January 5th, 2015 | 107 Entries

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107 Entries for “rented”

  1. My neighbor just sold her house but she hasn’t bought a house yet. So she rented a house until she found one.

    By Liberty Brouillette URL on 01.06.2015

  2. I rented out an apartment. Rented means to borrow in a way it allows one person to put payments on something to rent it for use. You can rent out plenty of different things.

    By ConnorSpe on 01.06.2015

  3. I rented a double decker duplex and it has red marble and white tiles and a fireplace. My duck tolling retriever loves the shaggy rug. Ah yes, this is the life. I love it here. I’m never gonna leave. Ever.

    By Pineapplecake on 01.06.2015

  4. He rented a car so that no one would recognise him, as he wanted to move around the neighbourhood freely. His usual vehicle always attracted too much of the wrong kind of attention. He stalked his rival as he prowled the backstreets of comfortable suburban estates, waiting for his moment to strike, and claim the territory for himself. It saddened him to think it had come to this, but the ice cream truck business was facing tough times, just like any other industry.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 01.06.2015

  5. I am all rented out ready to buy my own home.iwont be rented anymore. I will be purchased

    By Rachel URL on 01.06.2015

  6. My appartment is not rented but owned. Thanks to the help of my mother, I could buy it 5 years ago. Now that I have a boyfriend with whom we are planning to have a family, the appartment is getting too small so we are thinking about renting a bigger one. We do not want to buy another appartment from credit and we do not have enough money to get the size without credit.

    By Andrea on 01.06.2015

  7. we rented a beachfront condo a while back in Galveston Texas it was great at night you could hear the sweet sound of ocean waves. The back balcony had an amazing view. One day we took a fairy boat over to the island and drove around a bit the went back to the condo and got dressed to go to the beach. it was a nice week off of all the stress back home in Oklahoma. iot was nice and peaceful at night but in the day it was really busy i could not say it was noisy it was just busy.

    By teagan URL on 01.06.2015

  8. Her perfume was hideous, and she was drenched in it, just like most of his customers. He held his breath and managed a brilliant smile. Her hungry fingers fumbled frantically at his belt buckle as if his underpants held the cure for all of her problems. He grabbed her hands and lifted them to his lips. “I got it, babe. Time is money, and we don’t want to waste any, do we?”

    By Soft URL on 01.06.2015

  9. car rentals. book rentals. rent the movie. wrenches. Rented is transient. Good for resources. Although when you rent books online you still have to ship it across the world. that’s a lot of co2.

    By Jaclyn on 01.06.2015

  10. I rent my apartment and my textbooks. It’s good to rent books because it saves paper waste. Although then you have to ship the books all across the world and that’s just as bad for the environment considering the GHG emissions.

    By ruthie on 01.06.2015

  11. Everything is rented.
    Nothing is new under the sun.
    There are no such thing as new, but it’s all about new discoveries.
    Nothing is ours to claim.
    We just rented it.

    By jairah on 01.06.2015

  12. I rented my first apartment this year. As exciting as it is, it’s been hard. Shannon and I have completely different styles of cleanliness, and it’s extremely expensive. But I love the fact that I live in a good neighbourhood and am safe.

    By Justice on 01.06.2015

  13. I rented an apartment once when I was 19 years old. It was in a quaint old building with a lot of vintage charm. I enjoyed living there very much. It was a studio space and I slept on a couch that folded out into a flat bed.

    By crystal on 01.06.2015

  14. FOCUS

    Ph. D.
    English Conversation

    Do it and focus everyday.

    By Taweewan Kamonbutr on 01.06.2015

  15. It was something they did every year, apparently, right back since before she was born they said

    By Fl0sy5 on 01.06.2015

  16. It was something he should’ve owned. But he rented. He could feel the temporality of the thing. Instead of it being his and remaining so, he had no control. It was rented. A home is a hard thing to hold on to. But even more so if it’s not even yours, if it’s RENTED.

    By Preceptor on 01.06.2015

  17. We rented a small, one bedroom apartment just up the street from the old church. It had a clear view of the bay and was only a short walk to the nearest underground station. The trees fluttered around it comfortably and I could feel, for the first time, a sense of inner peace.

    By Hank on 01.06.2015

  18. im not all that sure what the real meaning is but i think that it means to pay rent and stuff i dont really know tho

    By Shane Novak URL on 01.06.2015

  19. Pressing books to my chest in a rented apartment, pressing impermanence against my skin and hoping this time something (at least) will stick. We are making a home out of a borrowed collection of walls, promising ourselves forever, or for a while.

    By caitlinmonster URL on 01.06.2015

  20. rented.
    it’s the word to describe what the fuck i’m going to do to the perfect house that is coming. We will rent the shit out of it. And it will be rented.

    By Robin Robison on 01.06.2015

  21. this house is rented. rented is a really weird word because you are borrowing something from someone but they are letting you so its not stealing because its okay to rent something but you have to pay for it borrowing is like renting but you don’t pay for it so why dont’ we just borrow stuff its because people like having money so they invented renting to get money

    By alex wolf on 01.06.2015

  22. when i saw rented i thought of a rented house. I also thought about renting a vehicle.

    By logan on 01.06.2015

  23. We drove street to street watching for houses with a for rent sign in the yard. We saw none. We went back to our grandparents house disappointed. Tomorrow we would find a house.

    By Jasmine on 01.06.2015

  24. I rented a movie from red box last night and i also rented 3 other movies 2 days ago when it was New Years Eve because we watched three movies on New Years Eve. then i played video games at 5:00 in the morning i rented those too.

    By Colin on 01.06.2015

  25. I rented a movie from red box last night and i also rented 3 other movies 2 days ago when it was New Years Eve because we watched three movies on New Years Eve. then i played video games at 5:00 in the morning i rented those too. then i ate break feast in the morning i had scrabled eggs.

    By Colin on 01.06.2015

  26. Once when we were kids we rented out our barn to a neighbor teen. He wanted to get started in dairy farming. So he brought some of his cows to our barn and milked them morning and night.

    By LaRae on 01.06.2015

  27. The house looked old and shabby but she was glad to have found a rented property. So what if there were rumours about hauntings, they were just rumours weren’t they?

    She switched on the light and settled down by the fire to read, when she heard a knocking noise coming from upstairs. It must be the wind, she thought. But when the knocking got louder, she decided to investigate.

    “Could there be any truth to the rumours?” she whispered, as she started to climb the stairs…

    By Helen URL on 01.06.2015