April 7th, 2013 | 252 Entries

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252 Entries for “punished”

  1. Broken. Bruised. Cracked. Crushed.
    That’s how he made her feel. Punished for caring too much. Punished for wanting more. Punished for being the girl she was meant to be. Will he ever understand the hurt he has caused? This is all she can think as she sits alone and wonders when she will be healed.

    By T on 04.07.2013

  2. i dot like being punished i dont like being yelled at and i dont like being hit. why in the world would punishment even exist. it maybe because some people deserve it and others cant live without it.

    By camila on 04.07.2013

  3. hurt, sad, crying, without justice, nor morality to make it better. no wise words heal, no people look in sympathy. alone, dark, gloomy, prison. dying, worse than dying, worse than anything. guilt distant pleasure and lust. crazy

    By someone on 04.07.2013

  4. Pain. All I could feel was pain. Deep down, in my heart, my head, all over my body. All from her. From her glare.

    I had done what I said I would not do. And she looked at me. The way… they way… she was punishing me. I had never know someone could be so successful. Oh the pain.

    I am punished.

    By Mark W URL on 04.07.2013

  5. Suddenly, the timer expired. Where had the time gone?
    Fortunately, there was no punishment for procrastination.

    By waq on 04.07.2013

  6. “Bertie, what on earth….” I gasped in horror.
    Albert, though we all called him Bertie, was the mischievous ‘animal’ in our house.
    Our father always complained that he was a disgrace to our family.

    “Oh hi Sissy,” he responded with a cheeky smile.
    His lips were traced with dripping jam and his petite mouth was stuffed with the butter cake Nanny had baked that morning.

    By OneJen URL on 04.07.2013

  7. And it’s all I can do to walk through this hall once again. Last time, we walked together. Last time, I was walking toward something I thought we both wanted. But I know better now. Each time we screw up, I learn an entirely new lesson. My hand rises, holding a white paper with the tape ready to stick the message into his brain. My fingers run over the wooden door, making sure it stays. I smile at the three words before making a swift exit. I hope the phrase remains in his head for the next time.

    Don’t flatter yourself.

    By Marissa URL on 04.07.2013

  8. chained to the wall, whip and belt aquiver
    light at the end of the tunnel turns into a sliver
    mister is it a crime that i happen to miss her
    sour taste like a blister in the way of a tongue twister

    By kapanga URL on 04.07.2013

  9. I no longer feel punished as a result of being alone. I enjoy the silence of being without comany.

    By t URL on 04.07.2013

  10. If one is to be punished, then they must have done something very severe. The word “punishment” is relative to each person. Nobody deserved to be punished in a way that will ruin their lives forever. However, punishment (in certain cases) can be a means of teaching a lesson.

    By Beniam Hollman on 04.07.2013

  11. His eyes were looking at his mother. Those eyes were the gate to the anger and the sadness collected over 40 years, only for you. Those were not the eyes that woke you, those were the eyes that burn you.

    By Santiago on 04.07.2013

  12. I sat in the corner, silent. I had earned it, of course. Yet, it was always unpleasant to feel the cold, hard wall on my forehead. That singular feeling that would always be associated with the wrong deed I had previously committed.

    By Justin Mahlig on 04.07.2013

  13. I cannot seem to break through my passionate self-consciousness….to the point where my confidence is debilitated and my doubt grows exponentially. Will I ever reach an understanding with myself? Must my self-assuredness be continually punished by my over-developed sense of inferiority?

    By Theresa URL on 04.07.2013

  14. What am I being punished for? What have I done wrong? I am stuck in my cell waiting for this countdown to be no more. I want to see her beautiful face, for it has been so long. And as I am here serving my time, I feel so blessed that she will always be mine.

    By Chris on 04.07.2013

  15. People become punished because of things they do. Everything has a consequence, whether you know it or not. That’s why people don’t do anything, in fear of being punished. But they aren’t afraid of being punished. They’re afraid of what happens after the punishment. Does life go on? Or is it just stuck, in a slow-paced, monotonous, phase?

    By Victoria URL on 04.07.2013

  16. What am I being punished for? What have I done wrong? I am stuck in my cell waiting for this countdown to be no more. I want to see her beautiful face, for it has been so long. And as I am here serving my time, I feel so blessed that she will always be mine

    By Chris URL on 04.07.2013

  17. I feel punished
    the pain is horrible. I need it I deserve it. I deserve this pain and torture, the punishment is mine and I need to accept that it will last my lifetime. I need this hell. I deserve to be punished.
    I do.
    l need the punishment, because it is now me.

    By kayla on 04.07.2013

  18. what happens when a wrong is done. It can be cruel and unfair but thats only the fun ones. ;)

    By Ryan Beach on 04.07.2013

  19. I hate being punished as a child. It was never a physically punishment of abuse; it was more of a mental punishment. The disappointment in my superiors voices was enough punishment to torture myself.

    By Gaby on 04.07.2013

  20. I hate being punished as a child. It was never a physically punishment of abuse; it was more of a mental punishment. The disappointment in my superiors voices was enough punishment to torture myself.

    By Gaby on 04.07.2013

  21. The child decided that he would run away. Never would he return to his home. He packed his teddy bear and a snack in a plastic shopping bag and headed for the unknown. He made sure the door slammed loudly on his way out. He took each step heavily and was sure to rustle as many branches as he could between the stoop and the street. When he got there, the cars whizzing fast at such unbelievable speed made him stop. From the window, half hidden by a curtain, his mother’s heart pounded. She didn’t go out to stop him. She wanted to run out the door, grab his arm and yank him back. Something held her glued to the spot. In thirty seconds, just as she could not longer stand it, he turned and waled back to the house, head down, tears glistening.

    By Chris on 04.07.2013

  22. Punished. I remember the time in preschool when Mrs. Kitchen made Matt Healy and I wash the tables after we ran across them. At the time, it was sort of frustrating, but later on, I realized that it was a perfect consequence. We dirtied the tables with our shoes, and we had to clean them. I wish the rest of the world would work like that. What would our prison system look like if the punishment always fit the crime?

    By Jessica Schley URL on 04.07.2013

  23. justice, police, hero, assasain

    By corin on 04.07.2013

  24. Why am I being punished? I have done nothing wrong. Everything in my past can be explained through logic and reasoning. But none of that matters. I’m used to people not understanding me. I was born different. And while murder may seem to most as outrageous and wrong, I can assure you there was good reason. She had it coming.

    By Addie on 04.07.2013

  25. I had a boyfriend who didn’t let me talk to anyone, ever. He’d make me feel guilty for even talking to family members. If he caught me talking to anyone besides him for any other reason besides something important, he’d punish me by slapping me. Sometimes he’d punch me in the stomach. I hate him so much.

    By Sarah URL on 04.07.2013

  26. One minute. Sit there and don’t move. Your eyes must stay watching the clock.

    One more minute! You looked away. You know you weren’t supposed to spread glue over Suzie’s project and you did it anyways. We play nice with the other kids and keep our hands to ourself.

    Your two minutes are done. Go out to recess, I don’t want to see you causing trouble again.

    By Stephanie Force URL on 04.07.2013

  27. a hurtful word

    reminds me of the genre of music, deathcore – b.c its a hateful genre

    punishment can sometimes set you straight

    its a good thing

    By myki gee on 04.07.2013

  28. I read this word and I flip flop through scenarios… punished. A naughty child who waxed the floor with maple syrup. A teenager skipping class. A romantic interlude with some role-playing fun and a pair of wicked grins.

    By JDwrites URL on 04.07.2013

  29. There are no bars on his prison, and somehow, that’s worse. They know that he won’t go anywhere, because they know that he knows he deserves his punishment. Self-loathing binds him there, which he decides is the worst kind of punishment of all.

    By celia on 04.07.2013

  30. with some salt in the wound,
    for deeds too terrible to speak.

    a snail writhed on the ground
    next to him,
    paying a heavier penance than him
    for the light crime of existence.

    By Kairn URL on 04.07.2013

  31. The chains wrapped up and around her legs, like snakes writhing all across her skin. A fiery sensation crept up her body, like the licks of thousands of flames. She twisted and turned, trying to break free from the smelly, dirty mess, but she couldn’t escape its clutches. No one could.

    By redpinkandwhite URL on 04.07.2013

  32. Well, the first thing that comes to mind is my father. It was never merited- myself, I never did anything wrong, My mom acknowledged that. Often he would come home drunk or get drunk and he would scream and break many objects in the house… to my knowledge, he never physically harmed anyone, but I am still emotionally scarred.

    By Mary on 04.07.2013

  33. Yeah, my Dom is a jerk. Beating me when I don’t deserve it and ignoring me when I do, it’s no wonder I’ve gone ballistic. And he can’t blame me when I seek out “supplementary training”. What’re you gonna do, hit me? You do more than enough of that already.

    By aura.rayne URL on 04.07.2013

  34. We are punished for being different. We live in a world where if you don’t fit in the cookie cutter image of how some one should, look or act, we are taught that it wrong. However, i believe that is where great things are made.

    By Tara on 04.07.2013

  35. she was punished for mouthing back at her captor. The man, who smelled aboslutely repugnant growled at her, smacking her across the face. She spat at him, and he roared. She could do nothing as he back handed her once more, leaving a red mark on her now bruising face.

    “Why do you do this?!” She screamed at him, and he scoffed at her while rolling his eyes.

    “Because I can, you stupid little bitch.” He answered.

    By Haley on 04.07.2013

  36. Being punished is a bad thing. you get punished because you did something bad. Being punished for some thing like being happy is outrageous. i mean what? Why would you get punished for that?

    By jack on 04.07.2013

  37. punished is often a word used to describe the result of negative actions. if you do something bad, you will get punished. often put in place for children younger than about 13, it is an action usually carried out by parents when their children do something wrong, to act as a negative reinforcement.

    By ali hawkins on 04.07.2013

  38. This word is filled with resentment and pain. One’s imagines a person who has been severely punishment for a crime never committed. A dog who didn’t know any better. A friend who had no idea it meant so much.

    By Jay Johnson on 04.07.2013

  39. everyone is punished for crimes they didn’t commit,
    it’s always a lesson learned too late
    when it turns out
    you’re serving someone else’s sentence
    but there’s someone out there who’s doing the same for you
    and they have no idea what they did to deserve it.

    By Courtney on 04.07.2013

  40. Chains around my wrist, chains around my ankles. COncrete walls bleeding moss, sick blue lighting coming from a window that too high to see out of.

    By Peter Westmer on 04.07.2013