November 9th, 2012 | 377 Entries

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377 Entries for “roar”

  1. You expect me to come running
    You merely demand with my name
    You treat me like shart
    And think i will look the other way
    But this time I won’t be listening
    You have pushed me too far
    You should dig the crap out of your ears
    It’s time to listen to me roar!

    By recogirl URL on 11.10.2012

  2. The sound was defending, the feeling of rage was flooding his body like somewhere a dam had bust. The vibrations travelled the length of his being and with each new wave multiplied in strength and ferocity. How did it happen? Why had it come to this? The sound had no answers, just more questions.

    By Liam URL on 11.10.2012

  3. hear me roar
    my fierceness
    is feeble
    and i wish i could claw your face from your bones because
    it looks hideous the way it is now
    hear me roar as i ferociously plan my attack
    that will never
    i think i love you

    By harriet on 11.10.2012

  4. The roaring of the people. Simply deafening. Forever I am surrounded by people. People yelling and screaming profanity, heresy, and disloyalty.

    By Lavender Lad on 11.10.2012

  5. The first thing he heard was a tremendous roar coming from that haunted place. Never before did he feel so deserted and alone. Never before has he heard that horrendous chant full of morbid howls and shimmering voices.

    By Eluveit URL on 11.10.2012

  6. There are many things in life that have a roar. The roar of a might lion king in the depths of Africa. The roar of thunder in the night sky. The roar of a train passing by as it rushes to its destination.

    By Catelyn on 11.10.2012

  7. the Noise exploded from the room like a lion pouncing on its pray. The men came running our with smoke billowing from behind. The fire roared from behind them threatening to engulf them all.

    By kendra on 11.10.2012

  8. God, I want to roar, to pound these fucking laws like a drum. I want to set things on fire. Flames are beautiful. Let them lick my legs and drag me down into their glorious war, let me become flame, let us burn the world as we see fit, eat, drink and be merry on the crackling white-bones of skeleton people with dim aspirations and stagnant hearts. Fuck this shit.

    By URL on 11.10.2012

  9. This is – truly – a giant’s sound. A fierce and bewildering noise, startling everyone within reach. How ’bout you?

    By Nele on 11.10.2012

  10. A roar is a powerful thing: it is the call of the most powerful killer in the animal kingdom, it expresses anger and dominance.

    By Spencer on 11.10.2012

  11. I can hear the roar and the sound of a battle fading. The ones who thought they were able to save themselves is now forgotten

    By mart URL on 11.10.2012

  12. I already roared that was yesterday’s roar so a duplicate roar I don’t know is more likely to trail into a whisper I thought each day brought a new word/not forever roar but maybe I just hit the timezone imperfectly, I whispered. Roar.

    By rebecca on 11.10.2012

  13. I’m roaring with happiness right now. Or soaring with happiness. I don’t know, but I wish I could be on top of a canyon singing and dancing my heart out, without having anyone judge me for either lack of my skills.

    I’d like to toss my mane backwards and just roar and sing and thank god for everything that I have and then just rest.

    I want to live in the wild. I don’t like being enclosed in a bedroom.

    By Aya Zain URL on 11.10.2012

  14. i watched as the lion roared
    a simple, loud, beautiful noise
    it filled a room, like an elephant.
    just a roar, a lion’s roar
    people roar too, in different ways
    they roar and roar
    and wish someone would love them

    By Tyra on 11.10.2012

  15. art
    let see what happens now
    is this the right thing to do
    hope for the best
    i feel pain

    By anamfraz URL on 11.10.2012

  16. Could anyone hear her? Amongst all the chatter and useless banter. Struggling, in vain, to be heard, to be listened to. But there is a difference between a scream and a roar.

    By Ammanda on 11.10.2012

  17. Roar roar roar the lion roared.
    Why don’t the other lions roar?
    I’m roaring here on my own.
    Do lions actually roar?

    By Joy S. on 11.10.2012