wrong doing—-moreso of expectation—-of excitement—of knowing. ive been sentenced to more.

    By Safon on 03.01.2013

  32. Sentenced to a life that isn’t half-bad, really, but not being half-bad means it also isn’t half-good. Middle class rut with mortgages and marriages and children and the dreams slowly slipping away until you aren’t even really sure what there were in the first place. Is this the American dream, then?

    By Ara on 03.01.2013

  33. a man was sentenced to death that day. the town was shocked. how could he have let this happen. the blond lady cried as the verdict was called out, gasps of shock filled the room.

    By Audrey on 03.01.2013

  34. its terrible when you’re sentenced to imprisonment, for life. but its even harder when you are sentenced to life. There is really no bailing in the latter. trying to become a writer the only thing i manage to sentence are words.

    By bee9 on 03.01.2013

  35. it feels like a sentence to decide what i want to do here. i know that i am not resigned to lie down in one set of railroad tracks for the rest of my life waiting for the end to barrel down on me but it FEELS that way and oh the stress it’s a killer

    By girlbrains on 03.01.2013

  36. She sentenced him to his fate long before he ever conceived of her; he didn’t understand her pain, didn’t even care. And he deserved to understand, he needed to know. If he didn’t, she thought he might as well die.

    By Ashley URL on 03.01.2013

  37. Sentenced.This means to phrase a sentence.Or it could also mean to sentence someone something.For a court or Law and order,the judge sentences someone for death or life imprisonement. Though that’s what not you had in mind!

    By Tazmeen on 03.01.2013

  38. The hammer fell and banged loudly upon the table. No mercy. It echoed in the chamber, in my ears, reminding me that I was going to die. There had been no trial. It was well known that I was a murderer. No one had dared to fight my case.
    But they didn’t know the story. They didn’t know that I had killed him in self defense. Everybody took a man’s word over a woman’s

    By Serryphae URL on 03.01.2013

  39. The criminal was sentenced to thirty years in prison. HIs childhood flashed in front of his eyes. All those beautiful moments. So free. The fresh air filling his lungs. All that would be gone soon. That dark cell would become his friend, it would become his home.

    By Alexis Nichporuck on 03.01.2013

  40. How many people are there on planet earth? We are all going to the same place. Whether you like it or not. It will be exciting.

    By dcoop on 03.01.2013