April 20th, 2011 | 474 Entries

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474 Entries for “gadget”

  1. Gadgets can make odd noises. Inspector gadget was a good movie, but the sequel was horrible. There’s a song about gadgets. I can’t remember the title. Grandfathers always seem to have cool collections of gadgets. Ariel loved collecting them too.

    By Nancy on 04.21.2011

  2. this is a thing that is added to various tech areas on website and other areas related to software. It normally relates to an object that does something specifically which can be a fun object or something practical like a clock, etc. Gadgets are useful objects!

    By Jonathan URL on 04.21.2011

  3. well… a gadget is a cool thing. it can be a camera or something. you also have like inspector gadget who has a lot of gadgets placed on his body. when i was young i always wanted to have all kinds of gadgets. gadgets are cool. i fucking love gadgets. but to whaty will this game result? I wonder.

    By Karel on 04.21.2011

  4. i believe i already posted about this one but whatever. gad get……..weird word to describe such a simple tool thats important to the machines in our daily lives.

    By locke URL on 04.21.2011

  5. Like toy Gadget? I don’t know, I call everything gadget. like a phone I am always like hey can I use that fancy little gadget of yours? Its just my thing i guess..

    By Claudia on 04.21.2011

  6. Inspector Gadget, if I recall, was my hero. Little did I know what an idiot he really was; he never seemed to use his stuff correctly. It’s as though they didn’t install a better brain for the guy.
    I know now that that’s not the case. The guys make you smarter. They have to.

    By Clay URL on 04.21.2011

  7. I’ve plenty of gadgets and gizmo, you can’t touch me. she screams from behind her toy fortress. she pushes a red car and it knocks him over, her dad howling in high pitch. the car is almost an antique, it’s been around since he was about her age, when he was behind his slightly less epic defense fortress. he pushes the car back. it goes round in circle.

    By Chi Thuy URL on 04.21.2011

  8. He tinkered with it, the manservant behind him watching him closely. He was fond of his gadgets, his charge. It was funny. Once, he’s made on that could spot the difference between ink and pencil lead. He’d installed it on the family scanner and it made the documents much clearer, which was nice.

    By Artemis on 04.21.2011

  9. Gadets can be awesome to use like for spies….haha

    By Brittany URL on 04.21.2011

  10. ממה לא אכפת לי מגאדג’טים
    עוד סממן של המעמד הבורגני
    זה ממש עצוב לחשוב שאנשים חשים רגשות כלפי הגאדג’טים שלהם
    אנשים מתעסקים בגאדג’טים שלהם במקום לדבר עם האנשים שלידם

    By Hadar Mamrud on 04.21.2011

  11. Spinning wildly, the numbers illuminated the dim and dusty corridor. Hushed murmers filled the humid air.
    “Are you sure this thing works?”
    The sound of gears turning, and switches being flipped.
    “Guess we’ll have to find out.”

    By Meg URL on 04.21.2011

  12. I used to think with it, you know? Thoughts the size of an ocean, a bus, a pea. That’s when you came by. I went numb, and needed my gadget no more.

    By Aditi URL on 04.21.2011

  13. Gadget like a mechanism of my heart- aorta and pulmonary artery ticking and clicking like a clock in love with time, my gadget clicks for you.

    By Kivi on 04.21.2011

  14. The Chinese artist took his sumi-e brush, his most prized gadget, and wielded it masterfully over the canvas, dipping into the ink only sparingly, trying to capture the awesome image of a snow-covered mountain that he saw the week before while traveling with his ten-year-old son.

    By William Snyder on 04.21.2011

  15. Gadgets are funny and interesting and confusing. They are weird and unique and normally work pretty well but sometimes they just make life harder. I think of gears when I think of gadgets and I also think of my uncle Michael, who I call uncle Fuzzy because of his beard. He loves gadgets and uses them for everything . He makes a lot of gadgets and tries to have a every gadget that could possibly make life any simpler.

    By Becky on 04.21.2011

  16. Gadgets can come in all shapes and sizes. Most Dad’s prefer gadgets for their cars. They could be wrenches or other tools, but the point is that they’re really refurbishing something unique. They buy this manufactured piece of metal and rubber and plastic, take it in their homes & garages, and then make it their own. It doesn’t matter who else is around the venture it.

    By kelly mehler on 04.21.2011

  17. Its amusing that new tools haven’t made thumbs obsolete. Unless of course someone convinces you to cut off your perfectly good thumbs and replace them with gadgets.

    By HelenGrant URL on 04.21.2011

  18. inspector gadget
    gadgets are fancy
    gadgets are for spies
    gadgets are super cool
    i love gadgets
    my name is bryn
    gadgets ROCK!
    im kinda bored now
    i want my time to run out
    make this stop
    okay im done now
    thats enough

    By bwynny on 04.21.2011

  19. it was a piece of rusted metal. It was a treasure to the small boy. he pocketed the little robot toy, his personal gadget of delight and snuck back to his hut sheepishly where his father would be waiting angrily as usual. No one understood the boys need to be out of there.

    By Lemontine URL on 04.21.2011

  20. silly electronic things that nobody can make any sense of but can be incredibly useful if used to their full potential. associated with materialism and wealth. usually small/handheld. ew. don’t understand this game……..

    who knows

    By liv on 04.21.2011

  21. The gadget is at saved his life. At first he believed that it was a useless tool that only took up space. It was an odd ugly sort of contraption that any ordinary person would have thought to be nothing more then garbage.

    By Sky URL on 04.21.2011

  22. what the fuck. gadget hmmm im just looking at the word and gad and get get a gad? whats a agad i guess its just something to get. so life is a gadget i suppose. for me anyways. get a life gadget. dont know what to write this word took me for suprise. suprise spelled wrong a second time in a row even tho i was aware it was spelled wrong after i typed it the first time.

    By Allison on 04.21.2011

  23. I hate the technology brings us closer to an understanding of the world yet isolates us so deeply from ourselves and from each other. I feel a difference in myself when I stop texting people and search them out to tell them in person. And I feel a difference when I actually call to talk instead of text or e-mail. Because truly the feeling of being there makes all the difference in the world and strengthens all of our bonds.

    By Jason URL on 04.21.2011

  24. Gadgets – another boy’s word. I have a son-in-law who loves gadgets – though not as much as he loves my daughter, so that’s okay. But the house is full of things that go ping if no-one takes any notice of them. Give me knitting any day!

    By joey on 04.21.2011

  25. Gadget is a stupid word. I don’t know why I’m doing this. I don’t even like gadgets. They make me sad because they get out-dated really fast then no one loves them. Gadgets are tragic. Nicknacks. Is that the word. They’re like technological nicknacks. Why do people even use that word. It also reminds me of RugRats. This is silly. I missed a capitalization. That’s bugging me. I can fix it now. Gadget. Gadget.

    By T on 04.21.2011

  26. Gadget. I love gadgets. They do these wonderful things like keep me entertained, informed, educated, etc. I love how gadgets work. But sometimes, gadgets drive me absolutely bonkers. Like I want to throw them against the wall. But then they do these magical things all over again and I go back to thinking it’s wonderful. It’s the most bipolar relationship. It’s a necessary relationship.

    By Maria on 04.21.2011

  27. Gadgets so cool they make you drool! A scan toast printer, an automated mower, tetris tiles for the wall and floor, alien vs predator chess, and decorative latte.

    By sweettea URL on 04.21.2011

  28. go go gadget copter he said

    and off they went into the night.

    they had no idea where they were heading, or how long they would be gone, but they knew they only had enough fuel for another 30 minutes, if they were lucky.

    By anthony URL on 04.21.2011

  29. doctor whos sonic screwdriveer. who wants ic scrwdriver? never had to put ub alot of cabnents?

    By dakota on 04.21.2011

  30. This was yesterday’s word and I already wrote on gadget. Why would you give it to me again today? Please don’t do this to me. It’s not fair! Not fair at all! Stupid electronic stuff! You just made me get all sad for lack of a new word. I’ll check back later.

    By Gabbie URL on 04.21.2011

  31. Gadget. I just wrote about this but I didn’t have an account. That’s the point to gadgets. They just don’t remember you unless you make them. This is of course by way of passwords and such. However, the dependency continues and I will always love my gadgets. They take care of my every need.

    By shirhart URL on 04.21.2011

  32. Woah. Hey creators! There are people that check this every damn day and we are getting pissed! Start putting up new words, or you will lose some very valuable writers!

    By The Writer URL on 04.21.2011

  33. Oooh I didn’t realize that I could do this over and over again. That’a a little bit cool. I’m less sad now but I still want a new word. This is the third time I’m doing gadget. Aren’t you guys tired of me writing on this one word yet?

    By Gabbie URL on 04.21.2011

  34. Carefully, he turned it in his hands; that glorious albeit perplexing thing. What its purpose was, he would never know. It possessed an otherworldly aura, as if it was of some higher being he was never meant to understand.

    By Steph on 04.21.2011