August 27th, 2012 | 337 Entries

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337 Entries for “refuse”

  1. She didn’t know why she was running or really what she was running from. Only that she had to get away. Away from the images. As she refused to let the onslaught of images that were trying to surface from her mind, she pushed herself harder and longer to keep running to somewhere, ANYWHERE, that did have these incredibly terrifying images. But where was that exactly, she wasn’t sure. Oh long would she have to keep running?

    By Jess on 08.27.2012

  2. i refuse to live the life someone has planed for me i refuse to be told what to do or to follow some sort of standard when it comes to my dreams and expectations for the future i refuse to be ORDINARY and be unknown.

    By Elias on 08.27.2012

  3. refuse. i refuse to let my mind be free, and no matter how much i try this i can not change. too much going on inside. refuse refuse. refuse to listen. refuse to take control. refuse to do what you say. refuse to believe you are real. refuse to live this way. how can i make a change? it starts with refusing to deny.

    By Nykkia URL on 08.27.2012

  4. I refuse to allow anyone into my sanctuary. This place inside me that is barricaded by thick walls reaching as far as the eye can see.. But then you broke it down. You crept into my soul, so sly that I never saw you steal anything before you left. But I now know I lost my identity.

    By Hannah on 08.27.2012

  5. Refusing to lie to my friends and go behind their backs by using drugs and alcohol is a big deal to me. I love someone very deeply, more than words can say, and I refuse to mess that up with stupid things like weed and that shit.

    By Mary on 08.27.2012

  6. I refuse to give up my right to vote. To be independent from big government. I refuse to give into the bulling mentality. I refuse to talk cheap and dirty just because I can>

    By Susan Wonderly URL on 08.27.2012

  7. The most bizarre refuse of all is the refuse of the mind, the stuff that is left over when you’ve thought all the thoughts worth thinking and you have this drunkenness of the brain that happens late at night, or other odd times. You pray that no one will ever come across this refuse, but it could happen. Good luck.

    By Kathleen Gabriel on 08.27.2012

  8. To refuse is to deny yourself the purpose you have in life. Each individual of this world must be open to new experiences and the refusal of such is what holds back the progress and reforms of modern society.

    By Ryan on 08.27.2012

  9. i refuse to grow up. to answer to some one else. i refuse to settle for love, for happiness and i will not give in. i refuse to keep spreading myself thin. i want to do my own thing and dont want anyone to judge me. i want people to be happy for me, to encourage me.

    By hailey on 08.27.2012

  10. It is a matter of acceptance or denial of what one believes that holds a person to the ground. If you choose to accept the myriad of missions that lie before you then let the dice roll where they may. But if you rebuke this method of response, it lies in your hands, the ability to accept what you don’t necessarily want.

    By Gerd Hansen on 08.27.2012

  11. I refuse to write about the word “refuse.” Instead, we’re going to talk about toast. Toast is great because when you want to eat a stick of butter, you can disguise it behind a burnt piece of wheat. Toast is great because every time the bell rings your mom just burnt more toast.

    By Caleb Alexander URL on 08.27.2012

  12. I don’t like to refuse to do anything, I want to try and do everything I’m asked to do or is asked of me. I want to experience all there is to experience in this life and that means not refusing to do anything.

    By emma on 08.27.2012

  13. I refuse to deal with the bullshit that goes on in my life. Some of it is needed, but fuck that shit. Everyone is so idiotic. I have to just go along with everyone else’s nonsense to survive…it’s completely stupid. I’m going to lose what is left of my already brittle, slowly breaking mind.

    By Robin URL on 08.27.2012

  14. Why should I refuse to do such a simple task? It’s just going to sleep. But, it’s not my fault my mind stops me from going and nodding off into a dreamy world. I don’t refuse to do it; I’d love to go to sleep as soon as I hit my head on the pillow. But it just doesn’t work that way. It really doesn’t.

    By Bianca URL on 08.27.2012

  15. Refusen to lose, to give up, to give in, to lat down, to stop, to surrender, to fear, to cry, to sit still, to be timid, to not be great, to not live thisnlife to the fullest.

    By Am URL on 08.27.2012

  16. Deny (or appose) to accept something.

    By Alex on 08.27.2012

  17. I refuse to give up on us. I need you in my life. It’s ver selfish but when do I ever do anything for myself? I’m always worried about friends and family and making sure they get what they want. I can care less about myself. The only thing I care about when it comes to me is you. I refuse to give you up.

    By Daisy Alvarez on 08.28.2012

  18. timoteo

    By maga URL on 08.28.2012

  19. idem

    By maga URL on 08.28.2012

  20. cero

    By maga URL on 08.28.2012

  21. I tend to mark this moment
    each time
    refusing to accept it.

    that you’re gone,
    your body once here,
    your touch now out of reach
    from my own.

    I can not feel you with the palms of my hands
    but within my own thoughts.

    By Sabrina URL on 08.28.2012

  22. del nudo que tengo en la garganta.

    By maga URL on 08.28.2012

  23. Refuse is what I do. I clean. I remove. And what I remove becomes refuse — the thing that others refuse. There once was a chair, a lettuce, a baby’s diaper. When you finish with it, I take it up. I accept your refuse.

    By lola on 08.28.2012

  24. She could not refuse the chance at happiness. So she broke down her walls, flinging brick away as her eyes began to shine. And then she walked into a castle much more beautiful than the one she was building could ever be.

    By emlex URL on 08.28.2012

  25. How could I refuse you, when you were my chance at the sublime? When I stood on the brink of my dreams, my life, and looked back at the abyss, you let me take the chain you offered and alight into the sky. Saved me though I’d never asked you to.
    You ask me now to release the chain, to plummet to the abyss. And if you were anyone but my saviour, I could refuse you.

    By Chelsea on 08.28.2012

  26. If you refuse to choose, you refuse to have results. Results would come anyway, if you wanted to choose or now – choices would be made and life will go on. If you refuse to choose insurance – it would come upon you from the State officials or from the other drivers. Just take your time, weight your options and choose – you will have some fun doing so. How to make your choices, how to choose insurance, how to choose your next step – it can take some time to make a right step and make right choice.

    By Storynet URL on 08.28.2012

  27. refuse
    refuse refuse refuse refuse refuse refuse refuse refuse
    refuse refuse refuse refuse refuse refuse refuse refuse
    refuse refuse

    By german on 08.28.2012

  28. I refuse to succumb to the waves of release that are thrust upon me. I refuse to let go of my life float. I need to rough through this, see this through. Keep on refusing.

    By Patsy URL on 08.28.2012

  29. I refuse to be unsuccessful in my life. I promise to make a stand and I promise to become everything I ever wanted. I am going to make a difference in my life. I refuse to be anything less than incredible.

    By Sam on 08.28.2012

    Why live life so close minded…
    when instead, you can open your mind up to everything!
    More Choices, More Views, More Perspectives …
    More outta Life!

    By RaShelle Downing on 08.28.2012

  31. I refuse things often. Mostly, the truth. Not only to myself, but to others as well. I refused it was my fault twice today already! It’s a terrible habit, and I need to get rid of it, a soon as possible.

    By Boo! on 08.28.2012

  32. Its not easy to refuse something u dont like however one must do it learn to do it sometime or the oth earlier i wudnt be able to but now i care no shit i simply refuse to do wat i dislike this creates less stress ension amd burden on me

    By Ami on 08.28.2012

  33. Refutation of oneself leads to a person never actually fulling their truest potential. If you refuse yourself then who will accept you? The world will refuse you time and time again, yet each time that you overcome it you grow more accustomed to your place in life.

    By Javier on 08.28.2012

  34. Poop, it’s gross. Poop, it’s brown. Poop, it’s another word for crap. It’s a person’s refuse. We all do it, always will and always have. Do you refuse this statement?

    By Awsf on 08.28.2012

  35. He refused to admit it. How could this have happened? Everything had been going so well, just as planned. Why now, of all times? Why her, of all people? And… why did he even care?

    By Winter on 08.28.2012

  36. I refuse to be the one that blends in with the crowd. Be unique! I refuse to let someone tell me what I should or shouldn’t do. I refuse to let myself feel down about a situation I have control over.

    By Kat on 08.28.2012

  37. I could not say no. It was too hard to refuse. I had waited for this moment all my life, yet dreaded it at the same time. Now, sitting at the table with the aged manilla folder in front of me, there was no reason to not open it. In a few moments I would find out who my mother was, in that split second I will know if I was wanted or not.

    By Jen URL on 08.28.2012

  38. Along the worn out, brick lined road he stood there watching the column of green rise up and cascade over the tree tops. The fragment of a hand lingered in the darkness, fingers open to receive its completion. Trapped in a hard skeleton, he couldn’t move or turn away. Deadlock snapped. Shadows walked and he stayed.

    By Caligula URL on 08.28.2012

  39. I refuse to conform to you.You are vile and putrid. You are an abomination and deserve to be banished from this planet.

    By saranya on 08.28.2012

  40. I refuse to take the test that claimed that I was inferior to the other members of our team. It was an insult to all of us who had laboured for what we had earned honestly.

    By victor URL on 08.28.2012