January 6th, 2015 | 84 Entries

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84 Entries for “pressing”

  1. forcing bile down through rivulets, spaces,
    small capillary vessels
    slick down against her throat,
    acid thick
    eating away at the cold marble
    mashed strawberry
    insides of her stomach
    tossing, hamster-wheel spun
    bile pressing down, eating away

    By Saudade on 01.07.2015

  2. [Rented]

    taking out pages and flipping, flipping
    glossy portraits batted by the light
    then turned, turned away
    much like the street walkers
    who turn, turn away
    from the people who make their way here

    By Saudade on 01.07.2015

  3. I already did pressing. pressing my fingers in the spaces between your ribs. trying to find your heartbeat. trying to find your breath. it’s pressing your lungs against your chest and getting harder to breath. in the moment. calm yourself. mindful

    By galaxybeans on 01.07.2015

  4. [Devastated]

    You never know, just like they never knew, their eyes that flickered like moths in lighted midnight rooms under Iqaluit winter skies where police stations were freezing boxes and uniforms were golden red like the memories of crimes still backing their eyelids

    Their eyes cracked through with hairs of blood like summers in Arkansas when the ground sucked all the life out the air and kept sucking until they lay down parched and begged for water, more than leaked from their shriveled tear ducts

    You never know, you just never know, how their hands sunk down and were found their next summer with their frozen wax forms cracked like the August sun.

    By Saudade on 01.07.2015