November 9th, 2012 | 377 Entries

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377 Entries for “roar”

  1. lions roar. my cat thinks he’s a lion. he can dream. do animals dream? I don’t know.

    By Molly on 11.10.2012

  2. roar
    ro ar


    By steph URL on 11.10.2012

  3. i hate myself sometimes
    i’m at the lip of a black hole that
    swirls into infinity
    i roar out into the blackness
    but i run away
    and no one has time to respond

    By Molly Guillermo URL on 11.10.2012

  4. I hear the loin. He’s so loud. Where is he? I don’t see him?! Wait.. I listen again. The roar is within me. It’s the lion inside me. Happy. Wanting more.

    By Pam Ahern URL on 11.10.2012

  5. someone screaming at a lion which annoyed it so it climbed out of his cage and chased the person around the entire zoo!

    By nanogrey on 11.10.2012

  6. they expect so much of me
    i am a lion prodded by a lion tamer
    jumping through rings and hoops
    i do not think
    but someday i will turn
    and i will roar
    and no-one will expect anything else

    By jellyperson URL on 11.10.2012

  7. The roar of the massive beast sent my body into shivers. As my life flashed before my eyes a strange and resilient silence fell upon me. For at this moment my mind was calm. The thoughts I battle behind every breath seemed like a that would never hit the big screen. I wondered why it takes such a moment to realize how pathetically unimportant my anxieties are in the grand scheme of things. And I thought, “if I get out of here alive, it will be my roar that will shake my soul.”

    By kelli on 11.10.2012

  8. It began softly, a whisper I didn’t even notice. But it escalated, quickly, until it was roaring overhead and the whole house was shaking, and all I could do was hit the ground and pray.

    By kellie URL on 11.10.2012

  9. Filler word. Roar, when there’s nothing more I have to say. Roar, when I don’t know how to phrase the complicated thoughts in my mind. Roar, when I’m waiting for you to say something else.

    Roar, an attempt at conversation just because I’m not such a brilliant conversationalist. Sometimes I wish I knew how to express myself.

    By cherryade URL on 11.10.2012

  10. Roar goes the tiger, marking his territory. The sound echoes through the air, reverberating through trees, animals, and humans alike. They all concede, except the latter, the most arrogant of the lot.

    By johnnyflashbang on 11.10.2012

  11. All day my body has vibrated; I have suppressed the roar that hums in my limbs. I get home and realize the hum is all I have.

    By True Leigh on 11.10.2012

  12. The lion, large, and utterly surprising. The girl hadn’t know they’d be so BIG. He paced around her and she tried to stick her fingers through the cage to curl into his mane. He growled. She moved back. He bared his teeth, snapping like an alligator. ROAR. She jumped back.

    By Ariella URL on 11.10.2012

  13. like a lion or like a cat, doesn;t really matter, what matters is how effective your roar has been. In the beginning was the sound. Sound is what about. But those who roar do not act, it is said. C

    By Hussain Azam on 11.10.2012

  14. In a world where money talks, democracy roared.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 11.10.2012

  15. roaring good time was had by all
    who happened to peek their heads out
    of their own stuffy houses.

    If there was any hope that a better
    time could have been had
    then it would have been made
    to happen for all
    those roaring people.

    By beckenbocker URL on 11.10.2012

  16. run opposition away run and run as fast as you can and never cling to anything scream outload if u are cscared be happy
    no one matters it is u in this worl to rush is to d

    By bella on 11.10.2012

  17. a lion is an impressive creature. they have beautiful manes and they are really loud and they makes a sound called a roar and a roar also is something that a crowd makes when they really like something when they watch a play or a film or at a concert they go roar and then they clap and that is not what a lion does

    By Emma URL on 11.10.2012

  18. lions roar. people roar, everybody is roaring inside. why do we have no peace? how are we then different from animals? where has the simple lifestyle faded away with this incoming modernity and if it has does that mean modernity is an evil curse that has befallen on us? gandhi said resort to truth. absolute truth. that would bring u peace. but is it a true possibility? people try. people make mistakes. people write philosophies. but who has aCTUALLY come up and said- I AM HAPPY. I AM NOT ROARING INSIDE.

    By deshana URL on 11.10.2012

  19. The last of the dragons let out a mighty roar as the knight’s shining blade pierced its heart. A huge column of scarlet flame erupted from its jaws; then its great body collapsed onto the ground, heaving painfully, the brilliant green scales glinting in the early morning sunlight for the last time.

    Then the last of the dragons was no more.

    By Vivainne Lyssa Visrin URL on 11.10.2012

  20. they were at it again. this is not going to end well. he was tired with this uproar that he didn’t even want to bother with it anymore. but the other just didn’t want to put it at rest. what was it with her that putting everything to rest rather impossible ?

    By qie URL on 11.10.2012

  21. i hear
    the mighty

    blazing ever so
    the trees

    my mouth

    in the wind

    By Nicole K. on 11.10.2012

  22. roar is rage cry. A sign of the inner fire that is whithin us. The light of life and survival. A remimder that life is also death and fear. The purest form of life is sometimes the most violent one.

    By Paul on 11.10.2012

  23. The roar could be heard from miles away. It scared me so much, I could hear it in my sleep for days. It was the cry of an animal in captivity, alone, encaged. It was a horrible thing.

    By Iam Me URL on 11.10.2012

  24. i hear this. and its loud. wutwut. this has to be longer than 60 seconds. omg. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh make it stop i jus wanna

    By Emily on 11.10.2012

  25. every vibration every
    hum every knotted tangled curl head
    every time the train pulls into the station i strain to see– is it you? or which car? sometimes i have a strange tingling in the upper thigh and neck, is it you?? is it you??

    By gia on 11.10.2012

  26. The sound of the ocean roared back at me as I sat on the cliff overlooking the bay. The dark clouds gathered in the distance. The wind began tearing at my hair and making my eyes water. The roaring reminded me of an angry mob.

    By T on 11.10.2012

  27. One night I heard the sound, sounding thuought the hole house, shaking throught my hole body, like craving for live I heard it quiet. Untill it got louder.

    By Ava Blue URL on 11.10.2012

  28. the lion roars. The snow falls. what better to do on a grey day? listening to First Aid Kit. Sleep. the roar of a snow plow, winter’s lawnmower.

    By Lydia James URL on 11.10.2012

  29. cersei’s hair is gold, stolen from the sun gods.
    cersei’s blood runs gold, her veins proclaimed her midas.
    cersei’s enemies are gold, too, the way she rips them from the earth.

    (she’d like their teeth strung on a chain around her neck,
    but she likes her jewelry to match her dresses).

    By h. b. URL on 11.10.2012

  30. The lion roars all night long. Lamenting lamenting lamenting . Ptf how the night never ends. The crying never ends. The roar is the soul of the beast.

    By karin on 11.10.2012

  31. As the curtains open the
    of the audience
    is like
    dark figures
    falling to the ground from
    dizzying heights
    crashing like
    fairytale beginnings
    and the sun
    on the moon

    By Kathryn URL on 11.10.2012

  32. a lion. the most powerful creature, majestic and strong. he travels in a pack, domineering over the rest, though their loyalty is palpable in the pictures I’ve experienced. They stick together, they work together. They don’t let anything break their bond. Roar. A squeak at the end of the day that says so much.

    By Madi on 11.10.2012

  33. With a thunderous roar, the cougar leaped near the cliff side, skimming the hairs on Melanie’s head. She would be spared for now, as the cougar lost it’s balance and slid.

    By Cody Beaulieu on 11.10.2012

  34. The train roared as it passed. I rehearsed my lines in my head before I looked up at you, starry eyed. I was prepared to say goodbye until you looked down at me, innocently. I tried not to cry but you wouldn’t give me the opportunity to pass. Tears rolled down my cheeks, and you whispered, “I’m sorry, I love you so much. Please don’t leave me.”

    By Maya Celeste on 11.10.2012

  35. lions are simply creatures. its what they say. they dont speak in their own language, they simply say the same things over and over because animals dont need so many words. we over think. animals are simple. sometimes we should think about that, maybe we would all be a lot happier is we could just roar?

    By Emma Quirk URL on 11.10.2012

  36. I hear the lion in the distance. a gentle roar. like a mother calling for its child. it echoes, bouncing off the walls of rock. a calling, a pleading, a desperate hope for reunion.

    By katrina on 11.10.2012

  37. roar. i feel like my head is a big roar, that doesn’t really make sense but i get what im saying. i feel like one day my head is just going to explode and it’ll be a big roar, bigger than a lions. there’s so much shit in my head that i can’t ever just put into words it’s just a huge fucking mess. so fucking ROAR/

    By Amairani Cuevas on 11.10.2012

  38. Hear my roar. Those words express an excellent concept, for a loud and overtly obnoxious person, but what about a quiet person. Hear my squeak is not a saying.

    By nikhi on 11.10.2012

  39. I’m a monster a scary scary monster, I’m not the kind of monster that lives under your bed or in youre closet. I’m the type of monster that ail take away your life and make you throw everything you love away. I’m the type of monster you can’t let go of

    By Elora Crumbley on 11.10.2012

  40. said the lion before realizing that “roar” is a rather cliche thing for a lion to say. This particular lion hated feeling average and nothing made him feel more typical than saying the thing everyone would expect a lion to say.

    By Jenna on 11.10.2012