January 3rd, 2015 | 154 Entries

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154 Entries for “devastated”

  1. Hopeless case completely gutted by an event. Try to turn the situation around as a position for change. Cloud always has a silver lining after such a negative event. All will be well.
    Personal devastation or a local area of geographical land mass. Help is available to endure and rise above the level of devastation that will enable you to not be dragged down.

    By Bu Ellis on 01.05.2015

  2. sometimes he would like to tell her he loved her sincerely, they weren’t a couple that showed much of their affections for each other and strangely that was okay, what they needed was each other, not sugary words or false promises one after the other.

    now she’s literally disappearing in front of his eyes and he doesn’t know what to do, his throat is dry and he’s just reaching out for he fingers but they vanish under his too.

    he couldn’t say a single word that day when it really mattered.

    By mika on 01.05.2015

  3. I am truly devastated on how people treat each other. The misuse of people have been so traumatising to me that I am truly devastated thinking on how these people have the heart to do such things. I am also devastated that i don’t have enough time to complete more than three lines concerning this word.

    By Wonderer on 01.05.2015

  4. The utter bitterness of loss.
    The tragedy of thought.
    The key to my peace has been lost.
    And to death, all my battles fought.

    By Jerichodoodles on 01.05.2015

  5. To a certain extent, I used to feel devastated that my feelings for a certain individual weren’t returned – watching her with someone who seemed to be treating her in a horrible fashion felt absolutely awful, which made me feel more protective over her in response. Having gained a little more perspective on the matter, his behavior towards her is somewhat more sympathetic – unfortunate in places, but something that she’s happy to bear through.

    By Ollie on 01.05.2015

  6. She was devastated as she saw her beautiful garden all withered.

    By Liberty Brouillette URL on 01.05.2015

  7. Devastated is when someone is extremely, utterly sad about something. In my case, it was when my parents didn’t let me go to VidCon 2015.

    By Ash on 01.05.2015

  8. Even though the loss wasn’t fresh, it still weighed heavily on his heart. His dreams were constant and unrelenting reminders of what she did to him, and he spend too much of his days wondering where things went wrong. He would sulk, complain to himself, and remain isolated from others. The pain he carried was too much to bear, and he couldn’t show his face to the world with such sorrow in his eyes.

    By brennon davis on 01.05.2015

  9. It took me a second to figure out what the word was. Devastated. I wonder what the roots of that word are. Deva – stated. State the deva. It’s actually a pretty horrid word. It’s devastatingly horrid.

    By Pranali on 01.05.2015

  10. How does the word devastated effect a child? They look at you like they want help you!

    By llp on 01.05.2015

  11. “No, no, no. Jim, please no.”
    The blood is spreading on the pavement. It’s staining his clothes.
    “Please, Jim, no. You can’t do this!”
    His eyes are still open. Sebastian slides Jim’s eyelids closed.
    “Fuck you for leaving me. Fuck you for taking away the one thing I cared about. Fuck you.”

    By smoothmovebro on 01.05.2015

  12. She felt just like she did the day of the bank robbery. A little flustered. She thought at the time that she and Dave could last forever. Money and kids and infidelity weren’t even in the picture. Just sheer bliss at this man. Man of her dreams. Like it would never end.

    By Bryan URL on 01.05.2015

  13. Devastation strikes
    When grand plans are built on dreams
    Without contingency

    By Soft URL on 01.05.2015

  14. There was a weight in her chest, like lead, maybe, or stone. She wasn’t good with poetic comparisons, to be honest. Nonetheless, this weight dragged her down, crushing the air from her lungs. Tears pricked at the corners of her eyes. Was this what it felt like to be devastated?

    By WearyWater URL on 01.05.2015

  15. devastated: As I saw what was before me, I could not comprehend it. How? No! What is this and why is this dreaded reality coming from the person who I least expected to deliver it.

    By Jonathan URL on 01.05.2015

  16. thats what i think i am sometimes. though it can’t be true since I’m too young and too fresh faced. my wisdom isn’t old enough for devastation.

    But thats not true is it. Devastation isn’t one thing. It can’t be measured or calculated. Its priceless.

    By WalkWater on 01.05.2015

  17. they were devastated to find the car was stolen! greg new that it was a possibility that this would happen but he didn’t think it would happen to them.

    By Danny Gillan on 01.05.2015

  18. surprised by how mistaken i always seems to be
    scorned on the side; apparently you’re helpless as “baby”.
    taboo makes things more interesting, not so much to me.
    when facts you feel, you fail to see, if they are known to be devastating.

    By Craw on 01.05.2015

  19. I’m devastated by my relationship with myself. It affects my relationship with my husband as well. I have been in self-sabotage mode for a good year now. Its time to stop. I’m working on it and myself. I have a plan to set in motion. I’m tired. I’m tired of being in the mindset of devastation. I know I’m better than that. I can get there. I have the ability. There’s so much more going on in the world than just what affects me. But I have to deal with me first.

    By Kish on 01.05.2015

  20. Her father had died, she couldnt believe it! she was so devastated that she ran into the woods….. never to be seen again.

    By Jennifer England on 01.05.2015

  21. I was simply devastated by the devastation wreaked by the devastating devastation of the devastating event. It demolished my life like a demolishing … thing. The lack of variety and inspiration in this entry today is also … what’s that word … starts with a “d”.

    By Chris URL on 01.05.2015

  22. Dům byl zpustošený. Oheň zničil vše, co se mu postavilo do cesty. Trámy byly zčernalé, bál jsem se pod nimi procházet. Abych nedopadl jako to tělo, co jsem viděl v nedalekém rohu.

    By diedie on 01.05.2015

  23. To mám pořád k dispozici to stejné slovo? Zvláštní… asi každý den jiné. A žádné navíc. No co, nějak si poradím. Budu se neustále rozvíjet ve slově “zdevastovaný”. “Zpustošený”. Takový může být třeba dům, který shořel nebo se dlouho neobýval.

    By diedie on 01.05.2015

  24. But he wouldn’t touch me back.

    -Six Word Story

    By The Icicle Queen on 01.05.2015

  25. The smell of bleach is devastating. It’s a good thing this isn’t her work, or Molly would be in a heck of a lot of trouble. The blood’s gone now. In place of that, foot-prints. Dirty patterned marks in the Clorox.

    By Hannah on 01.05.2015

  26. That one word, the word summed up all the feelings she had bottled up inside. That one revelation devastated her beyond anything she has ever felt before. How could he do this to her? Why? Had she not been devoted and loving? Picking herself up from the floor, she threw her head back and vowed never to be hurt again

    By 2busy URL on 01.05.2015

  27. Well, nothing devastates me anymore. I do the devastating now.

    By Hannah on 01.05.2015

  28. sad it just happend living with a thret that hangs over you like a storm cloud never going any where like they would have done its just there

    By mustachlover on 01.05.2015

  29. Sad beyond explanation.

    By princess on 01.05.2015

  30. i looked around me in dispare fearing what i would find if i opened my eyes. Slowly i opened the door of my car and stepped out falling to the ground after.

    By AsHaMeD on 01.05.2015

  31. I was devastated to see that my word was devastated. I knew literally the second I came across this website that I’d just write for 60 seconds complaining about the word I got given, and here I am. What a surprise. Now I’m done and I still have time left, which just blows. Sorry.

    By s on 01.05.2015

  32. im devestted my tomatoe plant died

    By teagan URL on 01.05.2015

  33. De-Vasted. Removed from the vastness. Cut off from the infinity, the great emptiness, the divine nothing-that-is-everything. Such cruel punishment, such sweet reward. Removed from the abyss, from the maw, from everything large and everything secret.

    By Benjie on 01.05.2015

  34. she was so devastated to see her father on the bathroom floor ,while his head that he had earlier smashed against the blue bathtub that was now turning red with his blood was now covered in pain pills. She called 911 right away sadly when they pick up the phone she could not talk because her throught was wealing up with tears.

    By teagan URL on 01.05.2015