April 19th, 2011 | 518 Entries

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518 Entries for “robot”

  1. this robot is so ridiculously programmed and it frustrates my attempt at teaching it creativity. is it even possible? am i a madman? why should i bother with the damned contraption anyhow? i put a paintbrush in its hand and tell it to, “Go!” it looks at me with soulless eyes, waiting for further instruction. “Paint” is a verb, but it is a vague one. this machine will overload with the possibilities of what to paint.

    By Seanna Nichols URL on 04.20.2011

  2. r2 d2. Star wars is what comes to mind. As a kid I always wanted to train a robot to do my chores for me. :)

    By Austen Wageman on 04.20.2011

  3. So oh, my, gosh, I just got his amazing robot at the mall yesterday! And I mean, it was like, on sale, and it totally makes my mochachino every morning and it does this cute little foam froth on top and I can’t quite put my finger on the taste…

    By Meo on 04.20.2011

  4. Mettle, toy,scary,funny,different,shaped heads.

    By Cameron on 04.20.2011

  5. Robots will take over the world one day, they will do so in a timely manor. The leader of the robots will be named Tinger. Tinger and his henchmen (Lankford, Abor, and Rowert) will convert all fleshy humans into robotic creatures. This is the future, you cannot stop it.

    By Trisha Danforth on 04.20.2011

  6. I am mechanical, made by man, by of whom debates and ponders their own creator, when those that devised them through copulation are, indeed before them. I know, and told and made to know who created I, for I am robot.

    By Bunny on 04.20.2011

  7. i finsh my robot while i sip coffee in the morning sun. he greets me beeping loudly and i believe we will become great friends soon. i like beeping along, and watching the leaves rustle in the wind, and slowly rusting in the dew.
    i name him ernest.
    he beeps again.

    By Belen on 04.20.2011

  8. The robot wanted to walk, but could not. Stiff movements, rolling around were its only means of locomotion. Stiff joints, stiff limbs. Things humans would complain about in old age. But for a robot, it’s a dai

    By Kytn on 04.20.2011

  9. A machine with noons taking over the work of man, yet man created the robot. Interesting how the human works I think. We always seem to create things we later hate.

    By Sky on 04.20.2011

  10. The robot leaped from it’s tank and screamed awful things. We ran from the room, ducking under tables and turning them over as shields. I attempted to reach the door and it gored me before my fingertips had reached the handle.

    By Andrew on 04.20.2011

  11. I wish I were an alien. But instead, I’m a robot. I feel the steady grinding and neglect of rusty joints, joints that are not trained, but used to working only one way.

    By Delaine Thomas on 04.20.2011

  12. I wish I had a robot
    to clean
    and do
    my homework
    and tell me how to achieve
    a better life.
    I want it to tell me stories
    and teach be about life
    and never let me slip.

    By ana c.p. URL on 04.20.2011

  13. There was a robot. Just standing there. Unblinking. Though even though it didn’t make the slightest movement, we knew it was thinking – calculating. We decided we should leave this place. That it would be better if we simply left, pretended none of this ever happened. That’s when it pulled out the knife.

    By Andrew on 04.20.2011

  14. fake. not really. but something that society is working on to make us more efficent as people. irobot was a horrible movie. and this word reminds me of the svedka ads i see by the bus tops. robots are extremely intelligent but not something i hope gets intergreated into whole of society.

    By brookemariejarvis on 04.20.2011

  15. metal looking smarter than you think it should be.. Making you wonder…. am I looking at you, or are you WATCHING me????

    By Victoria URL on 04.20.2011

  16. I am as stiff as a robot sometimes when I sit too long. Robots are cool and made of medal most of the time. Robots don’t speak like humans they speak kind of shakey. It hurts when you hit a robot when it’s made of medal.

    By Grace on 04.20.2011

  17. Robot is a being which does not possess a life. It possess a superficial ability to think. Maybe one day we will be able to harness life and force it into a robot. We could create an artificial human. That’s a contradiction. It’s a scientific contradiction..

    By Katherine Hacthoun URL on 04.20.2011

  18. I am as stiff as a robot sometimes when I sit too long. Robots are cool and made of medal most of the time. Robots don’t speak like humans they speak kind of shakey. It hurts when you hit a robot when it’s made of medal. I know that because I have done it before. Robots are freaky sometimes.

    By Grace on 04.20.2011

  19. yeah. what a wonderful thing to be a robot. no feelings. no emotions. robot is perfect. because humans are often defeated by their own feelings and emotions. can’t even make a correct judgement

    By shiela on 04.20.2011

  20. my fear.

    not only becoming someone who just operates by doing things out of habit and not being spontaneous and fun. but doing things because thats how i function.

    integrating robots into society to make our work more efficent.

    too smart for their own good.


    By brookemahre URL on 04.20.2011

  21. Robot…century man was a good movie. It really captured my imagination. Robots do not have to be made of metal. Artificial skin would be cool, if a little odd. What if the person sitting next to you was a robot?

    By NeedforWriting URL on 04.20.2011

  22. Robots are rock hard and you can program them to be mean and they can be shiny dull and made even out of anything you want. You can build a robot and they are either dull or pointy. Especially pointy when you put needles on it!

    By Grace on 04.20.2011

  23. Robot is a being which does not possess a life. It possess a superficial ability to think. Maybe one day we will be able to harness life and force it into a robot. We could create an artificial human. That’s a contradiction. It’s a scientific contradiction.. Before I wrote this just to try out the site and now I joined so I want this listed as an entry of mine. We shouldn’t have to have one word a day. We should get a random word every time we finish a word. Is it bad that I correct grammar while I type?

    By NeedforWriting URL on 04.20.2011

  24. Stiff, servos instead of ligaments so that they can go-go-gadget stuff from rooftops but not embrace weeping nieces and twice removed aunts.

    By Ben Rutkowski on 04.20.2011

  25. A robot is a thing that moves an grabs.

    By camiwhite on 04.20.2011

  26. Robot. Robots are awesome there all like beep beep boooooooom. I will terminate you. Ya robots are awesome

    By Jarom URL on 04.20.2011

  27. the beatles sing a song mr.robot

    By red neck URL on 04.20.2011

  28. We are all robots – arent we? I’m sitting at work, methodically doing a job that requires little to no creatiivity. Ha! Perhaps that is a lie… especially when Rod Stewart is playing, I’m stumbling upon, and coffee is on the go.

    Perhaps we are meant to be robots. But instead, we become these unproductive poeons instead. Whatevs.

    By Nikki on 04.20.2011


    By Babe on 04.20.2011

  30. I saw this movie once called irobot it still creeps me out. But it is a very cool movie it has Will Smith in it. He is such a good actor.

    By emmaliegh URL on 04.20.2011

  31. A robot is a machine thats metal.

    By soccer10 URL on 04.20.2011

  32. A robot is a metal fake person that is at metal.

    By Caitlin Cordova on 04.20.2011

  33. a robot is a machine and its metal

    By littleman on 04.20.2011

  34. there once was a robot that went byt he name of bob. he lived on a planer all his own . he was lonely and needed some one to keep him company but there was no one there. he was sad and sat in the rain a lot. he would stay up all night trugging through the rain trying to find someone he could call his own but ther. he searched for years he seached for decades but theruld find. Eventually the little robot began to rust. d he was unable to move in his search for a friend. so forever now he sits on a hill watching waiting for someone to come along and rescue him. but there is no one.

    By Racheal on 04.20.2011

  35. My favorite topic because most of us are robots. We do the same thing most of every day, never really thinking about what else we can presue. People seem to have decided what we should do and we never question what we can do on our own. Life is full of so many advantages that we, not our robot selves, should be taking part of…..the energy from nature, the art provided by nature and our inner most thoughts we need to learn from. My most recent thought is to learn who I really am and not to just go on with life without knowing me. I will be goal centered and rely on just what enters my mind and be happy with the results as long as I make people and myself content. This is new to me and I am not sure what the results of this will be. So..,….let’s go on with the future of me and not that robot who I used to be.

    By mnorris on 04.20.2011

  36. robots are used for everything or almost every tech, item we see and use today. You got your computer and your coffee machine everything you can think of. We are so advanced today thats it’s unimaginable

    By mileham12mileham34 URL on 04.20.2011

  37. Hmmmm. Robot. This takes me back to my days at Bible School. NOT that all Christians are robots, but it’s easy to fall into that. With no feeling. Looking at others that are hurting deeply and saying, “God has a plan”. I believe that’s true. Even to this day. But the important thing is to stay un-robotic in your life. No matter what you’re doing. Especially in love.

    By Teresa URL on 04.20.2011

  38. Robots scare me because I once watched I Robot and it made me feel like it could legit happen. What if robots took over the world? i like them sometimes b/c they can vaccuum your house for you. Screech powers had a robot and he seemed nice but i forgoet his name. robot spelled backwards is tobor which sounds like talbot candy from europe.

    By aj iannello on 04.20.2011

  39. Is when a piece of metal is turned into a machine that can do all kinds of different things. Some can walk, talk, translate and do all kinds of things. It takes a lot of time and effort to make a good one.

    By Jewelz on 04.20.2011

  40. my 8th grade science project still needs some work done after 30 years. lucy is her name. she still breaks things. i found a whole pile of kitchen appliances in my front closet by the door. clever she is thinking that that would be the last place i look. since its only got a box full of hopeless memories she refuses to let me burn.

    By Katie on 04.20.2011