November 9th, 2011 | 373 Entries

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373 Entries for “prints”

  1. the dark room is my own sanctuary. the smell of oils and inks, and darkness like a blanket that i can steal myself away in. the small space could be considered claustrophobic, but the black and white smiling faces and expansive landscapes seemed to make the room endless. it is the one place i could have complete control of what my world looks like, and who i let into it.

    By Taylor Kuryliw URL on 11.10.2011

  2. jasddkjfsfh

    By RWilkins URL on 11.10.2011

  3. The lady was in love with prints, tiger print, cheetah print, she knew them all. It was as if her first language was prints…and she believed that everybody could do with a tiger print couch in their living room. Yes, it was peculiar, but not as peculiar as the way in which she spoke of them….

    By Jessica G on 11.10.2011

  4. When I think of the word prints I think of the beach, the reason I think of the beach is because when you walk in the wet sand you leave foot prints in the sand. I enjoy walking on the beach and leaving my foot prints in the sand, and watching the water wash away my foot prints.

    By Amber URL on 11.10.2011

  5. Prints of art, of paws, of fingers, of stories left behind. The scant trace that will lead to the whole story…eventually.

    By david URL on 11.10.2011

  6. I wrote about prints yesterday.

    By just582 URL on 11.10.2011

  7. she walked into the room
    not batting an eyelash
    at the
    black and white
    scattered all over
    the room.
    they tell a story
    that she didn’t want to hear.
    so she sits down,
    struggling to find somewhere to look
    anywhere but the floor,
    and the walls
    and on the tables,
    but they’re everywhere.
    so instead she sobs tears of heartache
    because she’ll
    never experience

    By Iffath URL on 11.10.2011

  8. writing about stuff a report or a candy balloon clown typing level electronics frown brownies cookies

    By Nicholas Sun on 11.10.2011

  9. His prints were everywhere. They dirtied everything I owned. I could smell his shampoo on my pillow. I could feel the dip in his side of the couch. I could almost hear his radio going in his office. His coffee cup still sat on the counter. His hat still hung on the hanger by the door. His body laying on the floor. His prints were everywhere, but he was so gone.

    By Gigi on 11.10.2011

  10. I always wondered why people wore animal prints. Zebra print spandex, cheetah print fake fur. It might as well be a velour jump suit with matching head band.

    By mere URL on 11.10.2011

  11. The paw prints littered almost everything in the house. Some how the ceiling even was contaminated with them. I knew getting a kitten was a bad idea, but I didn’t think this bad. This is horrible! Absolutely horrifying! My lovely clean house, ruined by that stupid cat. I’m going to make that god awful cat pay for ruining my house! Wait, where is it? Kitty!

    By David Nate Napalm on 11.10.2011

  12. Ready set go!

    I have nothing.
    Why won’t something come?
    Brain, work!
    I command you!
    Bring me brilliance
    That would make Frost swoon
    and bring Hemingway to his knees!
    Come, come, come!
    Why won’t the words come?!!


    By Skye URL on 11.10.2011

  13. Calico prints are one of my favorite fabrics ever. I remember a “Little House on the Prairie” bonnet my mom sewed for me out of yellow and blue calico material. I wore it and felt transported back to another era.

    By jennifer on 11.10.2011