June 24th, 2012 | 236 Entries

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236 Entries for “seeds”

  1. growing slowly i know thee will surly become great young one, but for now stand tall catch the rays have fun.

    By M.Z. URL on 06.24.2012

  2. Born of life and giving of all. Ritual formations of growth and birth. Pollinate, resonate, reproduce. Hot, delicious life. Biotic transformation and joyful life.

    By David Berg on 06.24.2012

  3. It started tonight. The ground was tilled and the soil is fertile. I think this is going to go well. My friends approve; the people who are closest to me and look at that. He’s got them all laughing. I’m just going to sit back and smile, watching the seeds of this start to take root.

    By Meghan Gabehart URL on 06.24.2012

  4. seeds are tiny, tender morsels. with care, they can grow and become strong. with neglect, they wither and die. so is the way of the world.. and so is the way of mankind.

    By Henri URL on 06.24.2012

  5. “Seeds.” Alyssa said. I nodded.
    “Seeds, to, you know, plant stuff.”
    “But you don’t know how to garden, Kaylee.”
    “Well, I’ll learn! How else are we supposed to eat?” I had her on this one.

    By Abby on 06.24.2012

  6. stars flicker like seeds in the sky
    two am no headlights
    stars in the sky
    i didn’t sit on his bed
    he didn’t wrap me up
    no seeds scattered between our heads

    By Lena on 06.24.2012

  7. There are seeds thrown into the deep hole dug by the old woman who sits down on her freshly mowed lawn. Her life has passed her by and although there is nothing left to live for, she enjoys life with a bright smile, thanking the lord for each new day. She awaits the day the seeds will grow into trees. After she passes away, they will be a remainder of her life and her existence in our world.

    “One day,” she whispers to herself as she pats the ground and raises up, holding her aching back, “I too will be in the ground.”

    By Aisha on 06.24.2012

  8. the stars scatter
    the way you didn’t hold me on the bed
    i wasn’t supposed to be there
    tv overtures
    our heads scatter seeds together

    By Lena URL on 06.24.2012

  9. beginning, need watering and sun, are eaten by birds and even humans, we need seeds, need good ground to bear fruit. \need to keep seeds of dieing species. We have seed bank at OSU.

    By \michael on 06.24.2012

  10. Seeds.
    Bits of Life.
    Creating Blooming Buds of Beauty.
    Wondrous Creatures.
    Uncared for.
    Nature’s Miracle.
    Something Lovely Beginning
    With just

    By Story Solo URL on 06.24.2012

  11. Spaced two inches apart and buried an inch deep under toothpick marked mounds, the seeds were an exercise in obsessive compulsive perfection, nourished with precisely one ounce of water every other day. Yet, despite Barbara’s meticulous care, only one out of the sixteen in the little garden sprouted, surviving a solid week before the last gasp of life fled from its dessicated form.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 06.24.2012

  12. I saw their break up over the internet, their two year relationship ended in shambles. It planted the seeds of doubt into my brain. What did that mean for our new relationship? Did they all eventually come to an end? Or maybe we’re different. Maybe we can make it to the end.

    By Aly Fieber URL on 06.24.2012

  13. How wonderful that at 82 and unable to see much, Mabel keeps a garden. She begins some plants inside and buys others in little 4 inch pots. This year she hired someone to turn the soil over and a friend has helped her these last 2 weeks putting in the vegetables.

    By Lucinda on 06.24.2012

  14. Seeds. The smallest origin in life before sprouts rise anew, growth, live. The youngest. Results of labor.

    By Mordarto URL on 06.24.2012

  15. He stood up, shouldering the burlap sack and adjusting it as to keep the seeds from falling out. Turning around, he lifted a hand to his forehead as a makeshift visor and looked out beyond the field.

    By Ella on 06.24.2012

  16. The tree breathed in the smooth scent of a warm afternoon and let its leaves unfurl under the sun. It thought back to its beginnings as one of a thousand seeds.

    By Sookie on 06.24.2012

  17. No. It was the only word that could come to her head. No. No. This couldn’t be happening. He was leaving. All the words he had said; I love you, I’ll never leave, you are wonderful. They meant nothing. Every gift he had given her; the books, the gardening seeds. They meant even less.

    By Caoimhe on 06.24.2012

  18. plan

    By annargyrou on 06.24.2012

  19. She peeled back the edges of the napkin to reveal the seeds. Black kernels stood out in sharp contrast to the red napkin. She chuckled. “I mean I never come to these sort of parties. How the fuck do you look elegant spitting out watermelon seeds”

    By gigi cohen on 06.24.2012

  20. Seeds I think of plants , & I think of like ovaries lol , oh wait can’t forget about sesame seed buns. & the sun , the big beautiful yellow thing in the sky , kinda like earths seed!

    By Belinda on 06.25.2012

  21. When I was little I was fascinated with gardening. The idea that tiny seeds became big oak trees was amazing to me. To be able to plant something so small and watch it grow? How magical. I always heard love was like that. A small seed of a connection turned into true love but for me it was different. When I fall in love it was all at once, like one the big oak trees falling to the ground.

    By Brittface URL on 06.25.2012

  22. I planted the seeds of our relationship just yesterday and already it has grown into a rose spud. Soon it’ll bloom into the most gorgeous rose anyone has ever seen

    By Alli Lynn URL on 06.25.2012

  23. I couldn’t continue this false existence. This facade. I had to tell her. The sperm wasn’t mine. The three boys who ran and tormented, and made her life worth living, were hers alone. I had given them nothing but my last name and a home. Would she care? She would surely notice when their hair turns red.

    By Ruben URL on 06.25.2012

  24. I planted the seeds in the small patch of ground near the house. Soon, many roses would grow outside my house. I never liked roses. Too romantic, I guess. But she did. And this was for her, after all.
    …Still, I prefer irises.

    By Stephanie on 06.25.2012

  25. Seeds grow, and plant everywhere the world is built on seeds and the way that they help build the world is through the connection of roots through the earth and to the core permeating from one end to another uniting the worlds in roots and branches tangled up in the world and in the chaos that lies within it there is nothing more simple or nurutring than a seed that is all

    By Grant on 06.25.2012

  26. She was the reason for the entire city’s downfall. It began with her smile, really, and something about the way she was able to sweet talk a wild dog into sitting at her feet and licking her hand. Soon it was not only the dogs, but every boy and girl who dared pass by her home.

    By Ashley URL on 06.25.2012

  27. Quinn and Rachel were at their home, wishing to find new activities for them to enjoy. Rachel came up with an idea to make a garden, and to grow organic vegetables. As a vegan this would come in handy for future use. They’d be able to excel in home cooking, and enjoy different activities together.

    By yrene on 06.25.2012

  28. He had them, in his pocket. tumbling about and prickly. She had given him a handful but he didn’t need nor want them. If anything he hated nature. He always had. He crushed the seeds in his fist.

    By AZ on 06.25.2012

  29. My meals are made of leaves and seeds
    of petals and sepals from flowers or reeds
    the stigma and style pulled from the pistol
    the torn out ovaries make up a fist full
    – gorge on the garden, its bark and bed
    and live for the life that you dig up til dead

    By gsk URL on 06.25.2012

  30. the seeds of the idea were planted in her head. Did she have the brains to see it through, she didn’t know, but she had to try.

    By kirsty booth URL on 06.25.2012

  31. that tree. Long, strong, building motion with every growing year! It grows, and builds with every burst of light that it brings, every tiny molecule of oxygen that it produces.. Life. It does produce life like the abundant mother that is Earth, and her evergrowing phases of the eternal earth.

    By Hannah URL on 06.25.2012

  32. Seeds are one of the most important things in life. You are able to plant as many seeds as you wish and it is up to you if they are positive or not. The most important thing is never to give up on seeds, they are the only hope for growth and life.

    By Candice URL on 06.25.2012

  33. They were in her teeth and too tiny to rinse or pick out, and strawberries were her favorite. This confounded her. Would blueberries be as satisfying?

    By Clarity URL on 06.25.2012

  34. I always wondered why I didn’t snack on sunflower seeds in the steaming summer like everyone else. I thought maybe it was because my mother had a special sort of reserved disgust for the spitty shell remains, but I don’t know. The few kids that did live in my neighborhood—which was more a retirement subdivision than anything, to be honest—would ride up the street on their bikes and skateboards and in their wake a trail of shells followed. I think that’s why I wanted to eat them so much, knowing that those kids that were older than me

    By Cloall on 06.25.2012

  35. Seeds; I think of people who are born and who grow. We as children are seeds who grow to be sunflowers and roses and lilacs, we grow to be many different types of ‘flowers’ or even completely different type of plants.

    By Kiki on 06.25.2012

  36. carefulness in spending money

    By sree on 06.25.2012

  37. “Blaine, this is a terrible idea.”
    “What!? It’s a fantastic idea! Growing a garden is a must-have for any new home. And it’s on my bucket list, okay?”
    “Fine, fine. …uh, Blaine?”
    “Where are the seeds?”

    By Justine on 06.25.2012

  38. She firmly grasped the seeds and spread it on the ground. The result would be quite extraordinary, beautiful white roses. They would be small at first but grow to be mesmerizing.

    By Diadem on 06.25.2012

  39. “You should really be concerned about this.”
    “It’s not big. It happens all the time.”
    “Yeah but why would someone be stopping you in a gardening centre?”
    “Because, as I’ve said like, always, remember how old I am? It happens.”

    By Katie on 06.25.2012

  40. So go on, she thought, is anyone looking? Of course not, they’re old. You can just reach out and take them. You need them. Yes you do, young lady, don’t argue with me. You need them more than anyone here. Don’t ask why. Just do. Yes, just do.

    By Katie URL on 06.25.2012