January 5th, 2015 | 107 Entries

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107 Entries for “rented”

  1. The house they lived in was not in good shape- the ceilings were a bit droopy, the floors were scratched and marked. The walls had dents in them. The staircases were far too skinny, and they creaked when you walk up or down them. The house was rented, and it was small, but it was home- they were finally away, alone, together.

    By puffin-empress URL on 01.05.2015

  2. I rented a house and it came down upon me. I couldn’t do anything as I watched everything collapse around me. The bricks turned to dust and the support cascaded down to the earth. Everything I ever loved faded to grey and lost all it’s color and hue. The rent was due and so was I.

    By Nyles on 01.05.2015

  3. you rent my thoughts / a resort you know you cannot afford / perpetually you

    By MS URL on 01.05.2015

  4. I rented a beautiful vacation house & The Lord blessed me, surely I am blessed.
    We rented a beautiful place. Rented not owned. Rented not borrowed.

    By Nancy URL on 01.05.2015

  5. They rent others to make their money!!! Rented SPACE….. Seems unreal “rented”

    By Nancy URL on 01.05.2015

  6. I grinned and folded my arms proudly.

    “You rented out the WHOLE place?” Her jaw dropped.

    “Yup! Isn’t it great?” With my chest puffed out, I looked around the roller rink. The lights were dimmed, but the disco ball lit everything up. Roller skates stood beside tables, and only a few of our friends were here.

    “She’s going to hate it.” Aubrey lifted a brow and folded her arms, yet her expression was anything other than proud. “You know what she gets like when people do huge things. Things like this.”

    By Natina URL on 01.05.2015

  7. you really should return your books. theyve been sitting on the shelf for weeks and you haven’t so much as touched them since you rented them out.
    you’re probably going to be fined.
    what a shame it is that you can’t bother to get yourself out of the house today.

    By rhey quaza on 01.05.2015

  8. The apartment. A place where four woman live together as they try to figure out their lives. The engineer, the geologist, the biologist, and the education major. All trying to understand each other while renting the same place.

    By Dart07 URL on 01.05.2015

  9. It took a long time to realize that we couldn’t keep the mop. It was rented, therefore we had to return it as soon as it was dry. The skeleton king had his arms crossed, waiting impatiently.

    By Rover URL on 01.05.2015

  10. Keep it to yourself
    always on borrowed time
    subtle thief who steals
    and suckles the brambles of an
    my wasted youth
    stay awhile and relive the past
    sudden gasps and wintry memories
    of struggles since won and lost

    By Protean URL on 01.05.2015

  11. “Gone? What do you mean gone?”

    The man scratched his belly and hitched his pants up without looking at Sam. “Lease ended.”

    “Oh.” Sam stood there a few moments more, watching the fat man grunt and groan and struggle with the scruffy sofa before he finally forced himself to turn away.

    There was nothing left for him at Webster Manor. A crummy end to a crummy history in a crummy old building.

    By Yona URL on 01.05.2015

  12. I didn’t have any idea where a kangaroo suit could be rented, but I didn’t let that stop me. I was a woman on a mission. Not for a moment did it occur to me that finding the perfect costume would turn out to be something of a Pyrrhic victory.

    By Mexichick URL on 01.05.2015

  13. When her target fled the continent in the direction of the colonies, Elena dutifully followed suit by booking the soonest available flight to New Amsterdam (or was it New York now? She could never remember). Gritting her teeth through the entirety of her flight, she managed to survive the winged death machine long enough to set foot on the ground, where she rented a car and picked up the trail in earnest.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 01.05.2015

  14. Paying to using something that either you can’t afford to own yourself, or you don’t want the responsibility of owning, or don’t have a need to own. Someone may rent an apartment, because they can’t afford to own a home,

    By Lenna Walsh on 01.05.2015

  15. I rented a boat and drove across the harbor. The island was empty, except for me. A few macaws flew overhead and the sea carried their sounds across the waves. I never knew how great it was to get away, even for a weekend. Now, I never wanted to leave this place. But I’d have to go sometime… I took off my sandals and strode across the sand.

    By Laura Riddle URL on 01.05.2015

  16. If I could only feel like the last week has been rented emotions- perhaps the landlord can take them back and we can be happy and love each other again. It was hard seeing hurting, knowing you lost your best friend, too. Here we are sitting in front of each other within reach yet feeling so far away. Maybe the rental period will eventually end.

    By Elizabeth URL on 01.05.2015

  17. They had rented the apartment for six months originally. Twenty years later and they were still in the same tiny apartment in the same crowded city with the same loud noises and the same nosy neighbors.

    By Lisa URL on 01.05.2015

  18. This body feels rented, just a shell I inhabit. I’m always uncomfortable and feel out of place. Sometimes I have memories that do not belong to me. They are foreign and unfamiliar, and occur in another decade. I wish I could explain it, but there is nothing to explain. This body is not mine, and to it I own no claim.

    By Maddie on 01.05.2015

  19. I’ll rent out your sadness.
    Not buy it.
    But rent it.
    I’ll pay you each month, in happiness.
    I won’t keep it to myself though,
    One day,
    When you can handle your sorrow,
    I’ll sell it back to me.
    And because you learnt of happiness,
    You’ll be okay.

    By Emily URL on 01.05.2015

  20. I looked up from the steaming cup of tea I’d just brewed myself. He stood there in his rented tux, still expecting a response to his previous question. In the history of pregnant pauses, one might compare the length of our silence to the gestation period of a baby elephant – some 21 months later… – but in reality maybe 15 minutes had passed. And since perspective is on my side in this matter, when compared to the seemingly infinite cosmic timeline, our whole exchange hasn’t lasted a nanosecond. He could stand to wait a little longer in my estimation.

    However, in real time, the clock hands were winding down on his rental.

    Around and around my teaspoon went, making sure all the honey dispersed. Gingerly I picked up the mug, a plain old, second-hand thing that suited my mood the moment I laid eyes on it, yet it seemed out of place in the otherwise modern kitchen.

    I looked him right in the eyes to gauge his patience. I couldn’t help my impish smile that came with the steam now wafting towards him.

    And how could it not float in his direction when I was so very cavalierly blowing it his way?

    “That’s not answer.”

    “No,” I said, still smiling, “I suppose it’s not even a proper smoke signal.”

    By Intuition URL on 01.05.2015

  21. If I had rented that villa that summer my life may have been completely different. My prince may have come by and we have road off into the sunset together.

    By Tracey URL on 01.05.2015

  22. Julie and I have only rented one house in our 38 years of marriage. That house was Scott Moore’s house out by Dempsey. We were blessed in that the rent on a $350K home was a whopping $150 a month.

    By Andy Taylor URL on 01.05.2015

  23. Rented? That’s not very fun. Renting a house? What? A boat? Ooh! How exciting to discuss an average life thing! I live in a house! I pay for it with money that I earn from working? It is awesome and does it have secret passages? No? Fuck your shit.

    By Yamuna on 01.05.2015

  24. my dad rented a cricket and roach infested house a couple years after the divorce. it was crude and none of the furniture matched. my three sisters and i had the master bedroom and my dad stayed quietly at the back end of the house, in the smallest bedroom on his laptop whenever we visited.

    By the belle URL on 01.05.2015

  25. The condo was two stories, but no more than 1500 square feet. The couches were comfy, but not new, and the windows were large, but the view was not crystalline sky nor sea. It was perfect.

    By darseyrsm URL on 01.05.2015

  26. The paint was peeling off the walls of the rented apartment, and mildew stains lingered in the corners of the bathroom. Kyra sighed as she surveyed the rooms. It was all that she could afford with her budget. The landlord had long ago given up on trying to keep it maintained. Now he focused on keeping it up to a bare standard that would allow him to rent it out. She had low expectations for the kind of assistance she could expect the first time that she ran into an issue with the apartment.

    By _Kate_ URL on 01.05.2015

  27. rented

    By Princess on 01.05.2015

  28. It was a small place situated at the two thirds of the hill, very close to the top yet slightly unassuming as to its own position. All in all, one could say it was a shy place. To reach it was to win the heart of the shy girl sitting two rows ahead of you in fifth.

    By Guillaume URL on 01.05.2015

  29. My new, beautiful apartment in the magical land of Portland! I just moved to the great PNW and am renting an amazing apartment in the heart of downtown. I am grateful.

    By shelby on 01.06.2015

  30. The floorboards creaked unsteadily as she walked through the hallway. The apartment she’d rented was supposed to be further down the hall, but by the sound of it, she was going to end up on the lower floor again soon.

    By Windsinger URL on 01.06.2015

  31. Sometimes I feel rented.

    I do not mean I am a prostitute. My body is not rented in that way, at least. No, I am rented out by people who decide I am only worth anything when they need me to do something for them.

    I am rented out to make dinner. I am rented out to wash clothing and darn holes and iron tablecloths and talk to the parents of children I hate and wish my own offspring would not invite to the house I try so fucking hard to keep clean, as their grubby-fingered brats climb on the furniture and leave spots everywhere, EVERYWHERE


    i am rented. Nobody thinks I am a wise enough investment, so I’m only used when I’m needed and then thrown away.

    I am worth about as much as a broom.

    That is all.

    By FrenchThePotato URL on 01.06.2015

  32. Rented is a word that can explain when someone pick something for a while – like a house, for example – and usually pay for the time that she “rented” it.

    By Julia Milreu on 01.06.2015

  33. It was a strange way to make an arrangement but Sally loved looking after Helen’s children but Sally really needed the money and Helen needed the love of the young, adorable kids.

    By Scott Freeland on 01.06.2015

  34. When I rented the apartment, I thought that all was well and I could rest assured that my miseries of the past could be forgotten. Same experiences, in a colored room.

    By victor walkes URL on 01.06.2015

  35. is resented, because rejected, but understated, because, well, frightened.

    By Eliza on 01.06.2015

  36. A rented thing is like a burden on your shoulders. You never really enjoy having it because in the back of your mind you are worried about losing it some day.

    By Aishwarya Dwivedi on 01.06.2015

  37. A rented thing is like a burden on your shoulders. You never really enjoy it. Because somewhere at the back of your mind you are wooried that someday you will lise it. That is why generally a rented thing does not have emotions attached with it.

    By uniquegirl03 URL on 01.06.2015

  38. A rented thing is like a burden on your shoulders. You never really enjoy it. Because somewhere at the back of your mind you are woried that someday you will lise it. That is why generally a rented thing does not have emotions attached with it.

    By uniquegirl03 URL on 01.06.2015

  39. This house has been rented out for so long that we can no longer call it a decent home. It’s not as if mom and dad never wanted to raise us up here in this very house, but I think that their wanderlust has always got the better of them. I really wish that we’d grown up in this house though – it seems like a great place to keep many secrets.

    By snookerum URL on 01.06.2015

  40. a space, a small place
    to stay for a while
    i would have loved for you to stay longer, that’s what it seemed to me
    bur it turns out you just rented
    and paid for the time you stayed
    with moments that forever i would never regret to have happened

    By Ria Raph on 01.06.2015