November 11th, 2011 | 222 Entries

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222 Entries for “beginning”

  1. In the beginning, it was just a few looks. A few shy smiles and side long glances. He thought I was a cute girl in the band and I thought he was a genius upperclassmen. In the beginning, everything was a lot more simple and I didn’t need his ‘”I love you’s” to get me through the day; in the beginning, I knew who I was and what I was doing in this life, but through the course of three years with this man, I’m lucky if I put my shoes on the right foot in the mornings.

    By Audrey URL on 11.12.2011

  2. friendships end. good days end. summer ends. the holidays end. love ends. adventures end. life ends.


    but guess what? all the things that end have to begin :)

    friendships begin. good days begin. summer begins. the holidays begin. love begins. adventures begin. life begins.


    By Melanie on 11.12.2011

  3. It began with a marker in a bathroom stall, tucked away in a gas station far from where people expected her to be. She wrote out her last words for the world on the back of its door before leaving.

    Then she drove off to the old motel with a gun in her hand. They found her the next day and said she died without a suicide note.

    They had renovated the gas station, starting with painting over all the graffiti in the bathroom. People were glad, they said it was full of nothing but nonsense and vulgarity.

    A blank slate. A new beginning.

    By Serena Mithane URL on 11.12.2011

  4. I wanna start a new begining. After being hurt, and crying, Ive come to mind that i need to erase everything that has happened and starte fresh. I need have a new look and everything, personally as well. And even though i telll myself this mutlple times, i know i still wont believe it .

    By Em URL on 11.12.2011

  5. Short stubby fingers intertwine with each other
    Holding hands tightly with you
    Don’t cry my love
    This isn’t the end
    Just a new beginning.

    By Adrian URL on 11.12.2011

  6. Without a beginning nothing would exist. The universe began and then the process of beginning started. It goes on to this day. This website had a beginning. So did each of its contributors.

    By E A M Harris URL on 11.12.2011

  7. It is not the end, nor the middle. It is the beginning. Before the beginning there was a void, no physics existed, no time, no space, no nothing. Then there was the beginning.

    By Rene URL on 11.12.2011

  8. In three or more seconds the beginning of the story will end and the rest of the story will continue as what is considered the middle. This technique of an instant beginning, modeled after the famous approach for startling an audience with an abrupt image or sound, usually results in an increase in viewing for the remaining first half.

    By DMM on 11.12.2011

  9. I’m beginning to not care so much any more. And that’s sad. But when you put out so much energy and get so little in return, it makes you wonder, “why bother?”

    By Tanya B. URL on 11.12.2011

  10. Andrew was beginning to understand Laura, she wasn’t what you would expect, but she was the love of his life. Sorry, HE was the love of his life. He could change.

    By DavidCrabtree URL on 11.12.2011

  11. I would like to have a beginning with a man who was honestly interested in loving me. Wouldn’t that be a dream come true at my age:)

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 11.12.2011

  12. I’m finally found but constantly lost

    fighting with people whatever the cost

    weak but afraid of all the mistakes I made

    never expecting to ever get paid

    fall through the cracks wish you stayed

    By Yasha Chernyak URL on 11.12.2011

  13. At the beginning, there was the end. One great circular loop of a series of journeys and adventures, a path for each of them; Sid realised as he eased aside a mass of yukka leaves before him and squinted to see more clearly that the path ahead looked just as it did behind.

    By Sam URL on 11.12.2011

  14. Beginning I never truly understood what was happening. He seemed ready and willing boasting about his cream filling. The pills berry dough boy said to me, try some of my cooking it’s free.

    By Yasha Chernyak URL on 11.12.2011

  15. It’s the beginning of the end. He no longer wants me. I can feel it in my bones. But then, maybe the end is a new beginning. What is one person to define your future in any case? How many beginnings is life made of, it makes me wonder! A circle of beginnings and endings…endlessly.

    By boring on 11.12.2011

  16. In the beginning, there was the Word. But then, shortly after, there was the Writer’s Block. Thus, it took seven days, and not the anticipated three.

    By Gordsthoughts URL on 11.12.2011

  17. This could be the beginning of something new and something good.
    This could be a beginning of something that will stick with my heart.
    This is the beginning I have been waiting for; searching for.
    This is it, and the only one.

    By Rebecca URL on 11.12.2011

  18. Beginnings have always been difficult for me. Detroit to Atlanta to here. I hate beginnings because they always have an end. I’ve never wanted anything to end but they always have. I want this beginning to end. I want a new beginning. Maybe I’m growing up.

    By pratibha URL on 11.12.2011

  19. In the beginning it was perfect. He was a gentleman, so kind, so loving. I couldn’t ask for anything more because he was everything that I wanted. Slowly, without me even realising, things started to change. Our perfect life together turned into one filled with arguments and bitterness. Eventually we just fell apart. Now here I am, heartbroken while he’s moving on. We’re no longer on the same page, no longer in tune with each others emotions. There’s nothing left in this place for us. All that’s to come now is a sad ending and a new beginning that will bring nothing more than new pain.

    By Vanessa URL on 11.12.2011

  20. -ing is a present participle making morpheme. At least, I think it is. I got so confused with the morphemes when I took linguistics. I could hardly remember all of the names though I knew their purposes and examples for each one.

    By Jacy on 11.12.2011

  21. in the beginning, i didn’t know who you were. a friend of a friend. a friendly face. and now i know. the more i find out about you, the more i hate you, and somehow, the more i love you. i wish i knew what i meant and i wish i knew what you were thinking. but i don’t. the frustration changes to loneliness and i get nowhere.

    By Emma URL on 11.12.2011

  22. This is only the beginning, there’s a lot left here to write. We gotta go through slowly if we want to find the light. Waiting for the ending will only go so far, we have to enjoy the process if we want this to be from the heart.

    By Addie URL on 11.12.2011