November 29th, 2012 | 390 Entries

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390 Entries for “rise”

  1. Rise is a song by Eddie Vedder, from one of my favourite movies ever. Rise is a verb for the sun, but also for sad people to get over their problems and start breathing again.

    By Rossella on 11.29.2012

  2. I see the clouds, the blue sky. I am a baby bird. dreaming of the future, A day when I can rise into the sky like everyone else. A day when I can be on my own. When I can live by myself, truly free from what the world wants me to be. I just want to rise.

    By bufenator on 11.29.2012

  3. I sit silently although I am bold and defiant. Who says I follow rules. Ha, they don’t know me.

    By jehaan on 11.29.2012

  4. She rose in the morning to the sounds of the birds singing triumphantly and the sun streaming in her window and knew it was going to be a good day. She crept downstairs, fingers trailing along the wooden banister coloured like honey, and wandered into the kitchen to make herself some coffee. She hummed along with the symphony in her head as she sipped from the cup wrapped in her hands.

    By Ashley on 11.29.2012

  5. The rise of the iguano-men was inevitable. We all saw it coming years before it actually happened. They were vastly superior to men in every way. They knew they would eventually rise above us, and they did. All hail!

    By Keith Leathers on 11.29.2012

  6. The wave rose and broke
    the surface of the water
    into a million shattered pieces;
    I forgot how to breath,
    I forgot what it means
    to be free of the hands
    that encircle your neck
    as you struggle between the words
    caught in your throat.
    The boat rocks back and forth,
    beckoned by the crashing waves
    to the immersion, the consumption
    of one soul into the other,
    the sea is just another soul
    lonely, confused, home to faults
    and misconstrued perfection,
    the humanness of the sea
    is astounding.

    By samantha on 11.29.2012

  7. arise fair sun!!!and kill the envious moon. I like watching your loaf rise ;D Rise to me my melancholy baby ;) to rise: I’m better than you. Rise…hmmm…taller… better :)

    By Sophie on 11.29.2012

  8. rise up
    rise out
    get a rise out of you
    rise and shine
    early riser- not if I can help it

    sun rise tomorrow

    By Aley on 11.29.2012

  9. the sun rises in the morning just as I rise out of bed.
    a batch of bread will rise in the oven and this raises my mood because I love bread.
    rise to glory.

    By Emily on 11.29.2012

  10. “The sun will rise tomorrow morning. It’s just a basketball game.” Those were the words of Munsen when we lost the state basketball tournament that we were expected to win. It was horrible and we were all crying. And I don’t even like basketball! Of course, we also lost the volleyball tourney too. Now that I think about it, it was a pretty disappointing senior year.

    By Brooke Pejsa on 11.29.2012

  11. Rise up and take responsibility for your actions. Rise up and be better than yourself. Rise out of bed early. Rise to the occasion.

    By Carolyne on 11.29.2012

  12. When you rise in the morning the day is just begining and you have no idea whereit will go or if it will be you last day on earth. You have to face the day with optimisim. Do anything else is allowing somehing to steal the day. Rise and shine is a real approach to life not just a saying. You can use it to deal with all lifes ups and downs. You are in control even though the contol is just an illusion. It is all about your view point and how you approach life.

    By Paul George URL on 11.29.2012

  13. rise up, feeling the pulse magnetically. refusing to be what others squash you to be. rise up and feel the blood surge, the muscles are huge but the body is so small, when you look down – legs and torso and arms and shoulders, that’ all/

    By Whiskeyjane on 11.29.2012

  14. the first word that comes to mind is pooped. early to bed, early to rise. but not really.

    i think if i had my druthers (and who doesn’t want a steaming hot plate of druthers) i would probably want to stay in bed around 12-14 hours a day. then i would extend the day by about 4-8 hours to make up for that change.

    and that’s how i would make the world a better place.

    By Matty M. on 11.29.2012

  15. She shot up with a shout, sweat dripping down her neck as she panted. Her room was silent, completely dark save for the faint glow coming in through the curtains. There was nothing to make the sound that had so abruptly torn her from her sleep. No, the 3 am morning was still, free of the monsters that had attempted to drag her soul from her resting body.

    By Alex on 11.29.2012

  16. raaaaa, raaaaaaaa said the dying man. seeing the light.
    a desperate attempt for the soul to leave the body
    knocking against ribcage
    fluttering heart, I call out to you, or something endlessly more awkward–
    shaking and twitching and shitting bird–
    if it e
    ven exists
    why listen to the old man? does the soul color his marbling skin?

    By Jen on 11.29.2012

  17. It rose from the ashes, a dark silhouette in the dawn light. Scaring the people around, it simply blinked, shaking its head and clearing its eyes of the terrors it has seen. It stepped forward, fear dripping from its fingertips, soaking through its hair, making it stink of darkness.

    By Sophia on 11.29.2012

  18. I rise up in the morning, yawn, and stretch my arms high above my head. I look out the window and throw up the sill in excitement. I stick my head out of the window and gaze out above the horizon, enjoying the sound of the birds in my ears, the soft wind in my hair, and the warm sun on my face.

    By Ling on 11.29.2012

  19. The sun rose elegantly that morning and caused the girl to rise herself. She stretched and wondered how her day would go. Pulling on her morning workout outfit and whistling to her dog to join her the jumped out of bed to greet the day.

    By Nicole on 11.29.2012

  20. i rise up from my mistakes and my bed. i rise up from all of the hatred found around me..i rise up from myself in the ashes. i get up out of my bed to face another scary day. i rise to get beaten down again. i rise from the dirt into the sky and back again. i rise until i someone has the sense to help me back down again.

    By Emma Rose on 11.29.2012

  21. rise again from the top of the world, rise again from the sky, from the stars and be bigger, bigger than the best part of you.

    By Juliette on 11.29.2012

  22. You’re going to be okay. You’re going to rise up against these days ahead no matter how frightening that idea might be. You haven’t fallen to the ground yet and you’re not going to. I have faith in you and I have faith in me that we are going to rise, smile, and be a part of the world that we live in. Rising—never falling.

    By T on 11.29.2012

  23. The sun began to rise over the hills creating pink and orange cracks in quickly brightening sky. I watched from my bedroom mesmerized by its beauty, and transfixed by how certain this act was.

    By ella on 11.29.2012

  24. The sun rose above the field where the peasants worked their emaciated hands to the bone. A man dropped and the three women around him rushed to his side. He gripped his heart in pain. The women turned to the rising sun and wondered why it looked different today. It was high and bright and mighty.

    By William on 11.29.2012

  25. “Rise, you sinners!” He screeched, his veins popping beneath his crinkled skin. His hands turned into leathery claws as the congregation shook with fervor and fear. Every person in the church could feel God and the devil wrestle within them as the preacher’s yells echoed through their bodies.

    By Chloe` on 11.29.2012

  26. rise and shine, she said. it was almost always after noon. she shone all the time, inside out, even through the storms, it was like a sun shower. long nights of drinking, taking advantage of the fact that her father was filthy rich and almost always out of town. not aware of the damage it (may have) caused. hung over, but joyous from the good times the night before: rise and shine, she said.

    By mrs. f URL on 11.29.2012

  27. Rise in the morning. I rise when I’m with you. Rise from the table. I rise up to kiss you.

    By Matt on 11.29.2012

  28. I will rise up and defeat the evil overlord Misha and take over this world. Like the Dark Knight, I will rise. I will rise and I will forever stay at the top of this golden pyramid of life while all the rest shall remain peasants. I will squash you all like bugs. I will put you all in a box within a box within a box, mail that box to myself, and smash each and ever box with a hammer. Do you hear me, peasants? I will rule you. You were made to be ruled.

    By Loki on 11.29.2012

  29. Rising like the sun, the moon, the stars, the planets. Good things come from those things which rise, and it’s hard to think about that early in the mornings before college classes with very little sleep. Rise and shine. It’s just your future on the line. You can’t succeed without first failing… and you cannot fail without first taking that first step and rising up.

    By TrishIsh on 11.29.2012

  30. her chest it will rise with each breath and no matter how many times she feels like she can’t breathe everything will continue to rise. The earth. the moon. the stars. We all rise. always.

    By Jasmine on 11.29.2012

  31. As I spun around in the darkness. I found myself only looking for words. Your face boomed before me, so I rose among the stars. To face your heavenly body.

    By Conor on 11.29.2012

  32. It goes up and down. It sets and falls in the evening. It starts our day. It brings light to us and brings us darkness when it disappears. It’s round, bright, and changes color depending on if you look directly at it or through lenses or near it. Sun. Rise.

    By Jackie Fournier on 11.29.2012

  33. As I spun around among the darkness, I felt your booming presence above my mind. So I rose among the stars, to face your heavenly body.

    By Conor on 11.29.2012

  34. Rise, that’s the hook.
    Rise up out of mental imprisonment of fear and division.
    Rise up to the potential that was infused in your soul
    the moment you blinked into existence
    Rise like dough of bread
    that will nourish the deepest hunger.
    Rise, that’s the hook.

    By Theresa URL on 11.29.2012

  35. the cake never rose
    and the party was
    i was too lazy to go out to the store
    to buy new batter
    I’m sorry

    By Emma on 11.29.2012

  36. I will rise above my circumstances. I will rise above the darkness I’m shrouded in. I will rise above the construct they want me to align to. I will rise. And if I fall at least I’d know, that I will rise again.

    By Rachel L on 11.29.2012

  37. float, come to the top, get higher, being high. go higher. go up. rise rapidly. rise, go up fast. be high

    By Michaela on 11.29.2012

  38. Rise up and kiss the sky. Come back down to the ground. Spin and spin and spin around. She dances. She sings. To everyone happiness she brings. And all because He has RISEN.

    By Jackie on 11.29.2012

  39. he raised his head to meet her gaze,

    By i suck on 11.29.2012

  40. Rise above, dont think, succeed. its very important that this happens, you must be known, become the woman you’re supposed to be. You’re becoming her!! It’s so good, and fantastic, it’s the best feeling. Just knowing. Let the world know you. Why is it so hard to write without deleting, I’ve done it twice, but no more! no matter what i write even if i make a mistake i will keep going. its like life. ah so cheesy cliuche ioops i did it again.. not brittaney spears however you spell her name, i mean i deleted somehting. it was a selling (spelling-) mistake. GAH. DELETE BUTTON YOU ARE TERRIBLE. SO TEMPTING. when is 60 seconds over? it dfeels so long. im listening to beautiful music, its inspiring. STUPID BACKSPACE. GOODNESS. I miss my dad, I miss virginia. i always miss it around this time of year. stupoid button. oh damn. anywho (i didnt want to say that i almost deleted it) who knew how hard it would be to type for this long wihtout thinking. im definitely thinking though. i got from rise to here sometimes. buttton. i hate the button. NO REGRETS. NOOOO REGRETS. okay, and no more caps, you obviously get carried away. 60 seconds? no????? back to rising, got a little side tracked (one word? two? a hypohones (no idea how to spell that) word?) and I spelled it wrong anyway cause there should be a d ay (at) the end. im trying very hard not to delete things. okay rise… rise… its.. 0 seconds? i mean 60. i missed the 6. anyway it feels like its been a while…

    By lia on 11.29.2012