January 9th, 2013 | 223 Entries

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223 Entries for “politician”

  1. An individual who profits monetarily from the desire to control what he deems it is necessary for him to influence, and who’s methods include lying, cheating, and deceit without remorse or apology.

    By Charlie URL on 01.10.2013

  2. I honestly dont understand a thing. Do people like to lie? To people like to cheat? well basically when you think about it we all lie and cheat. So, i really don’t know what to say about politicians. Thats it. I don’t care, I don’t want to care. maybe I should

    By Lindsay on 01.10.2013

  3. As he gazed at the reporters incessant smile and smugly sardonic grin, he had an introspective epiphany of being behind the page. The only way to free yourself from the propaganda and the exaggerated here-say rife in the depraved, desperate world of what people deem news, is to become so high-profile, so overt, so despised by a large enough demographic that nothing holds any credibility or influence – simply because some of the bullshit is about you.

    By Charlie URL on 01.10.2013

  4. i sat in the chair swining tp my left then to my right, pen in hand as i thought whether or not i agreed on the bill that sat on my desk in front of me. i chewed my lip and stared at it hard. the bill held twtwo very good argumentative point of views, but which should i take? its been three weeks snnce it was [ut to us to decied, and i cant. i just simply cant….yet i knew it oculdnt go on forever.
    i threw my head down ontot he desk and groaned….
    then the sanwer came to me.
    i sat up, and signed the bill under the second heading.
    was it the right choice?
    i dunno.
    will i ever know?
    no, beacue no matter what happens, no matter which way it will swing, fires will erupt and shit willl be stirred.
    i folded the signature paper, put it in the little folder, and stood up. a smile now plastered my face as i thought, who fucking cares? im a politician and i can do whatever the fuck i want. i get paid more than anypne else on average, so why not do whatever the hell i want?
    smugly, i put the folder into the box and dusted my hands as though it really had made my hands dirty. whatever. done, dusted and not my problem anympre.

    By Jess on 01.10.2013

  5. the truth is never spoken about. honesty? nope, they never get near them. these are the supposed superheroes of today, but look, all they do is beat around the truth bush. all they make you believe is everything but the truth. sad, really.

    By Constance URL on 01.10.2013

  6. walking up the steps. take a deep breath. two. three.

    this is the beginning of the end of the start of it all. don’t worry. he has your back. don’t worry, everything will be all right.

    taptap the microphone. crunchcrunch the paper. clickclick your heels.

    and then let the words pour out, let the strength take over. don’t worry, you’ll be fine. you were born to do this. and as you dismount you know that everything is fine, everything is good.

    By Zoe URL on 01.10.2013

  7. There are all types of politicians in the world. Those that promise to do good, for you and disappoint you in the worse way. Then there are those who you only see once in every five years. To me all are the same.

    By victor URL on 01.10.2013

  8. cake

    By aleksandra on 01.10.2013

  9. She could work a room better than any politician. The minute she walked in, she began talking and people listened. They knew her name, smiled, and nodded, “of course.”

    By Sheila Good URL on 01.10.2013

  10. It’s voting season here in Israel. Politicians are everywhere, flooding the media and streets with their propaganda. It’s lucky I don’t have to vote, because it’s hard to believe any of them. They all seem like liars to me.

    By Maya on 01.10.2013

  11. A life of trickery and thinly veiled greed, that is what most politicians have. They offer their services to the country, sprouting promises here and there only to let the people down. This isn’t what the country needs. It needs honesty and good will.

    By Loren URL on 01.10.2013

  12. “Politicians are dumb. They are dumb and I want no part in this.”

    That’s what she always said when she lived in DC. She moved across the ocean just to fall in love with an MP. Of course she now wants to live at number 10.

    By Cortnie URL on 01.10.2013

  13. Politicians are boring people. They are old, at least mentally, and don’t ever go outside to fly a kite. Obviously, they do important work. But garbage men do important work as well and I don’t wanna be any of those :)

    By SusyQ on 01.10.2013

  14. Ik haat politicians. Ze zijken en doen altijd heel erg raar. Politicians zullen deze apaprte site ook wel hebben gemaakt denk ik. En die likes zijn gefaked door politicians.. Denk je niet? Ik vind het trouwens raar dat balkenende nu zo uit beeld is verdwenen nu die geen politician meer is, maar dat ben ik, ben ik dat niet? :)




    By Sjaak URL on 01.10.2013

  15. Great responsibility, sneaky, promises made that are not kept, truely wanting to make a change but never acting on that want

    By Chelsey Johnson on 01.10.2013

  16. The amount of bullshit that an average politician manages to cram into a speech is beyond my understanding. How can we trust these people? I’m not saying they’re all the same, but most of them are full of shit. Do we want a world full of shit? Thought so.

    By Andrea on 01.10.2013

  17. They have a great responsibility yet most of the time their agenda is themselves. They throw around promises that will only be broken. We need to see compassion and empathy. Someone who can try to see through the eyes of others, someone who has a heart to make changes and will work hard to make those changes.

    By Chelsey URL on 01.10.2013

  18. The hopelessly slack fellow in a tawdry tweed cap toked explicitly on a contraband daydream that seeped smoke lonely from his filterless ciggie.

    “Today’s the day…”

    Isn’t it just?

    By Sean Macro on 01.10.2013

  19. One who focuses on politics.

    By Cynthia Turner on 01.10.2013

  20. Politicians are not worth the carbon they use to exist. I believe we have a serious problem with our government and the politicians who are in the pants pocket of every corporation in America who donate money to their campaigns. This will be the downfall of the middle class and America.

    By Joe Carey on 01.10.2013

  21. are good for nothing, they ruin the country’s soul and demolish the faith on individualism of us, they may be showing that they are helping you in many way but , they are just fulfilling their own benefits……..

    By Deepesh Thakur on 01.10.2013

  22. They are lier they are a star

    By yuna on 01.10.2013

  23. same word for me

    By yuna on 01.10.2013

  24. the politicians ar bad , i dont trust them, I hope one day we will have some great rulers. This is it. the end. I dont like politiks. they are fake. why do they lie?

    By adi on 01.10.2013

  25. and a lie was born
    and a little later was sworn
    into an office where he’d
    embark on a term or four
    promising to look after those whose votes
    had so kindly placed him
    but, in reality
    it was all to feed
    that massive ego
    engorged on the promises of tomorrow

    By beckenbocker URL on 01.10.2013

  26. A political wasteland is the dream of the undying politician because he may become undyingly and unintentionally necromantic as he idles by the swiftly changing tides and feels at a loss for power.

    By Jorge Franco IV URL on 01.10.2013

  27. Politicians are people who work for the house of parliament
    David Cameron is a prick, he is a politician
    I dislike politics, it doesn’t really appeal to me if i am being honest, probably because i am only just old enough to vote.
    1 person cant make that much of a difference

    By fvbd on 01.10.2013

  28. Liars and cheets. I don’t like politicians. I don’t feel that any of them are worth what we pay them and they are certainly not doing anything for our country at this moment. They act like children, fighting against each other saying that they know what the people want. Bull Hockey I say!

    By Christy URL on 01.10.2013

  29. we talk,
    at least that’s what we say we do.
    we use words
    words we’ve rehearsed a billion times
    and for what?
    we just want what we want
    not what’s best for both.
    we’re just being selfish
    disguised as
    a humanitarian.
    but really all we are,
    me and you,
    are just politicians.

    By NuSol URL on 01.10.2013

  30. The man sat at his desk. A sly smile filled his face, but it faded. He had reached the top. Power, money, everything he had wanted. But he had done so little to help others. He didn’t know why, but now he was questioning his entire future in this dire business.

    By Jason Noodles on 01.10.2013

  31. Lies. So many lies.
    Passed around.
    He couldn’t take it.
    He was never this man.
    He opened the window.
    Said his prayers.
    Left a note.
    And jumped.
    He was never supposed
    To be this man.

    By Lyonel (Leon) URL on 01.10.2013

  32. Cecily wondered if it had all been worth it. Every day, she questioned her decisions, her actions, second-guessing what would happen, what the effects would be, what the results would be in a hundred years time, when she would be long gone, but because of her position, her name would be remembered to history.

    By Deis URL on 01.10.2013

  33. Politicians always seem to be getting the blame for bad things happening; sometimes this is justified, and other times, not.

    I wonder if that makes me a politician with my mother.

    By mimosa eyes URL on 01.10.2013

  34. A politician is someone who has something to do with politics. The highest rank politician is the President of The United States.

    By Meg on 01.10.2013

  35. Sometimes good somtimes bad. I find most politicians to be unproductive and and manipulative people. Unfortunatelly they’re the ones who determine how our world shall look like.

    By Yo on 01.10.2013

  36. The hope and promise of freedom, democracy, and virtues we all wish we could be. You wrap it up in a package so nice and sweet. You’re a silver tongued devil dressed up as an angel. We hate you, we love you. We need you. So lie to me. But make it good, please.

    By Soft URL on 01.10.2013

  37. She stared across the table at the uptight man, wanting to reach out and slap him. But she couldn’t. She needed him. He was the reason that her wants were going to get heard at all, and if she did anything that he didn’t like, there would be problems. The poor needed to be heard, even if it meant that she had to give up all respect for herself.

    By Serryphae URL on 01.10.2013

  38. She didn’t like him. He gave her a politician sort of vibe – like he’d say anything to get her to agree with him, even if it meant compromising his own principles. It gave her heebie-jeebies, and she wished she could wriggle herself out of the conversation.

    She had never been good at ending conversations, though, so she wasn’t quite sure what to do with herself. She just had to listen – and it was pretty dreadful. She just wanted him to shut up!

    By hannah URL on 01.10.2013

  39. Politicians are people who argue about politics. They argue about government issues. They usually don’t tell the truth. They can be women and men both. They can be any age above 18 i suppose.

    By Madie URL on 01.10.2013

  40. Politicians are people who argue about politics. They argue about government issues. They usually don’t tell the truth. They can be women and men both. They can be any age above 18 i suppose. There government issues can be difficult to understand. I personally would not be a politician because government issues and such don’t interest me.

    By Madie URL on 01.10.2013