January 27th, 2011 | 333 Entries

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333 Entries for “reports”

  1. Get that report on my desk by noon.
    Right, like it’s so fricken easy. I’ll just go find a time machine and go back about three years so I can finish this completely new report by noon. For sure. No problem.

    By Alexandra URL on 01.27.2011

  2. I hated doing reports when I was a kid. Once, I had to write, by hand, a report about giraffes. My handwriting was never that good, so I had to write it four times. By the time I was done I could barely read it. It was wretched. I wish I could write reports now. I miss having things to write about.

    By Ashley on 01.27.2011

  3. Reports, most hate them but many have to write them on a daily basis. Whether its at work or school reports have wedged their way into many peoples lives making them sometimes a date night with coffee and a laptop.

    By christine on 01.27.2011

  4. reports are a cool thing. you can write reports about anything really… i feel like they refer to the business world. or else school. where students have to hand in reports or they get report cards. business world people are just required to write up reports on whatever. i am in english so i will probably have to write many reports if i am a writer.

    By beth on 01.27.2011

  5. I absolutely hate reports. Reports can be about the most mundane of things from environmental warming and climate change to financial stock to the mediocrity of american education and how they are slacking in the rest of the world. Reports mean that you are always being put to the test. Regardless of what it is about, someone can write a report about you or what you are doing

    By Tanner on 01.27.2011

  6. Reports serve one function–to report stuff. Really now? They can do more than that. But it’s not up to the audience to transform the information in a report, it’s up to the writer to put enough passion behind the information to move them.

    By Chellie on 01.27.2011

  7. reports remind me of schoolwork. like book reports. i also think of police reports… those are scary. i always cannot help but imagine what if i got in an accident or got a really bad ticket.. i wouldn’t even know what to do with myself. i always see it happening with a friend too.

    By Sarah on 01.27.2011

  8. i used to have to do reports in middle school and high school all the time. what did it really teach me? im a writer in college now, and reporting is neither something i’m good at nor something i’d like to be good at. it’s boring, it’s rude, and it’s too in-your-face for me. i’d rather write about something that people can get attached to through characters and a good plot – not someone’s tragic stories journalists report in the news.

    By Mika Tatich on 01.27.2011

  9. reports reports reports. weather reports, book reports, report cards! i remember report cards, those things sucked. i would get c’s but my mom would want b’s. then i’d get b’s and then she’d want a’s! i just can’t win. people report news, that’s a fact that i’m reporting to you right now. i suppose you could find that out yourself if you just turned on the news but i digress…

    By Jason Smark on 01.27.2011

  10. The minute hand walked around the clock 23 times. The colonel, ever the orator, was still at it, screaming with pounding fists and emphasized words.

    Although I do enjoy speeches, the raised voice was all it took to drive interest away from home. And yet, the other soldiers glanced up at him with winning, admirable eyes. Tears, too. Lots of tears. Even with his screams and table pounding, the soldiers adored him. I didn’t, however. This, I suppose, might be one of the few reasons why I feel so out of place here, the place of conformity. I was the dust bunny on the squeaky clean floor.

    The colonel gave another scream and a large clap, as if to emphasize a point. I yawned. This could go on for hours.

    But suddenly, there was silence. After a few moments, crickets chirping, I finally tore myself away from the fascinating clock, only to meet the hard glare of the colonel.

    “LISTEN,” he said as I clenched my fists. “And if you can’t, speak UP. How else will the world know YOU exist?” End of speech.

    With a standing ovation.
    The colonel whipped his head away, letting his piercing stare fade. I considered, a moment. Then I let go of my fists and joined in on the clapping of conformity.

    By Phreellgien URL on 01.27.2011

  11. think about it.
    those A+ essays.
    does it matter in the long run?
    who gives a crap about it
    when you’re married and with children
    bright, happy faced kids
    who you swear will never know
    “that grade isn’t good enough”

    By jade on 01.27.2011

  12. school reports that take forever or job reports like filling out a report on a bank. Or even a book report for school. Report to the office or report to your general that is in charge of you. You need to report to your mother or boss. Lift is all about reports that you make or write. Its quite annoying that your life is written in a report basically.

    By jay on 01.27.2011

  13. reports make me think of third grade, and book reports. you’d read a tiny tiny little book, practically a picture book, and you were expected to somehow write something up to summarize it and give opinions, but in retrospect, how could you even have opinions on such a small piece of not-really-literature? how could there have been anything worth reflecting upon in the biography of george washington carver? maybe i’m just cynical…

    By Coral on 01.27.2011

  14. I hate writing reports. It really…wait, this kinda feels like a report…

    By Tabz on 01.27.2011

  15. files, papers mounted ans stacked so high! when will it end! my life depends on them, yet they are not my life. There is so much more so me than what is written on paper.

    By Kirsten on 01.27.2011

  16. report cards filing reports reports reports reports reports ugh!!!!! i hate them

    By Ariel URL on 01.27.2011

  17. I just wrote about reports before I signed up. I need answers to life’s questions. God, please report to the base. We have some inquiries.

    By Al Yves URL on 01.27.2011

  18. I keep wanting to write this psuedo-report on reports, but my computer is so slow that by the time I start my time is up.

    By Baka URL on 01.27.2011

  19. i have book reports. ive heard police reports and i’ve gotten bad reports from school . reports are not important haha. it makes me think of cops which i dont like, and being in trouble which i also dont like.

    By falloutqueen on 01.27.2011

  20. I hate reports. They are the biggest pain in the world. How do you write a 10 page report about something that makes no sense, and you don’t care about?

    By stacey on 01.27.2011

  21. the reports indicated that the bank was due to fail any day now. He threw down the papers on his desk and walked slowly to the window. He poured a drink and watched the traffic below. How many of those people out there would be affected by the news on his desk? How many lives shattered? Families destroyed? And he could do nothing about it.

    By sioux on 01.27.2011

  22. No one likes writing reports. It usually requires you to conduct lots of reasearch and spending time writing useless information on many pages to give in to a teacher that will later just be thrown out. Even report cards are not wanted to be received because you never know how well you did with school. Reports require work

    By Ivette on 01.27.2011

  23. news reports are ridiculous. book reports are more fun if your a grown up helping an 8 year old. report cards gave me anxiety.

    By she dreams. URL on 01.28.2011

  24. reports can say a lot. they can give numbers, descriptions – they can measure or remember. they can tell a truth or craft the farthest of lies.

    By Leah on 01.28.2011

  25. i already wrote about reports. i decided that contrary to my first belief that i hate writing them, i actually find it wierdly enlightening. but only if you are truly engaged. if you are writing a report merely to compile information then you are doing just that. but if you are searching for an answer to an question then you will probably find what you are looking for, or an explanation for why that is not so.

    By Ali URL on 01.28.2011

  26. i already wrote on this one so it seems quite redundant. Lately my roommates been annoying me so I guess i will report to you on that. Oh and tomorrow I have to be up by 8 because sections starts at 9:30. I should be sleeping.

    By jenny on 01.28.2011

  27. in an anxious

    unable to produce plants or fruit

    relating to hearing

    spoken: not written

    a myhtical monster,as an ogre

    any of several usually black and white diving birds of the family alcidae

    By sarin on 01.28.2011

  28. are an enfuriating labyrinth of horror that bind us to the sullied rock of drudgery. when they cease we are liberated, when they begin we are entombed

    By matt on 01.28.2011

  29. Reports are written in school. Reports require grammar. Reports are done at work. Reports discuss and display information. Reports should be organized and typed. I wrote a lot of reports in school.

    By Jasmine on 01.28.2011

  30. Justin was good at writing reports. Sometimes he would report on even the most minute details of daily life. It became such a habit that he ran out of real things to write reports on. So he started making up report topics. They all came true after awiile

    By Brennan Ruegg on 01.28.2011

  31. The echo of the first shot bounded around the trees, and the gunman looked over his shoulder. Panting hard. The second shot caught him in the back, the third to the side of his head, and he fell. Laughing. Paintball was such fun…

    By richard c URL on 01.28.2011

  32. Oh do we have to really write reports does anyone ever read and retort?
    Are they ever filled with thought out truth? or subjected opinions that make you think strewth.

    By Clair URL on 01.28.2011

  33. The gun reports reverberated upstairs. The furnace glowed, the rockets streamed overhead. The solution was nowhere to be found it seems, after all. The final report will be, alas, that it was all a giant waste of time.

    By chole URL on 01.28.2011

  34. School reports – lovely to look back on the P1 years when every area had positive comments for all the kids. Funny how much the comments change as we all mature and think we know everthing and sometimes think that education dosen’t matter – subjects such as French – when I was at school I didn’t see the point in it since I thought I would never be in France, truth is I have never visited France and still cannot speak French!

    By matilda URL on 01.28.2011

  35. Reports are boring things you have to do for school. At least that was my first thought, but then I figured – I do them for work, and that’s not so bad. Quite fun and/or interesting even. Maybe because they’re actually relevant, important. They serve a purpose other than the purpose of their own existance just for the sake of it. Interesting.

    By Karin on 01.28.2011

  36. news reports…animals are awesome…and i have to say reports are plain stupid and wacked and i have no idea what this is supposed to prove but i’m still writing…speaking of which i want a printer oh wait, i lost track of what i am supposed to write about…and that’s it. alright this is going no where…reports eh, hmmm, newspaper, jornals they all contain reports. i can’t think of anything to write i feel hopeless i hate my life.

    By Tasneem on 01.28.2011

  37. A report’s a many-faceted thing, which can truly not be summed up in what little space there is, what little time remains… Suffice to say that what is written is opposed to what is heard, thought opposed to action, deed to intent.

    By James C URL on 01.28.2011

  38. Oh reports those were the things that i used to get taken on a walk to discuss the”could do better ins” and the thngs that you spend hours of time “writing up”to prove your existence

    By write one URL on 01.28.2011

  39. Reports are never really accurate. It is a report from one perspective. Considering how many millions of people and how many trillions of thoughts they have…writing one report from one perspective and expecting it to be true seems kind of silly.

    By cnhenry on 01.28.2011

  40. I used to write reports – long, complicated efforts, about the impact of abuse on children. Not any more. Working in child protection for 30 years is long enough. Now I write about happier things – though the children have found a voice in a short story or two.

    By joey on 01.28.2011