April 19th, 2011 | 518 Entries

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518 Entries for “robot”

  1. So I already wrote about this, last night. Cause I was up really late. By late.. I mean early. I usually stay up until like 4 AM… I don’t know why. It’s not like I get anything useful done. Actually that’s false. Some of my best work comes really early in the morning. But hey atleast I got to class today… But I’m doing this, hmm.

    By JustMeAgain URL on 04.20.2011

  2. robot chicken on cartoon network. Late nights, procrastination. No homework. Popcorn, cookies, ice cream. Adult swim never lets me down. Maybe later ill play some Xbox. Mass Effect 2, hey look, I’m back to Robots.

    By Charlie Passannante on 04.20.2011

  3. Robots are pretty cool, they have evolved a lot over the years, and have high expectations for the future. People hope to have robots to clean their houses, cars, everything. Also to be able to have human features and take care of their children, like a nanny you can buy. How cool, right? but what if they take over? then we’re screwed!

    By Mary Bohn on 04.20.2011

  4. robots are hard and metallic and usually square. In films they have faces and sometimes even develop a consciousness, but in real life they’re usually something relatively normal, like a microwave or even the computer I’m using to write this. It’s amazing really how much they’ve integrated into our lives, we don’t even notice them really.

    By anna on 04.20.2011

  5. I feel like a robot sometimes. Always doing what other people tell me to do. I can’t be myself. I have to be perfect, and reality check: I AM NO WHERE NEAR PERFECT. Yet, they expect me to be perfect, but then remind me everyday that I’m not. Mixed signals? Either you want to tear me down or raise me up. Make up your damn mind. I can’t do what you want me to do all the time. I gotta be my own person.

    By Lauren on 04.20.2011

  6. future
    i robot
    doing things for you
    less work

    By kevin on 04.20.2011

  7. It’s kind of funny, how in South Africa, we refer to traffic lights as robots, foreigners tend to think we’re quite mad.

    By Jeanie URL on 04.20.2011

  8. Robots lack temptation. Robots don’t sweat, either. From guilt or passion.

    They can, however, fix a mean cocktail.

    By Jennyg42389 URL on 04.20.2011

  9. Robots – boys toys! Hard for me, a middle-aged woman, to get excited about them. I mean they can’t make a cup of tea, or talk about shoes, or smell the roses can they? What use are they, is they can’t understand the need for tea?

    By joey URL on 04.20.2011

  10. Jack really liked robots. Really loved them actually. When he saw the ancient Toshime robot sitting int he corner of the attic he had to stop and pause for a second. These were extremely rare toys and hard to find. Yet, here was one, sitting with a layer of dust and dirt in HIS attic.

    By Tabz URL on 04.20.2011

  11. I just came back from a wedding in Atlantic City. Their theme was the Owl and the Robot.

    Everything and everyone was beautiful.
    I love love.

    Even the tinman gets a heart.

    By dionne URL on 04.20.2011

  12. i would like to be a robot
    you have no heart
    so you cant get hurt
    and you have extendable arms
    and you would probably be able to live forever
    unless you rusted

    By Moriah on 04.20.2011

  13. Really?

    By Jason URL on 04.20.2011

  14. She moved like a robot through her day. Too stunned to talk about about it, and too stunned to do anything differently than her routine. Doing something differently might leave time to comtemplate the future’s brave new world.

    By Tonia URL on 04.20.2011

  15. Robots are weird. i suspect the coolest thing about robots is the way they talk. I am not sure exactly why I like this but the monotone of their voices seems to make me laugh. I wonder where people got the idea that robots have feelings. Maybe the Jetsons? Iron Giant? I want a robot to do my errands.

    By SophieH on 04.20.2011

  16. An object that is programmed to perform human tasks but without the emotional complications. mainly metal they are all shapes and sizes and also are very popular in manufacturing processes, allowing automation and high volume outputs.

    By Marie URL on 04.20.2011

  17. um… a gray human-shaped cylindrical thing that is taking over the world if we don’t do enough to control it!!! featured in too many movies, irobot sucked… kinda creepy! there are human-like ones and there are machine-like ones, man I sound really stupid right now! not my fave

    By cat on 04.20.2011

  18. i am scared of robots. they develop them in italy, or japan, to do tasks that seem unnecessary, like folding and matching socks. or shooting bows and arrows. but technology seeps uncomfortably into my life now. it is viewed as a golden savior, but i can smell the smell of danger, or of knowledge going too far until we scream “god what have i done”

    By Mary on 04.20.2011

  19. The evil robot toy clamped down on its victim, who writhed in futility. A prisoner of tinfoil and cardboard I will no longer be, he proclaimed. “The amulet that can free me and transform me into a real being is mine!”

    By slystatus on 04.20.2011

  20. “I have done it. I invented the Baby Bill 3000!” I screamed in excitement. “Really Larry? That’s the best name you could come up with?” replied Joe.

    By Glam Girl URL on 04.20.2011

  21. Robots are stereotypically futuristic. They’re made of high tech metallic chrome and shoot lasers and usually destroy things. I can picture one right now moving slowly through a city shooting down buildings and stuff.

    By Kristina Lynne URL on 04.20.2011

  22. My blue plastic watch won’t stop…44 minutes, and I’ve answered two problems out of 8. This is the recurring nightmare, the panic. That does not compute. Helpless in my tin shell.

    By used URL on 04.20.2011

  23. no. I can’t talk of it again. The scruitiny of robotic functioning was a mass murderer upon my teeming yet timid mind.

    By caitlin on 04.20.2011

  24. The little silver metal piece gleamed from under the pile of rubbish, catching the eye of the little boy stumbling through the junkyard. Running towards it quickly, he started digging furiously, each second his eyes grew wider as he uncovered a junky robot.

    By Lara URL on 04.20.2011

  25. The robot moved slowly cross the floor. It was dying, I forgot to charge it! It was my favorite robot. It made me do my homework, it also did my homework for me! I love my robot, its amazing, its name is Greg!

    By Cortney Mathis on 04.20.2011

  26. She couldn’t believe her eyes, as she unwrapped her birthday gift. Tearing through the paper enthusiastically. “Just what I wanted!!” She screamed hugging her grandmother tightly. There lying in the destroyed paper was a gleaming brand new silver robot, eyes of the palest jade.

    By Lemontine URL on 04.20.2011

  27. The robot growled and swung at the monkey, who awkwardly tried to escape. The robots fur got caught in the monkey’s gears, and he was pulled over, yowling as he feel, and the monkey was able to get free and find oil to eat and settle down.

    By Amai on 04.20.2011

  28. the robot stepped into the bar against all odds. Heads turned, people screamed and gasps were apparent. No one had expected such a turn of events. No one. And no one could guess what would happen next. The robot, who so suddenly came in- just left without a single word.

    By Colie23 on 04.20.2011

  29. I think of growing up in the late 70’s, early 80’s. I read a lot of sci-fi. I am still waiting for robots to be part of everyday life as portrayed in Isaac Asimov and Robert heinlein novels.

    By Keith on 04.20.2011

  30. There once was a silly yellow robot. He made many noises, mostly those that a computer would make. His favorite hobby in the world was compiling data for NASA and translating it into readable results for the humans. The robot did like his job, but also felt as if he was being used by the humans.

    By Alex Skinner on 04.20.2011

  31. The robots attacked. I never thought they would. Why the hell would they attack us after all we’ve done for them? We cleaned them, gave them replacement parts, oiled them if need be. Now all of a sudden we’re the evil overlords when we’ve done nothing more than protect them. I don’t understand this. Will return later with a further report.

    By Kyndall Iverson on 04.20.2011

  32. the once was a robot. he was in love with a girl. A human girl. He wanted to be with her all the time. but she thought he was weird

    By bre on 04.20.2011

  33. I love you, the robot gasped. I love you too – but so much more, shouted Leah from the distance. Words cannot begin to grasp the bond that the two had created.

    By Henry McKickin URL on 04.20.2011

  34. Robots are man’s best friend. We now have robots that build cars, vacuum floors, and help mom out in the kitchen. The most fascinating robots are the wonders of the medical world. There are robotics involved in helping war veterans regain their mobility and live productive lives. Without the advances in robotics and their related fields -many of these heros would not be able to return to society without substantial burden, humility and shame.

    By paul URL on 04.20.2011

  35. the world is taking over my mind. but i don’t really understand why. Why i can just do what i was meant to do, just be who i was meant to be. through time through evolution. the world is taking over my mind. the world is taking over my mind and I can no longer compute. but why? who is doing this to me.

    By Olivia URL on 04.20.2011

  36. robots have been a part of our daily life for over a century and a half now. think of an elevator as a robot, for example. then, read Norbert Wiener’s “the human use of human beings”

    By jg URL on 04.20.2011

  37. Seventeen little monkeys jumped into my bed last night. I told them not to bounce on it, but they just wouldn’t listen. They jumped and they jumped until, one by one, they all fell down.
    I’m not sure why they jumped. Maybe it was the disease they were diagnosed with by the doctor last week, but I don’t know that epilepsy forces monkeys to jump in that manner. Usually, I imagine the epileptic as kind of calm.
    Anyway, about the monkeys. They were gorgeous. They had little masks of white on their dark brown bodies and their tails all held each other, getting tangled but providing some sense of security, slowing each eventual fall to the earth.

    By Britney on 04.20.2011

  38. His eyes, shining like a crystal through the moonlight, scans the area. Left, right, up and down. He does it with extreme care and efficiency. Yet he missed the little speck which escaped right through his nose.

    By yunisee on 04.20.2011

  39. This boy I know is making a robot. I am texting him right now. I will prbably ask him about this robot since our conversation is slowly becoming awkward. Yes, I think i will go do that :)

    By Lor-n URL on 04.20.2011

  40. It’s a dance. I’ve always thought I don’t have what it takes to succeed at the robot. It’s too rigid and structured, and when I dance I want to jump around and be exuberant. I love ballet, but even that gives me the chance to release and throw myself into the air. But not the robot. There’s something to be said for people who can do it, but I am not one.

    By Elaina Thompson on 04.20.2011