November 10th, 2011 | 245 Entries

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245 Entries for “positively”

  1. I will positively affect your life
    i can assure you that
    i have the ability to put a positive twist on all situations
    i have a lot to offer
    and a lot to say
    if you will only listen
    i promise
    i can positively affect your outlook
    and hopefully you will also positively affect mine

    By jill URL on 11.10.2011

  2. can’t seem to think positively about anything,
    ever since you left me stranded, i can’t think at all
    i hate that my optimism is a failure but i love the darkness in me….

    By cassandra on 11.10.2011

  3. today was a good day. for no particular reason, i was happy today :)
    it made me think of him, who always has this positive vibe… i couldn’t help but look his way every now and then… and he never seemed to look away.
    and then i thought how people don’t smile enough. from now on, I’m going to try to smile, even when I’m down… because my problems aren’t the most desperate, dire things in the world. there are others that need caring and love. I’m not going to let myself drown in despair.
    and when those moments arrive, when I can’t help but sigh, and look down and insult myself to the core, I’m going to remember that it isn’t the end of the world, but rather how I act today will determine how the world will end… for me, anyway. so thank you, God.
    I’m going to try to be positive about that around me. for once. to put a smile on my face and that of others.

    By zainib URL on 11.10.2011

  4. Love, love and love. I want it all, and in the process, will give it all. The more I give, the more I have, because love is the infinite well of life. It is what nurtures and sustains us. It is what keeps us alive, in the spirit. It is our Vitamin C of soul! Have you had your dose today?

    By Calicoe on 11.10.2011

  5. Positively. Jeff hated that word with a fucking passion. Maggie had painted it on the ceiling above his bed as some kind of pseudo, modern house design bullshit. OK, he hadn’t minded it so much when she was still around. But not she was gone and he hated the fucking thing. Nothing in his life was positive anymore. No job, no girlfriend, and a shitload of bills to pay. His life positively sucked.

    By Elena URL on 11.10.2011

  6. I am positively sure that one day things will be okay. No longer am I afraid of those silly questions. The future may be unpredictable, but some things give me hope.

    By Michelle Chen URL on 11.10.2011

  7. i am positively sure that i am no good.
    because no matter how hard i try, not matter what i do,
    i always end up ruining
    e v e r y t h i n g .

    people are mostly good?
    not me. not at all.

    By sarah marie URL on 11.10.2011

  8. I am sure, beyond a doubt,
    And doubts were something frequently occurring to me,
    That this is the end, and that I am falling,
    That somehow, without me knowing,
    Without a reason,
    I am falling but it is not even falling,
    I just know that everything is going to crumble but I don’t know when,
    That I somehow caused this, but how can that be true?
    When I always been flying,
    Always been flying.

    By Vareesha Khan URL on 11.10.2011

  9. i am positively perplexed. this word has no special meaning to me and i have nothing deep to say about it. this is a lot harder than i expected and i feel extremely stupid for not being able to come up with something worthy of reading.

    By tori on 11.10.2011

  10. so i think that i have to be more positive, about everything really, about me, i’m kinda worried that people might disappear from my life, like my bf will stop liking me or my bestie will find another friend and forget me T.T today my boyfriend said that some girl that he used to like talked to him and said that she mas jealous of me because i’m his girlfriend, and i think that if she wanted to, she would get with him.. and i’m scared he’ll forget me and go with her
    and my bestfriend doesn’t like me anymore, she’s mad at me….
    maybe i don’t deserve them.. what if other people do? should i just give up to whom i love because they deserve better? or is it just the fear of getting hurt?
    would i rather let them go before they leave me?

    By Haze URL on 11.10.2011

  11. Are you sure you want me to try to tackle “positively”? I mean, at work, people term me an optimist, and people at school generally think of me as a positive person. But that is only because of my laugh; I use it often, for every applicable occasion and some inapplicable ones as well. I figure it’s the easiest way to make people feel comfortable, and it works pretty much every time. Funny, how that simple sound emanating from my throat makes me an optimist.
    Consider love. Do you believe in true love? Me too. But from here on out is where we will probably start to differ. Do you believe in a love that can last forever? See, I’m a fan of the Oscar Wilde quote; “Multiplicity of objects does not alter singleness of passion” … at least, it goes something like that. When it comes to love, I am a pessimist. This is why I try so hard not to do it. Family, friends, those are different; it’s relatively low-risk to love my sister because, unless I fuck up big time, I feel pretty confident that she will always love me.
    A romantic relationship…. well, I learned better than that before I graduated high school. Nobody waits for you to apologize if you mess up, and nobody’s willing to say what they’re really thinking, and NOBODY WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER.
    So, yeah, I’m an optimist. I never give up and I always find the positive no matter the situation. And rest assured, I never laugh for anyone but myself. That’s how optimists do it.

    By Bekkah on 11.10.2011

  12. The cop asked if he thought he could positively ID his attacker.

    “Can I positively ID the man who just tried to crush my skull?” he said, incredulously. “Sure. He was a man and he TRIED TO CRUSH MY SKULL!”

    The bystanders who had looked at him with concern just a few minutes earlier now stared at him as if he was a crazy person.

    “My wallet is still here,” he told the officer, trying to shift back to the sympathetic victim he had originally been. “It’s in my backpack. He didn’t touch that.”

    By Tanya B. URL on 11.10.2011

  13. I was absolutely, positively, one hundred percent sure that my brother was a shapeshifter. It happened when I first saw a tabby sitting at the computer. Then a raccoon watching TV on the couch. I’m not quite sure how he garnered the talent. Maybe from some sort of mishap in chemistry class. Or some intergalactic tool he received like in Animorphs. Or maybe I just left the front door partially open during the night and some pests came in.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.10.2011

  14. “Positively fabulous,” Karl said, and nodded as I spun in the mirror.

    “Really?” I said with a smile, and smoothed my hands back over my ass.

    “Oh sweetheart,” he said and took a drag from his fag, “Stop acting like you aren’t a delicious piece of meat.”

    “Bacon maybe,” I murmured, and began to take it off. “Get another. I don’t like yellow.”

    By Fluidfyre URL on 11.10.2011

  15. Victoria dared me to do this – and of course I couldn’t turn it down. Of course the word “positively” came up and how appropriate. Victoria – you are positively the most amazing young woman on this planet. Have a great trip!!! I love you!

    By Dad on 11.10.2011

  16. I am positively perfect in every way. Woops, wait, that’s practically – Mary Poppins old school style. Old movies are positively fascinating. Dick van dyke was positively wonderful and now he’s positively dead. Or maybe that would be negatively. I should say so. He was a champ, a real champ.

    By Talia on 11.10.2011

  17. and outcome of agreeable luck, energy, good sight and fortune vibes feels life

    By Mark URL on 11.10.2011

  18. I’m positively sure that there are beautiful people out there. Most don’t know how beautiful they really are. Despite how pessimistic I can be at times, I know there are more good things than bad. For every person trying to make the world worse, there are tons more making it good.

    By Kayla on 11.10.2011

  19. It was positively perfect. Everything was in place and nothing could go wrong. The plan was perfectly laid and Laura knew that it would go positively perfectly.

    By Caroline URL on 11.10.2011

  20. Positivity has never come easily for me. It’s my nature to spin it around into a patronizing pleasantry and qualify it by asserting how awful I am at the very thing they’re complimenting me for doing.

    By Ashi URL on 11.10.2011

  21. Two young boys sat on the park bench, shuffling the flyers the two held. One of them, Timothy, had a very worried look on his face as he began stapling on of the flyers to a nearby tree. LOST DOG it read. His friend, Logan, passed him another flyer and they continued to the far end of the park.
    “Do you think we’ll find him?” Timothy asked anxiously.
    “We will. You just have to stay positive!” Logan replied, giving his friend a reassuring smile.

    By Liz on 11.10.2011

  22. Once in a while, I am absolutely and positively sure about something. But not usually. Usually I am a mess of confusion and tangled thoughts. Conflicting feelings.k

    By Caroline URL on 11.10.2011

  23. absolutely, positively, undeniably, insanely
    in love with her

    By Bryan Green URL on 11.10.2011

  24. I positively am content with the fall weather. Not only the briskness of the wind and the color within the trees, but the mood and emotion that one can find outside at this time of the year. Though, winter looms…

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 11.10.2011

  25. positigly absoutly life will get better. It always does. dont worry be happy and be true to yourself. the end

    By anonymous on 11.10.2011

  26. you are positively perfect to me.

    By anonymous on 11.10.2011

  27. perfect in every way. Even though those aren’t the correct lyrics. We were positive on stage and I was positive off and I still don’t know where you stand. And I speak in ambiguous terms because it makes me feel artsy.

    By Samie on 11.10.2011

  28. I eat boogers everyday, and then when I really want to talk to birds I use my left turn signal. I signed in for the hayride only to find Sharon Stone drinking frog music.

    By SirFilipe on 11.10.2011

  29. energy, better then the negativity in the world, makes people happy. Having fun. Loving life. Giving good feedback. getting good feedback. doing well on a test and thinking good thoughts all day. Having an exceptional day at work and going home to a loving family that cares for you and thinks you are an amazing person just the way you are. Being one with yourself and being connected to you inner thoughts and brain waves.

    By Kate on 11.10.2011

  30. One day I was looking at a jump and had to fly into the roots of a tree and then found myself sprawled across an acorn. It was quite the photograph that I talked to, he had quite the afro. His mothers name was Kiwi and he smelled of beef stew. Lemons.

    By Kate on 11.10.2011

  31. Look at this. this is amazing. I will make your day just by writing random stuff that you can enjoy or find disgust in. some people will laugh, others will scoff. I just hope that whatever I type somebody somewhere finds some insight and thinks a little more open mindedly in their lives instead of just being holed up in a box for the rest of their lives.

    By Leaves on 11.10.2011

  32. Peanut butter jelly time. This is what the dwarf thought as he was falling asleep. I must go forth and make spaghetti. I must show my positive attitude to everyone all day. Cheese burger and fires.

    By Leaves on 11.10.2011

  33. Listen to the whisper of the faces. their eyes look so longingly into the knots of the trees. we find hope within the little fairys caves as they dance amoungst their poodles and lemons. I really like the word lemons so much. Have you ever really looked at it? It is so pretty

    By Leaves on 11.10.2011

  34. I absolutely positively love my soccer team. I am going to miss the seniors so much! I am also positively sure that I have an obsession with chocolate. And I’m running out of time soo yeah. STAY POSITIVE…ly awesome.

    By Jessica on 11.10.2011

  35. I am listening to my roommate read off a random thing shes reading on the internet. She does not know how to shut the front door. Like seriously. she just keeps talking and talking even though no one is lisening because no one wants to listen to her. this may sound mean but ugh this girls trap is not in the slightest what one would consider a trap…Its flapping in the wind of her vocal chords 24/7 and I want to punch her. she isn’t even nearly intelligent…AT ALL she is a redneck at heart and thinks its funny to make fun of fat people and thinks is socially acceptable that her uncle is extremely racist and she repeats what he says, whereever we are and its annoying as heck….I need to think positive thoughts so I prevent myself from screaming at her and beating her.

    By chicken on 11.10.2011

  36. It was a new approach for him, for sure — always looking on the bright side. So when that wasp stung him, it was the wasp fulfilling its destiny. Or the new doctor getting his first wasp-sting-allergy patient. One of those.

    By Marian writes URL on 11.10.2011

  37. You were the best thing to happen to me. Sun shining through the dreary storm. The warm sun’s rays and the cold of the rain. One in the same. The best wound healer…and heartbreaker. You could tear me down better than the rest. You were, positively, the best.

    By EllJayCee URL on 11.10.2011

  38. I”m positively, absolutely, unconditionally in love with someone who makes my world shine and my heart sing.

    By hopelesslyinlove on 11.10.2011

  39. We needed to think positive. All the negative thoughts running in our head, only pushed down our hopes. We rushed into the car, knowing we could possibly be to late. Positive i though to myself, positive.

    By Em URL on 11.10.2011

  40. There was positively no way she was putting that in her mouth.

    “Put it away, Greg, I’m not going to even lick that,” Katie said defiantly.

    “Oh come on, babe,” he said, “just try it once. You can take your time and if you don’t like it we’ll never try it again.”

    “But I’m a good catholic girl and we don’t do this sort of thing!”

    “Oh for goodness sake, Katie, you’re not even a practicing Catholic anymore – eating pork on a Friday isn’t going to do anything!”

    By Veekz URL on 11.10.2011