November 10th, 2012 | 342 Entries

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342 Entries for “spent”

  1. I’ve spent my time in wonder
    Often Contemplating my fate
    Will I leave behind a legacy
    Or did I have nothing to create
    Will my time on this Earth be empty
    Or will I leave behind my mark
    Will future generations
    Look Back and see my spark
    I know that time is fleeting
    And my days are numbering down
    I worry that I might leave behind
    Only a casket in the ground

    By recogirl URL on 11.11.2012

  2. I spent the day with a beautiful boy the other day. Wasted hours upon hours with him that I will never get back. That I never want back. One day, I’ll look back and it won’t hurt anymore. But for now, I’ll forget that day I spent with the most beautiful boy I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

    By Ashleigh on 11.11.2012

  3. Is it really that hard? To finish a feeling. All the time I’ve spent thinking about you, about us, about everything…is terrifying. When does it end? No-one seems to be able to tell me, all I get are fairytales and romantic books that say nothing. It didn’t last. What happens next? Do I stay broken forever?

    By Hannah on 11.11.2012

  4. procrastination
    wasting time thinking leads you nowhere

    By laura on 11.11.2012

  5. Spending, she spent.
    Bending, she bent.
    clawing, grabbing, mutilating.
    Her innards shredding up like flesh.
    Her emotions fizzing and exploding into bits.
    Her red torn dress,
    a blatant mess.
    She sat spent,
    life also spent,
    integrity and joy and love;

    By ardent bowel URL on 11.11.2012

  6. I spent thirty minutes looking into the window display at the corner store. Spooky. There’s nothing creepier than a mock doll-head staring back at you with it’s eyes rolled back into its head. Not like you’d actually spend the money on that crap anyway, who would? It seems a bit offensive that such a tiny store like such expects business on such worthless, ominous, nick-knacks.

    By Claire on 11.11.2012

  7. I’ve spent my savings on things. I want to save up now and buy not things, but experiences. A bank full of good experiences is a life well spent.

    By mkt4 on 11.11.2012

  8. I wish i spent more time with my sister, because i never get to see her. She is college enjoying her major, psycology, and loves the city austin. Sometimes i spent more time with family instead of homework.

    By Ashley on 11.11.2012

  9. i spent a lot of time in the holidays playing in the fields, all 4 of us, just lazing about in the sun laughing. a lot of us had got bored just hanging around in the streets and in the end we formed off into smaller groups so it had ended up with just us.

    By widgeasha on 11.11.2012

  10. Some days I have nothing left, all is spent, all is gone. My energy has left in a sudden burst and an empty shell stands exhausted.

    By jeanelaine URL on 11.11.2012

  11. the money’s all gone – but the time was worth it

    By jemma on 11.11.2012

  12. The time that passes, the time is spent, it has passed and there is nothing one can do about it. We have wasted that time, it is gone, never to be seen again. What will you do?

    By Laura on 11.11.2012

  13. i spent the day with my dad. we went out to eat and he spent almost 50 dollars on the food we ate. we then went to see a movie called 7 psychopaths. it was really fun. its been a wwhile sience ive spent time with my father like that. i had so much fun. my dad is my best friend and my hero. he has helped me through so much. we used to fight and i hated him. but, since he has been out of prison he is a totally different man. he is a man im proud to call my dad. even though their is doubt about him being my biological father. but, you know none of that stupidity matters. he raised me and that other man has been in prison my whole life.

    By kristen on 11.11.2012

  14. Spent two hours thinking too long about all the things that went wrong. I should have spent them doing something right. This is a direct cause and solution of thinking too much.

    By Zoe on 11.11.2012

  15. i sit here after a long day of hard work and lots of stress. I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than sleep, though that seems impossible. I lay down on my bed and stare at the ceiling for hours not

    By amber on 11.11.2012

  16. spent. i spent. i spent all my money on things i dont need. i do, however, have lots more to spend. spend being where my money is needed to be put to use. spent as in i have used the money. maybe, just maybe, spent is better than spend because it is being put to use.

    By john stockton on 11.11.2012

  17. tired,skint,sexually exhausted,missus,rythmes with bent.

    By Martyn URL on 11.11.2012

  18. I spent time wondering how I’m going to tell you the news. I am nervous. I am myself and yet another person. Finally the words escape from my lips and all you do is laughing. and I am not quite sure, whether I like it or not.

    By corinnele on 11.11.2012

  19. Have you ever spent aNy time in gorgeous Dublín? i Haven’t ,but I d Love to go. I’ve read so many Irish writers that

    By Liliana on 11.11.2012

  20. The sunken faces of the grey factory workers
    all coming home to their children.

    The delighted faces of their bright children.

    But oh, no, we are spent.

    By Mar McCreary URL on 11.11.2012

  21. You can spend money. You can spend time. However, one can never get a refund for their time. It’s gone. If you buy a watch, you spend money. Don’t like the watch? Return it. But if you spend your time and realize you regretted it. There’s no way to get that back. It’s gone.

    By Olivia Owens on 11.11.2012

  22. i’ve been spent about not wanting to do this. everyday i just wish.. wish i could wrap yours muscly arms around my thin neck. i wish you could hold me tight while kissing me tender. i wish.. i wish that you could be with me. but you can’t, and it’s killing me. all i want is to just see you, surely that’s not too much to ask?? please oh fucking please, can’t we just spend at least one day together? or maybe even an hour?? a minute? one second, come on surely we can spend a second together. but i don’t want just a second. i want a fucking life time!

    By laura URL on 11.11.2012