November 30th, 2012 | 298 Entries

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298 Entries for “himself”

  1. he sat by himself at the cafe, sipping a latte and wondering why in hell he was waiting for her. He knew she wouldnt show up and yet he still sat, hat on his lap. waiting and feeling like an idiot. who does this? who waits on a woman who will only hate him anyways?

    by val on 12.01.2012
  2. He himself was thoughtful and insightful, He liked words ending in ful, too. Also, the Lord Himself is powerful. And stuff.
    Truth is he was a good friend, and that is all that counts. Although he smoked a lot.

    by Nil Castelltort on 12.01.2012
  3. All he thinks about is himself. When will it ever be about anyone else? Heartbreak, himself. Money, himself. Life, himself. If it’s not it’s about everyone but me but rarely does that even happen. When I say no, he says yes- why? Because it would benefit him. Nothing more, nothing less just the best for him.

    by Mary on 12.01.2012
  4. He didn’t know what he was doing, only that he enjoyed doing it.

  5. He, himself, know only himself and wants it to stay that way. He knows where his love and hatred lies, and it’s mostly in himself. Not only does he not know anyone, but if he did, he wouldn’t care. He is concerned with no one, but himself.

  6. He did not believe in himself. Tim had all the potential to become an exceptional writer and his friends, family and even enemies could see it as clearly as day in him but he could not. It was this lack of self belief that had held him back for his entire career while his much less talented peers with more confidence had excelled.

    by Kibo on 12.01.2012
  7. he a boy a guy who thinks about himself or maybe he just is himself. himself. he likes to be himself around other people. or maybe certain people. he cares about himself. he only cares about himself? hopefully he’s not selfish. it’s not a she, it’s a he. him. only him. H I M

    by Emily on 12.01.2012
  8. wrapped in winged darkness his feathers are crooked and cold, burnt onto his papery skin. Bone holded and light as tissue, he’ll have to leave soon. He will go and soar over the rooftops of grey London monotones, passed where the trees and tears stretch to mother Sun and Heathrow jets hover like bluebottles.

  9. he is great. he loves chocolate. he is a singer. his name is justin bieber. the only person i could think of. he is sweet, caring, kind-hearted. he makes me smile. we are his beliebers. we love him

    by pallavi on 12.01.2012
  10. always thinking about himself.. he has no regard for anyone but himself. Is that so wrong though? If he innately thinks like that can you really blame him. How can you judge someone for feeling how they feel; they can’t control it. Do you blame people for looking a certain way? No, they’re born that way.

    by abbi on 12.01.2012
  11. Firstly, I am an employed teacher of primary and secondary school. Now I am looking for a job and studying for FCE Exam. In a way I am a bit entertained but I would like to get a stable job.

    by David on 12.01.2012
  12. himself herself it doesn’t matter
    what matters if ze is happy or not
    we need to learn how to be ourselves
    at how to respect each other’s choices

    by renren on 12.01.2012
  13. i found a boy in the woods
    i think i knew him once before
    he became a spectre, a shade
    with eyes that gleamed
    instead of stared.

  14. herself

    by Amy on 12.01.2012
  15. are you mad or something … himself ..? crazyy ?or wat ? simply anything ? wat are u talking dude ….and the stupid bar

    by yeshwanth on 12.01.2012
  16. he himself was responsible for it. He was just being extremely selfish and was not thinning about people he is accountable to , himself landed up in a a

    by akshitta on 12.01.2012
  17. “He likes to give himself a hard time,” Astor explained with a strained grin. “Well, I guess he doesn’t necessarily LIKE it – you know what I mean. Got an incredible guilt complex on him, that guy.” His smile faded just the slightest bit and his eyes acquired a faraway look. “Ever since I can remember he’s always been blaming himself for everything, though, and it’s always been kinda part of my… like, my mission as his friend, almost, to make that stop.”

  18. he thought so highly of himself, wearing bow ties every monday just to say that he didn’t care, and purposely failing tests jut to say they didn’t matter, and telling her that he didn’t love her because his happiness was more important. and he told me that he didn’t really care about not caring, and he didn’t know what he was doing, and he went to go find himself, and i am still waiting for him to return.

    by EJEJ on 12.01.2012