November 29th, 2012 | 390 Entries

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390 Entries for “rise”

  1. ” . . . and shine!” Seems like I heard it every day growing up, even catch myself saying it (to others) every now and then. I’m not too good at making bread rise either.

    By Mary URL on 11.29.2012

  2. All I want to do is fly. When the sun rises and I can rise with it. Rise. Rise and fly away. Don’t let another moment pass until you rise with the sun away with the moon and rise.

    By Lizzie Steimer URL on 11.29.2012

  3. Rising in the morning. Rising like a loaf of bread. Rising like… well, a guys genitals. Rise. Even the sound of the word gets lighter as you say it. Rising UP towards the final letter.

    By Chelsea on 11.29.2012

  4. Rise above what everyone has told you, what they expect of you. Fall on hard times, it happens. But rise out of the ashes, prove everyone wrong. To rise, is to be strong and to have faith that there is more than what is now. Gives you something to look forward too.

    By Krissy on 11.29.2012

  5. Rise risen rose will rise to rise nothing can come to mind i’m distracted and time is running out the blue bar is filling far too quickly for me to process

    By Caitlyn URL on 11.29.2012

  6. She rose up from the Earth, as though she had the beautiful, billowing wings of an angel. That was how he made her feel, like an angel. He called her that too, his angel. Angels are a funny thing. We as humans can’t imagine the concept of pure beauty, innocence, and perfection, so we turn it into something tangible in our minds, like an angel.

    By Jodi URL on 11.29.2012

  7. I don’t “rise” out of bed. I slump, wiggle, fall, and sigh about it. One more snuggle with my stuffed koala, please. No one wakes up super excited for the day and rises up with jubilance and a smile. At least not until they’ve had coffee or a good nap midday. Who are we kidding here?

    By Jessica URL on 11.29.2012

  8. She rose from the dead like a snake, and we watched in horror and awe as baphomet bled red and she came towards us with a fierce anger in her eyes.

    “Who disturbed me?” she asked, and the roaring of the fire was silenced.

    By ewelina r URL on 11.29.2012

  9. Up against the wind and the sea and the waves. Rising, like bread. Rise. Higher, higher, higher, can you see the clouds? It that it? Keep moving, it never stops. It keeps moving forever, it keeps rising. Swelling

    By Mel on 11.29.2012

  10. Rise and shine! It’s a new day! Beautiful words to wake up to! Make the most of your da!

    By liz URL on 11.29.2012

  11. Give rise to greatness. Rise from the depths of yourself. Know that you are meant to be here. Rise from the shame, guilt and fears you once possessed. You are meant to be here. Rise from the countless times you’ve fallen. Because the only thing that counts is the fact that you’ve gone up one more time than you’ve fallen.

    By MissStrawbunny URL on 11.29.2012

  12. Rise. I will rise from the ashes of my ruined and disheveled self which lies helplessly underneath the beast who captivates me in my dreams and holds me hostage in my own prison. I cannot escape him no matter how far I run.

    By ARJ on 11.29.2012

  13. As the ashes faded and the sparks disappeared, the phoenix rose up and spread its fresh wings. It was clean and new like the resurrection of Christ ,it ocntinued to rise when it reached its thin perch and lived its life on.

    By #WritingSwag URL on 11.29.2012

  14. Rise up. With the ball in my hand and the game on the line I knew it was my shot to take. Dribbling to the right side i backed up. Just as the defender realized time was running out I rose up and swished the 24 footer. The crowd fell to a hush. Duke 82 UNC 81.

    By Austin River on 11.29.2012

  15. The sunrise in the winter is incredible. It rises just as I cross the big bridge in the bus, and the orange and pinks and reds stretch out behind the city skyline.
    It’s amazing.

    By M URL on 11.29.2012

  16. I rise in the morning, shoving on my slippers and dragging my sorry butt out of bed. I look at him lying there and my heart melts. It’s odd to think that just three years ago, he was nonexistent. I guess miracles really do happen. Wow.

    By Aubrey on 11.29.2012

  17. We are at the beach again
    we rise with the waves
    under the night sky

    We tumble together in the water
    His body pressed against mine
    We are both so surrounded
    But to me, we’re all there is in the world.

    We love and continue on like this
    And even though we are not
    at the beach
    we rise with the waves.

    By AngelDuCiel URL on 11.29.2012

  18. And you don’t think sunrises are beautiful.
    Because you just don’t get it.
    If something falls so hard everyday, how can it still rise?
    How can it still function?

    You’re barely holding on.
    Sunrises will not do.
    Not this time.

    By ithinkhesalwayswonderful URL on 11.29.2012

  19. Rise from the depths of the dark lake, and you’ll be able to find the light you’ve been seeking all this time. You may wonder how such an irrelevant action can be as pertinent for your self-development as this one, but what if no one cared to surface? What if every creature decied to hide in the safety the shadows grant us?

    “Rise” I heard as I lifted my head and saw the bright orb I knew to be the sun for the first time in my life. The black substance that had attached to my hair as I surfaced was heavy. I had trouble gaining balance. “You may take off your mask.” The voice said. I looked around a found what looked like a man of old age staring at me, smiling. His smile was recieving.
    “But I need it to survive.” My voiced echoed inside the mask which covered my face entirely, allowing me to breathe and see in the depths of the lake.
    “Not anymore, just look around you. Welcome child, to life.”

    By Rachelle URL on 11.29.2012

  20. He began to rise. His broad shoulders blocked the light that filtered in through the dusty old window. This warehouse had been abandoned until they had found it. After all they had been through they deserved it. The three musketeers. Escaping hell together. They thought they could make it through high school, but it all got to be too much. All the other kids, the pressure, their parents expectations. So they ran, to a new life. They were a little short on cash, but once they found work they could find a real place; not just some dusty old warehouse.

    By Kate on 11.29.2012

  21. As it came up from the ground terror was struck into the heart of every man. Floating above all mankind and criticizing all of the work that had ever been done. It rose like a dark shadow slowly comes upon you and envelopes your soul until you have no other choice but to give in.

    By Ali URL on 11.29.2012

  22. I rise out of bed. I don’t want to, but I do. The mushroom sprites won’t bathe in dew by themselves, and the bunny rabbit needs his massage.

    By Elena on 11.29.2012

  23. I rise up out my throne, drawing my pen as i strode down the aisle. Th mightiest weapon in the Kingdom, it had shaped the fate of nations. I do not not weild it lightly but this was exception. something had to be done about this injustice

    By Kam on 11.29.2012


    By Joshua on 11.29.2012

  25. Every Morning people rise up from their bed. In fact, its not just people who rise but the sun rises. The early morning birds rise. My dogs rise and so do new challenges that face me that day. My mom rises and cooks breakfast for all of us. My dad rises and analyzes the tv. My brother rises and hopes for a better day and I rise questioning what will come next.

    By Julia McWilliams on 11.29.2012

  26. Rise, sir knight. the crowd cheared. the man had saved a small child from danger. The kings small child, and in return was made a knight of the knigdom.

    By Kam URL on 11.29.2012

  27. I rise, halfway in and halfway out of my seat before they can stop me.
    “Why?” I demand, voice hoarse and eyes narrowed in distrust.
    They don’t even have the decency to sound guilty. “You’re better off not knowing.”

    By WearyWater URL on 11.29.2012

  28. His head rose as he looked around the room. It was way too early to get up from the bed but his bladder was badly urgent. He sighed. He wished he could just pee in his pants. Then, again, he would need to get up and clean it in the end…

    By Hee on 11.29.2012

  29. Rise, rise up, rise above this, just run fast and rise higher, higher.

    But I am still on the ground–why, why, why, I ask–and I clench my chest. I bite back a sob. The very worst part is knowing that he’s right. That I wouldn’t mind having somebody help me up. That I wouldn’t mind somebody’s arms or somebody’s lips, for that matter. He’s very right.

    I want to rise up again, for long, for real, for now.

    By Anon on 11.29.2012

  30. The rise in prices was the first step on the road to revolution. People would no longer pay through the nose for anything just because it had an “i” in front of its name.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 11.29.2012

  31. He rose up like thunder before a storm. Gasping out of the water, thrusting upward into the light of the world above. After years in the darkness he was finally free.

    By Melissyish on 11.29.2012

  32. rise up. my sun. rise up. shine on the plains. light the mountains. caress the clouds. rise. tickle the grass. warm the bare feet of the spinning white-dressed girl. rise.

    By Em on 11.29.2012

  33. I can’t rise to anything.
    The mornings are too hard to handle
    The occasion is constantly looming behind me
    But I am flat on the ground
    Alone and incapacitated
    The thoughts in my head drag me down
    Like stones in a bag thrown out to sea
    I sink forever

    By Tarryn URL on 11.29.2012

  34. The rises in the east and sets in the west, I think. Pretty colours in the sky, and then after all that it turns into something truly beautiful, something…perfect. And then its gone and the dusky night falls.

    By littleredowl URL on 11.29.2012

  35. The sun rises in the western horizon as it always does. I watch it from the balcony and sip some warm coffee. My thoughts are not about what will happen tomorrow or today but only on the simple beauty sunrises possess. God, I do love sunrises.

    By Clairako URL on 11.29.2012

  36. Crime was on the rise in Off Key Village. Nothing was on pitch. Everything was out of tune. The Oboe Scoundrel had trilled off with another bag of reeds. Now none of the Clarinet Gang could play. And to top it all off, some trumpeter was tooting his horn about how the mayor was sleeping with the virtuoso violinist.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.29.2012

  37. The man rose from his nightly slumber, getting up groggily he exclaimed to the empty house, “Good morning world, lets see what today has in store for me”… He stumbled into the kitchen and began his daily, mundane, routine…

    By AJ on 11.29.2012

  38. I rise in the morning and i rise in the night. there’s no end to where it begins it just starts and then it goes on like a highway untraveled it’s beauty it’s an unraveling ball of yarn twisted and tangled and intertwined like the lives of all those weaving through it i rise when i hear the music and i set with the sun and i am by myself in my own life and love all alone

    By Krista on 11.29.2012

  39. rising from the dead. rise and shine. This is what we are supposed to do not only arise and get out of bed but be happy to be awoken from slumber unnaturally by someone who has decided it is the appropriate time for us to get up. Rise and shine.

    By Rachel on 11.29.2012

  40. Rise up. Rise up above those around you and fly to the sky. Fly that you might find what is in your heart in the eyes of mine. You and I are high together flying close to the sun. I’ll never let us slip, we’ll soar together forever just for fun. You and me. We’re meant to be. Let love be the one.

    By Roddy URL on 11.29.2012