March 1st, 2013 | 177 Entries

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177 Entries for “conjured”

  1. something that magicians do
    an imaginary object that is brought into existence
    rabbit out of the proverbial hat ??
    tending to wizards and magicians

    By Udai Chopra on 03.02.2013

  2. He appeared so suddenly, as if conjured up by the desperation in my voice. His arms wrapped around me holding me close, and together we wept. This perfect stranger and I, now one.

    By Lunette URL on 03.02.2013

  3. The magician went silent …..
    Everybody in the audience held their breaths in awe
    And out of the blue he conjured a rabbit out of a hat !!!

    By Grimjaw on 03.02.2013

  4. i conjured up a thought, it was a stupid one, nothing of importance. i wrapped my head around it as I thought about it. it was not love it wasnt even some pretentious thing i usually have in my head. it was just a thought about nothing and everything, about something and nothing.

    By Kali on 03.02.2013

  5. Thw dog was conjured with the fact that i was leaving for a date on friday night with out him.

    By abi on 03.02.2013

  6. “So, what excuse for being late do you have conjured up today?”
    Derrick had been scheduled at 5:30 and it was now 5:45 – not such an unusual circumstance for him to find himself in. He had a tendency to lose track of time, especially when he was invested in something he found particularly interesting, like video games. He winced a bit. He’d been hoping the manager on duty would’ve been one of those who was more lenient about tardiness.

    By hannah URL on 03.02.2013

  7. That is a strange word and i believe it means jumbled and it makes me feel like i am climbing a mountain of blocks and they are all pointy. I was all conjured while i was trying to take care of all my household duties. I had conjured up an awesome party idea for our black tie affair!!! woooeeoo

    By Brooke on 03.02.2013

  8. i strongly suspect that my life
    has become some kinda palahniuk thriller

    not because i’m planning
    the downfall of mankind

    but that i have my very own tyler durden
    springing awake when i fall asleep

    borrowing books on witchcraft
    taking up sorcery
    no creepy dolls
    no black cats

    just casting a spell perfect enough
    to come up with the shape of you

    how else did i find someone
    who didn’t run already
    someone willing
    to put up with all my shit?

    By isa on 03.02.2013

  9. My thoughts are demons conjured up from only God knows where. They whisper dark and painful memories and fears. They tell me that I will never know him and to be afraid because he will not help me. They tell me he will crush me like an ant in the kitchen, just minding its own business trying to survive, not knowing its own fate.

    By sturmzie on 03.02.2013

  10. The old man opened his robe and held the magic wand between his wrinkled fingers. He looked at the young boy and once again conjured a bear.

    By Sam on 03.02.2013

  11. Suddenly appeared, brought up by something deep in my mind and I don’t know fo the source. Sometimes I wish it wouldn’t come to me, but it always seems to make it’s way to the surface. Almost a torment, but as quick as it comes, it goes.

    By Brittani on 03.02.2013

  12. The way she pulled up the sheet over his head, it was almost like magic. I expected him to jump up and say something, but he didn’t. He would never say anything again.

    By Kate on 03.02.2013

  13. Brought up in my mind, completely unaware Sometimes good sometimes bad. Almost a torment, but as quickly as it comes, it goes. Injured. Magically arise from a fellas black high cap.

    By Brittani on 03.02.2013

  14. He conjured up a day of dangerous driving. the drugs hadn’t quite hit yet, but somehow his steering wasn’t on par with his usual selection of timing and turns. He wanted out of the neighbourhood, but didn’t think it was going to happen anytime soon. So where would he go?

    By Rmund on 03.02.2013

  15. I took out my potions and wiped my hand to the spoon. It wasn’t long before I explosion came from my pot and a green smoke filled the air. I had finished making my food. And my food lured the children. It was alcohol that would make children illusion my house a candy

    By deanna on 03.02.2013

  16. When the man looked me in the eyes, a new feeling conjured itself inside of me. I had never felt it, and it was nearly indescribable. I think that the best way to describe it is like I was floating, above the rest of the world. His look held so much emotion and pain, so much love that I couldn’t breathe, my mind nearly shut down. I was over took by a desire to hug the man, take away the hurt and gently kiss his cheek, allowing him to know that it would be alright, the world wasn’t going to end. A simple look conjured all that, and to this day, without his knowledge, I am still in love with that man.

    By AnnieB on 03.02.2013

  17. I conjured up an explanation to the thing that seemed to be inexplicable. I tried to find a way to believe the things that were said could be in any way true, but it was such a leap of fait that it drove me crazy. How could things be this convoluted, this dumb. What was one true thing I could ever lean on in my life? How stupid to be captive to this idiotic way of being, where things never added up, the truth could never be found, and at the end of the day a sad existence was perpetuated one day at a time. Would there ever be a way forward? What could be the key for moving into the next chapter?

    By Lynn on 03.02.2013