April 7th, 2013 | 252 Entries

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252 Entries for “punished”

  1. my mother punishes me a lot. i think i am being punished by the world for something i don’t even know i’ve done. i hate the world. i think i would like to die. punishment is so cruel. yet some deserve it. i don’t believe in bad people. just confused people who do bad things. and make bad decisions. people are always trying to discourage me.

    By Blue on 04.07.2013

  2. punishment.
    what a strange thing.
    i wonder who created punishment.
    i don’t like to be punished.
    no one does.
    i don’t believe in bad people.
    just confused, misunderstood people
    that make bad decisions.
    and bad choices.
    but maybe…
    it’s not their fault.
    like maybe it’s not my fault either.

    By Blue. Like the sky. URL on 04.07.2013

  3. I remember being punished because I wouldn’t finish my meals at supper. My mum would force my sister and me to eat Orange Jelly. A lot of it.
    I can’t eat Orange Jelly, it’s my nightmare.

    By sbm on 04.07.2013

  4. i have been punished,

    or led to believe that this is how it goes. However, I am unconvinced.

    The worst punishments are the ones that i inflict upon myself.
    you’re not good enough to do that
    in so many different ways
    inside my head


    By Bobber URL on 04.07.2013

  5. I hate orange jelly.

    In childhood, my mother would force my sister and me to eat orange jelly if we didnt want to finish our meals at supper, it was awful. I hate orange jelly.

    By sbm on 04.07.2013

  6. they punished her.
    they threw her into the basement.
    hit her with broken bottles.
    watched as the shards cut into her porcelain skin.
    leaving rivers of crimson red to trail down her arms.
    her hair was covered in blood, too.
    she was beaten, broken and alone.

    By Blue. Like the sky. URL on 04.07.2013

  7. If this were a Spanish infinitive, I would make it reflexive. Usually I think of people punishing themselves. Like me, the overly self critical perfectionist. Or Martin Luther, the protestant reformer guy who whipped himself. Or when you listen to a court case, and hear “well, they did it to themselves, really.” in the commentary.

    By Archori URL on 04.07.2013

  8. sometimes i wonder if punishments really help anything.

    people kill
    and steal
    and sin

    but punishing them
    does that really help?

    if you are a sinner
    will you ever stop sinning?

    of course not. it’s ridiculous
    to think that you would.

    so maybe there’s a better way
    maybe instead of punishing
    we should be helping
    like a rehab
    because those people
    are just confused
    not bad
    they just aren’t sure how to be fulfilled
    so they try everything
    not even aware
    of what they’re doing

    just doing it.

    By Em URL on 04.07.2013

  9. when people think
    they think darkness
    they think pain
    they think misunderstood

    when i think
    i think light
    i think joy
    i think being understood

    because who can really define something
    so difficult to understand?

    By Em URL on 04.07.2013

  10. It was like something I had never felt before He was so punishable to me I had done nothing wrong, why me? I also have never been hit so hard with a bat.. He was an animal a disgusting human being no not a being a pest something ill something sick something I wish my own enemy would never have to see let alone deal with. Yet it was my enemy that had made me no put me here. I hate her. She is a cruel evil being one I can not explain.

    By Bronagh Carey on 04.07.2013

  11. He sat in the corner waiting. His small shoulders shook and he kept his head down. Outside he could hear the sounds of the party. Footsteps approach.

    “Kevin…?” It’s his mother, “What are you doing?”

    “I…I’m sorry mama…”

    “What’s wrong?”

    “I broke it…”

    His mother sighs, hands on hips.

    By Jennifer URL on 04.07.2013

  12. Punished for all that you are. Punished for your mistakes, punished for your future. From birth until death-we inflict punishment upon ourselves.

    By Milan on 04.07.2013

  13. Punished by those you love.
    By those you admire.
    Those who you would fight for.
    Those who you fear.
    Punished enough to know better.
    But, never learning.
    Punished enough to have had enough.
    But, still coming back for more.

    By Alysa Sorrell on 04.07.2013

  14. this isn’t what i wanted to feel like
    this isnt what i had in mind when i said yes
    i wanted to have safety and caring
    not this control
    this exertion over me
    this bit of me ripped out and kept caged
    even though you say its for my own good
    my own safety
    even though you swear youre not trying to hurt me
    that this is just another aspect of love
    im beginning to squish into odd shapes
    and im falling apart
    and maybe this is the failing
    the failure for faith in others

    By Lancir URL on 04.07.2013

  15. if i were punished id be mad
    If i were punished there would be no life to add
    being punished is trouble
    something really bad will make punishment double

    Punishment is not a option
    If your aberrant punishment can cause adoption

    By Terence Butler on 04.07.2013

  16. What does my intuition say today?
    Finish the Feast Proposal.
    Adhere to the priorities list.
    Don’t get distracted.

    By Intuition URL on 04.07.2013

  17. you will be punished for your crimes. treason, murder, theft. i will find one to find you guilty of.
    but ma’am why are you doing this? i’ve been nothing but loyal to you from the first day!
    silence! you know wat you’ve done and i won’t stand for it any longer. while it is not legally punishable, i will see to it you are properly dealt with

    By Nadia URL on 04.07.2013

  18. All men are to be punished for their own sins.
    A nice sentiment, I suppose, but rather impractical.
    Or perhaps, merely impossible.
    You cannot punish only one person, not when everyone is connected.
    How can you punish just one man for stealing grain, when your punishment would affect the man’s family as well?

    By Salaa'ut URL on 04.07.2013

  19. “You will be punished for your deeds,” the kind glared at me, but he wasn’t angry. He was just doing his job, just keeping order in his country. He couldn’t have rebels and thieves and mischief-makers running around; he had to lock us up. I understood, and this was just part of the plan.

    By Kristina URL on 04.07.2013

  20. “…but due to the severity of your crimes, you will be punished to the fullest extent of our laws,” he paused her, clearing his throat in a way so pompous it seemed to embody every aspect of highborn society. “In three days hence, you, Cara Hannahsri, will hang by the neck until dead,” he looked down his nose at her, peering at her through beady eyes as though awaiting her reaction.
    But she remained silent, as she had the whole trial through, merely met his beetle black gaze with her own icy blue one before the guard appeared and yanked her unceremoniously to her feet and led her from the courtroom.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 04.07.2013

  21. I have been punished before and felt punished. Sometimes I feel this way when I wipe myself too hard and give myself a UTI. Sometimes I feel this way when you sexually punish me and grope me from behind. Most times I like it. Most times I think its sexy. I have been punished because I miss you and I want you to miss me and I don’t want us to grow old and bore one another I want to be happy with you and no longer feel punished. Free me of punishment.

    By Sarah on 04.07.2013

  22. Angry. Yelling. Screaming. Mean words. Words that hurt. Bad. Insufficient. Not good enough. Hurtful. Crying. Tears.

    By Amanda on 04.07.2013

  23. Once he was gone, Delaney crawled into the corner of her room and curled her knees up to her chest. Slowly, hard, heavy sobs worked their way out of her, but she covered her mouth to hold them in. She had to have done something wrong. She was being punished for something. She looked up as tears rolled down over her fingers and thought, ‘What did I do to deserve this?”

    By Felix URL on 04.07.2013

  24. I knew I would regret this, running away. My master always told me that if I had any sense, I’d stay with him, but i didn’t listen. I ain’t gonna listen to him, if he’s gonna whip me when ever I misstep. I hate my punishment, but I hate my master even more. Why couldn’t I have been born freed?

    By A. Rose URL on 04.07.2013

  25. consequences of wrongdoing- justice
    School- humiliation- teachers shouting- detention.
    Larger scale- Jail sentence- community service- capital punishment.

    Kinky stuff- BDSM- 50 Shades… ;)

    Parents teaching children – right from wrong- it’s the only way to get them to learn

    By lkfjskldjfsidjfiosdjs on 04.07.2013

  26. i want to be punished. The feeling is orgasmic. Is just… the most beautiful pleasure
    My ass will be punished. All the day, all the time.

    By Noa valentine URL on 04.07.2013

  27. i want to be punished. The feeling is orgasmic. Is just… the most beautiful pleasure
    My ass will be punished. All the day, all the time.

    By David URL on 04.07.2013

  28. Every time
    Even if it’s not my fault
    If I don’t deserve it
    Every time

    I feel it coming
    When something happens
    Something stiffens in the air
    I feel it coming

    By PetitePommes on 04.07.2013

  29. Sometimes we feel punished by the world when bad things happen.
    We have behaved well and the universe punishes us. Why?

    By Robin on 04.07.2013

  30. My skin prickles and stings from the slap, and I feel colours shading it in pretty ways. the mark will be in the shape of her hand, as oval drops of liquid drip from my round eyes.

    By darseyrsm URL on 04.07.2013

  31. His hand was heavy today, heavy enough that I wrapped around my violin like a cocoon, making sure the impact didn’t cause damage to the wood. Once he was finished, he looked at me with such an expression that I could not help but forgive him again. It was the face of a man whose own mind could not form reins to hold itself back. His thinking was so quick, so sharply defined, that the moment it came to impact the sides of his brain, the action had already been done.

    By A.C. Rooks URL on 04.07.2013

  32. He was in the cold cell of an abandoned jail, his back pressed against the wall. The wall grew mold in the cracks over time and the bars of the cell had turned rusty. A figure was stood over him, staring intensely at his crumpled body on the floor. He was disoriented, groaning in slight pain from the blow against his back.

    By Ant on 04.07.2013

  33. That’s it! I’m being punished for wanting to be better. If I had just kept going and done the easy thing, then I would be ready now and I wouldn’t have to worry about getting those 6 more pages done in just a couple of hours! Because, really, I don’t have much time and I’m exhausted and I’m not sure that six new pages will make any sense because I’m so freaking tired!

    By AndriaR on 04.07.2013

  34. the thing about it was that I wasnt always, in fact rarely, sure of what I was being punished for. If they thought they were doing the right thing, then they were wrong most of the time, in my estimation. This fact is and was the main reason that I felt so alien from them and also, by the way how they got to be a “they” in the first place

    By transformedia URL on 04.07.2013

  35. Why must I do
    Why must I say
    Why must I play
    Why must I pray
    These things are passion
    But they get me punished
    What else is there to _____

    By Zoe on 04.07.2013

  36. I don’t know what I did. I just know that it didn’t take nicely with the people around me. The people I loved and loved me back. But the voice in my head, the one I fed by listening, told me to do it. And I couldn’t stop. Was it my voice? It sounded like my voice. I knew I was being punished for becoming the very person I swore never to be.

    By Tash on 04.07.2013

  37. I was being punished for telling the truth. For uncovering the scandal. For looking at the dean straight in the eye and telling her, “You screwed up. You screwed it up for me. You screwed it up for her. You screwed it up for us. For everyone.”

    Now, I was being expelled for that truth. Not because I did anything wrong – but because I had the “audacity” to call someone out for her own mistakes and even more heinous actions.

    I walked away from that university, however, with my head up.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.07.2013

  38. hate love impatience frutation deserve person sad

    By Fernanda Roman on 04.07.2013

  39. I’m going to be punished for what I’ve done…I’m going to rot in Hell for the crime I’ve committed…they finally caught me. I, the ‘Smiley Faced’ killer, have been caught and sentenced to life. I’m going to get raped, beat down and possibly killed in jail. That is, if I don’t kill myself first…

    By Rachel URL on 04.07.2013

  40. Something horrible was done by he and he had to be punished for it, he was tied and bound and taken to an underground cellar where they had planned to leave him for the next three days, whilst they tortured him using all kinds of devices

    By Jessica on 04.07.2013